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sol domination Winter athletics ended the season with triumph after the boys soccer and wrestling teams won state titles. This feat makes it wrestling’s second state championship win in a row. After being heavy favorites last year and losing in the first round of play-offs, soccer came back this year to take the state title and the glory. See full stories on Pages 11-12

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CdS Sunrise • March 4, 2010




BY BREE PURDY Speical Projects Editor

THE ISSUE: Texas nurse faces trial for complaint In Kermit, Texas, Anne Mitchell, a nurse, is scheduled to stand in court on trial for “misuse of official information,” a third-degree felony in Texas. Mitchell and a fellow nurse wrote an unsigned letter of complaint to the Texas Medical Board early last summer citing the practices of Dr. Rolando G. Arafiles Jr. for practicing bad medicine at the rural hospital. The two nurses felt they had a professional obligation to protect patients from what they saw as a pattern of improper and uncalled for prescription of medications and surgical procedures such as a failed skin graft performed by Arafiles in the emergency room without any surgical privileges. They also reported that the doctor sutured a rubber tip to a patient’s crushed finger for “protection,” an unconventional remedy that was eventually flagged inappropriate by the Texas Department of State Health Services. The nurses directed the medical board to six cases “of concern” that were identified by file numbers but not by patient names. The letter also mentioned that Dr. Arafiles was sending e-mail messages to patients about an herbal supplement he sold on the side. When Arafiles was notified of the anonymous complaint he protested to his friend and the County Sheriff that he was being harassed. Arafiles, who is credited with saving the sheriff after a heart attack last fall, obtained a search warrant to seize the nurses’ computer and found the saved document. Mitchell and a second nurse were fired without explanation on June 1, and were eventually taken in to custody for “misuse of official information.” Charges were dropped against the second nurse. Mitchell is scheduled for a future trial and may be faced with up to ten years in prison.

THE ISSUE: Labor market shows signs of possible rebirth In January the rate of unemployment unexpectedly decreased from the December count of 10 percent to an unprecedented 9.7 percent. Government officials reported the decrease on Feb. 5, raising hopes that the worst job market in at least 25 years may finally be improving once again. But a different survey conducted by the United States Labor Department found that the economy lost 20,000 net jobs during the month, dampening hopes and further highlighting the job struggle facing many Americans. Yet with the pace of decline slowing, experts seemed to focus on signs that the economy was gradually continuing to recover after the longest recession since the Great Depression. To add to the optimism concerning the job market, manufacturing added 11,000 jobs in January, the first monthly increase since November 2007, while the length

The Sunrise staff would like to correct a mistake made in the February issue. We inadvertently left out the byline for "Texting: Is it the end of communication or just the beginning?" The story was written by Preslie Hirsch, Staff Writer.

Photo Courtesy of Seattle Times/MCT

Elena Vajsabelova of Slovakia lights a candle at a memorial for Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili, who was killed on the luge course on Friday, Feb. 12.

of the average workweek rose slightly in factories. The economy added 52,000 temporary workers and average wages increased slightly.

THE ISSUE: Georgian luger dies in crash On Feb. 13, 21-year-old Nodar Kumaritashvili, a promising luger from Georgia, was killed during an Olympic practice run at the controversial Whistler Sliding Centre track. After losing control of his sled at a speed of 134 kmh, Kumaritashvili was hurtled from the track as he approached a 270-degree turn, and smashed his head on a metal pole located dangerously close to the track. The accident cast a shadow on the 2010 Olympic Games and the future of luge. Officials immediately closed the run, which is known for its high speeds often reaching 150 kmh, following the accident. The course—built at a cost of $105 million specifically for the 2010 Olympic Games—has a vertical drop of 152 meters, making it the steepest and fastest in the sport. The three sliding sports—luge, bobsled and skeleton—all compete on this course. Training on the course was marked by several accidents including one two days before Kumaritashvili’s death, in which Romanian luger Violeta Stramaturaru was briefly knocked unconscious in a crash while training for the women’s singles event. After the accident, the country of Georgia considered withdrawing from the Olympics, but the nation’s Minister of Sport decided against it.

“Our sportsmen and our athletes decided to be loyal to the spirit of the Olympic Games and they will compete and dedicate their performance to their fallen comrade,” said Georgia’s Minister of Sport Nikolos Rurua to a Canadian news station.

