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It Takes Dedicated Members To Make a Difference Doug Vogel (r) receives Distinguished Service Award

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Brad Simpkins (l) receives Member of the Year Award

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Beakley Family Benefit Unites Our Industry ..................

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Stanton Ridge Welcomes All to Class C Champ ...........



Long Drive & Closest to the Pin ......................................


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The Met Team Championship........................................... NJ Green Expo Continues To Serve Industry Needs.....



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Slovenian Greenkeepers Assn visits America................... 25

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Welcome New Members! Chad Broderick, Montammy Golf Club

Philip Knudsen, Galloway National Golf Club Gale Stenquist, LaCorte Equipment Chris Bauer, PGA - NJ Section

Andrew Dumas, Cherry Valley Country Club Sean Crawford, LaTourette Golf Course Brad Sparta, West Hill Country Club

Kyle Zarnetski, Upper Montclair Country Club Brian Kahl, Upper Montclair Country Club Adam Nunez, Arcola Country Club

Timothy Meyer, Beacon Hill Country Club Vince Giunco, Vic Gerard Golf Cars

Austin Grimshaw, Rutgers Turf Student



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Rolf Strobel

Jeremy Hreben, Joe Kinlin, Tyler Otero, Jamie Devers

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Executive Director Cece Peabody, M.A.T., C.M.P.

Commercial Representatives Rob Johnson & Brad Simpkins

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President’s Message


Jim Cadott, Pebble Creek Golf Club

s I sit down to write this message, the first thing I would like to do is wish everybody good health in the New Year!! I would like to remind you (as I have to remind myself) to be grateful for all the good things that you may have in your lives, and also to enjoy the wonderful profession that we have chosen. It seems that we are getting busier and busier each season, but as a group, we have risen to the challenges and demands that face us all each day. But as a result, extra- curricular activities and involvement have slipped down the priority list. It gets tougher to make all the kid’s games, let alone just some playground time.

The GCSANJ will never be at the top of your personal priority list, nor should it be. But as President, I am asking you to include the GCSANJ in your career priority list. If you can organize your time and join your fellow members of the association for an educational, golf networking, or social event, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. The GCSANJ board of directors volunteers their time and efforts to provide you with a wide array of choices on events throughout the year. It would be nearly impossible for you to say that there is nothing for you. If you attended one event last year, thank you. This year, let’s make it two events.

If you are not an involved member, can you still represent the profession? The short answer is yes, each and every day. On your home course, you will interact with many different people throughout the day. Do you relate to all of them? Do you listen? Can you join a conversation not related to golf? Do you carry yourself in a manner where people turn to you for the answers? Are you the ‘total package’?

The point here is that there is no better place to raise the expertise of our profession than right on your own golf course. Whether you like it or not, each day you represent the GCSANJ, and only you can improve on that. 4

The Greenerside

Speaking of improving, how do you think your board is doing? Do you even know or care who is on the board? (If not, see previous paragraph) Activity on the board level has never been greater, and representation is very diverse. From private clubs to daily fee courses, you are represented. From commercial affiliates to assistants, you are represented. From a national delegate to a state government representative, you are spoken for. This association does not sit still, and perhaps that is why we have one of the strongest memberships in the country. The feedback we receive from the association shapes many of the decisions made by the board, so please take the time to complete any survey or questionnaire you may receive. If not, you can always pick up the phone and call Cece Peabody, our executive director, or anybody on the board from the president to any director.

Hopefully you spent some time in Atlantic City at the Green Expo, and hopefully you found it worthwhile. I felt that this year was the best showing for the GCSANJ. From the education to the social events, the GCSANJ dominated the week. Our partnership with the NJTA at Expo has never been stronger, and this year proved that. If you are going to Orlando, the GCSANJ will be hosting a social on Wednesday evening at the Tilted Kilt restaurant from 6 to 8 pm. Please join us there!!

As I finish up my first president’s message, I am thinking to myself, “I hope it doesn’t sound like every other message I have read”! But if it does, that is because there is a continuing theme passed down from one board to the next. Hard work, 100 percent volunteer, is the only way to strengthen our association. And the entire board deserves much more recognition than they receive, as they are the backbone of the membership. Thank you to all the board members who take their personal time to do a job well done. We are all looking forward to a very successful year. Happy New Year!

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The Beakley Family Benefit Unites Our Industry


October 24, 2013

his is an article that should never have been written because there should never have been a reason for a Beakley Family Benefit. There should be a cure for cancer in all of its forms and families should not lose loved ones. Unfortunately we are not there yet and cancer continues to takes lives and in some way has affected everyone who is reading this article.

I will let you know that we were successful in raising money to help Wendell Beakley and his daughter Brooke deal with the bills that came from them losing the “love of their lives.� If this was an article about raising money for something with a happy ending, I probably would try and thank every single person individually. I won`t do that because in spite of all of AJ`s heroic efforts to defeat this enemy, she lost the fight, and her family will never be the same.

We knew that the Beakley Family was in for a rough journey, but everyone was confident that prayers, good thoughts and modern medicine would overcome all of their obstacles. For a while things looked like they were getting better. We asked Wendell to tell us what we could do to help. He was positive that things would be ok and all that they needed was for us to keep them in our thoughts and prayers. AJ`s family, friends and work associates had a couple fundraisers that raised a lot of money, but AJ and Wendell hoped to use this money not for themselves but for other families going through the same thing.

At some point in mid-summer, it became evident that this extended battle was getting tougher and medicine and courage were losing, but there were some new trials that had experienced great success. The key was to find a way to get AJ into these trials. I know that the government works slowly but medicine travels at the same speed. She never was able to be part of these trials, but not because she didn`t try. She was her own advocate and given a little more time her efforts would have allowed her to be part of this work.

While this was going on, The GCSANJ Foundation asked Wendell if we could have a fundraiser. He knew that we just wanted to help in any way that we could. Everyone knows that insurance covers only so much and that bills would soon be coming his way that would be substantial. He thought about it and agreed. He thought that with the end of the year being so close we would do something in 2014. By then AJ would be getting better and he still was hoping to be able to help others.

by Shaun Barry

Within days the GCSANJ Foundation had met and an October date at Pebble Creek was selected. This was the end of August so we all knew that teamwork was necessary and time could be a problem if we hesitated in any way. We didn`t.

