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Replacing g your windows has many benefits. Replacing with M

“All of my neighbors love my new Milgard Tuscany windows. There TM

have been four Milgard window installations on my block since I got my new windows and doors. Looks like the Joneses are keeping up with me.” —Laney Cancilla, homeowner


h Milgard Tuscany Series benefits yo ou even n more. TM

New windows are a smart investment. If you’ve been wondering whether orr not it’s time to replace your old windows, consider the following: • New windows are more energy-efficient, making your home more comfortable in the winter and summer. • New windows can keep outside noises out where they belong, making your home feel more peaceful and serene. • New windows can enhance your home’s beauty and curb appeal. • Replacing windows is one of the easiest home improvement projects. Installation often takes just one day. • Replacement windows give you a great return on your investment: 99.2% according to a 2005 research study conducted by Remodelingg magazine, a Hanley Wood, LLC trade publication.

Replacing your windows is like any other home improvement project. The hardest part is getting started. The good news is we’ve created this brochure to give you all the information you need to make a smart replacement window choice for your home.

Replacement Windows Return on Investment

99.2% 2005 research study, conducted by Remodeling magazine, a Hanley Wood, LLC trade publication.


Delivering g the peace of mind of quality windows since 1962. Milgard began as a family business in 1962, and more than four decades laterr we still uphold the core beliefs of our founders. We’re committed to giving you timely, personal service. We build plants close to our dealers and customers. The closerr we are, the fasterr we can be there iff you need us. Additionally, the people who build your windows and service them live in your community. We’re committed to giving you high-quality windows and doors, which is why we test and retest our products at our Certified Testing Structure. We also insist on doing ourr own vinyl extrusions and fiberglass pultrusions. We use the finest material compounds. Higher-quality materials make it possible for us to manufacture our more technologically advanced proprietary designs. We’re constantly developing new and improved products—proof of which is seen in our Tuscany® Series Replacement windows. These windows have everything homeowners across the country have come to trust about Milgard products with innovations you just won’t find anywhere else. Our commitment to service, testing, high-quality materials and innovation make it possible for us to offer our industry-leading Full Lifetime Warranty. Want more information? Talkk to your local Milgard dealer. They’ll help you make the best window and door choices for your home. You can also learn more about our Full Lifetime Warranty and products at

The peace of mind from clearly the best warranty in the industry. Unlike less inclusive warranties, our industry-leading Full Lifetime Warranty includes parts and labor to the original homeowner as long as they live in their home. The warranty automatically extends up to 10 years from the date of purchase to unlimited successive homeowners. Milgard believes in durable solutions. That’s why we can back our products with a Full Lifetime Warranty. Also unlike the competition, our warranty covers owner-occupied multi-family homes.

Milgard factory-trained technicians service all warranty claims. We trust only Milgard factory-trained technicians to service our Full Lifetime Warranty. No one knows our windows better than our certified technicians, giving you the assurance of quality workmanship from qualified people—with no hidden costs and no guesswork. With other companies, you don’t know who is doing the work, and in some cases the labor isn’t even covered.

Milgard Tuscany Series windows even cover glass breakage. The warranty for Milgard Tuscany Series replacement windows also covers glass breakage, including tempered glass.


. We’ve earned commendations, awards and the trust of homeowners. • We’ve been named the national “Most Used Vinyl Window” four times by the readers of Builderr magazine and “Best Quality Vinyl Window” six times by Builderr magazine. • Both Professional Remodelerr and Professional Builder magazines have named us “Most Preferred Vinyl Window” for the past three years. We’ve also been named “The Most Preferred Vinyl Window And Door” by Peninsula Publishingg readers.

Closer is better. Milgard is one of the largest window manufacturers in the country. Because our manufacturing and service facilities are close to the communities we serve, your orders can arrive in days instead of weeks. Plus, service is always readily available iff you should ever need it.

What’s the difference between a Full and a Limited Warranty? The simplest differentiation is that a Full Warranty meets the federal minimum standards for comprehensive warranties, and a Limited Warranty does not. How can you tell if a warranty is Full or Limited? As you read window warranties, think about the following questions.

