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CEA Overview CEA’s Study Abroad Enrollment Growth Trends 3500

Student Support Services....................... 15 • MyCEA Account & Student Advising • Pre-Departure and Onsite Orientation • Health & Safety • Flexible Billing Options Affiliation Opportunities.......................... 19 • Opportunities for Students • Opportunities for Faculty & Staff University Relations Contacts................ 21

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Study Abroad Destinations Buenos Aires, Argentina

French Alps: Grenoble, France

Guadalajara, Mexico

Cairns, Australia

French Riviera: Sophia Antipolis, France

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Sydney, Australia Viña del Mar, Chile Shanghai, China

Prague, Czech Republic


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San Jose, Costa Rica

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Advantages of Custom Programs • Customizable Faculty-led or Group Program Options • Early College Program • High School and Gap Programs • Specialty Courses


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Staff & Faculty Education Services........ 11 • Site Visits • Study Abroad as a Marketing Tool • High School Recruitment



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CEA Global Education Network................ 6 CEA Global Campus • Active Learning Concept • Curriculum Integration • Self-Study CEA Global Alliances & Partners Experiential Learning Services


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London, England Aix-en-Provence, France

Paris, France Berlin, Germany Dublin, Ireland Galway, Ireland Florence, Italy Rome, Italy

Alicante, Spain Barcelona, Spain Granada, Spain Madrid, Spain Seville, Spain

Dear Global Education Colleague:

I am pleased to share with you the latest compilation of the wide range of services and programs offered to you and your campus by your CEA Regional Consultant and CEA University Support Team. The array of CEA services is impressive. These encompass support for study abroad programming in all its variety – such as academic year, semester, short-term and custom programs. In the past 12 months, our roster of CEA Global Campuses has expanded to include Dublin, Ireland; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Shanghai, China. Recent rigorous accreditation site visits to our existing Global Campus locations have validated this Dr. John Heyl Vice President, Global Education

outstanding model for global learning. Our commitment to provide your students with the programs and support services they require to have a successful study abroad experience has always been at the heart of CEA’s approach to global education. These programs and services now include new opportunities for experiential education and even stronger support through innovations such as the student MyCEA Account, extraordinary pre-departure support, and the ongoing professionalism of our caring and attentive international staff. We also offer the ability to develop recommendations for extrapolating your students’ study abroad experience into future career placement. The CEA Academic Team has proactively added many new subjects and a unique Global Competence dimension to our Global Campus offerings. Finally, CEA grants and scholarships have become even more focused on making a study abroad experience a reality for more students than ever. Our services to faculty have also grown significantly. Our first Faculty Development Seminar, which will take place in the fall of 2010, will bring together faculty from diverse disciplines with the goal of providing assistance in the development of more globally focused courses within your own curriculum. CEA’s “Office Away from Home” makes it possible for faculty and global education professionals traveling in regions where a CEA Global Campus is located to take advantage of our local facilities and expertise. As the CEA vision continues to expand, so does our capacity to help you continue to internationalize your institution. If you have questions or need information on CEA’s products and services, please feel free to contact me. Wishing you well on your globalization journey,

Dr. John Heyl Vice President, Global Education Tel: 480-375-2773 | 1-877-449-2775


CEA is a forward-thinking international education company that has distinguished itself with quality academic programs and superior service for US students. Dr. Alan Krautstengl - Anglo-American University President

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Global Campus Services Classrooms for Visiting Faculty Instruction State-of–the-art Classrooms and Facilities Resource Center Dedicated Student Computers and Campus Wi-Fi Office Away From Home International Staff Regional Academic Deans

The CEA Advantage

University of New Haven Library Access Living Classroom Academic Field Trips

As the global marketplace for quality study abroad programs expands,

Curriculum Integration

CEA is uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of your institution,

Experiential Learning

students and faculty. CEA is proud to offer an array of valuable


international education services that we believe will add value to your own academic offerings. Going above and beyond the products and

Immersion Activities Active Learning

services of our competitors, CEA prides itself on offering exemplary

Volunteer Placement

customer service to students, from our innovative uses of technology to

Language Exchange with Locals

our caring personal advisors. You might be surprised by the superiority

Group & Custom Program Options

of our products and services, like our rigorous internal academic quality review, or our new professional development opportunities for faculty.

Faculty-led and Global Campus (Hybrid) Instruction Options Direct Credit Options and Transcription Services Logistics Management

By choosing CEA, you will gain a premier partner that continually strives to provide the value-added toolbox you deserve in support of your internationalization efforts. As our Global Education Network

Global Hiring Expertise Early College Programs High School and Gap Programs

continues to expand, we look forward to considering you and your

Staff & Faculty Education Services

team an active part of the future of study abroad. Join us in building the


exciting programs that will globalize the young minds of tomorrow, and

Marketing Assistance

expand the world views of lifelong learners!