Lance created a brochure and he and Cece fine-tuned it and soon it went out to all of our members as well as the EIFG, The MET and PAGCS. The response was almost instantaneous. Tyler Otero donated the next day. Jack Montecalvo is in his 80s and his check was one of the first. The EIFG/GCSAA went to their emergency fund and $2,500 was mailed to Lance almost immediately. The GCSANJ Foundation matched their generosity. Phil Scott and Jack Martin are retired but their call to me came within days. Bill Murray donated $500 and never played. I think he took some pictures but since it was a new camera I am not sure. Michael Campbell gave a generous donation and didn`t want a sign. He just wanted to help. This was the overwhelming response that we received. A friend of Ken Mathis donated all of the signs because he had lost his wife to cancer. Offerings for our Auctions came pouring in partially because Brad Simpkins asked everyone for help and because people were just moved to try and help.

When the day came for the fundraiser to happen, we had 132 players and 44 sponsors at all levels. Wendell started the golf on the first tee with 7 of his best friends and he and his group played well but they couldn`t find a way to beat the group that started on the 18th. Of course that was of no consequence because everyone who played or volunteered was a winner.

The after golf function was terrific. People seemed to know that they were part of something special. There was a definite sense of sadness when Wendell spoke to everyone, but Wendell just wanted to thank everyone for what they had done. Through his tears we knew how badly he missed AJ but we also felt the love he had for everyone.

The day ended quietly but with hugs all around. Wendell is not one to hide his emotions and at that moment everyone agreed that this was the proper way to say good-bye. Continued on page 13

The Greenerside


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The Greenerside

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Galloping Hill Left Us Wanting More


October 7, 2013

he title is unfortunately very accurate. Russ Harris is very proud of his golf course and he should be. Under his stewardship the course gets better and better. Some of that is the changes that have been made and also the ones that are to come. While this construction process continues, Russ and his staff are successfully getting turf conditions to private course levels. It really is a pleasure playing this course. When it is ready for the 2016 NJSGA State Open it may be too good for my game.

Now back to the title. Because of some very severe weather we only played 10 or 11 holes. Even if you were playing badly you wanted to see what was next. The course has changed since I last played it in the Winter League back in the 70`s and every change was for the better. This is now a course any golfer could happily play every day and never get bored. We had a small field, but it was our Championship and many of the big guns came out to try and win. During our annual meeting the skies opened,up and it looked like there would be no golf. We all sat down to lunch trying to decide

by Shaun Barry

what to do for the rest of the day. When it started to clear everyone started smiling. We had heard of tornado warnings throughout the state so nobody expected a lot but we were in for a surprise. When we got to the carts a brief shower hit but that was it for the next 2 hours. What we had was Chamber of Commerce weather. Warm with blue skies and just a gentle breeze. I don`t know how Russ did this but his magic was working that day.

When our luck ended, it ended quickly. The breeze became a strong wind and the skies got dark within minutes. For most of us discretion was the best choice and the carts started heading in. Almost everyone got to the clubhouse before the rain began. We were now dry but about 2 hours away from dinner. It soon became apparent that we had played all of the golf we were going to play so we had to decide how to add up the scores so it would be as fair as possible for everyone. This brought about many suggestions but Bill Murray and Joe Kinlin gathered the cards and they came up with the final results. They didn`t explain how they did it, but it was fair and they did determine the winners. Thank you Joe and Bill. Continued on page 8

The Greenerside


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Galloping Hill..continue d from page 7 October 7, 2013

While this was going on the guys found out that the bar was open and surprisingly they were serving adult beverages..... :-). It was a good way to pass the time. Russ spoke to the chef and dinner was not ready yet but it could start in 45 minutes. That worked for most of us but some guys decided to get home early or get back to the course. Dinner started on time and it was very good. Someone in catering knows how to cook and it seemed that return trips to the buffet line was the order of the day.

Our new president, Jim Cadott, made the usual presentation of the plaque and flag to Russ and Russ thanked everyone who was responsible for making this day happen.

Many thanks to you Russ, your staff and everyone at the club for their great efforts. I also want to single out and thank Bayer, Double “D”, Syngenta and Wilfred MacDonald for their sponsorship. Their generosity is amazing and it seems to be at all of our meetings.


Low Gross Supt: Tom Grimac - Sherwood Moore Cup (Bayer) Note: This is Tom`s 7th win and his legend continues to grow. Low Net Supt: Mike Hocko - Dr Henry Indyk Cup (Bayer) Low Gross Affiliate: Rick Hill - Dr Paul Sartoretto Cup Low Net Supt 0-9 Handicap - John Alexander Low Net Supt 10-14 Handicap - Joe Kinlin Low Net Supt 15 & Above: Lance Rogers Low Affiliate Net: Mike Uckar CP # 6: Bill Murray:15 ft (Wilfred MacDonald) CP #11: Tom Tuttle: 4ft 11ins (Wilfred MacDonald) CP #15: Ralph Henninger: 1 ft 2 ins (Bayer) LD- 0-14 Handicap: Paul Dotti (Syngenta) LD- 15-40: Phil O`Brien (Double “D”) Skins: #12- Kelly Barry #15- Ralph Henninger #17- Matt Sudol


The Greenerside

From Your Exec Director

Cece Peabody, M.A.T., C.M.P., Executive Director

As you’ve seen in my brief articles, I love quotes, saying, and positive messages. They give me direction, make me feel good, or make me rethink my attitudes, and even how I react to others and their attitudes. I don’t go in for making those big new year’s resolutions...they tend to be short lived.

