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Training Manual

Training Manual Several Topics of Discussion during Training


About us/About You-Introduction *Staff introduction *Introduce Christopher


About the Brand *Background about Christopher *What Makes Us Different? *Ingredients and Education *Combining Skincare and Makeup (The Esthetician and the Makeup Artist)

3. About the Company *How We Work *What to Expect From Us *Our “Relationship” With You 4. Makeup Application *Christopher’s Demonstration-Applying Makeup Like a Pro *Tips and Tricks to Quick, Flawless Makeup *Making an Esthetician a “Pro” Makeup Artist *Staff Demonstration-Practice Applying Makeup on Each other *CDB “School”. What sets a CDB Makeup Artist Apart? *Question and Answer 5. Sales *Basic Tips for Selling Our Makeup *”I’m not a salesperson, I’m an Esthetician” *Becoming a “soft” Salesperson *Close the Sale (without even knowing it) *You don’t have to be a Salesperson to be a Salesperson.

Introducing Christopher Drummond Beauty This is a makeup like no other: Created by a Pro makeup artist and Esthetician, it is 100% natural, organic-based, vegan and healthy. It is a product that is not only good for your skin, but good for the earth. Infused with an exclusive blend of Brazilian antioxidants, plant extracts, vitamins, and phyto-nutrients, we assure you that our hand crafted products will take your skin to the next level. At CDB we have pledged to make the world a more beautiful place, one face at a time. When we say “Beyond Mineral Makeup”, we mean it. First, by having eco-friendly, animal-friendly, vegan cosmetics, we are contributing to the prosperity of you and the planet. This also allows you to have the best, most effective, protective and gentle product available. There is no itching, no irritation like with many other “natural” cosmetics. Just pure beauty the way nature intended. This coupled with a light-as-air feel, and a simply gorgeous look, you can’t go wrong. All of our face products are free of Titanium Dioxide, and Bismuth Oxychloride. We are the only cosmetic company that can say this. These items, while used in the majority of all other cosmetics, are known irritants and possible carcinogens. Because of this, we formulated our luxurious foundation, finishing powder and radiance booster without them. If you are looking for an exclusive line of natural, organic-based, vegan cosmetics that are the best quality, highest rated, and created by a professional, you have found us. We deliver the highest customer service, the best quality, and the most extensive education platform available. You will not only have our products, you will have Christopher’s expertise at your fingertips through videos, email, phone, Skype and other media outlets. We are here for you.


Christopher’s Story Christopher began his career in the fashion industry as a model at the age of twenty-one. He then went on to work behind the scenes of fashion shows with such beauty industry icons as Bobbi Brown. His skill as a makeup artist soon led to his position as a creative director of Sephora sponsored fashion shows and vast experience with clients in exclusive spas. A bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, along with an esthetician’s license, extensive training with dermatologists, and additional coursework in chemistry, skin pathology and nutrition gave Chris a comprehensive understanding of skincare and the effects the environment has on the skin. Over 15 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, both in front of and behind the camera of fashion shows, and within cosmetic companies specializing in natural and botanical ingredients, went into Christopher’s decision to start his own cosmetic company in 2005. Having worked as a skincare specialist and makeup artist for fifteen years, Christopher realized that there was a market for a premium line of natural, organic-based, vegan cosmetics that would enhance a woman’s complexion and be good for the environment. It also became apparent that many women were unhappy with the barrage of products and conflicting information that was flooding the beauty industry. Women seemed to be inundated with products that they were unsure of how to use or why they should but them. Christopher believed that a woman’s makeup and skincare regimen could be simplified and developed a basic philosophy to help empower women through cosmetics. He focused on creating a company that would develop products that were revolutionary in texture, ingredients and application and support his line of cosmetics with practical advice and instruction.

