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Detroit, isn't it time you come back home?

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Issue 1 ebruary 2010


Information You Crave

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Spectacles Spectacles 230 E. Grand River 230 E. Grand River (Dwtn Detroit) (Dwtn Detroit) Wayne County Commissioner Alisha Bell

The UPS Store TheGrand UPS Store 18701 River 18701 Grand River (Rosedale Park) (Rosedale Park) The Johnson Family Agency Grand River The 18711 Johnson Family Agency (Rosedale Park) 18711 Grand River (Rosedale Park) Shauna Johnson’s Allstate Insurance Agency Shauna Johnson’s Allstate 19562 GrandAgency River Insurance (Rosedale Park) 19562 Grand River

Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale Game


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(Rosedale Park) Greggs Pizza 17160 Livernois Greggs Pizza (Detroit) 17160 Livernois (Detroit) Simply Casual 19400 Livernois Simply Casual (Detroit) 19400 Livernois (Detroit) Liquor Palace 20078 Livernois Liquor Palace (Detroit) 20078 Livernois Keith (Detroit)Spa Fundamental Washington 118 E. Nine Mile By Rachel Araya (Ferndale) Spa Fundamental 118 E. Nine Mile House of Chants (Ferndale) 210 W. Nine Mile (Ferndale) House of Chants 210 W. Nine Mile Burn Rubber (Ferndale) 202 W. Fourth (Royal Oak) Burn Rubber Information You Crave

Information You Crave Information You Crave

Information You Crave Information You Crave

Bringing Hope To Detroit Youth

Yeah, I’m old school. For the past 6 years, I have been sending out 2,500 emails, 50 at a time, covering events in the surrounding Metro Detroit A POSITIVE DETROIT area. A friend of mine complimented me on my quirky way of writing and suggested and urged ...Ok, imagine living somewhere else. me to take my networking efforts a step further; Growing with and here we areup one yeardifferent later with friends. the 13th Living in a different environment. At the end installment of the BList droppin ‘ on Detroit.

of the day would you really be the same

My visibility in Detroit’s local music scene has person? played a huge role in the success of this project. Most of the writers and staff members have Detroit is who Detroiters are. That’s right. been handpicked from relationships I have made Detroit many major over the years(unlike while DJ’ing around thecities) city. Abreeds an undeniable uniqueness. Amidst close colleague pointed out to me at the 2010 all the magazine launch party that with the aiddirection of lifelong verbal negativity spewed our relationships, the longevity of this magazineand will we remain confident, successful forever remain endless. Those words remain creative. close to me and will never be forgotten.

Dobewe flaws, need growth more It must thehave music……yea, at least that’s or what dedicated leadership sure. But, I keeps me motivated. I still send out a weekly ask you emailwhat b list the fashion way and though the cityold doesn’t? magazine remains printed in black and white copy, it is now full color through various Weavailable are the in worlds best in automotive internet web blasts. My motto remains, “If it ain’t excellence. We host the worlds biggest broke, don’t fix it, just relax and let it grow!” The We have 4 major sport BList music - Read festival. it….. franchises.

Information You Crave

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BruceWhen Bailey someone asks “YOU” what Detroit Publisher is all about - tell ‘em how we really

roll, It’s so easy for “them” to converse

For story ideas and advertising contact me at: about what we don’t have - instead of

highlighting the countless things we really do... A positive view of Detroit - now that sounds good to me. Just some food for thought... Keep reading The B List Magazine Bruce Bailey Publisher 2



PUBLISHERS Bruce Bailey Nikki Howard-Combs SENIOR EDITOR Monique Guest CREATIVE DIRECTOR Chuck Cross MARKETING & EVENTS 12 NV Events, LLC

Dear Readers,


ichigan weather!!! Where is all the sunshine? “Rain, rain, go away, come back another day!!!” I guess we can look forward to the flowers blooming soon and for some of you, spring love. What is there to say about the dance of the sexes? The physical attraction, the touch, the kiss, the smell, everything that makes new love, great love but what happens when that love relationship comes to a bump in the road? Take some time this month and read Crystal Hart and Monica Hicksons’ Singles Looking for Love column where this month they discuss relationship roadblocks. This is sure to peak your interest. This Memorial Day, Movement, Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival, will open up this year with artist and DJ’s from all over the world showcasing their techno and electronic musical talents for all the House heads, Techno heads and enthusiast of electronic music. Detroit is said to be the birthplace of this musical phenomena. One of the monumental artists involved in birthing the techno sound is Juan Atkins. Coire Nichols Houston catches up with Juan to see where he’s been and what is the future of Techno? Dr. Eadie gives a play-by-play of the debate over coffee vs. tea. You will be surprised by the history of the two and which beverage wins after 12 rounds, or should I say, it’s a draw. You decide. Make sure you read The BList from cover to cover and enjoy. I would like to thank you all again, for your continued support of The BList magazine. We are here to give you the, “Information you crave.” Enjoy this month’s BList! Sincerely, Monique Guest