Internationalization Presentations Faculty Development Seminars Site Visit/Familiarization Trips

Student Support Services MyCEA Account Online Application & Enrollment Academic Consulting Visa Assistance Individual Student Billing

CEA’s University Relations Department has a new number


Find more information on CEA’s University Services at

Direct Billing Pre-Departure and Onsite Orientation Health & Safety Strategies Credit Transfer & Transcript Assistance | 1-877-449-2775


CEA Students in Sydney

Welcome to CEA Our Company Profile Since 1997, CEA has maintained one simple philosophy: to provide world-class international programs and services. CEA’s vision for innovation and creative global education solutions has led to tremendous growth.

CEA Statistics • More than 3,500 annual student enrollments

• 91% student referral rating • 95% pre-departure advising satisfaction rating

• 90% onsite service satisfaction rating

We strive for value, engage competitive challenges and always look for better ways to serve the interests of you and your University, your students and our global partners.

Mission Statement At CEA, we strive to create and facilitate opportunities for personal growth and global understanding through quality international education and cultural experiences.

A Model of Growth and Innovation Since CEA’s inception, our steadfast commitment to develop quality programs, offer individualized service, and be “first to market” with innovative technological tools has resulted in unprecedented growth. We have

• 95% of alumni say they will promote international education

• 85% of alumni say their CEA study abroad experience helped them secure their job or impacted their career path

re-invented the global education model from just immersion and home-stay programs to an innovative and unique Global Campus approach.

Academic Quality Taking the best of many educational models, CEA has created the CEA Global Campus model, combining a student-centered curriculum, global competence, cultural immersion and academic excellence. In addition, we are constantly expanding our network of International Partner Institutions to provide students with a direct enrollment experience. In all of the CEA Global Campus Locations, academic staff and dedicated faculty members are selected based on their like-minded philosophy of international education, shared strategic vision and solid foundation of academic quality and experience. CEA is committed to creating a studentcentered curriculum which is both intellectually challenging and focused on the international issues of today.

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CEA Destination Milestones Dijon, France

Grenoble, France & Paris, France

San Jose, Costa Rica Guadalajara, Mexico

Granada, Spain Seville, Spain Arc de Triomphe - Paris, France

We promote experiential learning, global citizenship and the pursuit of lifelong learning to help students achieve their academic, personal and professional goals.

Madrid, Spain & London, England Alicante, Spain & Aix-en-Provence, France Adelaide, Australia


Exemplary Service

regionally focused University Relations team provides the same level of service to U.S. faculty and advisors

Cork, Ireland

through campus visits, promotional events for students and instructional opportunities for staff and faculty. Every CEA program is evaluated to ensure that we are not only meeting, but exceeding student expectations. Program components such as advising, orientation, staff, academic quality and excursions are evaluated by pre-departure and re-entry surveys. Our Web-based evaluation system was designed exclusively for CEA and enables us to continually monitor the quality of our services and programs.

Salamanca, Spain Sydney, Australia Rome, Italy

A History of Success CEA was the first in the study abroad industry to adopt a comprehensive Internet enrollment strategy. From the moment students first visit our Web site they can chat with one of our admissions counselors, fill out their application online, and create a secure MyCEA account which will house all of their student information. This digital infrastructure also allows CEA staff around the world to communicate quickly and efficiently, both with students and our international partner institutions.

Brighton, England Buenos Aires, Argentina Prague, Czech Republic & Budapest, Hungary Shanghai, China & Galway, Ireland Berlin, Germany, Krakow, Poland & St. Petersburg, Russia

Fast Facts Founded: 1997

CEA Global Campus Sites: 9

Headquarters: Tempe, Arizona

Countries of Operation: 14

U.S. Satellite Offices: 4

Cities of Operation: 24

Staff Size: 159 worldwide

Alumni: more than 18,000

U.S. Affiliate Partners: 116

International Partner Institutions: 32

Port Elizabeth, South Africa & Stellenbosch, South Africa Cairns, Australia Vi単a del Mar, Chile Dublin, Ireland


Barcelona, Spain & Florence, Italy


international education process, from pre-departure planning through the return home and beyond. Our


CEA was founded on the principle of providing quality service to students and parents throughout the entire

OCT | 1-877-449-2775



CEA Global Education Network

The CEA Global Education Network represents a new approach to international education. This network includes CEA’s Global Campuses, the University of New Haven (University of Record), our Global Alliances and our Global Partners ─ all designed to meet specific learning objectives by offering


international education that meets rigorous academic standards.

CEA Global Campus CEA Global Campus Services The first link in the Global Education Network is our CEA Global Campus system. A unique feature of the network, our Global Campuses demonstrate CEA’s innovative contribution to international education.


Developed to provide a challenging, borderless education, the Global Campus academic programs showcase global competence curricula and intercultural learning. CEA Global Campuses empower U.S. and Canadian universities and colleges to internationalize their campuses by attracting students seeking to study abroad in their early college years. This improves the overall access to study abroad programs – thereby extending your reach around the globe as well as broadening possibilities for increased international experience by underrepresented populations and



CEA Global Campus Locations Each location and facility is selected, designed and managed with our signature learning environment in mind.