Contd…. Christopher began by using his hand crafted cosmetics on the models he worked with on photo shoots. After long hours of wear, under intense lighting and conditions, Christopher realized that his cosmetic line could stand up to the rigors of everyday use. As the models began to ask where they could purchase his products, Chris knew it was time to expand. At the same time, he saw the potential in using the internet to provide women with the opportunity to have their skincare and beauty questions answered by professional makeup artists. “Live and Direct” enables Christopher’s clients to have their questions regarding cosmetics, skincare, or application techniques answered, in real-time, by a professional makeup artist and esthetician. Christopher Drummond Beauty also offers access to the latest beauty industry tips and techniques, including the creation of individualized skin treatments and color combinations for women of all ages, skin types and ethnicities. This unique opportunity enables every woman to benefit from the same expert advice Christopher has been providing models and exclusive spa clientele for years. Our Company believes in staying in tune with the world around us and has launched a line of products that have been designed to utilize natural, organic and vegan ingredients, without additives. The ingredients used each contain soothing, healing properties, natural sunscreen and potent antioxidants. The unique packaging, made exclusively for Christopher Drummond Beauty, prolongs the shelf life of his products, eliminating the need for harmful preservatives. When working on celebrities, models and everyday women, Christopher uses synthetic brushes whenever possible. He doesn’t see the need in using animals to make or test cosmetics and accessories. Christopher has proven that premium cosmetics and accessories can be made using the highest quality, natural ingredients, without harming the world or the animals on it. Christopher’s work has been seen in top publications like Elle, W, Us Weekly, New York Magazine, In Style, People, and many other publications. Celebrities that Christopher has worked with include: Jennifer Lopez, Komura Lee Simmons, Brooke Shields, Glenn Close, January Jones, Paula Patton, and many others.

What makes ‘Christopher Drummond Beauty?’ So Different? *This is the first makeup of its kind. While it may look like a mineral makeup, our products are much better for the skin, won’t dry, and won’t irritate;; yet it lasts all day, and comes in the latest textures and colors. Fashion meets function. *CDB is the first makeup line created by a pro makeup artist/esthetician geared toward the luxury spa market. *Our products are made in small batches by hand. You are guaranteed fresh, recently made products that surpass the quality of other lines. *Our powders are known for their hydrating properties. They will not dry the skin, nor will they enhance fine lines. They also work like skin care. *We are so much more than a makeup line—we are a lifestyle that supports your individuality and encourages you to be you. *We are a brilliant alternative to traditional mineral makeup. Since our products are free of Bismuth, and talc and most of our products do not have or use minimal Titanium Dioxide, we have a line that is “unlike any other”. *The line is created for the woman who wants luxury, and demands the highest quality. It is the first all natural, organic based makeup line for the luxury spa market. *Our ingredients are organic, when available (“Organic Based”). *All of our packaging is either recycled or recyclable. *We do not use animal ingredients in any of our products or brushes (the exception is some of our products contain bees wax from organic farmers) *We are the only cosmetic company to offer training and education through our “Live and Direct” site at; to help you understand cosmetics and application better. *We fully train, support, educate and empower our clients by offering webinars, conference calls, online instruction via Skype, YouTube instructional videos, and phone and email support. *We encourage you to become interactive with us through tutorials, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and through our blog and website. *We can customize products for you. Ask us how……

