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Fall 2013 Continuing Education

Continuing Education Information Night with program director April Walton Prospective and current students welcome! Monday, September 9, 2013, 6–7:30 p.m. A brief presentation on documentary tools will be held from 7–7:30 p.m., and CDS staff will offer recommendations and advice to beginning and intermediate students. Please register online for this free session at




ONLINE Audio Documentary: Painting a Picture with Sound Claire Schoen | Intermediate/Advanced

Digital Camera Craft Richard Lucic | All Levels

NEW Writing Documentary Nonfiction Belle Boggs | All Levels

ONLINE The Audio Postcard Shea Shackelford | All Levels

Introduction to Editing Digital Photographs Durward Rogers | All Levels

NEW Documentary Poetry and Remembrance Howard Craft | All Levels

Hindenburg Workshop Marc Maximov | All Levels

Media File Management Workshop John Rash | All Levels

Introduction to Audio Documentary Aaron Smithers | All Levels


The Narrative Imagination: A Documentary Writing Boot Camp Rosecrans Baldwin | All Levels

NEW Audio Slideshows Phoebe Judge and Indaia Whitcombe All Levels NEW ONLINE Phoning It In: Making Audio Slideshows with Your Smartphone Shea Shackelford | All Levels

PHOTOGRAPHY Cameras Across Cultures Sarah Stacke | All Levels Darkroom Tutorial Harlan Campbell | All Levels Digital Printing Tutorial Harlan Campbell | Intermediate/Advanced Documentary Photography as Fine Art G. Douglas Vuncannon | All Levels Documentary Street Photography Harvey Stein | All Levels ONLINE The Enduring Image: Defining Your Personal Style and Vision Bryce Lankard | All Levels NEW Photogram and Lumen Print Workshop John Rash | All Levels Pinhole Photography Workshop Harlan Campbell | All Levels

Documentary and the Three-Act Structure Joshua Dasal | All Levels

SPECIAL TOPICS Art of the Interview Georgann Eubanks and Donna Campbell All Levels Copyright Workshop Jennifer Jenkins | All Levels

DSLR Video: New Tools for Filmmaking and Media Alex Maness | All Levels

NEW Documentary and the Creative Impulse Michael C. Taylor | All Levels

Intermediate Documentary Video Editing Simone Keith | Intermediate

Documentary Production from Start to Finish Judith Van Wyk | All Levels

NEW Introduction to Archival: Two Case Studies Tom Whiteside | All Levels

Documentary Project Planning and Management Georgann Eubanks and Donna Campbell All Levels

Introduction to Documentary Video Editing Durward Rogers | All Levels Introduction to Documentary Video Field Production Simone Keith | All Levels NEW Introduction to DVD Authoring with Adobe Encore Simone Keith | All Levels NEW Introduction to iPhoneography Ian McClerin | All Levels NEW Making the Conflict Documentary Joshua Dasal | All Levels NEW Writing the Documentary Script Joshua Dasal | All Levels

NEW Get Connected: Using Social Media to Distribute Your Work Pilar Timpane | All Levels How to Craft a Winning Documentary Proposal Judith Van Wyk | All Levels

REQUIRED CERTIFICATE COURSES Introductory Seminar in Documentary Studies Joy Salyers | All Levels Final Project Seminar in Documentary Studies Randy Benson | Advanced

ADVANCED PROJECT SEMINARS Audio | Aaron Smithers Photography | Bryce Lankard Video | Jim Haverkamp

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Directing Your Documentary: Making Choices Randy Benson | All Levels


NEW Working with Music in Audio Storytelling David Schulman | All Levels

ONLINE Narratives of Struggle: Documenting Personal Trauma Sharon Raynor | All Levels

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NEW One Voice: Constructing a Narrative Phoebe Judge | All Levels

Camera Techniques for Documentary Video Wendy Smith | All Levels

Continuing Education at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University Fall 2013 Courses Audio | Multimedia | Photography | Video | Writing | Special Topics Multi-Week Courses, Workshops, and Online Classes The Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University (CDS) offers a wide range of short courses, institutes, and workshops for adults interested in the documentary arts—to start a project or refine an ongoing one. The courses, available through flexible admission with reasonable fees, provide instruction in photography, film and video, audio, writing, and other creative media, and such topics as documentary fieldwork, traditions, techniques, and the ethics involved in creating and presenting original work.

“My first exposure to CDS gave me a solid foundation as I start my education. I can’t imagine a better way to learn what makes a good documentary and how to structure my own work.” —Don Heineman Continuing Education Information Night: Monday, September 9, 2013, 6–7:30 p.m. For information on dates and times and to register for classes: To find out more about CDS:

Continuing Education Fall 2013  

Course listings for Fall 2013 classes at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University