• Buenos Aires,



• Shanghai, China • Paris, France

• Barcelona, Spain

• Dublin, Ireland

• Madrid, Spain

• Florence, Italy

• Seville, Spain

• Rome, Italy

Classrooms and Faculty Space: Designed to Serve You Our Global Campus locations include leading edge classrooms equipped to meet any need you or your


students might have. Every classroom features an exclusive instructor personal computing station, that is networked and equipped with USB, CD/DVD and audio speakers. This gives instructors immediate and complete control over teaching material that can be instantly accessed from a range of sources. Classrooms also include modern digital projectors, screens, whiteboards and audiovisual equipment, enabling faculty to teach through a variety of mediums, from music to slide shows. While teaching a course at a Global Campus, faculty members have access to fully equipped offices



and conference rooms that meet a variety of needs while fostering faculty /student engagement. Our offices are outfitted with faculty computers and printers to aid in necessary class preparation. The faculty

Faculty office in Paris Global Campus

office serves as a private place where faculty members can meet with colleagues and students. We also provide storage for personal items in lockers and private cupboards. Our Global Campus solution enables faculty to study, work and interact in comfort during their experience abroad.

Computers and Student Resources

Apollo Content Management System CEA uses the Apollo Content Management System, an online, academic management system that allows faculty and staff to store and process all student records, from registration to the generation transcripts. Features of the Apollo system include the ability to:

• Record student attendance through a simple “one-click” system

All CEA Global Campus locations feature dedicated computers for

• Calculate final grades

CEA students. Students may utilize the Internet, make use of standard

• Adjust grades if necessary, according to attendance policy

computer applications to complete homework, access academic materials for courses stored on the dedicated network and more. Each Global Campus is equipped with wireless Internet, making it easy for

• Receive a snapshot of academic progress at any point during the semester

students and faculty to access the Internet from a personal laptop.

Office Away from Home

Every CEA Global Campus houses a Resource Center that

During your travels abroad, you and your colleagues may find it

supplements learning through books, academic journals, CDs, DVDs,

convenient to make use of special privileges provided at CEA Global

readers and teachers’ notes, all of which are available for faculty and

Campus locations. Any member of your university faculty or staff is

student use. In addition to digital resources on the Global Campus

welcome to drop by any Global Campus site to meet our international

network drive, the Resource Center offers a wealth of information within

staff, explore our facilities and enjoy the use of a faculty office. You may

an arm’s reach. Your faculty and students also will have access to

use the faculty PC, access the Internet, use copying resources and

several online research databases through the University of New Haven

store your personal belongings in a private locker – all at no cost to you.

Library. This provides a range of research options to enhance studying,

Just let us know when you are coming, and you will have an “Office

teaching and learning.

Away from Home” waiting for you. | 1-877-449-2775


University of Record signing ceremony, January 2007

The Active Learning Concept At our CEA Global Campus sites, great importance is placed upon the educational value of visits to monuments, museums and historical sites, as well as contemporary learning environments. We make it possible for faculty and students to come face-to-face with renowned monuments around the world and places of historical or artistic significance. Integrating what students see, learn and experience into their curriculum creates a “living classroom” of the Global Campus city. Prime examples

University of Record

of this concept can be found Global Campus locations in Rome and

The University of New Haven (UNH) in West Haven, Connecticut,

Florence. Our Active Learning coursework takes students outside

acts as the University of Record for all CEA Global Campuses and

of the classroom, with weekend visits to exciting such as Pompeii,

other select programs within CEA’s Global Education Network. The

Milan and Siena. Depending on the course, other experiential learning

partnership between UNH and CEA follows the highest standards of

experiences include visits to RAI television studios to participate in

good practice in education abroad and satisfies the requirements of

the filming of current affairs programs or visits to the Italian Senate.

UNH’s institutional accreditor, The Commission of Institutions of Higher

Visiting faculty can rely on the assistance, experience and connections

Education of the New England Association for Schools and Colleges

of the CEA staff at all of our Global Campus sites to help organize and


facilitate exciting academic field trips and activities that complement in-class course components.

Curriculum Integration

Self-Study CEA’s Global Campuses undergo rigorous evaluation through the preparation of an extensive self-study report and a site visit by a team

CEA Global Campuses provide tremendous flexibility in course

of University of New Haven faculty and staff. This evaluation, completed

offerings through Curriculum Integration. Curriculum Integration

by UNH at every Global Campus on a three-year cycle, is based on

combines courses taught through the CEA Global Campus with courses

the Standards of Good Practice approved by the Forum on Education

taught through Global Partners abroad. This unique blend of class

Abroad, the leader in study abroad quality assessment.

offerings increases choices for students. Greater choice allows students of different levels, interests and disciplines to create a class schedule that meets their needs.

