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Junyan Shan J200 (4089) Profile Assignment Revision 11/02/2011

Being Optimistic Is the Philosophy of Life When students were busy doing homework, participating tailgate parties and having sprees in pubs, one IU sophomore who wore the red hat, red T-shirt and apron, was doing dishes in the kitchen room of Collins food court with whistling. Done with her all dishes, the hour hand had already passed the number eight in the clock. Jasmine George, this IU sophomore student, took off her RPS (Residential Program and Services) uniforms still with smiling in her face. “You know, I don’t have time to do anything else like other students cause I work twenty hours a week. I have to go to class and I have to study for class too. So mainly I just sleep, eat, study and work. I can’t give it up because I need extra money to pay for my rent, for my apartment and for my tuitions,” she said in the smooth and pleased tone, “But I’m still a happy person, haha!” “Yes, you are, Jasmine.” Therese Kennelly, a senior IU student who work with Jasmine at food court, done with her work as well, said “the people at work including me say you’re really happy cause you’re always, always smiling.” “Really? But I don’t notice that.” Jasmine laughed. Confronting to a series of problems like balancing the time between studying and working evenly, and managing limited money to afford the groceries and daily costing, Jasmine believed being optimistic is the efficient way to go through the difficulties. “I just realize that I could be in a worse situation and that I should be happy for all the other things in my life.” She said. Even small things that happen during work can raise her spirits. “Today, a guy got a bagel had cream cheese and jelly on it. She just thought this combination was really weird and laughed on it the whole afternoon,” said Therese. “Haha, why don’t we see happiness though everything? It’s the doctrine of my life.” Jasmine answered. Definitely, she could never imagine that her doctrine of life is influencing a lot of workers who work with her and suffer the same situation as her. “I always complain about the onerous work I have to do. But I don’t have other choice cause I need money. I cannot imagine what will happen if I lose this job. Every day when I was done with my work, I’m almost exhausted. Jasmine, however, is like enjoying her work because she talked with chefs, friends and even customers whenever she’s free or not.” Zhenzi Zhao, has worked for Collins food court a half semester stated, “She is always optimistic and I never saw her absence or complaining. She inspired me actually especially when sometimes I feel upset and really tired.” Almost everyone, no matte working or living in the Collins, knows this girl because she is so happy that everyone can recognize her depending on her smiling. When she was asked what happened in her life to make her like this, she turned to be silent and thought carefully. “I don’t know, haha!” after several minutes, she answered. She considered that her optimistic quality might be born in nature cause her mother has told her that while other babies meeting strangers in crying, she showed interests in smiling when she was only born in several months.

“I believe that I feel this way because I have seen that letting yourself feel negative toward one thing leads to negativity bleeding into other areas of your thought, and I believe this negativity has no value and hurts being productive in life.â€? Jasmine, finally, explained what motivate her to behave in the optimistic way. Â

Being Optmistic Is the Philosophy of Life  

personal profile reporting, written in 2011