THE ISSUE: Minimum wages cut for young workers On Feb. 18, legislation approved by the House Commerce Committee to set the state minimum wage for anyone younger than 22 at 75 percent of the amount of those 22 years and older are required to be paid as a minimum wage, meaning the state minimum wage will decrease drastically. The current minimum wage for the state of Arizona is $7.25 an hour. With the proposed cut of 25 percent, wages for those younger than 22 would be approximately $5.44 an hour. The minimum wages for those older than 22 is dependent on inflation and would begin to increase in January 2011 if the Industrial Commission finds that the general costs have increased with inflation. The increase of inflation would be tracked and then cut by 25 percent. This exception would last for three years. The federal law of minimum wage applies only to businesses that have at least $500,000 worth of sales per year and are in any way involved in interstate commerce. This still leaves smaller companies that could take advantage of the legislation and pay workers under 22 less than the possible new minimum wage of $5.44. The issue will now go to the House of Representatives.®

Grafitti bandit caught BY WARREN WALTERS & ADAM LIDSTER Staff Writers

Graffiti is a unique, artistic form of expression that some use to convey their own ideals and views. Unfortunately, some graffiti artists use it to depict messages of hate. Such is the case of the recently discovered acronym “FTP” in the south boys restroom. Mike Magliola, head of security at the school, was one of the individuals tasked with catching the vandal, along with school administrator Jim Bell and police liaison Jon Evans. “It’s a shame they have to disfigure the school,” Magliola said. After taking photos of the graffiti every time it was written and filing

reports, Evans and administrator Dan Nero offered rewards of gift cards and movie passes information regarding the identities of the vandal. After cleaning the walls, Magliola witnessed a student enter the boy’s bathroom, and upon inspection, Magliola found fresh graffiti. The student admitted to writing the message, and was not involved in any gangs or groups of that nature. The student has been punished with 10 days suspension plus charges for repairs. “Graffiti at school is a felony,” Evans said.®


The "FTP" sign was found in various locations. This one was in a stairwell in the E-building.

Life & Times • 3

March 4, 2010 • CdS Sunrise

Students write to authors BY SARAH DINNELL Opinions Editor

Every year, Brandy Walker’s sophomore English class writes letters to authors as part of a class project. “The students are required to read a book every quarter, and I give them different projects to do,” Walker said. “This quarter the project was to write a letter to the author of their book.” While it is a great learning experience, the students have never gotten any responses back from the authors in the eight years Walker has been doing this. However, this year the students received several responses back from authors including Rachel Cohn, Chris Crowe, Jean Ferris, and Todd Strasser. “There’s at least six to eight different writers that contacted us this year,” Walker said. “We’ve never gotten any responses before, and all but one of the letters were handwritten.” Sophomore Joseph Striker was one of the students who received a letter. Striker wrote to

Will Hobbs, a young adult adventure writer. “I said how I liked his books, and he wrote back about other books I should read that he wrote,” Striker said. “It was really cool because I got a handwritten postcard.” Elysse Chacon was surprised when she got a letter from the author she wrote to, Jean Ferris. Jean Ferris wrote the nest-selling children’s books Once Upon a Marigold and Underground. ground “I told her (Ferris) That I didn’t expect to like her books, but I thought they were really good and I liked them,” Chacon said. One of the authors who sent a letter even went to high school with Corona government teacher, Lisa Adams. “In the letter that Chris Crowe wrote, he mentioned that he went to school with Ms. Adams,” Walker said. The total count of letters amounts to ten, and more are still coming in. “This is great,” Walker said. “The kids are really excited about getting letters back, and this is a great experience for them.” 

Senior wins logo design contest BY SARAH DINNELL Opinions Editor

Senior Alisha Hurst recently won a contest for designing a logo for Tempe’s Coalition to reduce underage drinking and drug use. Hurst was one of 20 applicants whose designs were judged by Tempe’s Committee for Youth, Families and Community, the parent orHurst ganization of the Coalition. Ultimately, she was chosen as the winner based on the quality of the logo and its ability to portray the purpose of Tempe’s drug free program. “I found out about the contest when my neighbor brought over a paper about it,” Hurst said. “I just started using Photoshop this year, so it was a good experience for me since I’m planning to major in graphic design in college.” Hurst’s logo has already been featured in a press release by the city of Tempe and by a few local newspapers. “It’s really rewarding to see my work being put to use,” Hurst said. “I’m glad that I was able to contribute to such a good cause.” Bobbie Cassano, the coordinator of Tempe’s

Coalition, plans to use Hurst’s logo in a good portion of the marketing campaign that will take place in the next couple of years. The Coalition will also be holding other contests to continue expanding their campaign. “We are currently holding two other contests,” Cassano said. “One is for a T-shirt design and the other is a video.” The grand prizes for the contests are a $500 gift card and a two-night family stay at the Arizona Grand Resort, respectively. All students at Corona will be eligible to enter. “We’re hoping to spread awareness by holding these contests,” Cassano said. “If anyone is interested, they should have their subm i s sion entered no later than 4 p.m. on April 2.” Corona students are urged to enter their designs and videos for the upcoming contests. 