GRAPHIC DESIGN Chuck Cross Steven Love CFO Curtis Johnson CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Rachel Araya Richard Carson Brigitte Maxey Lisa Cosley Shiron Denise Lisa Mills Francyne Walker Melody Johnson Cylenthia LaToye Miller Michelle Finley Joy Santiago Curtrise Garner Coire Nichols Houston Crystal Hart Monica Hickson COLUMNISTS Dr. Reginald Eadie Donna Marie Perry Kim Bettie LaSaunji Colston CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Napoleon Wright Jr. Steven Love Emmett Nicholas Raphael Goudy CIRCULATION Camille Corr ADVERTISING SALES Les Lance


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You are cordially invited to join the University of Michigan African American Alumni Council (UMAAAC) on Friday, June 17, 2011 for the “Inaugural Celebrity Athlete Golf Classic & Awards Banquet” at Pheasant Run Golf Club in Canton, Michigan HONOREE

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Proceeds from this event will support the UMAAAC Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund

TICKETS/SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Individual Tickets - $200.00 “Golf with an Alumni Athlete” Tickets - $500.00

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Event will include 18 holes of golf (including cart) with U of M athletes, alumni, and friends, lunch, door prizes, putting and “drive” challenges, silent auction, an exciting awards banquet and more. For additional information or to register your team, call Nikki Howard-Combs, MBA, CWP U of M - Class of ’96 – MBA Owner - “1 2 NV” Events, LLC 248-648-12NV (1268) or the UMAAAC Office 734-647-9605 Proceeds from event will support the UMAAAC Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Fund

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CONFIRMED ATHLETES: *Derrick Walker -Tight End U of M (85 – 89)

*Jim Betts - Defensive Back U of M (68 – 70)

*Stan Edwards-Running Back U of M (77 – 82)

*Chris Calloway -Wide Recvr. U of M (86 – 89)

*Dave Chester – Off. Guard U of M (85 – 88) Letterman

Thank you in advance for supporting the UMAAAC MLK Scholarship Fund! *Marcus Walker (no photo) “Turning DREAMS into Reality!”

*Tom Seabron (no photo) 4



ASK DR. EADIE Coffee vs. Tea Q: Dr. Eadie, my husband and I have been debating over which is healthier, coffee or tea? Can you shine some light on the matter for us please? Tea drinker, West Bloomfield Township, MI A: The fight between coffee and Tea! This debate has existed since these two famous beverages were discovered. They both have been linked to wars that were waged over access to their mother plants and the mystical effects both drinks have on the human body. When interviewed, coffee drinkers enjoy warm cups of this delight for very different reasons than tea drinker s. So, in a match between Mr. Coffee and Mr. Tea, you may expect one to knock out the other but the fight lasts much longer than twelve rounds. Let’s look at a play-by-play of each scientific round.


Reginald J. Eadie, MD President, Detroit Receiving Hospital Round 1 Tea was said to be discovered around 2700 B.C. in China by a Chinese ruler, only after a leaf fell into his hot water. There began the existence of a tea as a new ruler over beverages. It wasn’t until the 9th century (A.D.) that coffee stepped on the scene. According to history, the effect of coffee beans on behavior was noticed by a sheep herder from Kaffa Region in Ethiopia (where the plant originally grew before transplantation) as he tended his sheep. He noticed that the sheep were skipping, rearing their hind legs, and making loud noises, after eating these bright red berries from a nearby green bush, when they changed pastures. Curious, he ate some of them and was soon as overactive as his herd. Apparently, the name (Mocha or coffee) came after an Arabian and his followers were exiled to the desert without food. In desperation, they boiled and ate the fruit (berries) from an unknown plant. Not only did the drink save them nutritionally, but their survival was considered a miracle from God by the natives of a nearby town called Mocha. The plant and its beverage were named Mocha to honor this miracle. The heavy weight championship fight began as soon as the word spread about how spiritually stimulating this mocha was found to be.

