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Kooroo was walking in the Brazilian Amazon RAINFOREST, looking for a SNACK.

He found some FRUIT on the ground, but when he reached for it—KABOOM! A BOX fell right over him. Kooroo was trapped!

It was really dark inside. He couldn’t see anything, but he heard a deep VOICE say, “Great! One more to sell to the American PET STORES!”

The TRAPPER didn’t notice that he had captured Kooroo instead of an WILD animal and threw the box in the back of his TRUCK.

The ROADS in the jungle were very rough and bumpy. Luckily, the TRUCK was shaking so much that the BOX opened.

Kooroo was hungry, scared, and missing his FAMILY. He saw trapped ANIMALS that felt the same way.

They didn’t want to be away from the FAMILIES who cared about them and taught them how to be who they are.

Macaws, for example, need to learn from their PARENTS how to fly.

Sloths need to learn where they can sleep safely, away from PREDATORS.

Ocelots need to watch their MOMS and DADS to learn hunting techniques.

The TRUCK continued to go very fast, and another CAGE was opened. A strong baby OCELOT came out and hugged Kooroo.

That gave him an IDEA of how to escape and rescue all of his new FRIENDS. He was going to use the animals’ special SKILLS, starting with the ocelot’s strength to break open the CAGES.

And used the macaw’s sharp BEAK to cut all of the ROPES.

Suddenly, the TRUCK stopped, and the trapper got out to check some other TRAPS.

Kooroo tried to open the back DOOR. But it was locked! He needed to get the KEY from the front seat.

It was a very risky MISSION, but it was perfect for the SLOTH. Sloths’ parents teach them to move really slowly and quietly when they don’t want to be seen.

The pygmy marmoset got the KEYS from the sloth and got out off the TRUCK through a tiny opening.

It moved very quick and opened the back DOOR before the trapper returned.

KOOROO was really happy.Everybody ran, jumped, and flew as fast they could! They were free!

Kooroo said goodbye to his new FRIENDS. They all went back to their FAMILIES where they felt safe and loved at HOME.

KOOROO TO THE RESCUE Part of a graphic design MFA thesis project

Written, illustrated & designed by Cecilia Bissoli Find out more on the web at View more work by Cecilia at Graphic Design Dept. Chair: Mary Scott Department Director: Phil Hamlett Associate Dept. Director: Humer Wimmer Advisors: Michele Ranson & Carolina de Bartolo Copy editors: Andrea Parks & Holly Leach Printing & binding: Blurb Paper: Proline Uncoated Typeface: Tarzana

Kooroo to the rescue  

Picture book | Kooroo lives in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. He is a magical creature who protects the forest and the wild animals. In th...

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