I actually love the month of January, certainly not because of the bitter cold, or heaping snow mounds, or shorter days, but because I can re-group, reflect, and plan the things I want to accomplish during the year. I also clean the office and file papers away and organize my ‘space’ so I’m ready for the new meetings, new events, and new adventures that await me. What do you do? 2013 was another great year for our chapter and it has everything to do with our members and board of directors. The enthusiasm, the dedication, the heart, the caring, and the desire to not only help make our chapter more successful but also to help our members when help is needed never ceases to amaze me. No one has all the answers to the questions, but a team like the board of directors has the collective intelligence, experience, and good sense to share multiple ideas, and come up with the answers that work. Thank you! What can volunteering do for you? Giving some of your time, giving some of your knowledge, sharing with others who share the same industry can only lead to the same for you....gaining some new knowledge, networking with members you may not know, and feeling good about how you helped shape the direction the chapter takes. You can choose to help for one event, or be on a committee, and if you like it, you can choose to step up to a board position. It really always is a win-win.

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden.” Johann Wolfganfg Von Goethe

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Carl Bard

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2 0 14

CCheckAcalendar L forE updates N andDsignup A info.R

Thursday, March 13, 2014 Spring Education Seminar Galloping Hill Golf Course Kenilworth, NJ WE’RE HERE WHEN YOU NEED US.

Monday, April 14, 2014 War at the Shore Tavistock Country Club Haddonfield, NJ Monday, May 5, 2014 Rutgers Turfgrass Research Golf Classic Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club Bedminster , NJ

When you partner with Bayer, you’re getting more than just our products. You’re getting the Backed by Bayer™ satisfaction guarantee and more. Because we are committed to your peace of mind, all of our research, technical support and training is available for you, when you need it. Rest assured that we stand by our products and the science that created them.

Bayer CropScience LP, Environmental Science Division, 2 TW Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. 1-800-331-2867. Bayer and the Bayer Cross are registered trademarks of Bayer. Backed by Bayer is a trademark of Bayer. Not all products are registered in all states. Always read and follow label directions carefully. ©2013 Bayer CropScience LP.

Contact Jeff Weld at (914) 419-9384 or

Tuesday, July 29 , 2014 Rutgers Turfgrass Research Field Days I Golf and Fine Turf Hort Farm II, New Brunswick NJ Wednesday, July 30, 2014 Rutgers Turfgrass Research Field Days II Lawn, Landscape & Sports Fields Adelphia Farm, Freehold NJ Tuesday - Thursday December 9 - 11, 2014 39th Annual Green Expo** Taj Mahal Casino Resort Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ ** GCSANJ Members Register at Member Rate

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Stanton Ridge Welcomes All At Class C Championship


November 4, 2013

f you had the chance to play in the C Championship at Stanton Ridge you could readily see why Matt Castagna decided to ask Rob Arnts if the assistants could have their Championship there. Rob and Freddy Carmona make a great team. When you see them together it is quite evident that they like each other, they both are really good players, and they really know how to maintain and groom a golf course.

As you drive onto the property you see what looks like a very interesting golf course. It was designed by Stephen Kay so that is to be expected. It however has lots of trees on and around the course. The event was being held on Nov. 4th so it was expected the leaf rule would get a workout. That however did not happen. Rob and Freddy and their staff had the course primed and ready to go and there wasn`t a leaf in sight. What a tremendous undertaking that must be every year but when asked about it both guys just shrugged. Nothing unusual about these conditions. That is how they present the course to the members every day. I however and most everyone else there was impressed.

Matt Castagna takes his responsibilities as Assistants Liaison on the board seriously, and he did so once again with this event. He cleared everything with Rob, set-up the menu, and arranged for Tim Moraghan from Aspire Golf to speak to the group. There are few people in this industry with Tim`s background and nobody is as honest and straightforward. Sugar coating things is not his forte. Ask a question and you will hear exactly what he thinks and his experience should make you listen and take notice of his answer. That is what happened and there were many thoughtful questions being asked right up to when we needed to head out to play. Thanks Tim for such a nice presentation.

Several people weren`t able to show up. Maybe it was too cold, and one fellow did hit a deer on his way, but they missed a great day. The weather warmed up nicely and jackets and sweaters were shed soon after play started. It was impossible not to enjoy the course and the weather. 10

The Greenerside

by Shaun Barry

Our sponsors for the prizes were Bayer, Double “D”, Syngenta and Wilfred MacDonald. Most of these companies stepped up in the beginning of the year, and they chose this event to sponsor because they recognize the importance of assistants, and they want to acknowledge what their efforts mean to every superintendent and golf course. Many thanks to each of you for your support because it really does make a difference to every meeting that we have every year.

We had 40 people scheduled to play but lost 3 who did not show and Tim Moraghan had to leave and Stephen Kay had to leave after 12 holes. That left 35 people and 24 of them were assistants. It might explain why only one non-C attendee won a prize and that was the one prize an assistant couldn`t win.

It was a really great day and one that everyone should try and attend every year. When the 2014 schedule is published, add it to you list of things to do. You will have a wonderful time and you will get to meet the future leaders of our industry.

CP #5: (Wilfred MacDonald) Charles Jones (Upper Montclair) 5ft 7ins CP #12 (Syngenta) Mike Sharpe (Cedar Hill) 9ft 7ins LD: (Wilfred MacDonald) Charles Jones (Upper Montclair) C Low Net: (Bayer) Freddy Carmona (Stanton Ridge) 68 C Low Gross: (Bayer) Chris DeSalvia (Forest Hill) 77 ( MC F. Carmona ) Non C Low Net (Double “D”) Shaun Barry 66 Skins: #1 Freddy Carmona (Stanton Ridge) #3 Chris DeSalvia (Forest Hill) #12 Mike Sharpe (Cedar Hill) #17 Larry Cunningham (Hominy Hill)

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Another winner Total Total Turf Turf Golf Services received Golf, Inc’s 2013 Renovation of the Year Year Honorable Mention Award for work at the Denver Country Club. Working with golf course architect Gil Hanse, TTGS completed an 18 hole renovation consisting of construction of all bunkers, a new irrigation pond, modification of greens and adjusting of fairway lines. Despite unseasonable heavy snow falls, the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Total Turf Golf This award marks the third time Total Services has been recognized for our work. Our awards include: tGolf Digest Renovation of the Year Year 2008 PA. Saucon Valley Country Club, Bethlehem, PA. t(PMG *OD3FOPWBUJPOPGUIF:FBS White Manor Country Club, Malvern, PA. PA.