Corona to offer new PE, art, math classes BY PRESLIE HIRSCH Opinions Editor

Next year, Corona athletes are being encouraged to take Advanced P.E. to improve their performance in the very competitive 5A division. More and more students are enrolling in advanced P.E. This class is “highly highly recommended” athletic director Dan Nero said. “To compete in the 5A central region we’re in, we need our athletes to be in top shape. We’re going against the hardest teams in the state,” Nero said. All athletes sophomore through senior year should take advanced P.E., as it may affect playing time on the court or field. “It’s obvious (this class will affect playing time.) If you’re taking this class and you’re big, fast and strong you’re going to play over the guy that didn’t take the class.” Nero said. “It will put our athletes in the top physical, mental and emotional state.” Many other top schools in the 5A division already have their athletes in this type of advanced P.E. program. Corona is finally joining in so that its athletes can compete at the best level they can. And by doing this, it will “make a great program better” according to Nero. Advanced P.E. will be offered as a zero-hour class. Students who enroll can be released after sixth hour if desired, because that will meet the seven class requirement. Students who have already registered for next years classes can still take advanced P.E Although, Counselor Dan Brugger said, “the sooner (you sign up) the better. Space is limited, and more and more kids have been enrolling in Advanced P.E. If you wait more than a week or two, there might be no more room available.” So, get into your counselor soon if you’re an athlete at Corona, because it is very important. Another adjustment to the course offerings for next year is through the art department. Art and Design, previously a year-long fine art credit, as well as a pre-requisite to other art classes, will no longer be offered. In its place will be Drawing and Painting, as well as Computer Graphics. Students in the drawing and painting class will find they will have an opportunity to work with computer graphics. These classes will be the art class offered to next years’ freshman and will count for the pre-requisite required to take other advanced-level art classes. There are also two new math classes that will become available next year. The class of 2013 and 2014 are required to have four years of math. Therefore, there are more options for students to choose as their fourth year of math. The first three years typically consist of Algebra 1-2, Geometry, and Algebra 3-4. One of the new classes is Function of Mathematics. This yearlong course is “in between Geometry and Algebra 3-4,” registrar Holly Secor, said. Although Financial Mathematics has the word “math” in it, it counts for a business and/or math credit; depending on what the student already has completed. The class covers all the ties between money and mathematics. Students interested in money and need a business or math credit should take this class. These classes are for a student who needs a math credit, although it doesn’t count toward a math credit under university standards. Students planning to attend a four year university directly out of high school should take pre-calculus. 

CdS Dance Co. heads to New York for convention BY TANIS STUDT Staff Writer

Students of Corona del Sol Dance Company and Junior Company are traveling to New York City March 11-14 for a dance convention. Dance Instructor, Aaron Gilbert, heard about the trip from other schools that have attended before. He was invited to attend the meeting for the dance trip and thought it would be an educational tour to enhance the dancers experience. “The meeting sounded cool and it seems like a lot of fun for the dancers,” Gilbert said. Dancers are participating in classes with Alvin Ailey, a professional dance instructor, and are taking classes at the Broadway Dance Center.

Dancers also are taking Master classes with instructors from The Chicago Production. “It is the first time Corona is taking a dance trip and it is very exciting,” Gilbert said. Dancers are not only participating in dance classes but also are getting the opportunity to go sight seeing and shopping. “I am really excited to bond with my friends and experience the dance classes,” junior Lindsey Nahs said. The trip gives dancers an opportunity to meet and greet with other dancers throughout the country and define their dancing technique.

4 • Life & Times

CdS Sunrise • March 4, 2010

CD review:

new bands worth listening to BY WARREN WALTERS Staff Writer

I want to be...


CGCC offers me choices:

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The college of you. An EEO/AA institution.

Sunrise Staff

Boasting a formidable fan base built over the years, and holding the title as the second band in history to make the charts without being signed to record label, The Sunstreak is definitely on its way to the big times. The band has been up and running since 2006, showcasing themselves on such tours as the Vans Warped Tour, even making the compilation CD. The band sold over 25,000 copies along the way, and hit No. 33 on the Top Independent Albums list. The band hails from Rochester, New York, with members Tony Rebis (vocals), Jason Sarkis (bass), Jack Flynn (guitar/ vocals), Gary Foster (drums) and David Schuler (guitar/synth/vocals), and have recently released a new album Once Upon A Lie. Using their infectious rock, the band plays on soft vocals and a mix of guitar and synthesized beats to create their own sound that complements the message conveyed in the song. This expert use of vocals and sounds gives The Sunstreak a professional, individual sound that appeals to the masses. Hot Chelle Rae and The Sunstreak have truly made their mark and have every intention of making headlines. Only time will tell if their hard work and dedication to music will prove if they are on a hot sunstreak to fame or just a puff of steam. 