1. Is the warranty free of any limitations on the













duration of implied warranties?

2. Is the warranty service free of charge, including such costs as returning the product or removing or reinstalling the product when necessary?

3. Does the warranty provide your choice of either a replacement or full refund if, after a reasonable number of tries, the product is unable to be repaired?

4. Are you free from the responsibility of performing any duty as a precondition for receiving service (such as a warranty registration card) with the exception of requesting the needed service?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of the above four questions, it is not a Full Warranty. It is a Limited Warranty.


It’s easy to see the advantages of choosing Milgard Tuscany Series replacement windows. ®

The anatomy of Tuscany vinyl replacement windows. Milgard Tuscany Series windows were created specifically for replacement applications and have features you simply won’t find on other windows. Tuscany windows can also help you reduce your energy consumption thanks to outstanding design for energy efficiency. They give your house added curb appeal with new architectural details, and they’re easy


to clean, operate effortlessly, and are virtually maintenance-free, all of which makes Tuscany a smart choice for your replacement project.

HIDDEN UPPER SASH RETENTION CLIPS The sash of your window stays in place and taut.

ENERGY EFFICIENT ENERGY SAVINGS Tuscanyy windows can meett ENERGY STAR(R) qualififications. Improve energyy efficiency with Milgard’s 3D™ and 3D MAX™ energyy packages.

RECESSED TILT LATCH No exposed screws or anythingg else to distract from the clean lines of yourr window.

EQUAL SIGHT LINES The size of the upper and lower panes of glass are the exact same size, giving your window the architectural integrity of traditional wood windows.

CONSTANT FORCE BALANCERS You can be assured that the sash will stayy att any desired position.

TILT-OUT WINDOWS Easy-to-clean inside and out. No need to go outside. No need for a ladder.



SmartTouch™ Lock Milgard’s exclusive new SmartTouch lock comes standard on all Tuscany® windows. • Visual lock status identification. When the window isn’t fully closed, the lock handle is raised. At a glance from across the room, you’ll know whether or not your window is locked. • One-touch function. You can unlock, open and close the window with just one hand. R CLOSED

• Clean design. Our SmartTouch is built into the sash rail. The lock profile is essentially flush with the window for a sleek, sophisticated look. • Peace of mind. When your window is closed, it’s locked. SmartTouch exceeds the toughest forced entry requirements.


Innovation Opens New Ways of Thinking at Milgard. Milgard is the first window manufacturerr to receive the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation and only window manufacturer to receive a 2008 Bronze IDEA award for design. Recognized for the simple easy-to-use, one touch operation, Milgards patented SmartTouch lock is easy to use for people of all ages.

• Built to last. SmartTouch is built tough to work with ease for as long as you own your window.

We’ve thought of everything. WORRY-FREE VINYL CONSTRUCTION Milgard extrudes ourr own vinyl meaning we have complete quality control. We use only the best materials to insure superior impact resistance and weather performance. Our vinyl won’t crack or degrade. LOOK OF WOOD Adding an extra detail to our vinyl frame shape creates shadow lines. These shadow lines mimic the shape of wood windows, giving our windows added dimension and definition. CUSTOM SIZES With Milgard, you don’t have to compromise. You can get custom sizes at no extra charge. BLOCK INSTALLATION CONFIGURATION Enables a quick tilt-in installation with almost no disruption to siding or interior trim casework. FOLDING NESTING OPERATOR HANDLE Innovative folding operator handles give Tuscany casement and awning windows a sleek and polished appearance.


Victorian to Modern. Colonial to Craftsman. Milgard has the w


“Milgard gave me enough choices to find what was right for me. From patio doors to grids, I had plenty of options.” —Marla Ofstad, homeowner


e window style to match your home. Choose the Tuscany window style or configuration that best suits your home’s style and architecture. TM

DOUBLE-HUNG TILT Milgard double-hung windows are the perfect complement to homes with a traditional look and feel. They are energy-efficient, fi and tilt-in sashes make them easy to clean.

