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FRIDAY | 4.25.08


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The initial drawing of what FutureGen was supposed to look like.

photo illustration by bryce peake | THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS

Students and faculty had to adjust to gas prices above $3 as the price of oil sky-rocketed this year.

nora maberry | THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS John Bailey | THE DAILY EASTERn news

Eastern President Bill Perry speaks in the University Ballroom of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union on April 10, 2007, the day he was announced as Eastern’s 10th sitting president.

Sandy Cox, director of the Counseling Center, and Coles County Coroner Mike Nichols speak to a Charleston Police Officer on Feb. 8 at 1701 Ninth Street. Eastern student Jesse Mounce, 20, was found dead at his residence because of a self-inflicted wound. Four Eastern students died this school year, including three during the second semester.


Brent Todd, left, and Amanda Poffinbarger were part of the on-going controversy this year involving the biological sciences department.

From the hiring of a new university president, to the death of four Eastern students, the 2007-08 school year left an impression on nearly everyone involved. Questions still remain heading into next school year. What will happen with FutureGen? Will there be a new director of Greek Life? And will gas prices ever go down? All of that is left to be decided either this summer, or next school year, or with the case of gas prices, probably never. But here are our top news stories from this school year. Greek Life lost its leader

10. We still don’t know the

official reason why Bob Dudolski was removed as director of Greek Life on March 20. What we do know is he offered his resignation letter to Eastern on April 11. In a letter to the Greek community, Dudolski said he was resigning to see new professional opportunities. “I requested some personal time to spend with my family before my next professional move,” he said. Currently, there is no director of Greek Life at Eastern. Doudna on target to open

9. At the Board of Trustees

meeting on April 21 Jeff Cooley, vice president for business affairs, said substantial completion of the Doudna Fine Arts Center is expected in June. Upon substantial completion, The Capital Development Board, which manages construction projects for the state of Illinois, will officially transfer the deed of Doudna to Eastern. That means Eastern will actually own the $45 million building. After years of delays due to capital funding, Fine Arts students will finally be able to use the new facility and move out of Art Park West.

Sky rocketing gas prices

8. $3.50 per gallon and rising.

Gas prices hit a high this year, and we can blame the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, otherwise known as OPEC. “(OPEC) sets the oil price in dollars and invests a huge amount of oil revenue it receives in the dollar-denominated assets, such as the U.S. treasury bills and private U.S. bonds,” said Mukti Upadhyay, a professor in the economics department.

the staff in the Biological Sciences Department had some disagreements this year. It was announced in March that the chair, Andrew Methven, and the associate chair, Bud Fischer, were both leaving the department. It is unclear when Methven will step down, but Fischer is leaving in May. Student behavior addressed

5. Former Eastern students Jill

Director of Campus Recreation on August 21. He took on his new role of leading the athletic department after the removal of Rich McDuffie as director of athletics. Baker oversaw the first NCAA division I women’s rugby game, helped with raising money to help build new football locker rooms and was instrumental in the hiring of new athletic director Barbara Burke while making people feel better about Eastern athletics, all while being an NFL replay official.

Bio department battles

Manges and Nichole D’Antonio created quite a ruckus on campus this past year. Manges suffered a flashback, a symptom of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, on Sept. 5. She was eventually put on medical withdrawal and claimed the university placed her on medical withdrawal for having PTSD. D’Antonio had been on a behavioral contract for an eating disorder. She claimed the contract prevented her from being honest about her disorder and delayed her recovery. The stories of Manges and D’Antonio reached national prominence when The Chicago Tribune ran an article about the two Eastern students in December.

surveys passed out in class and the use of graduate teaching assistants,

The Eastern student body 4. Ken Baker left his job as the 2. lost four of its own this year. Ivo-

Hail to the new chief

7. Mark Jenkins was hired as

Charleston Police Chief on April 1. Jenkins has worked with the city’s police department for 30 years and stepped in to fill the interim role in December after former police chief Paul Welch resigned to take on the same role in Edgewood, N.M. He began his career with the Charleston Police as a dispatcher in 1977 and then became a patrolman. He held this position until 2005, when he was named one of two deputy chiefs.

6. Between discussion about

New leadership in athletics

FutureGen here, then gone

3. On Dec. 10, Mattoon was

designated as the home of FutureGen – the $1.8 billion near zeroemission power plant that would use coal gasification to convert coal into hydrogen and carbon dioxide. On January 30, it was announced the Department of Energy was restructuring FutureGen to allow multiple sites throughout the country. The fight continues today about the future of this project and if it will end up in Coles County. Four student deaths

ry Ricks, 25, died of septic shock on Oct. 14. Ricks was remembered by friends as hilarious and beloved. Jesse Mounce, 20, died on Feb. 8, from a self-inflicted wound. Mounce was remembered by friends and family as a quick-witted man, who was everyone’s best friend. Mark Schwartz, 22, died on Feb. 29 from a heart complication. Schwartz’s friends remembered him as generous, honest and the life of the party. Lauren Sturgeon, 21, died on April 19. Sturgeon’s professors remembered her as very quiet, friendly and a conscientious student. Pres. Perry’s first year