8 | 1-877-449-2775

CEA Global Alliance & Partner Services

CEA Global Partners The third link in CEA’s Global Education Network is an array of programs offered through our academic partners around the world. CEA has established signature learning environments with partner institutions worldwide. This global network features:

• Collaborative partnerships with high-quality international institutions delivering core competencies in a variety of fields

• Diversity of locations in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa

CEA Global Alliances The second link in CEA’s Global Education Network is a set of alliances that create unique programs with outstanding academic institutions that

• Interactive teaching and learning • Intercultural learning objectives

are themselves leaders in global education. CEA’s alliance with Anglo-

• More than 100 programs

American University in Prague, Czech Republic offers the strengths of

• Varied experiential learning opportunities – including internships,

CEA’s global education management with the academic strengths of an institution firmly rooted in the local culture but also welcoming to global students. Other collaborations based on this model are anticipated in the future.

volunteering and service learning

• CEA international staff that works in conjunction with the host university staff to provide a safe and effective learning environment for your students.

Global Partner Institutions Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aix-en-Provence, France

Dublin, Ireland

Alicante, Spain

• University of Belgrano

• University of Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III

• CEA Global Campus: Dublin

• University of Alicante

The French Alps: Grenoble

Galway, Ireland

Barcelona, Spain

• National University of Ireland, Galway

• CEA Global Campus: Barcelona

• Grenoble Ecole de Management

Florence, Italy

• University of Barcelona

The French Riviera: Sophia Antipolis

• CEA Global Campus: Florence

• Pompeu Fabra University

• Santa Reparata International School of Art

Granada, Spain

• Centre International d’Antibes

Rome, Italy

Paris, France

• CEA Global Campus: Rome

Madrid, Spain

• CEA Global Campus: Paris

• John Cabot University

• University of Paris IV - Cours de Langue et Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne

Guadalajara, Mexico

Cairns, Australia • James Cook University

Sydney, Australia • Macquarie University

Shanghai, China • Shanghai Normal University

Viña del Mar, Chile • University of Viña del Mar

San Jose, Costa Rica • Veritas University

Prague, Czech Republic • Anglo-American University

London, England

• Stendhal University - Grenoble 3


• Catholic University of Paris

• Foundation for International Education

Berlin, Germany

• Goldsmiths College, University of London

• Berlin School of Economics

• Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

• Panamerican University • University of Guadalajara

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

• Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona

• University of Granada • CEA Global Campus: Madrid • Antonio de Nebrija University

Seville, Spain • CEA Global Campus: Seville • Pablo de Olavide University • University of Seville

• Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

• University of Westminster | 1-877-449-2775


Students sketching on location at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

Experiential Learning Services

right for our students based on their language level and availability. This

In addition to our standard excursions and immersion activities, CEA

more involved in their community abroad. Students that volunteer will

designs academic field trips around the curricula we develop at our Global Campus locations. These activities allow students to get to know the culture of the city in which they are studying and explore experiential learning sites. When selecting our excursion destinations, we take into account their importance and relevance to the history and culture of the country, as well as their connection to the subjects that are taught in our courses. Our activities are always supervised by CEA’s international staff and adhere to all CEA rules and regulations, which are grounded in

offers another chance for students to develop themselves and become learn important lessons about their environment and themselves. In addition to being personally rewarding, volunteer opportunities provide a unique experience that goes far beyond the standard study abroad offering. Universities and colleges can leverage the relationships that CEA has created to provide these opportunities.

Language Exchange with Locals

the highest safety and quality standards.

In destinations where English is not the primary language, CEA offers

Through experiential learning, students interact more closely with their

for language practice. This opens up the door for students to practice

environment, internalizing their understanding of the foreign culture in which they are immersed. As a result, students return to their home campuses more capable of adding diversity and breadth of thought to their educational environment. Interacting with people of another culture while studying abroad helps to develop students that are globally competent and internationally connected.

the ability to connect our students with local students in the host country both languages, particularly the language that is spoken or taught in class. Students will feel comfortable speaking and practicing their verbal language skills with other young adults with similar interests. Friendships often develop as students experience real-life immersion in the foreign language. CEA supports relationship-building through planned immersion events that are arranged to encourage shared experiences with their language-exchange partners.

Volunteer Opportunities While living abroad, students have the opportunity to serve in their foreign host communities. CEA works closely with civic and charitable associations throughout our network to find volunteer positions that are

10 | 1-877-449-2775

University faculty on site visit to Costa Rica

Staff and Faculty Education Services CEA is well equipped to supplement your institution’s

The next Global Issues Seminar is “Sustainable

study abroad programs and initiatives. From faculty

Development and the Global City” and will take place

development to training on recruitment techniques

June 13-22 at our Global Campus in Madrid, Spain.

and how to market study abroad programs, we can

Discuss environmental initiatives with academic

bring additional resources and experience to help

experts, government officials, EU agencies, nonprofit

boost your recruitment efforts, spread the word about

advocates and citizen groups. Presenters will share

the programs you offer, and support diverse depart-

different aspects of a national plan to develop new

ments at your institution in marketing study abroad

sources of energy while conserving current ones and


protecting the environment.

