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Moschino pantsuit ($1,148) and Moschino sheer rayon camisole with buglebead detail ($248).


VREELAND To coincide with her hit portrayal of the ultimate fashion editor, we dressed actress Karen Kuykendall in clothes that would have made the design diva proud By Jeanne Claire van Ryzin March 25, 1999


legant, original, outspoken, fearless. Diana Vreeland was a diva of 20th-century fashion. First as an editor at Harper’s Bazaar, then as editor-in-chief of Vogue, Vreeland created fashion for five decades, from the 1930s right up until her death in the 1989. Known for her outrageous pronouncements on style, beauty, and life, Vreeland broke fashion rules and established new ones. ``I hate to do anything second,’’ she once said. She drew inspiration from cultures around the world: ``Pink is the navy blue of India.’’ She embraced the youth culture of 1960s: ``Blue jeans are the greatest invention since the gondo-


la.’’ Most of all, she demanded true beauty: ``Without emotion there is no beauty.’’ Though she lived for luxury, Vreeland maintained a very practical streak. Raised by her American parents in opulent Paris at the beginning of the century, Vreeland went to work in the late 1930s because she needed the paycheck: ``You can’t have worked the number of years I have without being basically practical.’’ It was Vreeland who introduced ballet slippers and other flat-soled shoes as everyday footwear for American women. And it was Vreeland who suggested that women’s clothes be made with pockets to eliminate the need for cumbersome handbags.

“Vreeland broke fashion rules and established new ones” The life of Vreeland, according to Vreeland herself, is the subject of “Full Gallup,” a one woman broadway hit now playing at the Zachary Scott Theatre Center starring Austin actress Karen Kuykendall. The play will run through April 11. And what if Vreeland were to visit Austin today? Where would she go? Most importantly, what would she wear? With a little help from St. Thomas boutique at the Arboretum, we found some up-to-date styles that wouls complement Vreeland’s outspoken personality. We photographed Kuykendall wearing these outfits and Vreeland’s signature Japanese geisha-inspired make-up and hair-- on a jaunt around Austin.


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