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Justin Chiu 9G 09

The Filipino people/community should start standing up for themselves because the people are the ones who make up the nation without the people there will be no nation and our nation the Philippines is a democratic nation so in a democratic nation the people are the people who choose the power is not given to just 1 person it is given to the people the people have a choice they are given the power to speak up for themselves so the people have to first stand up for themselves and fight for what they choose because their choice will affect the nation and by doing the right thing which is best will help rebuild the nation and it will become better than before The government should ask the people are the ones who make up the nation so they have the right to know and so that the government knows the problems the nation is experiencing through the people since the people are the ones who know more about the problems and that with the problems the government can try to solve the problems of the nation and rebuild the nation anew which is better for the people since the problems are gonna be solved and that with the problems solved the government can maintain peace and order and the government can also rebuild the nation bye getting the people to represent the people themselves so that when the nation is rebuild they will know if there is a problem with the people through the representatives of the people who will relay the problems of the people because they speak for the people it will be easier to know the problem and that it can be solved while the problem is still small and that it would not grow to a bigger problem that will affect the nation in the future

As a student I can rebuild the nation by learning/studying the lesson now and observe the surronding like what is happening in our nation now as students we can help the people if calamity strucks because the nation is build up of the people living in that nation and without the people there will be no nation so as students helping the people who are panicking is like tapping broken paper back together so we are like rebuild the nation back Together again

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