Benefits of CEA Faculty Development Seminar: • Your faculty will acquire

CEA Faculty Development Seminars Site Visits/Familiarization Trips

additional resources for internationalizing your curriculum

For faculty members interested in deepening their

CEA is excited to once again offer organized Site

knowledge of a particular topic or trends in global

Visits, which afford opportunities for faculty and

education, we offer CEA Faculty Development

academic advisors to see firsthand the facilities

Seminars. These seminars bring together faculty

and academic offerings of specific study abroad

from diverse disciplines and a range of colleges and

programs and/or destinations within our Global

universities. They offer the opportunity to network

Education Network. CEA encourages you and your

professionally with globally minded colleagues in

faculty members to travel abroad to assess our

be expanded thanks to a

an international city. The goal of each seminar is to

programs and their suitability for their students.

successful faculty experience

help U.S. faculty add an international component to

Our site visits will enhance your knowledge of


their curriculum, thereby building students’ global

foreign university systems, as well as expand your

competence at their institution

understanding of the CEA Global Campus model

• You can leverage the seminar as a recruiting tool to attract new faculty with global outlooks

• Study abroad programs may

through campus visits and meetings with university administrators, faculty and CEA onsite staff. Visit to learn more about CEA Faculty Development Seminars | 1-877-449-2775


Study Abroad as a Marketing Tool Our University Relations consultants have vast experience interacting with universities and colleges across the country. These consultants have developed significant expertise in using a study abroad program as a marketing tool. Many institutions find great value in using our consultants and University Relations team as a resource for innovative ideas to increase the reach and influence of their study abroad efforts. A prime

Benefits of a CEA Site Visit

example is Faculty-led Custom Programs exclusive to your institution that can be used as a unique selling point. Study abroad – and the importance of globalizing one’s education – can be promoted to pique the interest

• Interact with our faculty and

of students in your university or college. When used effectively, study abroad can serve as a recruiting tool

meet CEA international staff

for your school, increasing admissions and attracting students who want to develop a global mind set early

at all locations and our Global

in their careers. Developing a unique Faculty-Led Custom Program or a Freshman/Sophomore Experience

Campus locations and Evaluate

program can make your study abroad offerings more robust and attractive to new students and potential

academic institutions and

faculty. Study abroad programs can be used to boost retention as well, connecting students more deeply to


their home university after they have studied and traveled with fellow students and faculty.

• Visit classroom facilities and attend classes (when possible)

• Review program resources • Talk with students actively participating in CEA programs

• View housing options • Network with your colleagues, and

High School Recruitment CEA offers guidance to your college or university on marketing study abroad programs to high school juniors or seniors prior to their undergraduate college experience. Through our High School and Gap Programs, we foster experiences for younger students abroad (discussed in greater detail in our “Custom Programs” section). CEA provides a “taste” of living and studying abroad with the anticipated result that the student will return for the full experience as a college student.

Study Abroad Recruitment Marketing When your institution creates a Faculty-led program with CEA we share responsibility with your school for

• Experience the local culture – depending on your schedule, this could include scheduled activities with CEA students.

the program’s success. We will work with your university or college toward the common goal of marketing your program and ensuring it runs successfully. This will foster collaboration between your institution’s team and the CEA staff, and will allow CEA to help your study abroad office in its marketing efforts. We assist your school in developing competitive advantage through the unique selling point of a customized study abroad program, thanks to the logistical expertise and connections of CEA and our network of international partners. Through joint marketing, we aim to give students a greater understanding of CEA Global Education Solutions and help them build personal connections to the dedicated team of study abroad professionals that is available to assist them with questions or concerns throughout the process.

Contact the University Relations Team for details at 1-877-449-2775

12 | 1-877-449-2775 | 1-877-449-2775

Custom Program & Group Options CEA understands the tremendous amount of work, time and logistics that are involved in establishing and operating a successful academic offering in an international setting. For that reason, CEA is proud to offer Custom Programs and Group Program Options. We will work with your university or college to develop a Custom Program that accommodates your specific academic request. Whether you want to develop a Faculty-led Custom Program taught by a specific faculty member from your own institution, or are interested in a group arrangement focused on a certain interest group or academic discipline, CEA has the flexibility to accommodate an array of needs.

Advantages of Custom Programs Complete Program Planning Our University Relations, Development and Academic teams work closely with your faculty and staff to customize a program that meets your academic and extracurricular needs.

Comprehensive Risk Management CEA provides risk management, protecting you from exchange-rate fluctuation, hiring and employment policies in foreign countries and safety liability.

