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“Living her Life Like its Golden!”

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Information You Crave



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LIFE ...half way through it but ancient memories seem just like yesterday. A grey hair here... an extra pound gained - then lost. Friendships come and go, get stronger then weaker - then stronger again. ... tragedy, success, mourning & celebrating all just seem par for the course. We all found out years ago with age comes responsibility - thus, taking things for granted is such a thing of the past. As we quote everybody’s positive compadre “treasure every day because each one counts more than u would ever realize”. Keep dreaming... Keep loving... & Keep reading! Enjoy LiFE through The B List chow.

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Dear Readers,


pring is finally here and I am looking forward to the sunny days, Tigers opening day, blossoming flowers, and warmer weather. Winter has a way of lingering on forever, here in Detroit, but as Detro iters, we prevail. Well, welcome to the April edition of The BList. This month, Dr. Reggie Eadie touches on a very serious and important issue, especially in the African American community, organ donation. It is so important to understand the importance of organ donation in our community. So many of us suffer from kidney disease and may need a transplant but there are so few of us that go on the donor registry due to not educating ourselves or superstitions. We must do better. Dr. Eadie gives us some insight on organ donation and also reminds us of how important it is to live a healthy life. Coire Nichols Houston introduces us to Markina Brown, a native Detroiter, “Living her life like it’s Golden” as the primary evening meteorologist, Monday thru Friday on the 4, 5, 6, and 11pm newscasts, in the “The ATL.” Read her story of how she became an “African American Award Winning Weather Girl.” The BList is also starting a new column, “Single looking for Love.” Read it and tell us what you think. Crystal Hart and Monica Hickson go on the street and ask our single audience, “What is it to be single in 2011?” Check out what people have to say. Maybe you can tell us what is your approach to dating? We hope you enjoy, it’s definitely an eye-opener. I would like to thank you all again, for your continued support of The BList magazine. We are here to give you the, “Information you crave.” Enjoy this month’s BList! Sincerely, Monique Guest


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U 4


Spring Car Care After battling months of snow and icy roads, your car is undoubtedly in desperate need of some serious tenderloving care. Follow this spring checklist to ensure that your car is tuned up and spring-ready. Wiper blades check – Your wipers work hard all winter wiping away dirt and debris on your windshield. It is a good idea to replace them in the spring to be prepared for April showers. Brake check – After the cold winter be sure to check your brakes. One of the warning signs is brake noise, including excessive grinding, squealing, screeching or chatter. Clean the underbody – In addition to washing the exterior, be sure to spray the underbody and underneath the rear and front bumpers to rinse away any salt build-up which can lead to erosion and rusting. Use a high-pressure sprayer or garden hose for best results. Interior clean-up – Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Be sure to throw away any unwanted garbage that has hibernated under your seats over the winter. And now is the time to store your winter car mats in the garage. Apply a protectant – Any vinyl surface including the dashboard, seats and the steering wheel are susceptible to cracking, sun damage and fading – be sure to apply a protectant at the beginning of the season and touch-up regularly. Change oil – If you’ve been using a thinner oil for winter (i.e. 5W30) change back to 10W30 for warmer weather. But make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s recommended oil type for your car! Check all fluids to make sure they’re topped up – In the winter months, fluids are easily depleted as your engine works harder in the colder weather. Make sure to double-check all the car’s fluids regularly. Wash your car – Just like a good maintenance programprolongs the life and performance of your car, all vehicles regardless of the finish (clear coat, acrylic, enamel, etc.) require regular washing throughout the year. To preserve your car’s shine and protect the surface, wax your vehicle once it has dried completely.