About the Products Christopher Drummond Beauty has revolutionized the way we look at makeup by creating innovative formulas with the highest quality, organic-based ingredients. He has created a line of beauty and skin care products that will both enhance your beauty and pamper your skin. Traditional mineral makeup contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and bismuth oxychloride which can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and irritated. Christopher’s skin-friendly all-natural, organic based formulations include such soothing ingredients, including Açai, and green tea, which contain healing antioxidants. These products which have a natural sunscreen and are non-comedogenic will leave your skin feeling velvety soft and looking naturally radiant. SAÚDE PELE Radiance Booster Saúde Pele Radiance Booster brings your skin all the radiance of a Brazilian holiday with the stroke of a brush. This all natural, vegan, organic-based powder is rich in antioxidants that are essential for healthy-looking skin. Saúde Pele is enriched with botanical extracts including, Açai, soy isoflavones and boswellia serrata, to give your complexion a luminous glow. Use Saúde Pele either with Veludo Velvet Foundation or by itself, for a look that is natural, healthy, and radiant. Veludo Velvet Foundation Veludo, developed exclusively by Christopher Drummond Beauty is an all natural, organic-based, vegan foundation which conceals imperfections while presenting a luminous finish. This ultra-light, nourishing powder, glides effortlessly over your skin, to provide weightless color, long-wearing coverage and a natural, flawless finish. Veludo is ideal for even those with most sensitive skin. It’s long-wearing formula is water, perspiration and transfer resistant and contains a natural sunscreen, making ideal for everyday use. Your skin will feel refreshed, and you will look simply radiant. Finale- Finishing Powder This skin-balancing, ultra-fine finishing powder nourishes your skin as it absorbs excess oil and helps your skin retain its moisture. You are left with a long-lasting, flawless finish. It’s pure and natural formula is suitable for all skin types; from the driest to the oiliest complexions. Christopher designed Finale for everyday use, so that your skin can look flawless, naturally. Simply dust Finale over your Veludo Velvet foundation for a beautiful look that literally lasts all day. The smooth finish won’t cake or set into fine lines. Finale can also be worn alone for a sheer, clean look. We recommend “Branca” for fair skin, and “Neutro” for darker, olive or yellow-toned skin and “Amarello” for the darkest complexions.

Continued‌. Concealer This all natural concealer, rich in soothing natural botanicals, will diminish visible imperfections while nourishing and conditioning your skin. Its long-lasting formula will not wear off or fade away. It is as gentle on the eyes as a light moisturizing cream, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving you with a youthful, hydrated complexion. This product contains no artificial preservatives and is paraben free. Use it as a cream foundation and eyeshadow primer. You may thin out the consistency with a little water to be used as a liquid foundation. Flat Top Synthetic Brush Our Flat Top Synthetic Brush has dense bristles and a very full shape that is designed to use with makeup powders that are applied to the entire face. This is a powder brush or a buffer or both. This brush is made with the luscious synthetic bristles, used for the Ultimate Kabuki's. The bristles and technology used for our brushes is Korean, well known for making the finest brushes in the world. Overall it measures 4 inches long. The handle is 2-5/8 inches long, the bristles 1-3/8 inches long. The bristles are a full 1-5/8 inches in diameter. Our Flat Top Synthetic Brushes arrive in a heavy duty, reusable, plastic case.

How to Sell Christopher Drummond Beauty

*We are a premium all natural makeup line that specializes in giving women a beautifully natural glow to their skin. *CDB should NOT be sold as a mineral makeup for these reasons: 1. Traditional Mineral Makeup contains titanium dioxide, and bismuth Oxychloride. We do not. We are the only line on the market that has a powder that is free of titanium dioxide. Being free of these ingredients guarantees a sheer, beautiful coverage that is truly great for all skin types, including very sensitive. 2. We are marketing ourselves as “beyond mineral makeup”. This means we have created a product unlike any other on the market. It’s not a mineral makeup;; yet it is not a traditional makeup line. 3. We have ingredients that traditional mineral makeup does not have. These ingredients are: penta-milled serecite, organic arrowroot, organic Açai, green tea extract, gotu kola, and soy isoflavones. We also include organic corn starch, kaolin clay, and essential oils. These ingredients create a synergistic effect that balances the skin and works as a treatment product. 4. Christopher believes that traditional mineral makeup is a thing of the past. “Too many people are having issues with it. It’s time to change things—stir them up a bit.” He created a line that is a vast improvement from the traditional mineral makeup formula. He took out what wasn’t working, and put in what would help the skin. *Who is CDB for? 1. Our demographic is a chic fashionable woman who is educated about skincare and makeup ingredients. 2. The CDB woman prefers luxury because she requires quality. She looks for the best ingredients, the best products, and the best packaging. 3. She is concerned about her body and the environment. She is looking for a line that is natural, high-quality, and chic all in one. She has the money and knowledge to pick a line that is a good value, yet is still top of the line. 4. Any woman who is looking for the newest makeup in the industry. She is a woman who is looking for the newest trends in cosmetics, and wants to be “ahead of the curve” in trends.


