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Chris Durenberger  •  973-­‐945-­‐6356  

Why me? •

Leadership experience in every step of a film’s development. Focused training in writing, shot design, story boarding and directing actors. Consistently approached for script consultation and writing work in narrative, documentary and animated film. Proven management skill in location agreements, casting and budgeting. Held a variety of crew positions including 1st AD and Script Supervisor work extensively.

Technical expertise: Final Draft, Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling, Scenechronize, Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience with on-set production equipment.

What I can offer: As an Eagle Scout, teamwork and leadership have become second nature. I look for and offer solutions over excuses. My out of the box thinking has solved the “unsolvable”. My sense of humor defuses tension on and off set. I can easily articulate my own ideas and am adept at listening to those of others. I believe every job in film is integral. I work tirelessly for what I believe in.

_____________________________________________________________________________ Education B.F.A in Film and Television (2012) - Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah Georgia. Selected Projects Writer/Director • “The Story of Shoeless John” - 2 min narrative Winner of Stewart Weitzman Film Competition • “Chalk Talk” - 10 min short narrative managed a cast and crew of 50 people • ”Ice Box” - 8 min narrative • ”Something About the Weather” 3 min Experimental short- Premiered at Vernisage Film Festival in Lacoste France. • “Playgrounds” - 8 min documentary. • “Apollo and Daphne” - 5 min narrative. Employed animation and interpretive dance • “The Last Page”- 4 min narrative - Shot on film

Writer • “Outlook” - 7 min original narrative • ”Man in the Well” - 6 min adaptation • ”Big Effing Apple” - 7 min original narrative • ”Most Dangerous Game” - 6 min adaptation 1st AD • “Outlook” - 7 min narrative • ”On the Rocks” - 5 min narrative • “Man in the Well” - 6 min adaptation • ”Tightening Our Belts” - 4 min narrative

Work Experience Two-year employee of the Savannah Box office, ticketing shows for the Savannah Music and Film festivals and the Savannah Philharmonic. Became a shift captain and moderated the Savannah Film Festival. Was an Orientation Assistant for the Savannah College of Art and Design. References available upon request.


Why me? _____________________________________________________________________________ • Technical expertise: Final Draft, Movie Magic Budget...

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