1. Bill Perry, the former vice provost and mathematics professor at Texas A&M University, took office on July 1. His contract was for five years with a base salary of $260,000. Since July 1, the president has been seen at athletic events, student government meetings and walking around campus. Hopefully his second year will enable Perry to make more progress on his goal of making Eastern a first choice university, which he stated in a campus-wide e-mail in January.


end of the year guide – news | the daily eastern news | friday 4.25.08

The 5 most influential people this year Jeff Cooley Eastern’s vice president for business affairs, has managed a budget quite well during a time where state JEFF COOLEY appropriations for Eastern are dwindling. Cooley and the Business Affairs Office have cut energy and water costs for the past five years or so in order to save Eastern money and defer rising tuition costs. He has even dealt with the heart attack that is the steam plant.

Dan Nadler Eastern’s vice president for student affairs is in charge of Eastern athletics and Greek Life, along with DAN NADLER other operations of Student Life. This year, both departments underwent a leadership change and Nadler oversaw both changes. Nadler helped in the search for new athletic director Barbara Burke and was the person who decided to reassign former Greek Life Director Bob Dudolski.

Scott Smith As city manager, Smith is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the city. During the past school year, Smith has been SCOTT SMITH instrumental in putting together Charleston’s budget and the hiring of Charleston Police Chief Mark Jenkins. In the future, Smith will be a part of plans to overhaul the stoplights around town and attract more lucrative businesses to the area.

Eric Hiltner Hiltner came in second in the race for Student Body President but he managed to get 251 votes without ERIC HILTNER the Greek vote behind him. During his time on the Student Senate, Hiltner has questioned everything from budgets to hiring processes while looking out for students. He made Student Government be accountable and fight for its students.

Angela Griffin The president of Coles Together was instrumental in bringing FutureGen to Mattoon and ANGELA GRIFFIN she has been instrumental in the fight to keep FutureGen in Mattoon. In January, the Department of Energy released plans to restructure FutureGen and build plants across the country. Despite the announced plans, Griffin and FutureGen supporters are still fighting to bring the plant to Mattoon.

up to $25,000 or imprisonment for two to five years.

to affect Eastern in the future

Court news roundup Top 5 higher education issues Mark Bonnstetter Eastern’s associate athletic director for operations and head athletic trainer is facing two felony counts and a misdemeanor charge in connection with an incident that allegedly happened at a neighbor’s home on Nov. 25, 2006.Bonnstetter, 38, is facing three charges: residential burglary, a class 1 felony; criminal trespass to a residence, a class 4 felony; and criminal sexual abuse, a class A misdemeanor. He pleaded not guilty on Jan. 22 and requested a jury trial. His trial begins June 10. Scott Kooistra Kooistra, from Chicago, was charged with domestic battery after being arrested on March 1, due to an incident in Stevenson Hall where a resident assistant was attacked. Domestic battery is a Class A misdemeanor and is punishable by serving time in a county jail for less than a year. A fine of $2,500, or an amount specified in the offense, whichever is greater, can be levied. Kooistra’s next hearing is set for May 14. Matthew Bagnall Bagnall, an 18-year-old freshman physical education major who is no longer a student at Eastern, was accused of stabbing student Brandt. L. Schisler, 18, of Lewiston, during a house party on Dec. 7, 2007. Bagnall was arrested the same day on a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and causing great bodily harm. He pleaded not guilty Jan. 14 and requested a jury trial. His next hearing is May 12. Aggravated battery is a Class 3 felony and can be punished with fines

Bodie Reeder Eastern’s starting quarterback was arrested at 2:17 a.m. on Jan. 11 at Ninth Street and Woodlawn Drive on the charge of driving under the influence. Reeder pleaded not guilty in March and asked for a jury trial. He has a status hearing April 29. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a Class A misdemeanor and is punishable by serving time in a county jail for less than a year. A fine of $2,500 or an amount specified in the offense, whichever is greater, can be levied. Jerry’s Pizza A Sept. 16 bar raid at Jerry’s Pizza resulted in a $500 fine and a 21-day liquor license suspension. Jerry’s Pizza was charged with 88 counts of violating Charleston liquor license laws. Also, 86 minors were charged with frequenting a licensed premise, 77 were charged with purchase/acceptance of alcohol by a minor, seven with possession of a false identification, two with the misrepresentation of age by a minor and two with obstruction of a peace officer after the raid. Fred Miller Miller was arrested Jan. 16 in connection with about $7,000-worth of stolen electronics and a stolen credit card. He pleaded not guilty in February and awaits a hearing May 5. Miller was a linebacker for the Panthers from 2000 to 2004. He made the 2001 All-American Second Team and finished his Eastern career with 344 tackles.