ASK DR. EADIE Q: I recall an article you wrote on how African-Americans experience kidney failure at a disproportionate rate in comparison to other groups. In recommendations provided in your article, you did not mention anything about organ donation. Can you please address this in an upcoming B List production? Is it true that minorities do not contribute to organ donation? Juanita R.- Canton, Michigan. A: To be quite honest, my not mentioning organ donation was a huge mistake on my part so thank you for recognizing this oversight. Clearly, you are much more sensitive to this very important need and option to mitigating kidney failure in Michigan. For those less aware, Organ donation is essentially the removal of an organ from the human body of a person who has recently died, or from a living donor for the purpose of transplanting it into another human in need. Organs are removed in a surgical procedure. People of all ages may be organ and tissue donors. At the time of death the organ agency will make a determination, based on the person’s medical and social history, of which organs are suitable for transplantation. Under U.S. law, the regulation of organ donation is left to each individual state within the limitations of the National Organ Transplant Act of 1984. Each state’s Uniform Anatomical Gift Act seeks to streamline the process and standardize the rules among the various states. Many states, like Michigan, encourage organ donations by allowing the consent to be noted on the driver’s license. Donor registries allow for a central information center for an individual’s wish to be a donor. Is it true that minorities do not contribute to organ donation? Although not as high as it should be, consent rates among minorities for organ donations increased by more than 50 percent over the past five years. In addition, your question should help fuel interest in an upcoming campaign for even greater participation among minorities for this life-saving, life-improving cause. “The numbers continue to rise,” said Remonia Chapman, program director of the Gift of Life Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program (MOTTEP). “This reflects the positive changes we are seeing across the state and particularly among minority communities.”


Reginald J. Eadie, MD President, Detroit Receiving Hospital In fact Juanita, your email to me has challenged me to personally commit to doing a better job in helping those in our community live longer and healthier lives to the extent that I have agreed to partner with Gift Of Life MOTTEP as the Honorary Chairperson of an upcoming event entitled, LIFE Walk/Run for Organ and Tissue Donation, on July 23, 2011. LIFE Walk/Run will feature longtime supporters of organ and tissue donation, Diana Lewis and Glenda Lewis of WXYZ-TV Channel 7 in Detroit; City Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown, who will be the run marshal; Terri Horton, lung recipient and daughter of legendary Detroit Tiger Willie Horton; and Alina Morr with her Latin Jazz Band. To make the event even more enjoyable, musician Pamela Powell, double lung recipient and employee of DTE, will sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” as a tribute to organ and tissue donors and their families. LIFE Walk/Run is in its 14th year and serves two purposes. It raises awareness statewide about the critical need for organ, eye and tissue donation today. It is also a crucial fundraiser for the Gift of Life Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program which helps spread the word about the urgent need for organ transplants in minority populations. Minorities have disproportionately higher rates of illnesses that often damage kidneys and other organs. Runners and walkers will get together for a day of inspiration, food, music and exercise. Friends and family members of organ and tissue donors, organ transplant recipients and even patients on the waiting list, will gather to help support the critical cause. The event steps off at 9 a.m. (7:30 a.m. registration) at Belle Isle Park-Casino, East Jefferson Avenue at East Grand Boulevard in Detroit. Cost is only $20 for the event and organizers also welcome donations without participation. The Minority Organ and Tissue Transplant Education Program (MOTTEP), founded by Dr. Clive O. Callender, is the first national organization designed to educate minority communities on facts about organ/tissue donation and transplantation. Since June 1993, National MOTTEP has been actively working to solve the number one problem in transplantation—the shortage of organ/tissue donors. National

MOTTEP expanded from three (3) sites in 1993 to fifteen (15) sites in 1995 across the country. Gift of Life MOTTEP was launched in 1995 and serves the African American, American Indian, Hispanic/ Latino, Asian and Pacific Islander populations. This issue is extremely important in the minority community because the minority populations in general and African Americans in particular are disproportionately affected by disease that can lead to organ failure, i.e., diabetes, hypertension, obesity/poor nutrition, drug and alcohol abuse. Minorities do DONATE. However, the need for organs and the donation rate are disproportionate. Minority populations have been reluctant to donate because of: · · · · ·

Mistrust of the medical community; Fear of premature death; Racism; Religious beliefs and superstitions; and Lack of awareness.

