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Men’s Body Grooming Tips Are you commonly mistaken for a gorilla? Check out these grooming tips for every body part to give her the touchable skin she’s been looking for!

Back Enlist a friend or significant other to help you with this one. Use a hair clipper on the lowest setting and mow against the grain. If there’s no one willing to help you can also try an extendable razor, a large mirror and a handheld mirror to see what’s going on back there. Upkeep should be about 3-4 weeks.

Eyebrows No one likes a unibrow. Keep the skin taut by pulling back on your forehead. Using tweezers, pluck the unnecessary hairs at the base to avoid breaking and reduce the sting.

Nose Nose hair is necessary as it prevents dirt from entering the mucous membrane. Squeeze your nose and if any hairs poke out, trim them with a small pair of scissors.

Head If you’re looking for the smooth bald head hairstyle, try Clear Essence Solutions for Men Facial and Bald Head Shave Gel. This unique formula will soften hair before shaving to create a close cut and reduce irritation. Be sure to use a mirror for the back of the head to avoid any nicks.

Chest Keep hairs about half an inch long by using a hair clipper and guard. If it’s your first time, start longer and trim more if necessary. You can’t add hair back but you can always take off more.

Men's Body Grooming Tips