Blago State funds for higher education in Illinois are apparently disappearing. In Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s budget recommendation for fiscal year 2009, he recommended a zero percent increase for public universities from fiscal year 2008. With the state budget for FY09 taking effect by July 1, fingers crossed, it will be interesting to watch how much funding Eastern will get from the state after the General Assembly has worked out its version of the budget. State funding for higher education was cut in 2002 and, ever since, funding has not matched that total. Things have gotten so bad that Eastern’s revenue from tuition will consume more of the operating budget than state appropriations will for the second consecutive year. If this trend is not reversed, Eastern’s budget could become even tighter.


Blago It’s not a repeat. In Blagojevich’s budget recommendation, he recommended that Eastern should receive $30 million for its new co-generation power plant. The $30 million is more than enough needed to replace the steam plant, which runs on 1928 technology. The $30 million for the co-generation plant also needs to be approved sooner rather than later because it is unknown when the steam plant will stop functioning. Heat costs even increased this winter because of aged coal boilers.

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Fundraising In what appears to be a response to little state support for higher education, President Bill Perry fueled plans for a $40 million comprehensive capital campaign this year. The Office of Philanthropy is currently developing plans for the campaign, which is slated to raise money for capital projects on campus. The steering committee for the campaign is expected to meet for the first time in September. If Eastern reaches its $40 million goal, facilities around the campus are likely to receive needed upgrades. Perry also wants to launch another campaign after the $40 million one starts that is designed to increase the number of gifts made to the university. Emphasis on fundraising is needed more than ever with the state funding situation, and Perry is definitely focused on fundraising.


Building Service Workers and Doudna With the new Doudna Fine Arts Center expected to open

sometime this summer, the university will have a facility that will attract more off-campus visitors, but who is going to clean it? When Doudna opens, the university will add more square feet to its campus and will likely have the same amount of building service workers than it does now. Because state funding for higher education is at a minimum, Eastern’s facilities planning and management’s operating budget might not be increased, which will make it difficult to add more BSWs to the campus. It all results to a dilemma, which leaves the question, who is going to clean Doudna?


Tenure and tenure-track faculty The issue of tenure and tenure-track faculty at Eastern might not be an issue in the foreseeable future, but will be an interesting topic to observe as it develops. Eastern is slated to have large retirement pools of tenure and tenure track faculty, starting at the end of 2009. The large pools are expected to continue for the next four years as well. With tenure and tenure track rates declining rapidly across the nation, it will be interesting to watch how well Eastern recruits to recoup the loss from retirements. The safety net for Eastern could be that the university is above the national trend, with around 70 percent of its faculty being tenure or


Open Noon on graduation Saturday Cross County Mall Rt. 16-Mattoon

Coal boilers which Jeff Cooley, vice president for business affairs, jokes are being held together by duct tape. There is one sticking point. The issue in Springfield is how to fund capital projects, which could put the $30 million in jeopardy. The future of heating and cooling campus could become clearer after July 1, when the coming fiscal year starts.



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END OF THE YEAR GUIDE – VIEWS 3C Sounding Cartoons of the FRIDAY | 4.25.08

Here are a few quotes from some of our favorite columns written this year.

Drawn from the news | Dave Pennell


ack in September, senior journalism major Ashley Rueff wrote “Discover a vital holiday,” which is about honoring Constitution Day. Here is a portion of her wisdom: “Do you know what you would be doing right now or even what kind of person you would be if you weren’t able to exercise the rights of the First Amendment? I doubt you do, because this country would not resemble today’s United States without it.” “There’s often discussion of how journalists abuse the First Amendment by reporting more than is relevant for a story. Sometimes I agree with that idea. Just because I’m a journalist doesn’t mean I’ll defend all the slimy reporters and Ashley Rueff editors out there who abuse the responsibility the First Amendment has entrusted to the profession. But I also remember the journalists who seized the responsibility and used it as the fourth branch of government to keep tabs on the other three.” In October, she dissected a four-letter-word editorial from Colorado State University’s Rocky Mountain Collegian. “One student journalist got a little carried away when he ran a four-word editorial in The Rocky Mountain Collegian. J. David McSwane, editor-in-chief of the student-run newspaper, printed “Taser this: Fuck Bush” in large font across the top of the editorial page. Bold statements have to be backed up by facts and logic. Yes, a newspaper is a forum, but college or not it should still exhibit and uphold journalistic integrity.”


n a February column, “Good Old-Fashioned Way,” senior journalism major Katie Anderson writes about why she still appreciates the hand-written letter. “My mother writes me letters. They are always written on computer paper folded in half and turned sideways like a greeting card. She covers each page and numbers them one through four, filling them with her familiar hand. I can hear her voice in each line. Letters have always connected me to people and places that are far away. The familiar shapes of their author’s scripts give me personality-filled voices as Times New Roman and Arial can never do. Katie Anderson I find it ironic now in this age of text-messages, instant messages and e-mails, the only way I have to communicate with the people I love most is the old-fashioned hand-written letter.” Later in March, Anderson gave insight about Easter Sunday in “Easter’s not about candy; it’s a clean slate.” She said, “As spring follows winter, as the sun rose today and will tomorrow, we all have the renewed choice to change and grow. This simple idea is reflected around us every day, but Easter is a day to remind us of this freedom and to celebrate this phenomenon. Every morning can be an Easter morning and a clean slate to make the best of.”