Round 2 As a reminder, antioxidants are disease preventing agents that occur naturally and variably in many food items. It has been found that antioxidants are present in tea and at different concentrations, depending on the color of the tea. White tea has the highest concentration of these life saving chemicals, followed by green tea, black tea and coffee. Green and white teas are made from different parts of the tea leaves while black tea is a product of fermentation which lowers the levels of both caffeine and antioxidants. Round 3 What makes these drinks the world’s favorite is the chemical that many of us are addicted to – CAFFEINE. This drug augments productivity, increases alertness, improves memory, concentration, and enhances athletic performance. Coffee has the highest concentration, followed by black tea, green tea and white tea. Coffee has about 150 -200 milligrams of caffeine per cup. Decaffeinated coffee has a small amount of caffeine in it because the removal process is not 100% accurate. Tea only has an average of 55 milligrams of caffeine per cup.

Round 4 Coffee contains caffeine, trigonelline, chlorogenic acid, phenolic acid, amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals, organic acids aldehydes, ketones, esters, amines and mercaptans. Tea contains caffeine, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, tannin, catechin, fluorine and polysaccharides. Round 5 Tea is good for your heart as it decreases the serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and free fatty acids. Coffee has a fat-like chemical called cafestol, which may increase cholesterol levels. Recent studies have shown coffee to be a heart attack preventing drink, although too much of it may have a deleterious effect on your cardiovascular system. Round 6 Chemicals found in tea suppress the growth of cancer cells. The secret of the teas lies in the fact that it is rich in a catechin polyphenol, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant that inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Unlike many of the chemotherapy agents, it kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. At this point, coffee has not been found to be a risk factor or of any benefit to cancer.


Cash for Keys…Make it Work for You By Michelle Finley I have always had a desire for more knowledge, always researching any topic that could hold my attention. Yet, as I ponder the mortgage meltdown and our economic crisis, I cannot seem to learn enough. So, this month I thought I would narrow the focus, and share with you what I learned in my most recent negotiations. I’ve been negotiating on homeowner’s behalf for nearly 10 years and I am always amazed when I get exactly what I wanted for my client. And on the other side of the same token, I’m always disappointed when I leave money on the table, meaning I didn’t negotiate smart enough. Most recently, I had a situation in which the asset manager of the lender/servicer refused to speak with me, and supposedly the realtor representing the lender/ servicer was only “authorized” to offer my client $1500.00 to move out of her home in three (3) weeks. Now, the reason lenders/ servicers offer homeowners financial assistance in relocating is not out of the goodness of their hearts, it is because it helps them increase their chances in recovering more money from your foreclosure. The logic goes, if they offer you cash to clean your own house they won’t need to hire a company to do it, and the likelihood of you destroying the property by removing the fixtures is significantly decreased. The only problem with this logic is the amount of assistance they offer, generally speaking it is usually no more than $1500 and often times as little as $500. In the end, despite the asset manager’s decision to not speak with me, I was still able to coach my client and we were able to secure $2500 and four (4) weeks…not bad! However, I left money on the table, and I know this because the realtor was far too willing to submit our counter offer. Know your rights and understand any offer that comes from your mortgage company, whether you are in foreclosure or are working on a loan modification, it’s just an “OFFER”, you can always counter offer! Fight for your rights!

Michelle Finley , President Homeowners Advocate Association Direct 248.298.9134 Toll Free 866.611.4551 Visit us @ 9

Sippin With Soni

I’ve been asked, more frequently, about making “fruity” or frozen drinks. Typically, a flavored daiquiri or some sort of “girly” drink comes to mind, along with the notion of decreased alcohol content. True in most instances however, there are an endless number of “fruity” drinks that are not lacking in alcohol or flavor and I dare you to call them “girly”. So, this month and for the next couple of months, I’ll be borrowing from some of my vacation locales, the specialty drinks of the Caribbean. One particular drink that was a common favorite in the British Virgin Islands was called a Painkiller. Now, I had to think what pain could one possibly suffer from living in the Caribbean? Really? Nevertheless, this fresh mix is similar to a Piña Colada; however, the orange juice and nutmeg give it a very unique “mmmm” factor. The ingredients are what you would most readily find available on the islands, rum, which is plentiful and ridiculously cheap, fresh juices, and nutmeg.

