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security risk management


About Guardian

ABOUT GUARDIAN Guardian is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/PAS 28007:2012 within the scope of: Security Risk Management and armed Maritime Security Officers. Guardian is committed to legal, ethical and moral standards stipulated in the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC-PSP).


About Guardian

Based in Denmark since 2005, Guardian-srm provides Security Risk Management Systems in support of international business in emerging and complex environments. We understand the context of business and NGO operations. Our mission is to build organisational resilience in changing risk landscapes.

Our core services: ✔ Security Risk Management ✔ Crisis Response Management ✔ Guardian Training ✔ Guardian Medic ✔ Maritime Security Guardian-srm applies strategic, tactical and technological solutions in support of organisations’ requirements and obligations to protect people, property, assets and reputation. Our aim is to strengthen growth, profitability and goal achievement in organisational operations by minimising the exposure to risk. Guardian-srm is a gateway to a network of highly specialised associates selected for their capabilities, competencies, experience and talent. We provide access to strategic partnerships that span the entire spectrum of the security management industry, ensuring consistent and sustainable risk mitigation strategies.

A Team Committed to Security Guardian-srm is a modern organisation with a comprehensive international network and a global footprint with representatives in more than 35 locations worldwide. Our team of highly committed consultants, analysts and instructors contributes with knowledge from numerous international assignments. Our consultants’ advanced skills and expertise stem from experience in several geographic regions, theoretical and academic backgrounds as well as from operational roles in the military and the police. The diversity of our team enables us to tailor our services to our customers’ needs. Our security solutions team is recognized and trusted by our clients ranging from traditional businesses operating in new or unfamiliar environments to journalists in conflict areas and large government institutions and NGO’s.


Security Risk Management

SECURITY RISK MANAGEMENT “Risk management is the set of activities within an organisation undertaken to deliver the most favourable outcome and reduce the volatility or variability of that outcome”. (P. Hopkins, 2014) Guardian supplies a wide variety of security solutions; everything from preventive initiatives and assistance during an assignment to crisis management. When operating in middle- and high-risk areas we suggest that companies and organisations invest in “Duty of Care” and properly equip their employees and management to handle the possible challenges.

New Markets, New Opportunities Unprepared organisations can experience large economic and personnel losses when entering unconventional or unexploited markets. However, these markets could be the key to success for well-prepared organisations willing to operate where others do not. Organisational presence in middle- or high-risk areas is connected with employer liability. Creating the ideal framework for the employees will contribute to an enhanced return on investment, whether the goals are commercial or humanitarian. Different levels of Security Risk Management supplied by Guardian:


Security Risk Management

Strategic Security Policy: Security Policy Risk Assesment Policy Duty Of Care Structure Insurances

Sphere of responsibility Board of Directiors Top Management

Operational Security Plans: Crisis Management Plan Crisis Management Team Response and Media handling Action Cards for crisis handling

Sphere of responsibility General Management

Segment Security Plans: Specific Security Instructions Pre travel preparation Travel Security Equipment

Stakeholder Mid-level Management

Country Risk Assesment & TRAM: Specific Risk Assesments Evacuation Plans First Aid, Medical Evacuation Infrastructure, Hospitals, Hotels

Stakeholder Expats Travelling Employees


Our solutions

OUR SOLUTIONS We always tailor our products to the customer and the challenges facing them. Risk is a combination of threat and vulnerability – the threats faced by the organisations are static, but the vulnerability can be managed with the right tools. Here, you will find a selection of our solutions that reduce the organisational vulnerability.

Corporate Travel Security Policy

A Corporate Security Policy contains general strategies for the employees’ safety and determines guidelines for the company’s activities in challenging environments. Through a combination of strategic and practical details, firm security procedures for employees and management will be facilitated. Furthermore, a policy will clarify responsibilities of the management and the employees and specify standard operation procedures (SOPs) in case of an 5

emergency or crisis. A Corporate Security Policy adds awareness to the organisation and works both as a preventive tool and as a post-crisis instrument.

Guardian Security Partnership

A Guardian Security Partnership agreement assures that the organisation is always able to gain access to professional guidance and support. The partnership agreement will be designed to fit the specific needs of the organisation, but could amongst other services include the following: Establishment of Security Support Hotline: This will ensure that the employees and management always can gain access to a professional security consultant. Guardian’s security consultants have great experience

Our solutions

in hostile areas and high-risk countries and will deliver fast and efficient advices and solutions in every crisis situation – 24/7. Pre-Travel Advise (PTA): This service will allow both the traveller and the management to get security-, risk- and threat updates on the respective destination prior to departure. This ensures that the traveller is prepared for upcoming challenges and can apply appropriate security measures. Tracking of Employees: Guardian has extensive experience in monitoring and tracking people all over the globe. Tracking allows the organisation to follow and monitor their employees when operating in middle- and high-risk areas. It also allows the employees to contact the Guardian emergency phone at any given time during tracking for advice and guidance. Guardian uses GSM tracking technology, accessible as a mobile app, or satellite-trackers depending to the geographical location.

Training of the Management

If a crisis should occur, it is important that the management is suited to handle the situation. Make sure that a Crisis Management Team (CMT) is established and that the CMT is equipped with the right tools to handle the situation. Guardian-srm supplies different courses to support and strengthen the CMT, including the following: CMT Exercise This exercise is a one-day practice and rundown of written and approved procedures. It should be conducted on a regular basis and thus enable the management to behave suitably in a crisis situation. Crisis Communication Training It is important that the Crisis Management Team is trained in handling the crisis communication. Efficient management of external and internal communication is vital when handling a critical incident under pressure. Liaison and Support Training (LST) After a critical incident it is important that the management can handle and support both the employees and their relatives. The LST course will equip the management to handle unfamiliar situations in an appropriate way.


Our solutions

Training for the Traveller

Working in a different environment creates new challenges, which is why employee traveling education is very important. Guardian-srm supplies a broad range of training, such as: Travel Safety Awareness Training (TSAT) This course is a one-day course that prepares employees for travel activity in middle- and high-risk countries. The course supplies a solid physical and psychological framework enabling the employee to concentrate on the assignment during the travel or posting. Subjects such as travel assessment, stress handling, crime prevention and hostage survival will be on the agenda. Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) Guardian provides HEAT courses in different formats, depending on the customers’ needs. The duration of the courses can vary from three to five days. The HEAT course enables you to take care of your own safety and security in high-risk areas and to survive critical situations. The course provides participants with knowledge and skills to lower the potential risks and cope with threats, injuries, hostage takings, terrorist attacks, armed clashes and more. Remote First Aid Course To be able to conduct first aid can be life changing in your home country as well as abroad. Guardian supplies a variation of medic courses and always aims to ensure that the level of education is suitable for the participant’s experience. The duration of 7

the courses spread from four hours to advanced three-day courses. Our remote first aid courses primarily address travelling and staying in risk areas. This training will supply tools for basic first aid but also skills to survive critical incidents occurring in risk areas. Other Training Services ✔✔ Meet & Greet Services ✔✔ Advanced Driving Courses ✔✔ Close Protection Officer Training ✔✔ Conflict Handling Training ✔✔ Hostage Survival Course ✔✔ Cultural Understanding and Awareness ✔✔ Maritime Security Officer and Safety Security Advisor Training (MSO-SSA) ✔✔ International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) Course for PFSO ✔✔ Tailor-made courses

Our solutions



security risk management

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