Horizontal Slider

Four-Sided Gable

SINGLE-HUNG Traditional in appearance, single-hung windows slide vertically and are reminiscent of double sash windows. Combine with other single-hung windows for added visual impact. HORIZONTAL SLIDER A popular style for contemporary homes, horizontal sliders are ideal for bedrooms that require egress.

Single Hung

Octagon DOUBLE-SLIDER Unlike a horizontal slider, both sashes open and close. PICTURE WINDOW Perfect for homes with a view. Combine a picture window with other windows such as awnings or casements for ventilation.

Double-Hung with Tilt Sashes


Awning S


RADIUS Radius windows offer the character and style of both contemporary and traditional homes. Arched windows are also impressive for door transoms. CASEMENT With graceful styling and high-tech engineering, it’s no wonder casements are so popular. Jamb hinges allow the window to completely open outward for ventilation and greatest egress. AWNING Hinged on the top of the window, awnings project out for ventilation even during rainy weather. This window is perfect above or below a larger picture window.

Double-Slider* Radius

*Not available in all locations. Contact your local Milgard dealer for details.


Milga M ard energy pack kagees improve the energy y efficiency and y Th hre ree ee D Dimen imeens nsion ions ns of of Perrforma forma ance. e Att Milga g rd rd,, we inc ncco orrpo porate three elements in the design n off eve very win ndow. It starts with our engineers, known for their indusstry-leading window designs usin us in ng Milgard rrd d pat ateente ent d technologies. We then produce ourr own vvinyl yl frame materials in house, using only the highest quality materials. We complete our wiind w dow ows ws wit wit ith h the best glass uunit technology available. The ressu sulltt: win ndows that minimize both heat transfer and heat loss, delivering superior energy effificie ef ienc encyy for ad dd ded ded d com mfo fort rtt an nd d pea e ce c of mi mind n . nd

The design of our Tuscany windows can meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications. fi

Upgraded components are added forr a perfect balance of performance and value.

All Tuscany windows come standard with Milgard’s exclusive ™

SunCoat® Low-E insulating glass can meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications. fi For those who desire even higher energy effificiency and comfort, Milgard offers 3D™ and 3D MAX™ energy upgrades. Additional savings options may be available in your area. Ask your Milgard dealer for more information.


Delivers what you need to achieve the highest performance—where you need it.

d year-round comfort of your home. Quality Matched Components.



SunCoat and SunCoatMAX Low-E glass

Onlyy Milgard varies the selection of quality components used in its energy packages byy geography, perfectly matching the window w to the climate. Every part of your Milgard window is made to our strict specifications—another reason whyy we can offerr our Full Lifetime Warranty.

SunCoat is a clear coating applied standard to one side of the glass in all ourr dual-pane windows. This microscopically thin coating reflects fl heat from its source in the summer and retains heat inside in the winter while also reducing harmful UV rays that fade carpet and furniture up to 84%.

SunCoatMAX provides the best clarity and highest performance of all solar gain Low-E glass products. It reduces harmful UV rays that fade carpet and furniture up to 95% while still maximizing light in your home.

Tr i pl e gl a z i n g Triple glazing technology provides yet another option for improving the energy effificiency of your windows. This technology adds a third layer of glass that improves insulating properties, keeping homes in northern climates feeling warmer during harsh winter conditions.

E dge Ga rd ™ s pa c e r

Th e rma l Protection Year-Ro und Winter

Traditional spacers simply divided two panes of glass and didn’t contribute to a window’s efficiency.

Sum m er

Milgard’s EdgeGard spacer uses a more advanced design that provides superior insulating properties and reduced condensation.

E dge Ga rdM A X ™ s p a c er INDO










N ’S



SunCoat technologyy reflflects harmful UV rays that can cause damage to your furniture. Duringg the winter, it reflflects heat from inside your home, making your home feel warmer. It also reflects fl heat from the outside, keeping your home feeling cooler in the summer.

state of the art utilizing a warm edge design. They conduct noticeably less energy, thereby making cold windows feel warmer and warm windows feel cooler.