For mor more e information about Total Turf ’s award winning golf course renovation and construction services, Contact Greg Hufner Cell 215.416.0554 Office 215.366.7155


The Greenerside

TOTAL TOT AL TURF GOLF SER SERVICES VICES 1965 Byberry Road Huntingdon Valley Valley PA PA 19006

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The Greenerside


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Long Drive & Closest to the Pin Beakley Family Benefit


October 22, 2013

by Shaun Barry

his event is only about 5 years old and unfortunately each year it seems to happen a little later on the calendar. The unfortunate part is not only that this day was cold and windy like last year, but also this year the long drive was into the wind, and the closest to the pin was downwind. This led to some really difficult conditions.

Jeremy Batz offered Trump Colts Neck and both venues were steps away from each other. We knew this year would be different because there was no sign of Ryan Oliver or Paul Dotti. These perennial favorites just couldn`t make it, but at least past champ Bill Murray was in the field representing what he calls “the old guys”.

The order of finish in round one was Lance Rogers, Jeff Moser, Dennis Granahan, Joe Kinlin, Shaun Kennedy, Rob Johnson (230), Bill Murray (235) and Jeremy Batz (239). The last three gentlemen advanced to the final round and Jeremy Batz (245) won on his last swing. He edged out Bill (243) and Rob (243). Bill hit every drive in the last round right down the middle and probably all were with 2 or 3 yards of each other. A great attempt by Bill and Rob, but Jeremy will add his name to the trophy. If these drives were downwind the numbers would have been up around 300 yards.

...continued from page 5

We gave Wendell an idea of what we thought that we might have raised. He was in awe but we would make the official donation at the Green Expo. We did so but since then another $1,400 came to us through the generosity of Andy Drohen and Blake Halderman. These gentlemen run the MET Team Championship and these dollars came from the recent championship. When everything was added our little fundraiser will give Wendell $39,893.73. That is an amazing example of how lucky we are to be part of this industry. My thanks go out to everyone who helped with their thoughts, prayers, donations, and in the case of Cece and the GCSANJ Foundation, for your time and support and your love for the Beakley Family.

We immediately turned around to the wonderful 19th hole. It is an island green about 129 from the tees we played. Sounds simple doesn`t it. Nothing could be further from the truth. The green was as firm as the 17th at TPC and it proved even harder to hit.

We picked up Tyler Otero and Ken Mathis who sat out of the long-drive contest so they could concentrate on this shot. Everybody got to hit 5 shots each and only three shots stayed on the green. Lots of really good golf shots were hit but they all ended-up wet over the green.

Of the three shots that stayed, the winner came from Ken Mathis. He hit the perfect shot. The ball landed short on the upslope and that deadened the shot. It rolled out to 6 ft 8 ins. Since Joe Kinlin (32 ft) and Rob Johnson (33 ft) rolled to the back of the green, he was the easy winner. 13

The Greenerside

Congratulations to Jack Martin and Phil Scott who won their flight at St. James Plantation Member-Guest Tournament on October 19th in Southport, NC.... Jack’s home course.

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The Met Team Championship September 30, 2013

he Met Team Championship continues to increase in stature. Started many years ago, it was the brainchild of Ed Walsh. He and Ernie Rizzio, Ken Kubik, Dick Grant and Frank Bevelaqua took the idea and ran with it. It was an immediate success, but many years later it seemed to lose its luster to the participating associations. It was still played on some terrific golf courses but that wasn`t enough. In 1997 the GCSANJ only had 3 players attend. Its future looked bleak. At times like this the event will find a way to change and survive or just fade away. In 2003 there was no event, but a committee headed by Blake Halderman and Andy Drohen got involved. They decided to go big and see what happened. They looked for even more prestigious golf courses and they looked for sponsors. They were successful on both fronts. The event was now on the best courses in the northeast which means in the world. Sponsors were limited and donations came in immediately. This allowed the prizes to become great. Non-golf items became the order of the day and soon word spread and the competition to be part of the tournament became intense. They quickly got to a point that not every association could get in because there wasn`t enough room. Once the date and the cost per team became known checks were put into the mail immediately. What a wonderful situation to be in unless you are one of those associations who delayed mailing the checks. Now they have decided that the quality of a team`s play will be the determining factor. The two teams who end up with the two highest scores are not able to field a team the following year unless some team opts out for that year. The next year these two associations are back in and the two teams who finished in the bottom two spots the previous year are out. This seems to work well and it definitely is an inspiration to bring your best players.

by Shaun Barry

This year it was held at Mountain Ridge Country Club and Cliff Moore and his staff did a great job. Everything was perfect. It was also nice to see that even though these small and rolling and quick greens were a challenge, they were quite playable. Some hole locations were near the edge but none went over the edge and several were chosen to facilitate scoring. It was fun to watch. One foursome actually had 2 birdies on the same hole coming out of the bunker. This course set-up recognized that this is a big and important event but also that none of the players are professionals. Anybody who has played in others would have appreciated Cliff`s decisions. Everyone had a great time, but in the end there was no chance for any association other than CT. They shot 283 which was 13 shots better than Central NY`s 296. Both of these associations have won several events in recent years and they continued their good play. The Met (299), PAGCS (300) and Pocono (301) edged out the GCSANJ (308) who tied with the Hudson Valley for 6th place. It was a very nice finish. Tom Grimac & Brian Minemier (78) and Jim Swiatlowski & Frank Tichenor (81) were our gross team while Gary Arlio & Jeremy Batz (72) and Jeremy Hreben & Rob Johnson (77) played in the net division. We however did have one winning team and that was Cliff Moore and Lance Rogers. They competed in the affiliate and nonassociation competition. Their score of 67 was the second best net score of the day. Pocono and CT each had a team shoot 66. We will once again have a qualifying system in place for any of our members who want to try and qualify. The Golf Committee will meet this winter and see if our current system can be improved. Since we know that we are scheduled to play Philadelphia Country Club in 2014 that should be a good incentive to start practicing now. The Greenerside


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District IV Gathers at Scotland Run by Shaun Barry November 14, 2013

he final GCSANJ district meeting was held at Scotland Run on November 14th. That is much later than normal but it still worked out beautifully. The only thing missing was our host Steve Craig. He tried to get back from the PA State Turf Conference but his plan to be at the meeting for dinner just didn`t work out. His assistant, Jeff England, filled-in for Steve when it came time to acknowledge the staff at the club and to receive the GCSANJ flag. He did a nice job Steve, but you were missed.