*What are the ingredients? 1. Organic Acai. Christopher saw the value of this Amazon fruit three years ago when he first started developing his line. He was the first to create a patent pending for a powder with this ingredient. This is considered the strongest antioxidant on the planet. 2. Gotu Kola. This is an Ayuervedic herb that has been used for thousands of years to help stimulate the skin and help firm. It is also a powerful antioxidant. 3. Soy Isoflavones. Aside from being a powerful antioxidant, soy is known to help firm and tone the skin. 4. Green Tea. Another amazing antioxidant that helps fight the signs of aging. 5. Plant extracts/essential oils. These ingredients add phyto sterols, to help balance and add nutrients to the skin (vitamin b-5, iron, zinc, magnesium, and amino acids, to name a few). These ingredients also help to strengthen the skin. 6. Organic Arrowroot. This ingredient is a natural alternative to zinc oxide. It helps to sooth the skin and naturally adds coverage. 7. Organic corn starch. This non-comedogenic ingredient helps to sooth and also helps to absorb oil. 8. Kaolin Clay. This French clay not only helps to keep shine to a minimum, it also helps to absorb toxins. *What Are the Reasons to Buy? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

New exciting line created by a pro makeup artist and esthetician

All Natural Free of Preservatives Animal cruelty free. No animal ingredients used (gloss has beeswax) No Parabens No artificial ingredients or colors Veludo, Saude Pele and Finale are Free of known irritants: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, bismuth Oxychloride 8. Perfect alternative to traditional mineral makeup 9. Light, natural coverage 10. Works as a treatment as well as a makeup: two in one 11. Products are very concentrated and long lasting: great value.

Sell Sheet For Saúde Pele Radiance Booster -What is Saúde Pele? Saúde Pele is a product like no other: 100% natural with organic and vegan ingredients, it’s great for your skin. It has botanical extracts such as Açai, soy isoflavones and Boswellia Serrata extracts, which all help to impart a luminous glow. It was made to be simple, effective, good for you and longlasting. -How Do I Wear Saúde Pele? *Saúde Pele is the most versatile cosmetic product on the market. Here are some ways to incorporate this beauty treatment into your current regime: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

Under foundation to add a slight glow On top of foundation to enhance the luminosity of the skin Under eye makeup as a base—it brightens the eyes As a highlighter on cheeks, chin, eyes and forehead. Mix it with our moisturizer to add depth and dimension, and nutrients On the décolleté to luminize and add shine to the area Mix with lip gloss to add extra dimension Add it to your body powder to add a healthy glow, and antioxidants

-How was it created? Christopher formulated Saúde Pele from scratch. He made it for the woman of today: full of time constraints, with no time for well-being. By using Saúde Pele (which is Portuguese for “healthy skin”), you are making a choice to use a beautiful and useful product. Christopher wanted his product to not only be effective, but good for you and your environment. By using ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, essential oils, botanical extracts and ayuerveda-inspired philosophies, a product was made to nurture your skin and your soul. -Who is it for? Anyone. Whatever your skin type, color, age or skin condition is, this product is for you. The lightest to the darkest skin can use Saúde Pele, and will have the same effect: glowing, beautiful-looking skin— in an instant!