I tend to listen to songs and bands with a softer tone to them. These songs play into what type of music I like to listen to. I had to put two Format songs in because most people know me as a Format fan. I kind of view myself as a pretty carefree kind of person, and because of these songs’ softer tones, I think they reflect my character pretty well. I hope you all find a chance to listen and enjoy the songs. 

BY Stephen Kuluris | Online Editor

University Transfer • Associate Degrees & Certificates • Career Training Courses.


With the melting pot of music that surrounds teens today, it’s definitely a harrowing task for any one group to stand above the rest. Two new bands, Hot Chelle Rae and The Sunstreak, have taken the mighty step to achieve the glory of fame and recognition, introducing their new, unique sounds to the masses. Hot Chelle Rae combines many different types of sounds, melding together pop rock with a variety of flowing beats and instruments to set the mood in their songs. The band consists of Ryan Keith Follese (lead vocals/guitar), Nash Overstreet (lead guitar/vocals), Ian Keaggy (bass/vocals) and Jamie Follese (drums). After touring with such prestigious artists as Lil’ John and Vedera, the band was signed to Jive Records in October of 2008 and released their album Lovesick Electric in October of the following year. In their album, the songs range between love, revenge and just plain old partying, beginning the band’s career with a loud resounding bang. The varied meanings and beats allow Hot Chelle Rae to appeal to a wide spectrum of audiences and fans, giving them a wide basis to work from and build off. Some of their mpst notable songs on the album include I Like To Dance, Never Have I Ever and Nothing Left To Hide. The Sunstreak, though not as new to the scene, promises to be one band that proves themselves in the music industry.

Let’s Make This Moment a Crime The Format

In Other Words Ben Kweller

Barlights fun.

Waiting for a War The Morning Benders

White Sky

Vampire Weekend


Throw Me the Statue

The World May Never Know Dr. Dog

I Love You and Buddha Too Mason Jennings

One Shot, Two Shots The Format

Lost Coastlines Okkervil River

March 4, 2010 • CdS Sunrise

Life & Times • 5

Senior starts business club

CEO offers students real-world knowledge BY MARY KATE ECKLES Staff Writer

Whether a student has room in his schedule for a business elective or not, when they graduate, the economy will rule their lives, making knowledge of the business world extremely important. That is why Corona senior Keith Ryu founded the Corona Economics Organization (CEO). “What inspired me to start the club was there was no business club at Corona or any way to learn about business until college,� Ryu said. The CEO club meets on Thursdays in room E274 to debate about the bailout, current business powerhouses and personal finance. “Most people don’t consider it a subject like math, only as a major in college, but you can learn about it in high school,� Ryu said. Government teacher and club sponsor Tim Smith agrees. “I teach AP economics and I want students to be more educated on economics, on getting car loans and the use of credit,� said Smith Aside from educating students on business strategy and personal finance, the CEO club is planning on competing in a worldwide high

school business competition. In 2007, Ryu entered the SAGE World Cup (Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship) competition preliminary at his school in South Korea. “My team didn’t make it, but it gave me a lot of experience,â€? Ryu said. The SAGE competitions range from state and national competitions to the SAGE world cup, where national winners present their projects to earn prize money. This years World Cup is going to be held in Brazil. The SAGE business project is comparable to starting an actual business. The requirements include creating a completely original commercial business venture that benefits the community and actually putting it into action long enough to measure the results. “We haven’t entered the competition yet, we need a solid base for our project;â€? Ryu said, “We need new creative people to help come up with new ideas.â€? The Arizona state SAGE competition is near the end of the school year, on May 14 and 15. “We’re definitely not a do-nothing club,â€? Ryu said. ď‚Ž

!9H5FCIB8.9AD9 K=H<CIHMCIFACA  Sick of having to ask your mom for a ride all the time? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to leave the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;rents at home and get around on your own. In Tempe, people between the ages of 6-18 can ride for free with the Tempe Youth Transit Pass.* That means it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t cost anything to take the bus to school or hop on light rail to hang with friends. Oh yeah, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good for the environment too. This freedom thing just gets better all the time. Thanks anyway, Mom! To get your free pass to freedom, stop by the Tempe Transit Store at 200 E. Fifth St. with your parents. And to find bus routes, bikeways and light rail stops all around Tempe, visit or call (480) 858-2350. *Must be a Tempe resident to qualify.

bus ¡ bike ¡ walk ¡ rail Agency:/FF-ADISON!VEq%2IO3ALADO0ARKWAYq4EMPE !:q  q&AX  sContact:2UBEN-UĂ&#x2014;OZsContact Email: Contact Phone:   sClient:4)-sJob #: 4)- sPub:#ORONA(IGH3CHOOLsSize:INWXINHsInsertion Date:3EPTEMBER sColor: BW

6 â&#x20AC;˘ March 4, 2010

Tasked he staff of the Sunrise Newspaper Corona students and staff what

Special Projects â&#x20AC;˘ 7

inspires them. Here are a few of the anonymous responses we received...