2-4 oz of Dark Rum 4 oz of Pineapple Juice 1 oz of Cream of Coconut 1 oz of Orange Juice (pulp free) Handful of ice Sprinkle of Nutmeg Simply mix all your liquids in a martini shaker. Just a gentle shake to blend the liquor and the juices is all that’s needed. Pour into a fairly tall glass, with ice. Sprinkle with nutmeg and add an orange or pineapple slice and a cherry. This also works well as a frozen drink. Just add the ingredients to a blender instead of a martini shaker. Now, don’t be fooled, this one goes down fast and easy, but it will sneak up on you so pace yourself and remember to drink responsibly.

LaSaunji Colston

Caribbean Painkiller



“WHERE R U JUAN ATKINS?” Coire D. Nichols Houston

“Where are you Juan Atkins?” I have found myself asking, and now texting, that exact same question for nearly the three decades that I have had the pleasure of knowing, growing, following and transitioning with “The GOD FATHER of Techno.” From the alter egos of Cybroton, Model 500, and Channel One; Juan has been prone to taking you on a “Night Drive,” down his personal inner-galactic highway while chilling, in his “Cosmic Car!” Today, the internationally acclaimed artist continues his travels, sharing, living and loving his craft with all of his fans globally... Although he has not dropped any new tracks in a few years, I am pleased to announce to the readers of the B-List, that there’s no need to fear, the CREATOR is “Clear” on the future of his musical destiny! So stayed tuned, something for everyone is coming very soon! Where R U Physically? He’s right here in the city of Detroit. After spending several years in Washtenaw County, the origins from where he and “The Bellville Three” (friends/ artists: Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson), were conceived; along with his wife Carla, the two have returned back to his roots, after their daughter, Milan, enrolled at Wayne State University. The ‘Apple,’ of both parents’ eyes, which Atkins has personally made reference as being his “Greatest Accomplishment in Life,” apparently did not fall far from “Daddy’s tree!” Ms. Atkins innately inherited his love for music, with recently receiving a scholarship to Wayne State University in music, her major. Keeping within the traditional “La Costa Nostra,” by running their businesses from within; “The God Father,” intends on doing the same by making his daughter the President of Metroplex Records (the first record label allocated to Techno music, which he founded). Last year, during “‘Movement’, Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival,” Metroplex celebrated its 25th Anniversary with a monumental gathering of performances of local and international artists. What made the event nostalgic was all three of ‘The Originator’s,’ cohorts that were instrumental with creating this musical phenomena; Kevin ‘The Elevator’ Sauderson, Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes, and Derrick ‘The Innovator’ May, were included. For the first time since their early beginnings, all four raised the roof from sundown to sunrise “United as One!” 11

Where R U Musically? This Memorial Day weekend marks the 11th year for “Movement,” an annual event that draws people from all facets of the world, to Detroit, communing all “For the love of Electronic Music!” When asked if he was surprised with the success of the festival? He replied, “The first year was a huge success! In view of the turnout with the attendance numbers, it was obvious that it was going to be around for a while. I’m not as surprised that it existed (the festival) this long, but that it has continued due to the different management changes that have transpired over the years.” Since its early beginnings, in the 80’s, the (Techno) sound has remained underground and is only played at certain clubs nationally, with very few festivals, in the United States. Whereas, in Europe, Asia, and other continents, faithful listeners travel in droves to hear our Detroit pioneers perform. According to Atkins, “The USA is a very commercial oriented market. This is where capitalism and commercialism started. The emphasis that (American) “Pop stars” can sell out stadiums really clouds-out a true, pure, music movement (which audiences across the pond and beyond understand). Depending on the line-up of artists, there are festivals (overseas) with an attendance of anywhere from 10-20 thousand people with 20-30 DJ’s performing.” I asked where Techno (music) is today, and what is its future? “There have been a lot of innovations that have happened since the beginning, and now computers are playing even more of a role than they have ever played in the past. Not only electronic but also techno music. Today, if you have a laptop with enough power, you can make an entire track. Because the technology has allowed people to make tracks and with the evolution of music, people are producing electronic compositions from every corner of the globe. There’s no longer a need for 4-5 people to remain in one room to make one track. So to answer your question, this will result with a lot of new and fresh ideas. What that might be? I can’t tell you, but I’m sure it will result with music changing more than it ever has before.” Identifiably an electronic musician, first and foremost, with attributing his style to naturally being associated with computers and technology; hence the term Techno; his record label’s future appears to be exciting and enlightening, especially for whom he’s grooming to be his newest star! “I made Milan the President of Metroplex (records) this year. I’m waiting for her to finish-up her semester in school so I can begin to show her the business aspect of the industry.” With regards to launching her musical career, is concerned. Big

