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Collaborative story by children from Palazello, Sicily, Italy and San JosĂŠ Artesano School from Gran Canaria,Spain

A dolphin, called Marcus, was living in the warm waters of the east coast of Sicily. It loved its sea, but it dreamed to explore other waters and wished to know the ocean. One day he decided to leave, it said goodbye to its friends and it began his journey to the Atlantic Ocean.

One of his friends seagulls had described the ocean wonderfully. Then she flew above the Mediterranean Sea and it reached the Strait of Gibraltar. Down there a huge shark prevented him to pass because he had to solve a riddle before.It asked:What is the instrument that everyone can hear, but nobody can touch? (the voice)

Marcus answers correctly and the shark lets him pass to the ocean. Marcus is very happy and he swims and jumps to the ocean. He met a sea horse who tells him new places to go like the marine forests in Gran Canaria.

Once at the marine forest by Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the sea horse introduces Marcus to his friends the turtle, the crab, the starfish, the octopus, the jelly fish, the shrimp and many other fish. They show him a treasure chest with lots of jewlery inside.

ď‚— A threatening moray is

the guardian of the treasure chest. Marcus' new friends tell that the most precious jewel is the magic necklace. They have to pass three tests to get it.The first test is to find the rainbow coral that lies on the seabed.

ď‚— The second test is to try

the pearl of wisdom, inside the shell which is among the seaweeds of the black rock. The third test ......

ď‚— But Marcus saw children

playing at the beach and he decided to join them and have fun. They were San JosĂŠ Artesano School children !

And that was the end of the story!

Marcus, the Dolphin  
Marcus, the Dolphin