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Global Campus in Seville Connecting Students to International Higher Education Because education shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all, we’ve developed a robust catalog of diverse study abroad program options to better meet the needs of today’s universities and their students. Our Global Education Network comprises three well-defined learning environments, each contributing distinct advantages that together offer college students greater depth of choice in study abroad programming and services.

Global Campus

Global Alliance

The Global Partners

Our signature, purpose-built learning environment is designed to engage students directly in the local culture.

This new model of international higher learning reflects academic integration and collaboration with an international institution rooted in academic integrity.

We strategically choose these local institutions of higher learning to provide complementary, culturally immersive programs through direct enrollment with a local and/ or international student body.

Greater Control, Maximum Flexibility The Global Campus model was designed to meet university faculty and advisor needs by establishing greater control of curriculum and educational space abroad. We work with university faculty to design courses that fit your institutional goals, and continually assess our programs via direct feedback from the universities we serve. Our campus locations are selected for ease of access to the local community, both its historic and contemporary culture, and equipped with the technology students require today for academic success. The Global Campus model is characterized by: • Engagement with the local community through academic partnerships, shared programming, and service initiatives

• Curriculum designed around CEA’s “active learning” model to take learning beyond the classroom and into the city

• A focus on creative collaborations with U.S. colleges and universities

• Rigorous external oversight of faculty hiring and curriculum development

• U.S.-style academic calendar or specialized schedules

• Management by highly qualified and locally knowledgeable academic and administrative staff, trained in the best practices in education abroad

• Courses taught in English, as well as in the host language

To learn more, call our University Relations team at 1-877-449-2775.

School of Record Seville: Traditional Andalusian Culture With a population of less than one million, Seville offers a small-town feel compared to Madrid and Barcelona. Located in Southern Spain, Seville is considered the guardian of all that is traditional Andalusian culture. Seville has a very centralized historic district, the largest in Europe, which is very pedestrian friendly. Students can experience the Roman, Islamic and Christian remnants that embellish southern Spain: archaeological sites, Cathedrals, Mosques, Palaces, and Gardens. The Global Campus in Seville offers interactive curriculum designed to incorporate the local culture through class visits to the abovementioned landmarks, as well as attendance of cultural activities including soccer matches, bullfights, festivals and flamenco shows.

Global Campus courses are designed in conjunction with, approved and transcripted by the University of New Haven, which is accredited by the Commission on the Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (CIHE/ NEASC).

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CEA’s Curriculum The CEA Global Campus in Seville offers all levels of Spanish Language in addition to courses in the areas of: Business, Art History, Communication, Cultural Studies, Photography, History, Sociology, Political Science, and Education. Elective courses are taught in English by our international faculty, who take advantage of their proximity to important local sites, events, and institutions offering unique opportunities to teach and learn outside the classroom, including: • Communication & Global Competence

• International Marketing

• Cultural Values & Stereotypes: Spain & the U.S.

• Methods for Teaching Modern Languages

• History of Spain

• Photography in Seville

• International Business

• Popular Culture in Spain : Andalusia

• International Finance

• Spanish Civilization & Culture

• The Culture of Food & Wine in Spain • EU Integration: Theories, Institutions & Issues • The Global Economy


Connecting Students to Seville Global Campus Highlights Each CEA Global Campus offers close proximity to the significant landmarks and cultural activities students encounter through their study abroad program. Exciting courses, highly-qualified faculty and a vibrant campus life contribute to a unique academic experience at CEA’s Global Campus in Seville. • Located in the Barrio Santa Cruz, within the old Jewish and Moorish quarter, by the walls of the Alcazar and only three minutes away from the Gothic


Cathedral • Newly renovated 7,266-square-foot facilitiy in a Palace dating back from the Napoleonic wars with six classrooms, student computer lab, resource center, office space for visiting faculty, WiFi throughout, student lounge, study areas and a beautiful Andalusian patio for students’ downtime



• Global Partnership with Pablo de Olavide University and University of Seville

Active Learning Close-Up Students in the International Business class have the opportunity to turn Seville into their living classroom through class visits to significant sites, including the Heineken Beer Factory, one of the largest in Europe, conferences at the Deutsche Bank Regional Office, and a circuit through El Corte Ingles shopping centers, the most important of its kind in the country. Through out-of-class sessions and discussions, students analyze the international business environment that connects the phenomenon of globalization with the national and cultural differences that characterize the countries of today’s economy.


