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Deal With ItÂŽ is a life changing experience, bringing heightened health and safety awareness to the home as well as the workplace. Unique, innovative, thought provoking and proven to make a difference.

Deal With It ® Cultural enhancement program Key Points The Deal With It (DWI) cultural enhancement program includes a number of modular workshops, which have been developed in conjunction with clients, union reps, employees and safety professionals for 20 years. See below for the available modules.

Partner Program

Culture Survey Safe Visits / Saftey Coaching Training for supervisors, saftey representatives and champions

Partner Program

In Safe Hands Training for managers, specifically looking at roles, becoming the coach and your power of influence

Deal With It Energise Modules / Tool Box Talks Short modules that can be delivered by you to keep the program alive

Training for all staff to review our actions Vs concequences

Stop, Think, Consider

Approaching People / STAR Training for identified staff to help them make a successful intervention, safety conversation

Training for identified staff specifically looking at on the job ‘dynamic’ risk assessment

“All modules have been structured to meet a specific need, some are aimed at all staff, some are aimed specifically at management to help and support them.”

It is not necessary to undertake all the modules in the program, Circle Safety would make recommendations based on a needs analysis, and liaison with key staff within your organization. It is important to note that modules will be tailored to suit your company’s specific requirements, and would embrace any specific company messages, procedures, systems. Circle Safety would develop / amend the modules based on your specific requirements agreed at the planning phase. Typically the workshops / modules last between 1 and 8 hours, depending on the topic.


Deal With It ® Before you start any training program you need to plan

You are embarking on this program to make a positive change within your organization. Where are you now and where do you want to be? If you have done a gap analysis and know what your health and safety strengths and weaknesses are then share them with us and we will customize your training program to cover this. If you have not done this, it is important that you do. Circle Safety will provide you with a means to complete a survey to do this analysis – the survey is a powerful tool for uncovering important information about your current culture. Each employee would complete either a paper or electronic online survey, which would take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Survey can be broken down by Department / Manager / Shift. You decide the best option for you. Graphical data which is easy to interpret will be available online for your interrogation. Alternatively, we will interpret this data for you and provide a report of the key findings.

The elements of the program Circle Safety recommend for you will tie into your current programs and should not be seen as a replacement for them. We will spend time (typically a day) with your H&S staff, managers and other key identified persons so that we fully understand your current organization, systems and culture and are aware of any previous programs that have been undertaken or are current. We will also utilize the information from the gap analysis / survey to bespoke the training for you. Liaison can be done via phone, email, skype, etc.

You should identify a number of champions who will help to facilitate the program and support its implementation. A champion would attend a one-day course prior to the main training of all staff and would have a specific role to undertake. There is a generic role documented which will be provided to you, but again this will be tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Typically, you would have one champion per Department / Shift. The champion’s role should be approximately 5% of their whole role.


Deal With It ® Complete the DWI 1 module – foundation stone of the whole program

All staff would undergo DWI 1 (risks, benefits and consequences) module The DWI module is the foundation stone of the whole program. It is a three hour workshop which is highly interactive and takes participants through the selfexploration of the balance of Risks, Benefits and Consequences in an extremely realistic way. The delivery style is relaxed, thought provoking and fun but with serious messages. The concept of ‘gambling with health and safety’ is explored and participants realize for themselves that: some risks are just not worth taking we should not take unnecessary risks it is important to report unsafe conditions work together; intervene if we believe people are at risk

“Deal With It”® Key messages Everyone has to take personal responsibility. Take care of their own safety and that of others. Your Company is committed to ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being. The safest company in the world is only as safe as the people in it. At the end of each workshop participants are asked to undertake a pledge – where they promise to make one change which will improve the H&S on your site. This pledge can be managed by the champions and can be used as a leading indicator to denote a difference has been made.

we all have a role to play if we are going to make a difference


Deal With It ® Practical implementation of the DWI 1 module Who should complete it?

How is the training delivered?

Everyone within the organization or on site.

Once the training is started it would be advantageous to complete it within a short period, so that everyone can then start to participate in making the change happen. (For large sites it might be better to do Department by Department until the whole site has been completed).