enior journalism major Kevin Kenealy wrote “DEN or DENQUIRER” in March in response to some user comments. “Something that often is not understood, I think, is that everyone on campus has the ability to make the paper better. That’s not saying one doesn’t have the full right to criticize, but constructive criticism gets much more accomplished than pure criticism. A newspaper that has the entire student body’s support would ideally become a much stronger paper than one with just our staff.” In a February column, Kenealy picked apart our perceptions of race in “White Privilege.” He said, “When talking to sociology professor Janet Cosbey in an interview on race last semester, she said her white students didn’t see a problem with race, while her Kevin Kenealyblack students did. I think we live in a world where, because of the vast external improvements in racial differences (integrated schools, affirmative action, etc.), we think everything is OK. I think the only way we can learn to accept the harshness of our internal realities is by being open about them.”

Wrapping up another


e blinked and it was done. This year, Eastern has been battling the dry spell in our state funding, Mattoon has been pushed around by the Department of Energy bullies in the fight for FutureGen and we even found ourselves observing the five-year anniversary of the war in Iraq. As of March 20, the day of the war’s anniversary, 4,297 people had been killed. The United States has spent upwards of $3 trillion on the war as our economy slips further and further into recession. As a palpable result, President Bush’s approval rating took a dive and rests at a miserable 34 percent. On a more local level, the ongoing battle for FutureGen in Mattoon has dashed the once high hopes of the people of Coles

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County. The Department of Energy promised FutureGen to Mattoon and, after cutting through the red tape, slowly backed away. The promise of 1,300 new construction jobs is dashed. DOE Secretary Samuel Bodman deceitfully dismissed plans for the revolutionary zero-emissions power plant fueled by coal. Under Secretary Clarence Albright of the DOE inappropriately compared building “Disney world in a swamp” with building a revolutionary power plant like FutureGen in a place like Mattoon. The comment confirmed our notions that the placement of FutureGen had unfortunately become nothing more than a political game. Other notable moments this year came with the dismissal of Jill Manges because of her post-traumatic stress disorder. After suffer-

ing an uncontrollable flashback during class on Sept. 5, Eastern’s counseling center mishandled her case by suspending her for two semesters from college. She felt she was forced to sign a medical withdrawal from the university and was given few other options. As a result, the university has been pushed to clarify parts of the student conduct code so incidents, such as Manges’, don’t happen again. More recently was the tragedy that happened only 164 miles north of our own university, where a gunman killed five students before killing himself at Northern Illinois University. The unfortunate event on Valentine’s Day drove colleges all across the nation to take a second glance at how to make campuses safer. We hoped the campus community would be able to move on and not be afraid. When emotions were running high, Gov. Rod Blagojevich was ready to spend more than $40 million to tear down Cole Hall,

the site of the shooting. Blagojevich took a step back and Cole Hall still stands. Since the NIU shooting, Eastern has taken measures to increase safety by adding a lockdown system in Stevenson Hall and implementing the textmessage alert system. Because Blagojevich has snubbed higher education and almost no state universities received any additional funding, tuition will rise. Eastern needs a new steam plant. Doudna will open in the fall. Eastern is in the process of building a new textbook rental facility. Because we’re lacking in state funds, President Perry has taken it upon himself to campaign for $40 million. We’ll see if he meets his goal in the next few years. This year has given us plenty to look forward to. When’s the war going to end? Will the revolutionary FutureGen ever grace the likes of Mattoon? Will the new athletic director succeed? Will we get enough funding from the state next year? We’ll have to wait and see.

Congratulations to


for the 2007-2008 Come to the Student Publications Office to fill out an application today! (on the bottom floor of Buzzard Hall)

Intramural Champions


news – end of the year guide | the daily eastern news | friday 4.25.08



As a part of the peace protest on March 20, junior sociology major Rachel Back and other participants join hands and hum the tune of John Lennon’s “Give Peace a Chance.” The peaceful protest gathered a crowd of 20 to 30 people in the Library Quad.


Members of the Pan Hellenic Council dine with Dan Nadler, vice president for Student Affairs, at the St. Jude Barbecue hosted at Carman Hall on Aug. 26. KARLA BROWNING | THE DAILY EASTERN NEWS

Sophomore theatre major Ashley Jenkins hugs junior piano performance major Harrison Cole outside Booth Library on Sept. 10, which was National and International Hug Day.


A vehicle crashed into Emajonashon Street, 510 Sixth St., on March 26, knocking off part of the facade of the building. Kasey Farmer, who works at Emanjonashon Street, said the driver hopped the curb and hit between the buildings. The driver was turning into a parking spot and hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.


Senior finance major Mike Adams and graduate student Woodrow Brown urge drivers to fasten their seat belts on March 19.