-Inspires the students and staff of Corona del Sol

8 • Life & Times

CdS Sunrise • March 4, 2010

TOP�10 Photo illustration by Erin Blevins

s o illu

n tratio

Photo cour tesy of Erin Maloney


rin by E



things�to�do�before� you�graduate

By Kelsey Lawson Life & Times Editor

1. Apply to colleges

7. Visit colleges

Applying to colleges is all about the experience. After four years of high school, you get to show off everything you’ve accomplished. If you want to brag, applications are the place to do it. Plus, it is a good idea to have a plan for what you want to do after high school. Most students go on to college, and applying to colleges is the first step in that plan.

Before deciding on which college you want to go to, it is a smart idea to visit the campus. Staying overnight is a great option and gives you the feel of what that particular college is like.. A college visit can often make or break that school for an individual. If you want to be fully confident in your college choice, visiting the school is necessary.

2. Learn to cook and do laundry

8. Save money

You’re going to need to know how to cook eventually if you want to move away from home. Put together a recipe book of all your favorite foods to bring with you wherever you go next. Also, doing laundry is another skill necessary to thrive in the world. You can’t keep wearing the same dirty clothes over and over again. Eventually, you’ll start to get some weird looks.

3. Get organized

Rather than wait until the last possible minute to start cleaning out your room before going away to college, get organized before graduation. Collect anything you want to bring with you and make a list of anything you might need to buy when you get there. This way, you have the whole summer to spend however you want and not have to stress out about the coming fall.

4. Road trip with friends

Because a road trip with family could be disastrous, take your friends and hit the road. Make sure to bring a camera and music since, depending on where you go, your favorite radio stations might not work. Oh, and maybe a map, too if you’re prone to getting lost.

5. Make amends

Have there been people you used to be friends with but no longer are? Have you grown apart or had a fight? Have you ever said something you regretted? If so, before graduation you should make amends with them. You might never see your high school classmates again and leaving them on a good note will be a last impression they will remember. It’s a small world and you never know when you might run into them again.

6. Prom

It’s pretty much essential to the high school experience. Even if you’ve never been to a high school dance before, going to prom is a must. It’s the last chance to dress up and be lavish before graduating. It’s a chance you don’t want to miss out on.

No matter where you end up going after graduation, you’re going to need money. Start saving now for college or just for the future. Try making a budget to limit pointless spending. Many students come out of college with debt. To help alleviate some, try saving now.

9. Stay fit

We’ve all heard of the pesky Freshman 15, the 15 pounds college students supposedly gain in the first few months of their first year in college. By exercising and eating right before graduation, you can avoid those extra pounds and stay in shape.

10. Buy what you’ll need

If you have things on your list for college that you don’t have at home, start buying them before graduation. If you need a laptop, a webcam to keep in touch with your friends and family or some extra clothes if you’re headed somewhere cold, buy them ahead of time to prevent the amount of stuff you need to buy there. It’s always smart to be prepared ahead of time. 

Opinions • 9

March 4, 2010 • CdS Sunrise

What gender is weaker in relationships? MALE POINT BY LUKE SAMUELS Sports Editor

Just a forewarning for you easily offended readers; I strongly advise you not to dabble in this opinion if you have a short temper, lack an open mind, or if you could beat me up, because I don’t feel like explaining to my mom why I got worked by a girl. Happiness and heartbreak seems to be the theme for quite a bit of things lately. We all have just barely made it past Singles Awareness Day (a.k.a Valentines Day), with the “season of love” just around the corner, and for most of the single people in this world, this isn’t the favored part of the year. I have no doubt my “superior” editor, Janae, is making a decently valid argument. Or so it seems. That’s my first point I’d like to try and make. All women have a way with words. Whether it is to achieve something they want (usually something materialistic), salvage an argument that isn’t going their way (which very few arguments tend to do, I’ve noticed), or to make themselves feel better about something (mostly resulting in making us feel bad). These words easily form into insults and put-downs that stick with us for quite a long time. And what happens when we bring up the fact that a month ago they said that they wished we would suffer a long, painful death just because we had to go to a work party to get our Christmas bonus instead of sit home and watch the premiere of Secret Life of an American Teenager? They don’t even remember! That is the most shocking part. The words that come out of their mouths don’t even have enough importance to retain a memory in their minds. To me, that is just reassurance that the loving, caring and “important” things that come out of their mouths mean just about as much to them as the more frequent insults do. This next point is short and sweet. All women are manipulative princesses. (Note the sarcasm.) They do what they want to get what they want. They use themselves as tools of manipulation and abuse the power they hold over us as men. And there isn’t a thing we can do about it. Unfortunately, I’m not going to get a chance to address and shed light on all the issues I’d like to. So, I chose to give