Done in groups of 10-14 people, typically two events per day completed. Each event should have a good cross section of people on it to encourage debate and sharing of experiences. How long will it take?

The training can be delivered in 3 key ways: Direct delivery, by 2 Circle Safety trainers.

Depends on the numbers of people you have on site, the delivery method and your work schedules – all will be considered as part of the planning phase. (Two trainers can deliver training to 28 people per day, this can be used to determine the number of days it will take you to deliver).

Train the Trainer - ‘Deal With It’ senior trainers would train your own trainers to deliver the right personnel to deliver the workshop and then allow you to run it under license for an agreed period for all your employees and new starters. Licenses are written to meet the specific needs of each company.

Typically 4-8 people would be trained over a 4 day period, and be assessed and supported by our Safety trainer so they can be deemed competent.

NB. There is additional guidance available on choosing the right trainer and the role of the trainer – it is imperative to the success of the program that the right people are chosen. We will assist you with this. Hybrid delivery (combination of 1 and 2 above)

Week 1 - 2 ‘Deal With It’ senior trainers would complete a train the trainers event for 4-8 of your identified staff, whilst another 2 trainers deliver 2 workshops per day to your employees.

Week 2 – 4 teams made up of one Circle Safety trainer and one of your trainers would deliver 2 events per day (hence up to 8 events per day are possible)

There are different advantages to be had from all three delivery styles. This will be discussed with you directly so that you can choose the best option for your company. The preferred option currently (for English speaking companies) is the hybrid version, this gives you the benefits of reduced cost, experienced personnel and speed of delivering the events.


Deal With It ®

Is the module available in other languages? Circle Safety has the generic DWI 1 module (presentation and associated DVD’s) translated into a number of languages: English / Arabic / Bulgarian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / French / German / Hungarian / Italian / Laotian / Khmer / Malaysian / Mandarin / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Spanish / Slovak / Swedish / Thai / Trad. Chinese / Turkish / Urdu So if you have sites in other countries they can also participate in the program. The train the trainer option would be used for delivery (we would train English speaking trainers, and provide materials in your preferred language). Can Circle Safety deliver the module directly in languages other than English? We have also worked successfully with translators for delivering train the trainer workshops in other languages.

It is important to incorporate new employees into your program and make them aware of your standards and expectations. All new employees should be given basic Deal With It training. If you have chosen to deliver the workshop via the train the trainer route you will have a license to run DWI workshops on your site for a set period, typically 2 years, so you can deliver it to all your new employees. If direct delivery was undertaken, Circle Safety can attend your site at periodic intervals to deliver workshops for you. If that is not a viable option, Circle Safety will provide you with materials so that a workplace champion or trainer can deliver a 1 hour presentation, detailing the key points of the DWI workshop to your new starters.

“The train the trainer option would be used for delivery (we would train English speaking trainers, and provide materials in your preferred language).”


Deal With It ® Start to evaluate and change your culture After the DWI 1 module has been completed you should identify what you do well and what you want to change / improve. Implement new management systems. You should harness the power that can be obtained by engaging with your newly motivated staff, for example: Champions should engage with their teams having regular meetings with them to discuss H&S (reporting positive H&S as well as issues / concerns). Champions should also meet with management and senior management at regular intervals – this will generate an open and trusting culture and will go a long way to breaking down any perceived barriers. Everyone should be encouraged to report near miss incidents and unsafe conditions, through your current reporting systems or via a DWI card system, which Circle Safety will provide for you (electronic cards and spreadsheet). It is advised that you allow teams to manage this directly and report their findings to management via the champions. Employees / champions should critically review their working environment and processes and suggest improvements that can be made (Weekly Safety Focus event). If people are happy and comfortable in their surroundings they perform better / safer. The power to change lies with your people, but management must drive it or it will die. Identify critical safe behaviors for the site / departments. Make them visible. Work to them. Measure your achievements and reward people where possible. Develop a H&S charter that employees can sign on to. Measure your achievements and reward people where possible. Develop schemes to recognize and reward safe behaviors – you should focus on good behaviors when trying to change a habit, not the negative behaviors. Openly celebrate those successes.