SPORTS | the daily eastern news | friday 4.25.08

Top Sports Photos of the Year


Senior wide receiver Micah Rucker tries to break free from Purdue red-shirt senior linebacker Anthony Heygood in the Panthers’ 52-6 loss on Sept. 8 at Ross-Ade Stadium in West Lafayette, Ind. Rucker finished the year with nine touchdowns and 777 receiving yards on 55 receptions.


Sophomore goalkeeper Jenny Williams makes a save against Ball State on Sept. 14 at Lakeside Field. Williams made 63 saves while allowing just 1.33 goals against in her 17 games played during the 2007 season.


Red-shirt freshman flanker Tiffany Kennedy catches during a line out in Eastern’s 73-0 win against Purdue on Sept. 8 at Lakeside Rugby Field. Kennedy scored her first career try against the Boilermakers and finished the 2007 season with one try, six tackles and nine assisted tackles.


Freshman shortstop Cameron Strang throws across the diamond to get an Illinois runner out during the Panthers 13-3 win against the Fighting Illini at Grimes Field at Peterson Park in Mattoon on April 15.

End of the year guide – sports | the daily eastern news | FRIday 4.25.08



Red-shirt sophomore guard Dominique Sims was named Top Cat on Dec. 6, following a 13-point, nine-rebound performance in the Panthers’ first win of the season against Loyola of Chicago on Dec. 1. Sims had 19 points and 10 rebounds in Eastern’s win against Tennessee Tech five days later. She averaged 9.2 points and 4.9 rebounds during the 2008 season.

TOP ‘CATS’ OF THE YEAR son undefeated at 5-0 at singles play.

clinch a spot in the playoffs.

2.21.08 Obe Eruteya: Men’s Track The senior won the triple jump at the Iowa State Classic with a mark of 50 feet, 7.5 inches.

11.8.07 Jessica Huffman: Women’s Basketball The sophomore guard scored 16 points, seven assists and seven steals against Truman State at Lantz Arena.

2.14.08 Jordan Nestrud: Men’s Tennis The junior from Morton won both of his singles matches against Saint Louis and Valparaiso en route to a season in which he earned Second-Team All-Conference honors.

11.1.07 Men’s Soccer Team The team clinched a berth in the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament with a 3-1 win against Western Kentucky. The win also marked the first time the Panthers have notched back-to-back 10-plus-win seasons since the 1988-1989 seasons.

The sophomore scored 32 points combined against Jacksonville State and Samford and hit the game-tying shot against the Bulldogs to send the game into a second overtime in Birmingham, Ala..

10.25.07 Ademola Adeniji: Football The senior running back ran for a career-high 197 yards and three touchdowns in a win against Murray State. He followed that with 81 yards and one touchdown in Eastern’s homecoming victory against Tennessee-Martin.

Top Cat is a weekly feature that displays one of the top Eastern athletes from the past week and gives a profile of the player and moments from the sporting event from which they 2.7.08 excelled in to be nominated. Ashley Thomas: Women’s Basketball 4.24.08 Carrie Riordan: Women’s Golf The junior finished ninth overall at the Ohio Valley Conference Championship. 4.17.08 Brenton Emanuel: Men’s Track The senior sprinter won the 100meter dash and the 200-meter dash at the Lee Calhoun Invitational. 4.10.08 Richie Derbak: Baseball The sophomore catcher had finishes with one home run and nine RBIs in the Tennessee-Martin series. 4.3.08 Violet Nwordu: Women’s Track The junior sprinter won the 100meter dash and the 200-meter dash at the EIU Invitational. 3.27.08 Megan Nelson: Softball The sophomore shortstop went 5for-8 against Austin Peay. She scored two runs and stole two bases. 3.20.08 Jordan Tokarz: Baseball The junior second baseman hit safely in all eight of Eastern’s All-Star Challenge games, while batting .455 with one home run and five RBIs. 3.6.08 Kandace Arnold: Women’s Track The sophomore won the shot put at the OVC Indoor Championships and finished second in the hammer throw. 2.28.08 Natalie Martin: Women’s Tennis The junior started the 2008 sea-

1.31.08 Laura Nilsen: Women’s Swimming The sophomore won the 100- and 200-yard backstroke and the 100yard butterfly against Indiana-Purdue-Indianapolis. 1.24.08 Bam Willhite: Men’s Basketball The senior scored 17 points Thursday against Tennessee Tech and 19 points Saturday at Tennessee State to set and then surpass his career high. 1.17.08 Brent Noble: Men’s Swimming The junior won the 200- and 500-yard freestyle against Millikin. Both were events he normally does not swim. 1.10.08 Rachel Galligan: Women’s Basketball The junior scored 70 points against three conference opponents with 27 against Murray State, 17 against Southeast Missouri and 26 against Austin Peay. 12.6.07 Dominique Sims: Women’s Basketball The red-shirt sophomore guard scored 13 points and had nine rebounds against Loyola of Chicago. 11.15.07 Defensive Line: Football Senior defensive end Michael Torres intercepted a pass for a touchdown at Jacksonville State., and the line helped the Panthers all but