Rolf Strobel made all of the arrangements with the club for the day and he headed up the registration table. We only had 20 players so it wasn`t a difficult job and it got easier when Wendell Beakley made the long journey from his home (about 3 minutes) to assist in selling 50/50 tickets. His attendance was the highlight of the day for me and many others.


The Greenerside

Play started right at 1:00 pm so beating darkness was our target and we succeeded. The sunset was beautiful as we headed back to the clubhouse and dinner started right on time. Scoring was a breeze with the small field and prizes were given out and redeemed before the pro-shop closed at 5:30 pm. It almost looked like we knew what we were doing.

Rolf reached out to several affiliates to be sponsors and they responded. Fisher & Son, Harrells, Turf Equipment & Supply Co and Turf Trade covered the skill prizes while Bayer and Mitchell Products donated towards the food. Jeff Weld from Bayer had actually committed earlier in the year and Dave Mitchell added this event to his generous sponsorship at the season ending event at Sea Oaks on December 9, 2013.

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District IV-Scotland Run... continued from pg 15

CP #9: (Harrells) Giancarlo Sarullo 7 ft 0 ins CP # 13: (Fisher & Son) BJ Jaworski 19 ft 4 ins CP #15: (Turf Equipment & Supply Co) Rich Hendrickson 11 ft 7 ins LD #17: ( Turf Trade ) JT Clarke Low Gross: Dave Santana: 81 Low Net: Brian Lescrinier: 72 (MC with Rolf Strobel & Shawn Reynolds) Rolf made a special presentation to a surprised Wendell Beakley. This was a plaque to memorialize Wendell`s many years of service on the GCSANJ BOD. One thing that I want to make sure is that Wendell knows he will always be welcome on the board if his schedule allows him to do so. Just don`t expect any more plaques...:-)

Travis Pauley, Plainfield Country Club (center), presents check to Lance Rogers, CGCS, Colonia CC (right) and Past President and Shaun Barry, (left) GCSANJ Foundation Executive Director.

The $7500 check came from the Barclay’s Tournament that Plainfield Country Club hosted.

What is Companion ? ®

•Proven •Tested •Reliable •Consistent

A Broad-Spectrum Biological Fungicide for Soil Borne and Foliar Diseases • Acts as a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacterium (PGPR) that stimulates better rooting and better overall growth. • Is an important tool in Disease Resistance Management Program, helping to prevent pathogens from building a resistance to chemical fungicides.

Call Craig Lambert Today! (917) 416-4588

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Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:40 AM Page 15

NJ Green Expo Continues to Serve Industry Needs


December 10-12, 2013

he 38th edition of Expo was a great success but it didn`t just happen because of luck. It takes a lot of effort and great leadership and both of those factors are constant with this event. The General Chairman is Chris Carson. Chris is the superintendent at Echo Lake Country Club, and is a past president of GCSANJ. When he took over EXPO from Bob Dickison, he used the solid base that he found and implemented ways to improve.

The trade show move upstairs to be near the education venues was a great idea. It has generated renewed interest from the exhibitors and from attendees. This year our limit for booths was exceeded by 6 with Cece doing some fancy footwork so everyone would have a booth. Next year will probably provide even more opportunities for Cece to massage the layout as she tries to accommodate everyone. Having Syngenta sponsor the Grand Opening of the Trade Show and BASF sponsor food and drink during trade show hours offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy some tremendous food choices without having to leave to find a restaurant. Lunch is provided for all attendees by Mary Lou DesChamps and Storr Tractor and this provides those seeking to hear the speakers a great opportunity to not miss anything. A superintendent who attended all the Core and Golf Sessions had the opportunity to receive 10 Core credits and 15 credits in 3B, 6B, 8C and PP2. The assistants were not left out and their workshop was sponsored by Tree Tech. We also had Bayer, Dow, Growth Products, Lebanon Turf and Valent helping out with their sponsorships. Help like this makes the show better, and a better show helps makes sponsorship more valuable. A win/win for everyone.

In addition to these wonderful offerings, Fisher & Son and Seeton Turf Warehouse opened their doors to everyone with their Hospitality Suites. On Wednesday, the Mix & Mingle Reception, sponsored by Grass Roots Inc., was the place to be. Somehow they seem to be able to welcome everyone at the show. This year their Mix & Mingle was followed by a 2 hour reception hosted by GCSANJ at Margaritaville at Resorts. This proved quite popular and was sponsored

by Shaun Barry

Seeton Turf Warehouse and Syngenta. Reports say that everyone had a great time and one cowboy could be seen dancing long after the 2 hours had passed.

As important as these highlights are to the success of the show, the education component still remains the overwhelming reason why the show remains a success. People in every part of the turfgrass industry are seeking great education because they know that it will help them do their jobs. The USGA and GCSANJ organized their programs with the help of Rutgers and Chris Carson. This program offered a group of speakers that is as good as anything you will find at the national level. It was a great mix of educators from throughout the country with a knockout presentation from Matt Shaffer about the 2013 US Open. The chairs in the room were filled with many people choosing to stand along the walls so they wouldn`t miss anything. There had to be over 400 people in most of the sessions.

Congratulations go out to Chris and Cece and her staff and all of the volunteers who did their part making sure everything went well. It is a team effort and nothing said team more than the entrance to the trade show. As you enter the room, you are greeted by manned booths from Rutgers, the NJTA, and the GCSANJ. There is also an area for education next to the Rutgers booth and the silent auction from the NJGIC borders the GCSANJ booth.

