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Quality Assurance

The Self Study and External Review Process at CEA’s Global Campuses CEA’s Global Campuses, the vibrant and innovative core of the CEA Global Education Network, can help internationalize your campus by offering your students study experiences in diverse and exciting destinations around the world. Our mission is to create more opportunities for students to achieve global competence – that is, to democratize study abroad. To ensure that the borderless education provided at each CEA Global Campus consistently meets the highest academic standards, CEA continually evaluates and improves these programs through a comprehensive self study and external review process.

Continuous Improvement Evaluating and improving our Global Campuses means taking a hard look at course, faculty, facilities and immersion activities to identify new opportunities for building global competence. What we learn from each evaluation not only launches initiatives for the coming year but also improves the global education our students receive in the very next term. As part of the self study and external review process, each CEA Global Campus program undergoes three levels of review: Extensive self-study report every five years External site visit reviews by professionals on an annual basis Program assessment by the University of New Haven (UNH), CEA’s School of Record, every five years In addition, five integrated layers of faculty assessment provide both qualitative and quantitative information drawn from students and peers: Classroom observation Student course evaluations Faculty self-assessment Faculty development report Faculty performance review This comprehensive process creates a cycle of critical input and feedback that is essential to instructional integrity and improved student learning. It also reinforces CEA’s ability to identify, train and retain excellent classroom faculty at each of its Global Campuses.

Evaluation Benchmarks As an external set of evaluation benchmarks, CEA has adopted the nine Standards of Good Practice established by The Forum for Education Abroad – the leader in study abroad quality assessment. These standards establish appropriate criteria for determining the extent to which the education delivered by CEA through UNH-transcripted courses is structured to ensure continuous improvement. For more information on the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, please visit: CEA has additionally made a commitment to meet the standards of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges – The Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (NEASC-CIHE), UNH’s regional accreditor. This commitment both guides CEA’s contractual relationship with UNH and serves to engage university administrators and faculty in periodic on-site reviews of Global Campus programs.

To the Ultimate Benefit of Students This self study and external review process confirms that student learning and development is the chief focus at each CEA Global Campus – in curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. This exhaustive process encourages and inspires CEA to constantly develop new and creative ways to ensure that students are prepared, advised and motivated to profit from the educational and cultural opportunities and experiences they encounter while studying abroad. The commitment to continuous quality improvement embodied in the self study and external review process is a hallmark of CEA Global Campuses. The goal is no less than to develop enhanced global competence in every CEA student.

CEA Global Campus Locations Paris, France Dublin, Ireland Florence, Italy Rome, Italy Barcelona, Spain Madrid, Spain Seville, Spain Shanghai, China Buenos Aires, Argentina

CEA Quality Assurance  
CEA Quality Assurance  

CEA’s Global Campuses, the vibrant and innovative core of the CEA Global Education Network, can help internationalize your campus by offerin...