my two cents on what I think the most destructive effect women have on us. All women strip us of our manhood. Is there ever a time that we voluntarily go to a nail salon and deal with other women who have been smelling nail polish fumes all day? Or choose to stand in Victoria’s Secret and hold a bag full of girls’ underwear? Or even sit and watch movies that a man should never watch, like Sex and the City? The answer is no. And if we protest? We never hear the end of it! We receive guilt trips for wanting to spend time with our guy friends or just grab Wendy’s for dinner instead of dropping extra cash for Red Robin. All these emasculating deeds make us extremely prone to humility with our own friends, which in turn slowly deteriorates the friendships we have with them. Eventually, all we do is spend time with women and forget what it means to be a true man. It’s sad. We fade from whom we originally were and who everyone initially was so inclined to like. All because of a selfish woman. These actions are a commonality that I’ve taken note of over the course of my lifetime, not that I’m implying it has been very long, but I’m sure many older, more experienced men can attest to the points being made here. So my advice to you guys out there is to live it up while you still can. Do things for yourself before you have to end up doing things for everyone else. If you’re going to have a girlfriend make sure she loves you for who you are and supports everything you do and don’t compromise yourself out of fear and manipulation. And for Pete’s sake, don’t lose your manhood. If you don’t get it, go ask your teacher what that means. ®


Boys stink. That’s not to say I don’t like boys; I love boys. I just think they don’t know how to treat girls fairly. And this doesn’t pertain to every guy; not every man can be perfect like Wade Hooke. But for most of the boys I’ve come across in my life, I’m not impressed. Every girl has this idea growing up that one day they might find their prince charming and live happily ever after. What a joke. Perhaps it’s the fact that high school boys are intensely immature and completely influenced by their friends, or maybe it’s their lack of sympathy in relationships, but it seems that boys have heartbreak all over their agenda. It’s hard to categorize all boys the same way which is why I have stereotyped all guys I know into different personalities. Let’s begin with the most KAELI LAW common high school boy: the Manipulator. There was a time I considered myself a strong person. Until I met the Manipulator. Boys are so good at feeding you lines and pushing your buttons that sometimes you don’t even realize their doing it until after they’ve influenced you. I love it when you have an argument with a boy and it can be about something and they try and turn the situation into something else so they can seem more innocent by shedding light on your faults. Instead of trying to talk about it at an appropriate time they decide to blow up in your face and twist the situation so you feel bad. Next we have the Coward. This is the boy I typically run into, and this is the one that can make you feel so unworthy. The

Coward is too afraid to express themselves because of their fear of commitment. It’s understandable to avoid serious relationships because of our youth, but this is the guy who wants you but can’t tell you. He does this because he’s afraid of what other people will think, specifically his friends. The Coward is probably the best at breaking your heart because he can say one thing and do another… which leads me to another type of boy: the Liar. The Liar is very similar to the manipulator but the liar is a little more full of himself. I’m sure every girl has caught a boy lying to her before, but I think this guy is so much more common all around, and not only in high school. I don’t know what it is but it seems like so many boys these days are just sociopathic liars. It may be a little more understandable if they were lying about something of importance, but it’s the best (note the sarcasm) when you catch them lying about something totally insignificant. Finally we have the Ultimate Jerk. The Ultimate Jerk is all of the attributes listed above combined into one person. He’s a coward, a liar and he knows how to manipulate you. Unfortunately, it’s these men who are somehow most desired by girls, which allows them to think that treating people the way they do is acceptable and encourages them to stay in the ultimate jerk category. I suppose that’s where I have to say girls are at fault in relationships because they continue to put up with this kind of behavior. It’s impossible to say what makes the ultimate jerk so sought-after, but I suppose it’s their ability to make life more interesting. There is another type of high school boy, a rare diamond in the rough: the nice guy. The nice guy is the one who seems like such a good person and fun until you realize you’re bored to tears. He says and does all the right things, but it seems like there’s never any attraction with these guys. Girls are always so interested in having this guy until they meet them in the flesh. There never seems to be chemistry with the all-around nice guys. Although I do believe it’s our fault men act this way, that doesn’t mean they should. Girls need to stand up for themselves and observe these wrong doings instead of being strung along. I suppose in any relationship you're bound to come across these types of people but it's up to you to either accept their treatment or move on. Obsession and dwelling can only cause pain.®

