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Another new column -The Super Assistant! We plan to interview a Class C, Assistant Superintendent, each issue. So, get your info could be next!

We’ve started with our Assistant Board Member, Matthew Castagna, of TPC Jasna Polana. Where were you born and raised? Hopewell, NJ Where did you go to Turf School? Community College in Lake City, Florida

Lake City

What made you get into turf? I started playing golf when I was seven years old when my father got me into the game. Throughout my upbringing, I always liked working outside, especially mowing grass. I find mowing relaxing, although working on a golf course isn’t always relaxing at times.

What are you Goals? I have been working in turf for 12 years. My main goal is to be a great husband and father, and become a Golf Course Superindent in the in the Tri-State area.

Matthew Castagna Share your background: I met my wife, Rochelle, in high school in 2002. We got married in the Bahamas in 2010. We became parents to a little girl, Carmen, this past November.

Do you have any hobbies? I like working with metals and fabrication - really anything that can have a lot of horse power. The most recent project I completed was a dune buggy that I built from scratch. It weighs about 600 lbs but has over 105 hp. It sure can haul ass!

Any animals? Yes, in 2009 we rescued a Boxer named Sophia. She loves going to the course on the weekends, and in the fall when things slow down. She doesn’t chase geese too well, but she keeps all the squirrels in line on the course. What sports do you like to watch? I like to watch the Yankees and any type of car racing. Continued on page 31

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