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I want to be a junk god because... ...everything in the world has use to it. Where people see junk, I see potential for art. I see where there can be use for things that may seem to others as if there is no purpose left..

...I can be an artist, without knowing how to draw...I use the leftover bits and pieces around me to create works that reflect the type of person I am. In the figure on the right, I used some mirrors that had fallen from a homemade windchime, some flowers from a dusty fake bouquet, the lace from an old scarf, candle wax and a favorite verse from Emily Dickinson. “ New feet within my garden go, new fingers stir the sod; A troubadour upon the elm betrays the solitude...� 1’s the special touches that make a difference.... To commemorate the work of my artist friend, Shayna Strode, I used leftover glittery wrapping paper and a spare frame. Shining in the glow of the lamp on my nightstand, her work is now adorned in a sparkly fashion that celebrates her talent, as well as our friendship.

I used leftover paint and stencils to adorn a plain, unsightly TV stand. It’s the special stenciling that really brings the piece to life. The piece is newer, but was composed of plastic. To eliminate that manuafactured feel, I used sandpaper and some golden accents in random places. Now there is an antique feel and the satisfaction that the stand is uniquely my own. This candle holder was quite plain. I filled it with some sand I’d saved from the beach, and decorated it with yarn that I keep in chest of craft supplies. Now it is simply adorable, and I always think of that week on Myrtle Beach where I collected seashells and built castles in the sand.



use for






I’m making new memories and saving old ones...

..A tiny mushroom made of clay..

...A tiny valentine made from scrap paper...

A purse made from some old, worn-out clothing items. Old favorites can be reborn. 4