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CdS Sunrise • March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010 • CdS Sunrise

Junior Link barrel races BY KAITIE EDEL Copy Editor

At Corona, students engage in a wide variety of sports. For junior Ashley Link, a specific branch of horseback riding is her sport of choice. Link has been participating in barrel racing with her two sisters for nine years. “I took a class when I was seven and I’ve been riding ever since,” Link said. She also said her love of horses made her know riding was something she wanted to do. Barrel racing is a fast-paced sport where a horse will ride full speed onto the field and around three barrels set up around the arena. The goal is to cooperate well with your horse and get the fastest time. Link trains four to five days a week for two hours a day with her horses Buttercup, Blackjack and Ranger. She is currently riding with a Scottsdale club but races with around five different clubs each year. According to Link, training and commitment have paid off and she has been successful in many competitions throughout the years and has garnered many awards. “I tore everything in my knee in sixth grade when my horse fell on top of me,” Link said.

After one year without riding due to the injury, Link took on a challenge that she deemed a big achievement to complete. “I trained a horse from when you couldn’t Link even ride him,” Link said. Link also teaches riding lessons to both kids and adults ages 7 to 45. “To teach lessons, I have to know everything up to the advanced level,” she said. Along with Link’s love and knowledge for riding comes a love for the animals she works with. According to her, there is a lot to be learned from the animals. “I have learned how much responsibility it takes to care for an animal along with trust and confidence to be on a thousandpound animal,” she said. “It also keeps you out of trouble because you always have to be with them. It’s a huge time commitment.” Currently, Link is looking for a college where she can continue to barrel race but says that it is difficult to find one that is perfect for her. ®

Pommies take 3rd in state

some say.” The routine that was used at state was different from what students usually see The pommies are a fixture at Corona, at football games. “The stuff at football games is more and we see them often. We see them at pom and competition is more of a mix of football games with their trademark kick pom, jazz and hip-hop,” pom coach Miline and perchelle Lewis forming at said. a ssemblies The girls with their were judged captivating in three catdance rouegories: extines. Howecution and ever, the te chnique, pommies choreogare not only raphy, and performers, showmanbut comship and petitors, and spirit. The their most execution recent comcategory is petition was worth 40 PHOTO COURTESY OF PAYNTERPICS.COM the Arizona points and S p i r i t l i n e Corona’s competition pommie team took 3rd place on the choreState Cham- Jan. 30th at the Az Spiritline State Championships. ography and pionships. sh ow m a n The championships took place ship categories are worth 30 points. in January in Prescott, but the pommies The girls finished third behind Mounstarted preparing well in advance for the tain View and Xavier, who took first and competition. second, respectively. “We started practicing in September, At regionals, the girls also took third at least twice a week for about three hours to Xavier, despite tying them points-wise, per week,” pom captain, senior Monica but the girls were excited nonetheless Chavez said. with their finish at state. The practices were much more difficult “We didn’t think that we would do that as well, according to junior Alyssa Salas. well so we were really excited,” Chavez “They were really, really hard,” Sasaid. ® las said. “The first practice was like eight BY ERIC SMITH Staff Writer

hours to learn the whole dance.” To help give the team a boost, they hired a choreographer, something that is uncommon for the pommies, who normally choreograph their own routines. “She let us have a say in some things,” Salas said. “She was strict but we still had

Sophomore Marisa Koster Junior Jenny Chapco Junior Carly Robertson Junior Alyssa Salas Junior Makayla Willis Junior Lindsay Nahs Senior Monica Chavez

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Wrestlers earn second state title BY ALEX BERNAL Online Sports Editor

The Aztec wrestling team has claimed the team state championship for the second year in row, beating the Mesa Jackrabbits 38-16 last month. “Winning back-to-back was a great way to end my high school career,” senior Derek Felton (171 pounds) said. “I couldn’t really ask for much more.” After Corona trailed 10-6 in team points, 125-pound wrestler Patrick Buck had a come-from-behind victory that sealed the deal for the Aztecs. “Our biggest win was at 125,” head coach Jim Martinez, “That match was one of the biggest indicators that we were going to win.” The last six matches of the night included Corona’s four individual state champions, seniors Ryan Miller (152 pounds), Blake Ortiz (160 pounds), Felton, and Sam Fulton (189 pounds). Junior Simon Allen (215 pounds) took third, and senior Mike Howard (heavyweight) was state runner-up. “Before Ryan’s match, we knew we

had won,” sophomore Robert Butler (119 pounds) said. “After 215 and heavyweight took care of business, we started our celebration.” The Aztecs had two workouts a day for 10 days prior to the state championship, but shortened their workout from three hours to two in hopes of building more strength and confidence through out the team. “We prepared by out-working everyone else,” Felton said. “We worked out two times a day, and it gave us the confidence to go as hard as we could in every match.” Corona will now have the target on their back next year, after winning both the individual and team state championship two years in a row. They will be losing eight starters next year, and six of them placed at the individual state championship. “Having a team championship and especially back-to-back state championships will be one of the best memories of high school that they will never forget,” Martinez said. ®