-How is Saúde Pele good for my skin? Christopher incorporated ingredients that have been “tried and true” for thousands of years. They have purported rejuvenating and anti-aging effects: *Essential Oils: Non-pore clogging oils that help clean the hair follicle. They also are anti-bacterial, and bring balance to the skin: they hydrate where needed, and decrease oil where it’s not needed. *Zinc Oxide: A natural mineral that is very healing to the skin. Often used in diaper rash preparations, it is also soothing, and helps calm redness. *Organic Corn Starch/Kaolin Clay: help to balance the skin by absorbing excess oil. *Boswellia Serrata Extract: In the traditional therapy of Ayuerveda, this is considered a spiritual symbol and a medicinal herb. It has been used as an analgesic (for pain), and is an anti-inflammatory. *Green Tea Extract: A potent anti-oxidant that fights the signs of aging. *Soy Isoflavones: Studies show that soy isoflavones are excellent at rebuilding collagen, while having an anti-aging effect on the skin. They also create great synergy with antioxidants, and actually help boost their potency. *Acai: Long used in Brazil, this has been called the “super food of the Brazilian rainforest”. Some say this berry is the most potent antioxidant on the planet, and that it has more nutrients than any other food. -What does “Organic-based” mean? *This means that our products contain organic ingredients, when possible. We use organic essential oils and organic corn starch in all of our products. *Some ingredients, such as Mica and Serecite are technically “inert” which means they are not living. Inert ingredients are not classified as “organic” because they are not living. *We guarantee that we use certified organic ingredients that are grown through healthy practices, and do not harm the environment, whenever we possibly can.

Inside Sales Sheet for Saúde Pele Picture yourself on a Brazilian beach, basking in the sensual air. Your skin is glistening, with a full, rich color. You have a glow that only the Brazilian sun can create: radiant, luminous, sexy and gorgeous. Imagine a product that brings your skin all the radiance of a Brazilian holiday. A vegan, organic, antioxidant-packed radiance booster that makes your skin glow at the stroke of a brush: this product is Saúde Pele by Christopher Drummond. In Portuguese, Saúde Pele means “Healthy Skin”. The star ingredient is organic Açai, from the Brazilian rainforest. Mixed with minerals, soy isoflavones, and a proprietary blend of radiance boosters, this is the ultimate in Brazilian beauty. Use Saúde Pele alone, under, or on top of your foundation to create an unforgettable luminescence that only Brazil can give you. Go to for more info. Explore what inspired Christopher to create such a unique, exotic, and beautiful product……”straight from Brazil…..” *This is a radiance booster. It is made to “liven up” the look of the skin *Use it alone, or with your foundation *The product has minimal coverage. *It is “light as air” and feels like you are wearing nothing *It adds a glowing, youthful look to the skin without looking like you have makeup on. *It is the perfect color. Not a bronzer, yet it adds a beautiful golden glow to the skin. *Anyone can wear it—it is great for all skin types from dry to acne prone, men/women, light or dark. *It is the perfect accessory to your makeup collection, and you will soon find that you can’t live without it! In house use only: The idea of this product is a sexy, glowing look to the skin. It won’t clog pores, and actually helps fight the signs of ageing. At the same time, it acts as a radiance booster, and imparts a gorgeous glow to the skin. I created this to be an easy sell: a great quality product, anyone can wear it, makes your skin look gorgeous, and it reminds people of the sexy Brazilian beaches. Focusing on the sexiness of the product, I want to take an organic/natural product and show people that natural products can be sexy.