Hopefully you got a chance to stop and visit at the GCSANJ booth. Their board of directors made the booth their home during trade show hours hoping to meet everyone. If you did visit, you also saw all of our current trophies on display waiting to be picked up by the winners. Hopefully this will be the inspiration that increases the number of members attempting to add their name to the list of winners. There was also a special guest. Henry Carlyle was there and he is a very talented magician (his card says he is the best) and he entertained everyone for hours. Lots of the things that he did are impossible so maybe his card is correct...:). Continued on page 19

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The Greenerside

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NJ Green Expo...continued from page 17 December 10-12, 2013

The GCSANJ reserved some time between speakers to make a couple of award presentations to some of our best. Brad Simpkins was completely surprised when he was introduced as Member of the Year. Seeing him speechless was great, but watching Linda cry and hug with joy their great friend, Wendell Beakley, was touching.

Gary Arlio announced Pee Wee Reese as the winner of the Distinguished Service Award. Doug Vogel stood up to accept the award because his alter ego was unavailable. Doug followed Brad`s script and spoke softly and briefly. Neither ever expected anything like this and you could see the amazement in their eyes.

Take the time to let Chris, Cece or a GCSANJ director know what you thought about the show. We are always looking for ways to improve, and your input is the best indicator of how we can do that. We also need to hear what you think we did correctly so we can keep providing what you need. Hope to see you in December 2014.

Expo wrapped up on Thursday and the last session had a lot of people in attendance. This was a sure sign that offering education and lots of credits works and is what members of our industry need.

The Greenerside


Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:41 AM Page 18

Highlights from the Green Expo Turf & Landscape Conference December 10-12, 2013 Great Education • Great Networking • Great Fun


The Greenerside

Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:42 AM Page 19

More Highlights from the Green Expo Turf & Landscape Conference December 10-12, 2013


The Greenerside

Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:43 AM Page 20

Members, Trade Show, Sponsors, Speakers. It all adds up to a fantastic Green Expo!

The Greenerside


Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:43 AM Page 21

Your last bunker liner. “I have never had a single wash out and we get quick hard storms in Philadelphia. The labor savings is crazy great.” Matt Schaffer Merion Golf Club

John Slade Laurel Creek Country Club

“The install is much easier than traditional liners; no cutting, stapling, or worries of tearing into fabric bases. Even with 1" to 6" rains this past season, the Matrix bunkers were playable both during and after the storms.”

“Installed the first ones four years ago and they’re still performing as they did when we put them in. No washouts, low maintenance, and our members love them.”

Rich Sweeney Rock Manor Golf Course

Dan Meersman Philadelphia Cricket Club

856.765.5081 23

“We got 24" of rain from June 1 to August 1. Couldn’t pass a better test than that. Installation was easy using our own guys, and labor savings on bunker maintenance has been unreal.”

The Greenerside

Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:43 AM Page 22

NEW! Sponsor Partners Program As we say goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014 the Board of Directors is excited to announce the unveiling of a new Sponsor Partners Program for the upcoming year. Some of you might be familiar with these kinds of programs through your associations with various chapters in other areas. In 2012, the MetGCSA began a program that currently has drawn participation from over fifty vendors. As a Board we feel that instituting a program such as this is a win - win for both you, the AF member, and for our association.

Let’s face it, without the constant support of our affiliate members, many of our functions would have a hard time surviving. Your sponsorship throughout the year at golf events, education seminars, round table discussions, shop tours and more, is what makes this a successful association. Without your help, many of the things we try and do as an association would be cost prohibitive. We feel that by implementing this partnership, as an affiliate member, you can have a solid budget number established when determining what level of commitment you are comfortable with, and as a board, we will not have to constantly be asking you for money.

by Gary Arlio

Please wait till you receive and review the packet and take the time to consider all the various options available. And, our previous advertisers and sponsors have the first opportunity to renew their previous sponsor or advertising spaces.

I am comfortable speaking for the board in saying “thank you” to all of our affiliate members for all you do. Your contribution throughout the years has been nothing short of fantastic. Here’s to 2014 being a successful, healthy, and happy year for all!

Go to Click on the Facebook link... and LIKE US!

Briefly, here’s how it works:

The Sponsor Partners Program has three levels, each with associated benefits and costs -- Platinum, Gold, or Silver. There will be advertising and food credits available in varying amounts for your company to use as you deem necessary. For example, it could be used for a full page ad in the Greenerside or for food sponsorships at various meetings.

Once you choose the level you feel most comfortable with, you will then receive a menu list for using your credits. If you feel that these 3 levels do not fit your needs, there will still be an “a la carte” menu to choose from as you have done in the past.

Pruning Pr uning · Cer Certified tified Arborists · T TCIA CIA Accredited Accredited



18 24

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The Slovenian Greenkeepers Association Visits America

On October 15, 2013, a large group of greenkeepers from Slovenia arrived in America. It was a trip that fell victim to Super Storm Sandy last year but was rescheduled for this fall. It is a trip that would be difficult to make for one person, but to have 8 people fly over and join their fellow greenkeeper who is working at Baltusrol, was a massive undertaking.

A brief history for this event starts with past GCSAA President, Mel Lucas. Mel has spent many years working in the country and was instrumental in the creation of their national association. In an attempt to say thank you and recognize his efforts, Mel was made their first honorary member. This country has fewer than 10 courses but its members are dedicated to learning and improving their skills. With Mel`s guidance they have hosted an educational conference and through his influence they have have some world renowned speakers at this conference. Stan Zontek, Peter Dernoden, Mike Fidanza and Mark Kuhns 19 25 The Greenerside

by Shaun Barry

have traveled over to support their efforts. With these powerhouse speakers, greenkeepers from all over Europe have attended the conference. It is amazing to consider what they have done with so little.

When Mark Kuhns spoke, he was impressed with the level of professionalism and their intense desire to learn more. Mark and Mel decided that a first hand view of America and its courses would benefit them immensely. Mark`s intern came to America because of his visit, and she was helpful in convincing her colleagues that this was something that they needed to do. It turned out great.