Obviously, not only does he clearly “talk the talk,” but he also “walks the walk,” as many of his successors have taken heed to his skills over the years by sampling his tracks on their music. Artists consisting of; T.I.’s, “Lay Me Down;” Sir Mix A lot’s, “Baby Got Back;” Missy Elliott’s, “Loose Control,” as well as, the girl rap trio, (who was produced by a younger Dr. Dre) JJ Fad’s, “Super Sonic.” Although Juan never pursued Dr. Dre, who’s now a legendary ‘Rap’ producer, legally; he remains humbled with always knowing that his music has and continues to be inspirational to various different levels of genres.

plans are in store for something new and innovative that has not been introduced to the United States. “In the UK (United Kingdom/England), I’ve been checking out this style of music called “Techstep” and “Dubstep” w hich has been around for about 10 years. I’ll just call it the evolution of drum, bass and jungle music. It’s very hot in Europe with a sound that’s up-tempo! What I want to do with her will be innovative and interesting by taking some elements of that style and laying her vocals on top of that to create something different, and new for a younger generation! Let’s just say it will be a mesh between “Pop” and “Dubstep” music. ” I personally remained dumbfounded with trying to grasp onto what the hell he was talking about, yet he continued to add to my confusion, “Just tell your readers this, those who know anything about music will understand what I’m saying! Dubstep, is an up tempo version of electro music which can be mixed in easily with other tracks, that’s double the speed of a rap track. While a hip-hop or rap track will play at 70-80 DPM, a Dubstep track will play at 140-150 DPM!”

Where R U Mentally? Astute and well versed with all types of music, his preferences range from Classical to Hip-Hop, and from Jazz to Rock and Roll. In his spare time he also reads, with recently adding “God’s Miracle Plan for Men,” by Minister Robert Tilton to his literary repertoire. Of course, this opened the door to questioning his spirituality, which he adamantly stated, “Yes, I am very spiritual, I’m non-denominational but I am a Christian!” While his love for music obviously runs deep from within, his second being, as with most men, is football! “I am a football ‘Fanatic!’ If I were big enough, I would have played football in high school; however, I did play on a little league team over there on 7 mile and Wyoming, (in Detroit at the Tindal Recreation Center) with the ‘Northwest Cougars!’ ” His fondness for football is such, that when traveling he’s a seasoned subscriber to “Direct TV’s NFL Internet Channel” so he will not miss any games on his laptop!” Although, he may get ‘Brutal,’ on the ‘Wheels of Steel,’ on stage and in the studio; his demeanor is the exact opposite, laid back, and somewhat of an introvert. A husband, and father; new music under construction, his companies’ new leadership underway; all while keeping it in “La Familia!” With God first, to being the “CREATOR” of a universal sound; certainly meets all of the prerequisites for being “The GODFATHER of Techno!” So, if you thought you knew who “Don Juan” is, was, or where he’s going to be; NOW, you KNOW! He’s right, ‘in the here and now;’ physically, and mentally, while anxiously awaiting any musical manifestations that technology might bring! “I’m gonna make them an offer they can’t refuse!”Don Corleone




Exercise Your Right To

BARE ARMS My Good Life Fitness is a private client-focused workout faculty. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping our members achieve their health and fitness goals through regular exercise and nutrition coaching. We provide functional fitness programming for all ages and fitness levels.

My Good Life Fitness Studio 24758 Southfield, Southfield MI 48075 Phone: (248) 423-6663 Web: Email: Blog: FaceBook: MyGoodLifeFitnessStudio

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What do you think are the main relationship roadblocks?