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CdS Sunrise • March 4, 2010

Boys soccer wins state title BY ERIC SMITH Staff Writer

Happiness, accomplishment and relief; that’s what the members of the boys soccer team were feeling on Feb. 13 when they won the state championship against Hamilton High School. Expectations were very high for the Aztecs, especially after last year’s first round loss to the then last-seeded Chandler High. During the days leading up to the championship, the players stayed consistent and didn’t alter their routines much. They were very confident and well prepared. “They were so confident that they weren’t nervous,” head coach Dan Salas said. The game was a back-and-forth struggle, and both teams struggled offensively. JANAE MARI “We weren’t doing anything wrong, The senior soccer players proudly hold their trophy after winning the game against Hamilton High School in the state championbut we weren’t doing enough right,” Salas ship on Feb. 13. said. fielder and forward Dan Van Vleet scored the game-win- eighth in the nation, and depending on who wins amongst With the clock at zero, the team got ready to go into ning goal with less than one minute left to play in the first the California and Texas teams ranked above them, they overtime. overtime period. could ascend higher in the rankings. “I felt the other team was tired and they had given ev“It happened so fast, I saw the chance and I just took The bar has now been set, and with this championship erything they had to that point, and I remember saying it,” Van Vleet said. much will be expected of next year’s team. that their best player was dead, and that they needed to The Aztecs won the game by a score of 1-0 and sealed The Aztecs are graduating 11 seniors, including sevstay at a peak for the next 20 minutes,” Salas said. the championship victory that had eluded them last year. eral key starters. The Huskies gave the boys a scare when one of their “My mind was on the last four years, and that was how It will be up to the underclassmen to continue the traplayers broke free with the ball. It seemed like he would I wanted those boys to go out as seniors,” Salas said. “It dition of excellence that has been established at Corona. score but a heads-up play by senior defender Kevin Binwas such a sense of accomplishment, you could see the “We’re losing some of our key players from the last iazin prevented a potential Hamilton score. At the last relief in their face and their body language.” three years…we’re losing some of the best players in Arisecond Biniazin grabbed the opposing player’s jersey and In addition to their state championship, the boys are zona,” Salas said. “What I think is important is that they pulled on it, resulting in a foul that stopped the play. nationally ranked. build as a team…they’re going to have to build their own The break the team needed came when senior midAccording to ESPN, the boys are currently ranked identity as a team.” ®

Girls soccer earn second in state BY TATUM HARTWIG News Editor

The Lady Aztecs soccer team defied odds this season by making it to the state championships. Their season started out shaky but managed to bring the heat in the end. “Well, although we started out slow it picked up in the end and we showed everyone what we had,” sophomore Brooke Radley said. Even through the ups and downs, the Lady Aztecs took everything one step at a time to make the season the best it could be. “This year we had a great season,” senior Heather Crothers said. “It was a bit rough at times but it made our team stronger.” Making it to the state championship match was the icing on the cake to difficult games, endless practices and hard workouts. “Our team was closer than it ever had been to a state title and all of our hard work and struggling had finally paid off in the end,” Crothers said. Finally the state championships had come on Feb. 13 at Campo Verde High School in Gilbert. The anticipation and excitement had been building up among the team and the fans. “It was pretty nerve-wracking,” Radley said. “It was cool to see everyone there in the stands cheering for us.” In the first half of the match, the Aztecs managed to hold off the Gators and senior goal keeper Hailey Hayes blocked all of Xavier’s goal attempts until 31 minutes into the game when Xavier’s Jessica Fitzgerald bypassed Hayes’ reach and

scored the first goal of the game. The first half ended with a score of 1-0. At the beginning of the second half the Xavier offense came out in full force, yet Hayes’ still managed to block every attempt. The Aztecs also picked up the pace but were unsuccessful in their attempts to surpass the Gators’ defense. Then with one minute left in the match Fitzgerald scored again to secure Xavier’s victory. The Lady Aztecs may not have come home with the State Championship title, but they were able to go from the bottom to the top and attain the title of state runners-up.®

The Corona girls were underdogs throughout the whole post season, impressing many clinching state runner up. KATHRYN VALENTINE

Sunrise March 2010  

March 2010 issue of the Corona del Sol Sunrise Newspaper.