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Rutgers Turfgrass Symposium


or the 23rd year in a row Rutgers has hosted a Turfgrass Symposium. This event occurs in January and it brings together an extremely diverse group of scientists. It was created to update members of the Center for Turfgrass Science and stakeholders on current issues in turfgrass science. Historically the presenters are current faculty members, students working on their advanced degrees or former students who are now leaders at other universities.

by Shaun Barry

These scientists are not from Rutgers but their research complimented the Rutgers presenters and inspired lots of questions from the audience.

For many of us in the audience the research exceeded our knowledge base but that is to be expected. There however were many presentations that got everyone thinking and understanding how this information would be helpful for our industry. It really is an informative day and it shows how lucky we are to have Rutgers working on our behalf.

This year a keynote speaker was added. Dr. Zeng Yu Wang is from the Forage Improvement Division of the Noble Foundation in Ardmore OK. He is an expert in the genetic manipulation of forage and bioenergy crops. Dr. Karl Guillard from the University of Connecticut spoke about Nitrogen Fate and Dr. Megan Kennelly from Kansas State presented her research on disease control in Zoysiagrass.


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