Options that complement your home. Dramatically change the look of your home with these style options. Step 1– Color options With Tuscany™ Series windows, the color of all of your window components matches perfectly because we create all of our frames, grids and hardware to have the same color tone. Choose white or tan.

* W H IT E


Step 2– Interior Woodgrain options Afterr you have chosen white or tan, you may choose to add an optional Woodgrain. Select either Light or Medium Oak.



With optional Woodgrains, you can enjoy both the look of wood and all of the benefits off vinyl. Unlike wood, Milgard Tuscany Series windows won’t rot, crack, peel, bend, warp orr stick due to expansion or contraction. Like wood, Milgard windows can match your home’s interior trim.

Step 3–Grid options Get even more creative with grids. By simply altering the grid design, you can dramatically impact yourr home’s curb appeal. Below is a sample of many grid options available.

CONFIGURATION First, choose the configuration that best complements the style of your home.

TYPE AND SIZES Then, choose a grid type and size. Many of our grids are placed inside of our dual-glazed insulated glass, making our windows easy to clean. All of our grids are perfectly color matched to the color of the window frame. 5/8" and 7/8" FLAT GRID Our narrower flat grid works equally well in traditional and contemporary homes.

1-1/16" and 7/8" SCULPTURED GRID This grid is ideal for older homes or newer homes with more traditional designs.

SIMULATED DIVIDED LITES** Very few manufacturers have the technical ability or desire that Milgard has to offer perfectly matched Simulated Divided Lights (SDL). SDLs are 7/8" wide grids placed on the outside and inside glass panes. A third grid is placed in between the glass panes givingg your window a more authentic divided lite look. SDLs are a perfect touch for traditional and historic-looking homes. * Colors may vary slightly due to printing limitations. ** Simulated Divided Lites are not available in all markets. 12

Step 4– Decorative glass options Add a decorative flairr to your home or give yourself more privacy with decorative glass options. Of all of the glass options, obscure glass gives you the greatest privacy. For added peace of mind, all of our obscured glass options can be tempered for safety. Choose from many styles, some of which are shown here. Ask your dealerr to show you all of your options.







Step 5– Specialty window options Add visual interest and increase the curb appeal of your home with specialty windows such as a bay, bow or garden windows. Like all of our windows, specialty windows are built to look great and work well for years to come.





* Exterior shadow-line aesthetics can vary by geographic region. 13

Milgard windows and doors can give your home a fresh look i Complete your remodeling project with Tuscany patio doors. ®

Milgard vinyl patio doors meet light commercial ratings and are built to last a lifetime. Unlike wood, they will not warp, crack or peel. They won’t absorb moisture, so they slide open easily in any weather.

Milgard is the first window and door manufacturer to receive the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation. Recognized for the simple easy-to-use, one touch operation, Milgard’s patent-pending SmartTouch Handle is easy to use for people of all ages.




k in as little as one day. Door configurations. We have many door styles that complement Tuscany™ windows, such as Milgard Tuscany® Sliding Patio Doors, Tuscany French-Style Sliding Patio Doors and In-swing/Out-swing Fiberglass Patio Doors.


Hassle-free, headache-free easy installation. We trust only Milgard Certified Dealers to install our windows. No one knows our windows better than our certified dealers, giving you the assurance of quality workmanship from qualified people—with no hidden costs and complete peace of mind.


ARIZONA Phoenix CALIFORNIA Hollister Sacramento Simi Valley Temecula COLORADO Denver ILLINOIS Chicago NEVADA Las Vegas OREGON Portland TEXAS Dallas/Forth Worth UTAH Salt Lake City VIRGINIA Fredericksburg WASHINGTON Tacoma

Tuscany®, SmartTouch™, SunCoat®, SunCoatMAX®, EdgeGard™, EdgeGardMAX™, 3D™, and 3D MAX™ are trademarks of Milgard Manufacturing, Inc. ENERGY STAR® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Energy. Milgard Windows is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® partner. Tuscany Series products ENERGY STAR® qualifications for all U.S. zones. Milgard Tuscany vinyl windows meet criteria for structural integrity and reliable performance established by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Consult your Milgard representative for specific test information.

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