10.18.07 Samantha Manto: Rugby Manto helped Eastern win two matches in a row against Ohio State and Oregon. In an Oct. 6, 1083 blowout against Ohio State, she scored on six trys. 10.10.07 Mick Galeski: Men’s Soccer The senior midfielder and captain scored both goals against AlabamaBirmingham. 10.4.07 Eliza Zwettler: Volleyball The senior outside hitter had 15 kills against Eastern Kentucky and tallied a double-double against Morehead State with 22 kills and 13 digs. 9.27.07 Brad Earl: Men’s Soccer The senior midfielder scored game-winning goals against IndianaPurdue-Indianapolis and Kentucky. 9.20.07 Kathleen Hayes: Women’s Soccer The senior midfielder scored the Eastern’s game-winning goal against Ball State. 9.6.07 Alex Harrison: Men’s Soccer The freshman forward scored the game-winning goal against Belmont in overtime.

SPORTS 7C Top female Athlete in each sport | the daily eastern news | FRIday 4.25.08

Top male Athlete in each Cross Country – Fr. Brad LaRocque

Cross Country – So. Erin O’Grady

• Finished 15th at the OVC Championships. Consistent at the top of the pack.

•Top Panther at the OVCs. •Finished in top 10 at EIU Panther Open.

Football – Sr. Ademola Adeniji

Rugby – So. Samantha Manto

•Led Eastern with 15 touchdowns. Topped 2,000 yards career rushing with 1,254 yards on 248 carries. Earned AllOVC First Team honors.

• Named FirstTeam All-Missouri Valley Conference. • Led the MVC with 12 assists. • Named to all MVC-Tournament Team. Basketball – Sr. Jake Byrne

• Scored career-high 30 points against Jacksonville State on Feb. 28. • Ranks fifth for alltime field goal percentage list. Swimming – Sr. Joe Laird

• Advanced to the NCAA Zone C Diving Championships. • Dove a careerhigh 315.15 points (3-meter dive) against Millikin on Jan. 11. Indoor Track – Sr. Obe Eruteya

• Won the high jump at the OVC Championships with career high of 6 feet, 9.75 inches. Placed second in triple jump at same event. • NCAA indoor provisional qualifier. Baseball – Jr. Brett Nommensen

•Leads the Panthers in batting average (.346), doubles (10), walks (24), stolen bases (13) and outfield assists (four). Golf – Sr. Mike Imburgia

•Was Eastern’s top finisher in OVC Championships (T13th). •Led Eastern with 75.3 stroke average. Tennis – So. Jeff Rutherford

•13-8 at No. 1 singles. •Earned All-OVC First Team honors. Outdoor Track – Jr. David Holm

• Won 800-meter run at Vanderbilt Invitational in near NCAA Provisional Qualifying Time (0.36 seconds off). Ranks third alltime in 800 at Eastern.


Junior wing Samantha Manto runs with the ball for one of her six trys during 108-3 victory against Ohio State on Oct. 6 at the Lakeside Rugby Field. Manto finished with 32 trys, which is the most in a single season.



Soccer – Sr. Mick Galeski

•Led the team with 32 trys and 160 points, in single season.

Eastern athletes to watch next year, selected by The Daily Eastern News


Rachel Galligan The junior women’s basketball player from Bloomington narrowly missed out on being named 2008 Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year. Next year, Galligan, one of the top forwards in the conference, should have no trouble taking home the league’s top honor. She led

the Panthers in scoring, rebounding and free throws made during the 2008 season while leading Eastern to the OVC Tournament title game.


Brad Peters The St. Peters, Mo., native will be the top returning starter for the Eastern men’s soccer team. The junior forward was instrumental in the Panthers’ success during the 2007 season, helping Eastern advance to the Missouri Valley Conference semifinals for the second straight year. Peters led the Panthers with 11 goals.


Chevon Walker Walker is the only athlete to watch next season that has yet to play in a single Eastern game. The red-shirt freshman running back transferred to Eastern from Florida this semester. Walker led Eastern in its spring football game with 135 rushing yards and

one touchdown on 22 carries and was the fastest player on the field.


Samantha Manto The 2008 women’s rugby season will be the junior wing’s last at Eastern. The Hanover Park native won her third consecutive Co-Offensive Player of the Year award following the 2007 season after she ran in 32 trys – an Eastern single-season record. Manto also set a single-season scoring record (160 points).


Josh Mueller The freshman from Columbia stepped into the Eastern baseball team’s No. 1 starting role midway through the 2008 season. Mueller is one of 12 freshmen on the Panthers’ roster this year, but currently leads Eastern in strikeouts (47). Mueller has also pitched the only complete game for the Panthers this season.

Five Eastern teams to watch Women’s Basketball All five starters return for a team that finished tied for second in the Ohio Valley Conference. The Panthers finished with the 2008 season a winning record at 19-13 record and 15-5 in the Ohio Valley Conference. The Panthers made it all the way to the OVC Tournament championship game before losing to Murray State.