Veludo-Velvet Foundation One Sheet               

Free of Titanium Dioxide Free of Bismuth Oxychloride and talc Melt-in-your-skin texture Light as air Does not accentuate fine lines Has ingredients known to firm and tighten the skin Works as skin treatment Contains Acai, the world’s most potent antioxidant Contains Soy Isoflavones Contains Boswelia Serrata, an Ayuervedic herb for well-being Sweat resistant, water resistant Contains natural sunscreen Maintains hydration in the skin Gives the skin a soft, youthful appearance Buildable coverage



Justo/Golden Beige





Christopher’s Celebrity Makeup Tips and Tricks Perfect Makeup in Minutes No matter what time of day it is, or how busy you are, there are certain golden rules when applying your makeup. Here is a short guide to getting your war paint right every time! Laying The Foundations Foundation should be the perfect match to your skin tone. Nobody looks good when they have skin the color of a pumpkin! And worse yet, beware of the tidemarks at the jaw line. Always make sure that your foundation is well blended if you want to avoid looking like you’re wearing a mask. *Christopher’s customized tip – lighter foundation is always better than darker foundation. When choosing your shade, go a little bit lighter. Then, use your bronzer to adjust the color to the perfect shade. This allows you to customize your foundation to your exact color— every time!!!! Dark Circles There is a huge range of products on the market for different tones and textures of concealer. Don’t be tempted to go two shades lighter than your natural color, as it will make the darkness of your skin more gray and muddy. And be careful not to lay it on too thick. Remember, you want to tint the discoloration, not mask it. I hate to tell you this, but dark circles are primarily inherited from your mom or dad. Granted, lack of sleep and stress don’t help. This being said, you can NOT totally cover dark circles—it will only look like you are trying to cover up dark circles *Christopher’s customized tip – Use a very small amount of concealer under the eyes. If needed, mix your concealer with a damp brush or sponge to thin out the texture. Powdering Up Keep your powder application light by using loose powder or our new EncoreVersatile pressed powder and a big brush for application. Less is definitely more here. Our finely milled powders sink into your skin, rather than visibly lie of the top of it. Christopher’s Customized Tip - before applying your powder, try blotting your foundation with a tissue. This will remove any excess oils, and help to stop you from getting shiny.

Blushing Beauty Only apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks, and build up the color layers slowly. Next, blend the blush in so that the color looks natural. Remember, you’re just trying to enhance the facial definition that you already have. No matter how much we may want to, it is impossible to draw on fantastic cheekbones. Just be yourself! *Top tip - if you make a mistake and put too much blusher on, don’t panic! You don’t need to start over. Instead, just moisten a sponge and gently dab your cheeks with it. This will dilute the color and return your overall look to something acceptable! Available in Titanium Dioxide free formulas as well. FYI: Titanium Dioxide helps adhere the product to the skin. We try to use minimal amounts wherever possible. Luscious Lips Whatever lipstick you use, there is one golden rule to follow... just make sure that it is right for your skin tone, hair and eye coloring. Go vampy for the night time with darker shades, and keep it calm and cute with tinted lip-gloss during the day. *Top tip - if you want great looking shimmery lips try applying sparkling eye shadow over the top of your lipstick to create a new shiny shade, without buying another lip gloss. *Top Tip – Did you know most lip products contain petroleum? This ingredient actually breaks down collagen in your lips (over time), potentially making them less pliable and less full. CDB contains no petroleum in ANY products. ***Our Surlyn lip gloss tube keeps the product clean by not using a doe foot applicator (which most other makeup companies use) that introduces bacteria into the product after applying the wand to the lips.

For more of Christopher’s Tips and Tricks, go to our website, blog, and YouTube channel…..

Discovery Kit: Introduces your client to a collection of our most popular products at an affordable $49-

Women’s Gift Set available in Light, Medium and Dark, contains two Veludo foundations, one Finale Setting Powder, One Saúde Pele, One Bronzer, One Duo-Phase concealer. One SkinPrep primer, and one Vegan approved Flat top brush. $95-

Training Manual-3  

Training Manual 4. Makeup Application *Christopher’s Demonstration-Applying Makeup Like a Pro *Tips and Tricks to Quick, Flawless Makeup *Ma...

Training Manual-3  

Training Manual 4. Makeup Application *Christopher’s Demonstration-Applying Makeup Like a Pro *Tips and Tricks to Quick, Flawless Makeup *Ma...