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La Giralda


The Alcazar de Seville


University of Seville


Jaun Belmonte Statue


Cathedral of Seville


Jardines del Alcazar


The Catalina de Ribera


Museo Taurino


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5 CEA Global Campus


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Torre del Oro

Contact us by e-mail if you are planning a visit to Seville.

CEA Leadership in Seville Your Partners in Education JĂŠsus Diaz Vidal

Seville Academic Dean As an enthusiastic teacher, Mr. JĂŠsus Diaz Vidal first came in contact with CEA Global Education as a language instructor at the University of Seville, teaching English and collaborating with several study abroad programs. Currently, Mr. Diaz teaches at CEA in unison with his academic duties. Mr. Diaz works closely with the Campus Director, and he ensures that academic policies and procedures are followed and provides support to the faculty to ensure academic program integrity. Mr. Diaz majored in Linguistic Studies from the University of Seville and is pursuing his doctorate in the same field, specifically in the teaching of the spoken component of a second language to deaf learners.

Juan Ignacio de la Fuente

Seville Campus Director

Juan Ignacio de la Fuente is responsible for day-to-day management including, but not limited to, student services, host institution relations, local vendor relations, program academics, and student evaluations. In addition, he advises students on issues related to academics, crosscultural information and health and safety. Originally from Seville, Mr. de la Fuente has dedicated most of his career to the field of study abroad. Before joining CEA, he worked for two years at CLIC International House in the Housing Department, assisting in the placement of international students, as well as acting as a general student advisor. Mr. de la Fuente obtained a degree in Law and Labor Risk Prevention from the University of Seville. He speaks Spanish and English fluently.

The Global Campus average class size is 14 students. Learn more at:


Faculty Snapshot: Your Local Colleagues Dan Serradilla Avery teaches Christian, Muslim & Jewish Heritage in Spain at the Global Campus in

CEA’s Connections to the City CEA’s academic and professional network in Seville supports student integration into Seville culture through volunteering, extramural sports, and conversation exchanges. Housing options also encourage students to live “as locals do.” The Global Campus in Seville also offers a unique hybrid program with our local Partner institution, Pablo de Olavide University. Opportunities for class visits and student research projects are provided by key connections to local organizations, including: • The University Community Assistance Service (SACU) connects students with volunteer opportunities around Seville • Solidarios, a local nonprofit dedicated to helping homeless people

Seville. As part of his course, he takes students to the newly created Inquisition Museum, giving them an eerie, unique setting to observe the harsh reality of history. As a complement to their reading of the Treatise of Ibn Abdun, Mr. Avery also takes his class to the different locations mentioned in the work. At the Jewish Quarter, the students will not only learn about the events of 1391, but also hear firsthand how Spaniards today see their own past and heritage. In 2008, he received the ABD status after submitting a thesis, titled Urban Conflicts in the High Middle Ages, at the University of Pablo Olavide, where he has been teaching at the International Center since Spring 2009. His MA in Philosophy in Medieval History is from the University of St. Andrews.

• The Triana neighborhood, considered by many the birthplace of flamenco dance, offers students an upclose encounter with the twirling, colorful skirts, strumming guitars and passion that the gypsies brought to the southern region of Spain.

Learn more about CEA Global Campus Seville at:


University Programs The CEA Global Campus offers exciting opportunities for customized study abroad programming, giving U.S. institutions the opportunity to develop faculty-led or group programs. We will partner with your institution to provide curricular and cocurricular planning and services, including: logistical planning, visa assistance, student housing, academic support and risk management. University programs also benefit from each Global Campus’s modern facilities, expert staff and local resources.

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University Programs The CEA Global Campus offers exciting opportunities for customized study abroad programming, giving U.S. institutions the opportunity to develop faculty-led or group programs. We will partner with your institution to provide curricular and co-curricular planning and services, including: logistical planning, visa assistance, student housing, academic support and risk management. University programs also benefit from each Global Campus’s modern facilities, expert staff and local resources. Learn more about CEA’s flexible programs by calling University Relations at 1-877-449-2775.

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CEA Global Campus in Seville  

CEA Global Campus in Seville

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