Volleyball – Fr. Alex Zwettler

•Member of OVC All-Newcomer Team •Set Eastern freshman record with 355 kills. Basketball – Jr. Rachel Galligan

•Joined 1,000point club, became school’s blocked shot leader, FirstTeam All-OVC, All-OVC Tournament Team. Swimming – So. Laura Nilsen

•Finished third in the 200-yard backstroke at Summit League Championships, finished fourth in the 100-yard backstroke

•Won the triple jump (41 feet, 3.75 inches) and finished second in long jump at OVC Championships. Golf – Jr. Carrie Riordan


•First-team AllOVC •Second best stroke average in league. Softball – Jr. Sarah Coppert

•Leads the team in batting average, top two in on-base percentage and slugging percentage. •Earned All-American honors at ASA Tourney.

Women’s Golf Four of Eastern’s top five golfers return next season for a team that finished fourth at the OVC Championships. The Panthers will be led by soon-to-be senior Carrie Riordan, who earned FirstTeam All-OVC honors with the second best stroke average in the league (77.5).


Baseball The third-place team in the OVC has a chance to be even better next season with all but three players returning next season. The Panthers will be a veteran team at the plate behind junior center fielder Brett Nommensen sophomore and catcher Richie Derbak and sol-

•Second-Team All-OVC, OVC All-Tournament Team, ranks second all-time in game-winning goals.

Indoor Track – Jr. Jenna Uhe

Football Eastern has made three consecutive appearances in the Football Championship Subdivision playoffs. The 2008 season could produce a fourth straight postseason behind a veteran defense and an offense led by sophomore quarterback Bodie Reeder and a strong backfield with senior running back Norris Smith and Florida transfer running back Chevon Walker.


Soccer – Sr. Michelle Steinhaus

Tennis – Jr. Natalie Martin


Sophomore Tyler Kehrer and the Panthers are currently third in the Ohio Valley Conference and will lose only three seniors next year.

id on the mound behind freshman Josh Mueller.


Rugby Samantha Manto, Molly Clutter and Crystal Jones will finish their careers and have a chance to

make history at the same time. After losing to West Chester (an NCAA Division II team) 20-19 last season, Eastern has the opportunity to win its first NCAA game when they travel to Pennsylvania this fall. Manto is Eastern’s career leader in trys.

•Earned First-team All-OVC honors. •16-3 singles record at No. 2 singles. Outdoor Track – So. Kandace Arnold

•Named OVC Player of the Week and moved up the EIU career list in both the shot put and discus.





From women’s basketball success and almost making the NCAA Tournament, a historic women’s rugby game, head swimming coach Ray Padovan retiring and interim athletic director Ken Baker being a replay official for the Super Bowl ... this was the year of Eastern sports Top 10 Eastern sports stories from this past school year, as selected by the sports staff of The Daily Eastern News


Men’s tennis keeps progressing The Eastern men’s tennis team finished in a tie for third place in the Ohio Valley Conference – the Panthers best finish since 2004 and since Blackburn’s three-year tenute. Led by sophomore Jeff Rutherford (First-Team All-OVC) and junior Jordan Nestrud and freshman Robert Stedman (Second-Team All-OVC), Eastern earned the No. 4 seed in the OVC Championships but lost to Jacksonville State 4-3 in the first round of the tournament.

1. Darby Kehoe — The midfielder/ forward has the distinction of having the most original name on the Eastern men’s soccer team. It just sounds cool. He played in all 21 games during the 2007 season. 2. Tyler Laser — The freshman men’s basketball player’s last name mirrors his 3point shooting ability. The Hillsdale, Mich., guard has all the tools to light up the scoreboard in his next three years at Eastern. 3. Charay Savage — August wasn’t the first time the freshman from Belleville came to Eastern. She was at Eastern as a high school senior competing in four events at the IHSA State Finals. Savage finished second in the 100-meter hurdles at the EIU Big Blue Classic. -Scott Richey

Men’s soccer reaches new heights The Panthers advanced to the semifinals of the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament for the second consecutive season. Eastern’s 12 wins during the 2007 season matched the program’s top win total in its 12 years in the MVC.


The fumble Eastern’s football team continued its recent struggles against Illinois State with a 24-21 loss during the 2007 season, the program’s sixth straight loss to ISU. Eastern red-shirt sophomore quarterback Bodie Reeder, who finished 9-of-11 for 85 yards after replacing starter Cole Stinson in the third quarter, mishandled a snap at the 20-yard line, with 26 seconds to play, and the Redbirds recovered to seal their three-point win. “That’s a play where we’re supposed to go on the first sound, and I said ‘Set!’ and I just fumbled the snap,” Reeder said. “There’s no blame other than mine.”



Top 5 Scholar Athletes

Eastern sophomore guard Ashley Thomas and sophomore forward Marie Baker react to losingto Murray State 69-58 in the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament Championship game on March 8. Eastern finished 19-13 and 15-5 in the OVC. The Panthers finished in a three-way tie for second place in the league. The Panthers upset No. 1 seed Southeast Missouri in the semifinals en route to their championship game appearance.