Have a Safety Conversation EVERY DAY – make safety a consistent part of everyone’s day – 5 minutes at the start or end of the shift, by a supervisor / manager. All managers have to be visible in the workplace, communicate with all staff and listen. Managers should put time in their diary to make a workplace visit – at least weekly, “walk the talk” Ensure there are effective means of communication across the company / sites / departments. Learn from each other. Rewarding your accomplishments and making them visible to all is highly motivating to everyone and will facilitate change. You set the goals you want to achieve. Circle Safety will provide support, advice and assistance to you during this phase by providing you with a person who will act as a mentor, and will openly provide you with any resources that we currently have available. This could take you 12 months to achieve, changing culture is about changing habits, and once you commit to the journey you will be in it for the long haul. You need a steady and consistent approach.

What will the DWI workshop cost you to implement? This will be totally dependent on the delivery style and number of employees. Circle Safety will provide a written quote to you based on information provided by your company. It is important to note, Circle Safety have completed research on alternative behavior based programs and can say with confidence that we are highly competitive. There is also the facility to agree a payment plan to suit your budget. What additional costs might there be? There are no expensive management systems to buy as part of this program – the only cost to you will be the time taken out of each day to allow people to focus on safety – but that is something you should expect to do normally!

Deal With It ® Nurture the culture After approximately 12 months Circle Safety would advise you to resurvey your staff to evaluate what changes in attitudes have occurred and identify what further training / assistance might be required. It is important to keep the program alive. It is really important to keep your program current and topical to ensure you are successful in achieving your goals.

Has the DWI workshop been proven to make a difference? Yes. The program modules have been delivered worldwide over the last 20 years. Feedback and testimonials from companies that have completed the DWI 1 module have been obtained which have demonstrated that companies have seen: Significant reductions in the number and severity of injuries reported

Measure what you do, communicate it to all staff, reward your successes.

Significant increase in the number of ‘near misses’ reported

This can be very easy and inexpensive, and ideas include:

Significant cost savings to the company for the investment in the training program

DWI notice boards in key areas Tool box talks on key topics Safety discussions from managers Visible accident / incident statistics Use of photographs to denote standards required DWI hotspots are identified (unsafe processes / actions / workplaces)

Improved communication between employees and management Improved safety management systems implemented with more positive leading indicators being used in company reports Visible changes in people’s behavior Staff being more motivated and taking personal responsibility for their own safety and that of their colleagues Some testimonials Applied Biosystems - within a year of completing the DWI workshop, number of injuries reported reduced by 55%, and near miss reporting increased by 48%.

Use of thought provoking posters

Warburtons Bakeries - within a year of completing the DWI workshop, number of reportable injuries reduced by 52% equating to a cost saving of $275,000, for an investment of $39,000 Solvay – reported a 30% reduction in injuries, and estimated that in the first 6 months they saved $11,500 for an investment of $13,100 Cadburys – had a 45% reduction in injuries within the first year MKL – reported having a saving of $252,000 from an investment of $43,200

Have workplace competitions for slogans, poster ideas, safety calendars, to encourage involvement.

Further testimonials can be found online www.dealwithittraining/clients/testimonials

Have a family safety event where employees can involve their family members. 9

Deal With It ®

Why should you choose Circle Safety and the DWI program – what are its specific benefits? The Circle Safety culture enhancement program has some unique benefits, which include: It will be customized to your needs and made to complement/enhance what systems you already have in place It is unique and innovative It is non-bureaucratic, so everyone can get involved The training is enjoyable and memorable, so everyone wants to get involved No specialized equipment or systems required – limited costs to implement The training has been developed over the years with management, supervisors, employees, union reps, clients in various business sectors and other safety professionals to meet a real need, and has not been developed purely by theorists / academics It has been proven to work and is constantly being developed It is non industry specific – focuses on people, not industrial hazards It is universally understood, can be used globally and has been shown that it can be adapted to suit any culture


“The training has been developed, over the years with management, supervisors, employees, union reps, clients in various business sectors and other safety professionals to meet a real need.”

It! h t i W l a De For more information on the program or about Deal With ItÂŽ contact London UK:

+44(0)20 7305 5966


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Deal With It Safety Culture Consultancy and Training - Key Points.

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