Mark enlisted the help of Mary Lou DesChamps, Ken Kubik and several industry contacts when the itinerary was being put together. The whole group was able to stay in the dorms at Baltusrol and they used that as their base. continued on next page

The Greenerside 28

Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:43 AM Page 24

The Slovenian Greenkeepers ...continued from pg 25 Their tours started with a half day at the Rutgers Research Facilities hosted by Dr. Bruce Clarke and other faculty. They had lunch with Bruce and then were off to the USGA Headquarters. Their visit ended with tours of Pine Valley and Merion hosted by Rick Christian and Matt Shaffer, respectively. In between they visited Bayonne GC, Liberty National, Lebanon Seaboard Corp., Storr Tractor, and Grass Roots. They also stopped at Cabella`s, had dinner at a Cracker Barrel, and Fox Hollow, toured New York City, and played Baltusrol.

Since they left on October 23, 2013, I know they must have been exhausted but before they left they awarded Mark Kuhns the 6th honorary membership to their association. They also extended a sincere invitation to come visit them. I think I saw Ken Kubik taking notes so he may be the next one to travel there and become mesmerized by their country`s beauty and friendliness.

Congratulations to everyone who planned and assisted in making this trip so successful.

It is a reminder of the generosity found within the members of our industry.

The Greenerside

26 20

Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:43 AM Page 25

The Slovenian Turfgrass Association visits NJ!

Left: Slovenian Assn Executive Director with Mel Lucas

Bottom left: Group shot of members who came to US

Bottom right: Dinner with Paul Strani (l), Mary Lou DesChamps (c), and Mark Kuhns (r) of Baltusrol.

21 27

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2013 Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup finals were played in November at The Ridge at Back Brook. You can not find a better location for our best players to play their match. This course is just amazing and will challenge every player`s skills. Alan Bean was the host and next year he may try and find a partner to join in the fun.

This was a terrific match. There were many great shots but also many missed opportunities. Neither team was ever more than 1 up. Brian Minemier made a birdie on 17 to get he and Paul Brandon back to even with Rob Arnts and Rob Johnson. 18 was tied with pars but 2 putts under 10 feet were missed to extend the match. On 19, Brian was out of play and Paul made a 10 ft putt to make par. That turned out to be enough for the win. Next year grab a partner and come out and challenge yourself to see how good you really are and get to meet some great guys in the process.

27 The Greenerside

2013 Leslie Cup

The 2013 Leslie Cup matches were completed on November 6th. That is a little bit later than desired but it turned out to be a beautiful day. The match was played at The Riverton CC. Doug Davis was a great host and the course was wonderful. When you talk about “hidden gems� you are talking about this course. What a wonderful experience. I could play here every day of the week and never get tired of its challenges.

The match was between Brian Lescrinier & Rolf Strobel vs Shaun Barry & Tony Raczynski. Brian and Rolf were 4 up after nine. The match was over but funny things happen sometimes in match play. After 15 holes the match was all square. Brian and Rolf however were not to be denied and they won 16 and answered every challenge and won 1 up on 18. It was a great match with lots of laughter and some good golf. Congratulations to all of the teams who participated. I hope you had as much fun as we did. The Greenerside 28 33

Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:43 AM Page 27


The Greenerside

Fall2013_Layout 1 1/9/14 9:43 AM Page 28

Annual Turfgrass Students Scholarship Dinner, Nov 16, 2013


by Cece Peabody

Photos courtesy of Jeff Heckman, OCPE

ach year GCSANJ is invited to attend the annual Rutgers Professional Golf Turf Management School Graduation and Student Award Banquet. Lance Rogers, past president, Jim Cadott, president, and Cece Peabody, executive director, joined parents, faculty, and other professionals in congratulating graduating students and presenting scholarships.

GCSANJ awards $3000 in scholarships to the students selected. It is an honor to do so and know that this gesture speaks to the one of the many reasons we give a financial hand, as well as a big round of applause, to deserving students. We also offer a complimentary membership for the upcoming year, and encourage winners to attend events and get to know members better. It’s a way of ‘paying it forward’ to the future turf managers.

Congratulations to Kyle Genova, Senior; James Hempfling, Graduate Student; and Austin Grimshaw, Graduate Student.

AMAZING Picture on right: The first graduating class from Rutgers, 50 years ago. 2nd from left is Bob Dickison; Marty Futyma is next to him, and Joe Bianco is on far right.

35 The Greenerside

The Greenerside 30

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GCSANJ Member news

Rob Arnst, Stanton Ridge Country Club, and Rob Johnson, Fisher and Son, won the 2012

Stanley Cup Tournament Champions. The championship match was postponed last year due to many conflicts, followed by Hurricane Sandy. But finally we have a winning team. Congratulations to Rob Arnst and Rob Johnson!

Ed Mellor, Colts Neck Golf Club, competed in the

NYC marathon on Sunday, November 3. He uses a nickname “Ted” in the running community. “Ted” completed a very impressive time of 3 hours and 36 minutes. Quite impressive that a super has the time and motivation to train and compete at such a high level. Ed’s wife, Jen, also ran in the event.

Congratulations Matthew Castagna,

TPC Jasna Polana, and his wife Rochelle, who welcomed their first child, Carmen Rose Castagna, on November 30, 2013. Carmen weighed 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long. All are doing well!

Congratulations to Keith Bennett, Charleston Springs South Golf Course, and his wife Lauren who welcomed Briana Margaret Bennett on November 4, 2013. Briana weighed 8 lbs 2 oz and was 19.5 inches long.

U.S. SILICA GOLF SANDS • Custom Blends • Divot Mixes • PRO WHITETM  Bunker Sand • SUREPLAY®  Root Zone Mixes • SUREPLAY®  Drainage Media • Our Products Meet  USGA Recommendations

Trust U.S. Silica for expertise and technical support when selecting either construction or maintenance materials. Our top-dressing sands, rootzone mixes and drainage stone are easy to apply and maintain. Call Today for a FREE Sample!