Faculty Support CEA supports your faculty in a variety of ways, including providing housing and logistical support for traveling faculty members that teach abroad. For courses facilitated through our CEA Global Campuses, we hire faculty of the highest caliber with extensive experience in their fields.

Personal and Dedicated Site Specialists CEA provides dedicated, experienced advisors who are Site Specialists and are prepared to assist students every step of the way in conjunction with your support. A dedicated student finance advisor is also on staff to assist with financial questions. Upon your students’ return, CEA’s Site Specialists provide re-entry services such as transcript processing and additional assistance with transfer credit if needed.

Professional Overseas Infrastructure and Support CEA offers dedicated, knowledgeable overseas staff members who work diligently to ensure your group has a successful study abroad experience. In order to be accessible and responsive to emergency situations, CEA offers 24-hour emergency response service and has implemented emergency response plans and training for our resident staff abroad.

Submit your custom program request online at:


Customizable Faculty-led or Group Program Options

High School and Gap Programs

CEA enables you and your faculty members to design and lead your

study abroad programs, CEA offers special High School and Gap

Custom Program, while CEA handles the logistics allowing you to

Programs. Designed for high school juniors and seniors, or new high

meet your learning objectives and goals. This provides you with the

school graduates, these programs allow students to travel, study and

ability to expand your international offerings and achieve campus

live abroad. While overseas these young students will enroll in age-

growth and internationalization. A CEA Custom Program allows

appropriate courses, participate in exciting learning activities and gain

your university or college to broaden its course offerings by adding

international experience before embarking on their college careers.

international experience while leveraging CEA’s logistical expertise and

CEA will partner with your home institution to ensure that these students

connections in foreign locations. Another benefit to your institution is

are closely supervised and engaged in a variety of group learning

the development of globally experienced faculty. Direct credit can be

activities outside of class.

For universities and high schools interested in developing pre-college

offered to students through your home institution, while CEA manages the details.

Hybrid Programs/Courses

Specialty Courses Colleges and universities may request specialized courses to meet specific academic needs. With our experienced academic staff, CEA

CEA Global Campus sites offer special flexibility in how courses are

is positioned to secure local experts to teach courses, develop new

taught abroad. We offer hybrid programs that combine courses taught

curriculum and offer tailored academics to best meet your institutional

by sending university or college faculty in conjunction with those of our

requirements. CEA also works to ensure that students stay on track to

Global Campus professors. This increases the range of course offerings

graduate according to the university or college plan.

and number of credits your students may take while reducing the workload for traveling professors. Our hybrid program options diversify the teaching and learning for students, and connect the home institution faculty with international colleagues, fostering new relationships and lifelong academic connections.

Early College Programs: “The Freshman/ Sophomore Experience” CEA has designed semester-long or short-term study abroad options for early college students, particularly incoming freshman. There

One example of CEA’s expertise in customized specialty offerings is the popular Italian Mafia program at our Global Campus in Florence, Italy. Conducted by the University of New Haven and CEA, the program allows students to pursue nine credits while delving into the intriguing history and cultural context of the Mafia. Each course is led by faculty with distinct experience engaging subjects such as History of the Italian Mafia, Organized Crime in America and Italian Culture & Art. During the course of the program, students and faculty journey to Palermo and Suvignano to explore the impact of the Mafia and experience Italy through both an academic and a cultural framework.

are numerous benefits to such a program, especially in the area of university recruitment and campus internationalization. In allowing CEA to assist in the development of a Freshman/Sophomore Experience program for your school, you can boost your university recruitment and attract top students seeking a challenge or a new opportunity in their first or second year of college. Help meet fall housing demands by sending students on study abroad during the fall semester; then fill empty beds as students return in the spring. Benefit from promoting the importance of global education through opportunities to study abroad during the freshman year.

14 | 1-877-449-2775

Freshman Experience - Florence Group from University of New Haven

Grenoble Program Director, Patrick Foley with students on campus

Student Support Services MyCEA Account and Student Advising From the start, CEA provides each student with an online, customized, interactive MyCEA Account that encourages self-directed task completion as the student prepares for a successful experience abroad. Each MyCEA Account features specialized program information on course registration, housing and cultural highlights, as well as an interactive “to-do� list. The MyCEA Account serves as a personalized study abroad organizer that helps students complete online applications and assigns a personal Admissions Counselor. Once students are accepted, CEA provides them with assistance in all areas of their study abroad experience. CEA Site Specialists have all earned, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree and have studied abroad themselves. Our experienced Site Specialists begin working with each student from the first point of contact, providing guidance on housing, course registration, entry requirements (such as student visas) and how to adapt to life in another culture. The specialists will prepare the students for the challenging academic experiences awaiting them abroad at all of our Global Alliance and Global Partner institutions, as well as CEA Global Campus sites.