We hear all the time that, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.” We might have read the book, spoken to our friends about it, and had the discussion several times; but what does it all mean. There are several challenges to building a long lasting relationship. Many people deal with the complexity of communication as it relates to their relationship; while others are dealing with their own demons that can hinder a good healthy relationship. Communication Good communication is an essential part of a healthy relationship. People want to hear what they want to hear. Sometimes, it is almost as if men have to translate what women are actually saying. And sisters, we need to figure out what men are trying to relate to us, only bits of the message survives the barrage of our mental interference. We seek to understand but rarely do we take the time to be active listeners. “He told me he was interested in pursuing a relationship.” Okay, but what ‘kind’ of relationship and in what year? If we are open with our partner, without blowing smoke signals, that always seem to be misinterpreted, then maybe we can begin to truly communicate with one another. It is already hard enough to try and read facial expressions. One person told me, “Girl, I never have the serious conversation on the phone… that takes away ½ of the interpretation of the dialog.” Words sure do sound good when you hear the voice on the other end, but without the body language, facial expressions, and overall chemistry, something is lost in translation. Drama Here is a newsflash – some people like drama! Yep, that’s right! There are some people who live for the, “I slashed his tires and busted out his windows” stories…What the hell! People confuse drama with love, affection, or a real connection. The higher the drama gets, the more it is associated with the feeling of love or passion. You would think that most 40 something’s would get that, this is NOT love. Amazingly, some folks do not change with age. When the emotional stakes rise, so does the elevation of the drama. Men hate drama ladies. And men, we are simple creatures and do not need any more excitement in our lives, so leave the tactics at the door. Life is too short for any additional headaches – besides, instead of hurling a perfectly good can of soup at your man’s car – try warming it up with some crackers. I’m just saying. Rate of Commitment One person is in the fast lane and the other, not so much. “I want to move at a slow pace and see what happens (going with the flow)”…what does that really mean? We are having sex already, right? Sometimes the general pace of a relationship flows pretty easily on its own, but sometimes you wind up with speed bumps, and you may need to direct your relationship traffic with a little more effort and intention. Either partner has the right and the ability to turn on a green, yellow or red light at any time. If you find you’re feeling rushed or stilted -- or that the pace of your relationship just isn’t in your control -- stop where you are and evaluate things. Talk to your partner about how you’re feeling. Determine what pace is more comfortable for you and how to get to the same outcome. You need to feel safe in your relationship at all times. Life is for enjoyment. So relax and enjoy your partner. Tell us what you think…. Upcoming Topics Include – The Shenanigan Chick – who is she? Could cohabitation lead to a good healthy marriage? If you like to send us your comments we will post them in the next B List. Until next time… Monica Hickson is a freelance writer who also doubles as an IT instructor at the University of Michigan and an adjunct professor for other colleges. She has been divorced for almost 3 years and has been adjusting to the” single-hood”. She graduated from Wayne State and Central Michigan University. She is currently working on her first book.

Crystal Hart is an avid photographer and enjoys sketching in her spare time. She is an entrepreneur who is single. She has created a relationship blog displaying her journey. She graduated from Michigan State University. She is currently working on an Internet Marketing company.




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14 thAnnual The Gift of Life MOTTEP LIFE Walk/Run is the largest fundraising event promoting organ and tissue donation in the state of Michigan. Our event is attended by more than 1,000 individuals, including members of the medical profession, major corporations, media personalities, politicians, donor family members, and transplant recipients. The 2010 event featured the Gift of Life Michigan Parade Float entitled "Make a World of Difference” and Walk/Run Marshal Donald Arthur (heart recipient), of New York, who was featured on the 2011 Rose Parade Donate Life Float. Gift of Life MOTTEP's Walk/Run successfully attracts new attendees to the event each year. It's an excellent opportunity for those unfamiliar with our organization to experience the effects of our lifesaving work.


July 23, 2011

For more information 800.482.4881 or email us at:

“Extending life through organ and tissue donation... one step at a time” 22

14 thAnnual 5K Walk & 5K / 10K Run

0 Save The Date! Saturday

July 23, 2011 Historic Belle Isle (Casino) Detroit MI Registration begins at 7:30 am Run begins at 8:30 am Walk begins at 9:00 am

“Extending life through organ and tissue donation... one step at a time”

2011 Honorary Chairs Dr. Reginald Eadie, President & CEO Detroit Receiving Hospital Gary Brown, Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Diana & Glenda Lewis, WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit

Steppin’ Up The Game!

The B-List May 2011- Cover Story "Where R U Juan Atkins?"  
The B-List May 2011- Cover Story "Where R U Juan Atkins?"  

This Memorial Day, Movement, Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival, will open up this year with artist and DJ’s from all over the world showca...