Making NCAA history Eastern still has the distinction of being the only NCAA Division I program with a women’s rugby team, but the Panthers made more history when they played West Chester (a Division II school from Pennsylvania) on Sept. 15 in the first game between two NCAA women’s rugby program. However, Eastern lost 20-19. Burke set to lead athletics Eastern hired its first female athletic director in its 108 years of athletics when former Wyoming associate athletic director Barbara Burke was hired to replace Ken Baker in March. Burke served in a variety of administration roles for 15 years at four different schools. Before that she was a head softball and women’s basketball coach for 14 years. That was a selling point for current Eastern head coaches.



One of the most unlikely people to score Michael Torres doesn’t strike people for his speed. The senior defensive end from Miami scored the first touchdown of his football career on an interception off Jacksonville State junior quarterback Cedric Johnson that helped solidify the Panthers’ berth into the Football Championships Subdivision playoffs. Torres rumbled 40 yards downfield for the touchdown.

Nick Nasti Although great names don’t always make great athletes, the sports world is littered with names that stick with fans no matter how long the player has been absent from the limelight. Who will ever forget Mookie Blaylock (NBA), Miroslav Satan (NHL) or Dick Trickle (NASCAR)? Very few sports fans, that’s for sure. But Eastern has its own nifty-named athletes. Take freshman linebacker Nick Nasti (above). Who wouldn’t want a linebacker whose last name defines the way he plays the game? Here are three other Eastern freshman whose parents bestowed on them a memorable moniker.


Men’s basketball continues to fall Eastern won nearly the same amount of games (seven) as the number of players that left the team for various reasons (five). The Panthers played without Romain Martin, the 2007 OVC Romain Martin Freshman of the Year, for the majority of the second half of the season. The sophomore guard suffered from plantar fasciitis in is left foot from the end of December to the end of the season. Next year will be an interesting year with head coach Mike Miller in the final year of his contract and a 23-63 overall record at Eastern.


triple threat


Senior defensive end Michael Torres runs back an interception for a touchdown against Jacksonville State on Nov. 10 in Jacksonville, Ala. It was the first touchdown of Torres’ career. Eastern won 37-23.


From Eastern to the Super Bowl ­ Ken Baker moved from director of Campus Recreation to Eastern’s interim athletic director in August, but Baker’s biggest moment of the year came in February when he was in the replay booth for Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Ariz. “He looked at me with a grin on his face and said he got the call,” Eastern associate athletic director John Smith said in February when Baker told him he would be in the booth.

Leaving a lasting legacy at Lantz Natatorium June will mark the end of Ray Padovan’s coaching career at Eastern. Padovan completed his 42nd year as the Eastern head men’s swimming coach and his 29th year as the head women’s swimming coach in February. But Padovan had enough energy during his four decades at Eastern to leave with a 257-192-1 men’s record and a 166-137 women’s record.


One win from the NCAA Tournament The Eastern women’s basketball team had the most success in program history when the Panthers advanced to the OVC Tournament title game in early March. Although Eastern fell one game short of the NCAA Tournament, the Panthers finished in a tie for second in the league during the 2008 regular season and won the most games since the 1988 team Eastern won 22 games and advanced to the NCAA Tournament. With nearly the entire team returning next season, the future looks bright.


Jake Byrne 1. Jake Byrne — A senior from Elsberry, Mo., was one of three OVC Male Scholar athletes this season. Byrne has a summer internship with Merrill Lynch in New York City. Byrne led the team in scoring in the final six games of the season and finished his senior season with 8.8 points per game and 4.8 rebounds per game. Byrne earned his bachelor’s degree in finance in three years and is set to complete his MBA next year. 2. Jordan Campanella — The senior tight end was named to 2008 National Football Foundation Hampshire Honor Society. The Hampshire Honor Society recognizes college football players from all divisions who maintain a 3.2 GPA or better. Campanella was one of six Ohio Valley Conference football players to be honored and one of 439 football players from across the country to be inducted into the Hampshire Honor Society this year. Campanella started all 12 games and finished his senior season with three touchdowns and 26 passes for 305 yards. He holds a 3.88 GPA in political science. 3. Meghan Ryon — Ryon, a member of the women’s soccer team, was one of Panthers’ top defenders. She earned thirdteam Academic All-American Honors from ESPN the Magazine and is the program’s first Academic All-American Selection. She is a three-time OVC Medal of Honor winner. 4. Kellie Floyd — Floyd, a member of the women’s soccer team, is a three-year starter and ranks 10th on the EIU career list in game-winning goals. She was the 2006 OVC Player of the Year and earned second team All-OVC honors this past season. She has a 3.86 GPA and is an elementary education major. 5. Adam Gartner — The junior on the men’s soccer team was named to the ESPN Magazine Third Team Academic All-America Team, earned NSCAA Second Team All-North/Central Region Scholar honors, named to the ESPN the Magazine Academic All-District V list and was named a FirstTeam Missouri Valley Conference ScholarAthlete. -Kevin Murphy

End of the Year Guide  
End of the Year Guide  

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