35 31

The Greenerside

or email us at

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A.G. ENTERPRISES Staff Uniforms Rick Gordon Ph: 201-488-1276 • Fx: 201-489-5830 BARTLETT TREE EXPERTS Tree Care Wayne S. Dubin Tree Pruning, Insect & Disease Diagnostics 98 Ford Road, Suite 3E Denville, NJ 07834 Ph: 973-983-7511 • Fx: 973-983-9699 BASF TURF & ORNAMENTAL Plant Health/ Protection Products David Schell (North Jersey) Ted Huhn (South Jersey) Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides Ph: 410-800-8762 • Fx: 410-420-0247 BAYER Plant Health Care Products Jeffrey Weld Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides 91 Schofield Road West Milford, NJ 07480 Ph: 914- 419-9384 • Fx: 877-492-1897 BLACK LAGOON Pond Management Chris Borek Aquatic Pesticide Applications/ Floating Fountains/Aerators PO Box 9031 Hamilton, NJ 08650 Ph: 609-815-1654 • Fx: 609-585-0525 BLUE RIDGE PEAT FARMS Soil Mixtures and Sand Gene Evans Topdressing, Divot Mix Topdressing Sand & Bunker 133 Peat Moss Road White Haven, PA 18661 Ph: 570-443-9596 • Fx: 570-443-9590 DAVISSON GOLF, INC. Distributor: Sand, Fertilizer, Nitrozyme, Mikro-Pak Tom Tuttle Cell: 215-431-0393 Jeff Lacour Cell: 302-354-0771 7462 Railroad Ave, Harmans MD 21077 Ph: 1-800-613-6888 • Fx: 410-590-2135 Tom: Jeff:


The Greenerside


DOUBLE ‘D’ TURF, LLC Turfgrass Aeration Specialist Dennis DeSanctis, Sr. Drill & Fill, Turf-Pride, JRM Tines 86 Bergen Mills Road Monroe Twp, NJ 08831 Ph: 732-241-7378 • Fx: 732-446-0708

EAST COAST SOD & SEED Sod & Seed Kevin Driscoll Bentgrass, Fescue, Bluegrass Sod 596 Pointers Auburn Rd Pilesgrove, NJ 08098 Ph: 609-760-4099 • Fx: 609-561-5384 F. M. BROWN’S SONS, INC. Seed Company Marie Pompei Seed and Seeding Supplies PO Box 2116 Sinking Spring, PA 19608 Ph: 800-345-3344 • Fx: 610-898-0187 GRASS ROOTS, INC. Golf Course Maintenance Supplies Ken Kubik: (973) 418-7035 Keith Kubik: (973) 418-7034 Ryan Burbridge: (973) 418-7038 Joe Kennedy: (973) 445-8139 Jay McKenna: (973) 418-7036 Office: (973) 252-6634 JAMES BARRETT ASSOCIATES LLC Irrigation Design, Consulting & Evaluation, GPS Jim Barrett PO Box 155 Roseland NJ 07068 Ph: 973-364-9701 • Fx: 973-364-9702 LA CORTE EQUIPMENT JOHN DEERE GOLF John Deere Golf Distributor Gale Stenquist, Jeff Sutphen Premier John Deere Golf Distributor in the Northeast 522 Edwards Ave, Calverton NY 11933 Ph: 800-560-3373 x 4 Fx: 631-591-3447 MONTCO/SURFSIDE Surfside Wetting Agent Liquid and Pellets ZAP! Defoamer Bob Oechsle SURFSIDE - Liquid & Pellets Ph: 215-836-4992; 800-401-0411 Fx: 215-836-2418

NATIONAL SEED COMPANY Wholesale Seed Ken Griepentrog • Barry Van Sant Seed & Seeding Supplies 18-B Jules Lane New Brunswick NJ 08901 Ph: 732-247-3100 • Fx: 732-247-3514

PARTAC PEAT CORPORATION Premium Top-Dressing Green Sand Divot Mixes, Bunker Sands, Cart Paths, Turf Blankets, Golf Hole Targets Jim Kelsey, Ph: 800-247-2326 Fx: 908-637-4191 PLANT FOOD COMPANY “The Liquid Fertilizer Experts” Dick Neufeld (973) 945-6318 Brad Simpkins (609) 709-2150 Tom Weinert (914) 262-0111 Tom Pepe (609) 751-1372 Biostimulants & Other Products for Premium Turfgrass Ph: (800) 562-1291 QUALI-PRO Manufacturer Phil O’Brien Broad portfolio of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and PGR’s. 130 S. Davis Avenue Audubon NJ 08106 Ph: 856-252-4725 RALPH McGILLAN EXCAVATING LLC Lakes & Ponds Ralph or Peter Ph: 609-655-2281 • Fx: 732-792-0616 STORR TRACTOR COMPANY Commercial Toro Turf & Irrigation Equipment Blair Quin, Steve Bradley, Rick Krok 3191 Highway 22 Branchburg NJ 08876 Ph: 908-722-9830 • Fx: 908-722-9847 SYNGENTA Manufacturer Dennis DeSanctis, Jr. & Lee Kozsey Plant Protectants Dennis: 732-580-5514 Lee: 215-796-0409

TURF TRADE Distributor Alan Phillips Fertilizer Seed, Chemical Supplies 517 Franklinville Road Mullica Hill NJ 08062 Ph: 856-478-6704 Fx: 856-478-0842

WILFRED MacDONALD, INC. Turf Equipment Sales Bil Luthin • Bernie White • Glenn Gallion • 19 Central Blvd South Hackensack, NJ 07606 Ph: 888-831-0891 • Fx: 201-931-1730

Greenerside Advertisers and Patrons appreciate your support. Contact them directly for your needs... and tell them you saw them in the Greenerside! Fall2013_Covers.indd 3

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LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION. The new Toro Reelmaster 3550-D floats effortlessly over contours in fairways 速

and green surrounds. With a productive 82-inch cutting width, turf-friendly tires, the superior traction of a Series/Parallel 3-wheel drive system, and a weight of less than 2,000 pounds,* the Reelmaster 3550-D is engineered to make a big impression...without leaving one.

Storr Tractor Company Branchburg, NJ 908-722-9830

Reelmaster 3550-D Coming Soon! 速

*Gross vehicle weight for standard configuration, including five 18-inch cutting units, with no optional accessories.

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RM3550_PageAd_Storr_1_13.indd 1

1/8/14 2:41:22 PM

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Fall2013 final 1  

The final issue of the Greenerside for 2013 is attached. Thanks to all our members for their continued support of the NJ Chapter.