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Entry #4: Men’s trend Identify a fashion trend in the men’s market. Describe the trends by answering the following questions: What does the trend look like? I (Aaron) think it’s more of a look. It’s a lot of vintage pieces so its definitely pretty classic, but I like to play off of different pieces and make them more modern. I would say its very eclectic and piece-y but it all seems to fit together. It’s like a refreshed kind of spin on vintage pieces. Who is wearing the trend? Aaron Myers. Male. 19. Student. What is your opinion of the trend? I (Cecilia) really love the look. I think its a great way for someone to express themselves, and unlike most trends I think it’s a look that is classic while still staying true to the times. Interview a person you see wearing the trend and report what they think about the trend and why they like it. Provide a picture of the person you interview wearing the fashion you have identified. I (Aaron) like this just because it’s different. I like to be an individual. That’s what makes fashion so fun; you get to express yourself through clothes, which is fun. In high school I was afraid to wear what I want but now I think its neat that people really accept what I’m wearing.

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