Housing CEA understands that housing is an integral part of the study abroad experience and that satisfaction with housing arrangements supports the academic achievement of students studying abroad. For that reason, we strive to assure outstanding service in providing student and faculty housing. CEA arranges for well-located housing, appropriate for young adult living. In lieu of American-style, on-campus dormitories, CEA places students in housing locations that reflect the modest style of housing, as well as neighborhoods and commuting methods that native university students in the destination city typically experience. Housing types depend on the offering and destination, and may include privately owned and university-owned residence halls, apartments, pensions and homestay arrangements (in which a student lives with a local family/resident). Students complete a comprehensive housing selection form online, indicating their preferences on housing types, roommates, sleeping habits and desired levels of independence. This allows our onsite housing specialists to make thoughtful and appropriate matches in housing and roommate assignments. | 1-877-449-2775


Pre-Departure and Onsite Orientation Our CEA Pre-departure and Onsite Orientation sessions specifically address the unique questions and concerns of each student. Delivered by phone and through a student’s MyCEA Account, the Pre-departure Orientation provides an opportunity for the student to ask any questions and express any concerns or uncertainties that he or she may have. The program Site Specialist provides students with next steps and advice to help them gain confidence as they prepare to study abroad. Onsite local staff members prepare and conduct mandatory Onsite Orientation sessions for students. Upon arrival, CEA students attend orientation sessions that help them get settled, navigate their new city and complete registration processes. They also are introduced to cultural nuances and learn how to stay safe. CEA’s Student Services staff members are selected for their knowledge, expertise and understanding of the needs of an American or Canadian student studying abroad. Instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to student advisement, we provide information in the way each student indicates he or she prefers – by phone, email, online chat or Web Student orientation walking tour in Alicante

access. Active participation by the student’s parents is welcomed. CEA

Visa Assistance The majority of CEA students have never had the responsibility of arranging their own travel documents until making the decision to study abroad. CEA takes extra care to assist each student through the process of acquiring a visa and the necessary documentation. Each

understands that preparing for a student to study abroad is a new and often confusing experience for parents. We understand that parents want to be involved in the pre-departure process but sometimes feel left out. Our exclusive CEA Parent’s Guide, addresses the most commonly asked questions and issues before they can become problems, such as:

In specific instances and when possible, CEA offers students a special

• • • • • • • • • •

visa processing option, based on certain destinations and programs.

The CEA Parent’s Guide was written by our knowledgeable senior

student’s personal CEA Site Specialist assists in navigating the complex and often confusing tasks in the visa application processes. In addition, through their customized MyCEA Account, students are provided with exclusive guides to help them understand their role in fulfilling the entry requirements of the study abroad destination. CEA Visa Guides contain tips that CEA has gleaned through relationships developed with foreign and domestic consulates as well as through our experience in helping thousands of students study abroad successfully.

With this option, CEA acts as a courier to specific consulates on behalf of our students, saving them and their parents the hassle and additional expense of a flight to the consulate, which may be located in New York City, Miami or Los Angeles. Please ask for details regarding this limited service option.

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Visa/entry requirements Money matters Credit transfer and the importance of home institution pre-approval Housing Culture shock How to help your student prepare for living abroad What to do if your student calls from abroad to “fix” a problem CEA policies Health & safety Re-entry shock

advising staff. It is one additional way that CEA takes a proactive and realistic approach to assisting students and their families to ensure they get the most out of their experience abroad. Download the CEA Parent Guide online at:

Health & Safety Students need the right information on locations abroad to have a safe and secure experience. CEA has several health and safety strategies to help students and parents sort through various sources of information and prepare for realistic situations that may be encountered while abroad. These strategies are designed to alleviate fear and replace it with preparation and knowledge. In addition to the Pre-departure and Onsite Orientations previously mentioned, components of CEA’s health and safety strategies include:

• CEA’s Emergency Response Team that proactively investigates international “hot spots,” monitors U.S. State Department advisories and maintains relationships with police and other public safety personnel in our destination locations

• City-specific student handbooks that address cultural norms and issues, transportation, acceptable attire and behaviors to avoid • Emergency cell phone numbers of CEA onsite staff members and representatives • Mandatory health insurance through a partnership with HTH Worldwide. HTH’s student Web site offers health and safety information for each study abroad destination, and assists students and faculty in finding a doctor in host cities. It even translates medical terms into the local language.

• Mandatory registration with the U.S. Department of State and regular review of its website for students abroad.

Since our first contact with CEA, we have been very pleased with the friendly service and attention to detail provided by their knowledgeable staff. Parents are reassured by the fact that their students have access to competent onsite staff, and students have been pleased at the array of academic and cultural programming offered. Josh Carter, Director, Study Abroad Program University of Alabama at Birmingham | 1-877-449-2775


Flexible Billing Options CEA recognizes the need adapt to your institution through flexible billing options. We offer a choice between Individual Student Billing and Direct Billing.

