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The GCSANJ Hosts Another Great Hospitality Party few years ago, the normal hospitality gathering at a GCSAA National was always held in some room in the conference center. It was a nice idea but it never really addressed the needs of our members. The food was always good but drinks were expensive and the rooms were so big it was easy to miss seeing people. In 2010 Bill Murray decided to make a change. We would have an off-site location and food and drinks would be free. Other associations were shocked and upset. They couldn`t understand why NJ was doing such a thing. As it turned out it was a great success. We had about 125 members and their spouses show up. Prior to that we would be lucky to have 10 members make an appearance.


The Greenerside

by Shaun Barry

Flash forward to 2014 and we were back at The Tilted Kilt with another 125 people in attendance. This year however another association took over the rest of the room and were expecting 175 people. The MET ran the Nor`Easter this year and they moved it from the conference center to B.B King`s and it was by all accounts a great gathering. Bill made a controversial decision but it proved to be the correct one for us and now for other associations. Way to go Bill, and from what I have heard, you are hard at work selecting another great location for San Antonio. Plan on being there if you get to the show in 2015.

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Winter 2014 - Greenerside