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My Idea of Fun This is a quote by Isaac Bashevis Singer that appears at the start of the novel ‘My Idea of Fun’ by Will Self. Influenced by both the quote and the novel, I have created a monthly magazine titled ‘My Idea of Fun’ (MIOF) which aims to come to some preliminary understanding of the dark forces shaping our lives. It exists so that one can indulge themself into the varying depths of human behaviour documented by literary heroes and exhibitionists alike. This magazine is a catalogue of people and events around the world intended to educate and sitmulate. This series investigates how, even as an enlightened society, we still have this constant need to be entertained, and as access to technology and data is so effective - we are better equipped than ever to create information that expresses histories in the personal as well as the international forum. MIOF is the newest platform that celebrates such behaviour, we are forever reblogging and reappropriating, we are more shocking than ever, so tell me; what’s your idea of fun?


‘I have told myself a thousand times not to be shocked, but every time I am shocked again by what people will do to have fun, for reasons they cannot explain.’ - Isaac Bashevis Singer


Satanism Based on a quote from an article by Blanche Barton, a high priestess in the Church of Satan, this brief exists to challenge public perception of the Satanist in a bid to make it fashionable. Not to be confused for an excercise in persuasion; it shouldn’t be interpreted at proselyutzing but simply shattering pre-conceptions. One should not feel forced into a singular belief system when there are so many interesting models to research into. It is far healthier to take a piece from all religious models to construct your own meaning rather than to feel the need to belong to one set. Make your own religion.


“Don’t worry, you who have been fooled into believing the paper tiger displayed by today’s media; we Satanists aren’t after your children, for they are probably as hopelessly mediocre as their parents. We are moving the world towards a state wherein the freeloaders will either work or starve, and the parasites will be removed to wither and die. So, you need only fear real Satanism if you are a criminal, a parasite, or a wastrel. Are you afraid?” - Blanche Barton


Miscellaneous zines Various publications I have made with subjects ranging from 8 film and music to 90’s nostalgia.


Yeah! Science & KU Ibiza Celebrating Science and the biggest and most prestigious disco in the world during the 1980’s.



Thinkers It is important to study Philisphy because the lives people lead and the choices they make are the result of the philosophies they hold, whether they are conscious of this fact or not. The ideas people live and die for, go to war for and kill each other for, or let themselves be inspired to the making of great art or science, are all philosophical ideas.


That’s Killer That’s Killer! investigates the mental state of some of the most notorious minds ever recorded, and whether it is fair to call them killers.





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Selected Works - Amy Leigh  

A selection of work from my portfolio

Selected Works - Amy Leigh  

A selection of work from my portfolio