Individual Student Billing CEA eliminates the hassle of collecting and processing payments, charging student accounts and tracking down students to ensure payment by managing the process for you. Student charges are assessed to students’ online accounts, and payment deadlines are made accessible to students all through their MyCEA accounts. Students submit payments through their online accounts, thereby eliminating payment processing from the administrative requirements associated with your study abroad program. CEA also can process financial aid for your students if billed through this method.

Direct Billing CEA also offers Direct Billing. With this option, your university or college bills students directly and agrees to pay all or part of the program fees for your students studying with CEA. The advantages to this approach include:

• Simplicity: Many students and their families find it easier to work with a single billing party during their entire college program. With Direct Billing, your institution provides a link between the student and CEA, providing one consistent billing entity.

• Financial Aid: Some universities and colleges find this method preferable when processing financial aid for their students. Disbursements go immediately to CEA rather than to students, saving time and administrative effort. In some cases, Direct Billing is the only way for students to secure institutional scholarships for studying abroad.

• Accountability: Direct Billing makes internal, institutional contact obligatory for students, which assures application of financial aid and proper transfer of academic credits.

Transfer Credit The transfer and application of academic credit is ultimately decided by the home institution. To assist in this process, we provide important information such as detailed course descriptions, contact hours, syllabi and recommended credits for individual courses. CEA Site Specialists stand ready to assist with additional questions regarding credit transfer on an individual student basis. Over the years, we have worked with more than 1,000 colleges and universities across North America to successfully translate and transfer credit for coursework completed in CEA programs.


University Relations The team of dedicated professionals on the CEA University Relations staff is committed to supporting and assisting you. From our seven Regional Consultants to the additional support team at our home office in Tempe, Arizona, we are here to answer questions,

CEA Academic Affiliation

receive feedback and offer you support in understanding and

The CEA Academic Affiliate Program is designed to strengthen the globalization initiatives of U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities. The program supports:

utilizing any of the services available to your institution and your students. Meeting your internationalization goals is our

• Student access through generous grant and scholarship support • Staff and faculty development with innovative training programs and opportunities for engagement


• Campus development and internationalization by bringing expertise and resources directly to schools

Opportunities for Students Students from Academic Affiliate institutions are eligible for Student Travel Grants, which are guaranteed awards intended to improve student mobility and participation in education abroad opportunities. Students also can apply for Academic Affiliate Scholarships, which are reserved for applicants from affiliated universities. These competitive scholarships assist qualified students incorporating a study abroad program into their degree plans. They also recognize student achievement in a variety of categories, including academic merit and global citizenship.

Opportunities for Faculty & Staff In addition to the wide range of previously mentioned services, CEA offers support to faculty and staff, including Faculty Seminars, Familiarization Trips and the “Office Away from Home” program. CEA also provides special opportunities exclusively for Academic Affiliate universities. The Faculty and Staff Tuition Grant program, an innovative professional development opportunity, awards one grant per year to each Academic Affiliate to allow a member of the university’s faculty or professional staff to attend a two- or fourweek program at one of the CEA Global Campus sites. This opportunity is intended to support the university | 1-877-449-2775


Resources Online Custom Program Request Form:

Dr. John Heyl

Vice President, Global Education

CEA Academic Biographies: tel: 480-375-2773

CEA University Services Online Resource

representative in developing global expertise, as well as familiarity with CEA staff, facilities and practices. Academic Affiliate universities are encouraged to nominate participants from all corners of the campus, including student affairs, financial aid and the office of the registrar/bursar, as well as academic units. The Tuition Grant program is especially suited to faculty and staff with limited prior international experience. Additionally, CEA is planning a series of Professional Development Webinars exclusively for members of its Affiliate Network. These Webinars will focus on topics of professional interest such as risk management, leveraging technology, re-entry programming, and scholarship advising. Finally, CEA is actively working to provide affiliates access to a secure University Portal where you can track your CEA students through our processes and easily access resources to support their participation in a global education experience.

Opportunities for Universities Academic Affiliate universities can capitalize on opportunities such as the Faculty-in-Residence Program, which connects CEA Global Campus faculty with affiliated institutions. Visiting faculty members can bolster your university’s globalization initiatives by lecturing in their field of expertise, visiting classes and meeting with faculty, staff, students and parents. Visits are typically one week or less in length. One of the most effective approaches to campus globalization is designing customized study abroad programs to meet the specific needs of your students. Our new Academic Affiliate Program provides financial support for your faculty leader’s travel during the first Custom Program developed with CEA. Academic Affiliates also receive financial support from CEA to assist with their efforts to generate interest in study abroad programs on campus. Each Affiliate University is awarded a marketing fund annually, which can be used to advertise in campus media, create flyers or posters, develop packets for potential applicants and fund recruitment events. CEA can assist Academic Affiliates with the professional design services of our in-house marketing department. If your institution is interested in becoming a CEA Academic Affiliate, please contact your Regional Consultant or Shannon Cates, Director of Development, at 480-375-2802 or

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