After learning the following facts, I could no longer sit back and watch my community suffer unnecessarily: · 110,000 patients nationally are currently on transplant waiting lists; · 50% of patients waiting for transplants are of an ethnic minority; · 46% of patients awaiting kidney transplants in Michigan are African American; · 25% of the available donor pool represents minority donors; · 17 transplant patients die each day while awaiting an organ; · One name is added to the transplant waiting list every 16 minutes; · One donor can provide life-saving organs for seven (7) persons; and · One donor can provide quality enhancing tissues for 50 persons. MOTTEP was originally established to increase the number of minority organ and tissue transplant donors. By joining the Michigan Organ Donor Registry and getting a red heart sticker on your license, you can help save or improve the lives of more than 50 people.

Donation is a personal decision and you can choose which organs and tissue to donate. Donated organs restore life. You also can donate life to others as a living donor. Kidneys are the most common organs donated by living donors. The remaining kidney will enlarge, doing the work of two healthy kidneys. People also may donate a part of their liver, which will grow back and regain full function. Partial lung, intestine and pancreas donations can help others as well. B Listers, it is very atypical for me to ask for your support but this project is very dear to my heart. I pray that you will help me help our community by supporting this event. The below link will enable you to make a donation to mottep on behalf of Detroit Receiving Hospital. donate/motteplifewalk2011/ dmcreceivinghospital Juanita your email has been such a life-changing correspondence that I must keep this topic going at least one more month. B List readers, please share your questions, thoughts and testimonies with me via so that we can do our part to save, improve or restore the life of our fellow Michiganders. Peace & Blessings, All health and health-related information contained within this article are intended to be general and educational in nature and may not reflect the treatment options best for you. The article is an informative tool only and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a health care professional. No information provided in this publication may be considered medical advice. The information may not be relevant for your individual situation and may be misinterpreted. This publication should not be used for diagnosis, treatment or insurance reimbursement decisions. Dr. R. Eadie and the B List magazine staff assume no responsibility for how you use information obtained from this site. Before making any decisions regarding your health care, ask your personal physician.




hat’s in a name? Disc Jockey and Promoter Bruce Bailey has an investment of over 30 years in the rearing and nurturing of House Music & Promotions in the Detroit entertainment industry. Donnie Simpson began his radio career at 15 years old @ WJLB in Detroit, and went on to become Billboard’s 1998 “Personality of the Year.” The Electrifying MoJo broke Detroit Techno and music by Prince into the Detroit Market. Butterball Junior, Ray O’ Shay and numerous others have impacted and placed their own trademarks into the mental rolodex of Detroiters in times past.

Sparky Anderson, Willie Horton, Al Kaline, Kirk Gibson, Anita Baker, Kidd Rock, Aretha Franklin, Eminem, The Temptations, Diana Ross, and other names that need no introduction or description, fused change with influential contributions to this city and the whole world in one way or another. There are great names and even greater people, who have their own ways of capturing our hearts and reshaping time. Children mimic big names and adults aspire and imagine what it would be like to live out the characteristics and lifestyles of these legends from the early 60’s till now, 2011. Considering all we’ve been through, we (Detroit) still have the juice. And in a nutshell, whether it is politics, baseball, music, art, basketball (Isaiah Thomas), football (Barry Sanders) or anything else, for that matter, the list grows on and on and the mass production of names emanate from Detroit cause, “We’re Bad!” 9

The Question is, whose name is next? I think I have the answer. Rodney R. Rhodes, a Christ-Centered, hard-working, writer, poet, and filmmaker that lends his NAME to Detroit. The B-List introduces to some, and presents to others, this 42 years young, tireless talent, in the midst of several new projects. This young man born and bread in Knoxville, Tennessee, then raised in the Motor City, always found himself in tune with television and the big screen and began writing scripts early in life. As he grew older, that love carried deep into his adulthood. Now in 2011,

Rodney R. Rhodes is a graduate of Knoxville College, having studied African American Literature, Rodney turns his attention toward being Blackified, the title of his company and a phrase he coined. His website,, allows him to showcase his upcoming movie, “Souls of Black Men”, his poetry, and his thoughts on being a Black man in America. Keep your eyes peeled for this Name, he’s looking to make a difference. “What are you doing with YOUR name?”

Sippin With Soni Crash & Burn

CRASH & BURN . * A large glass, think super-sized Margarita glass * A handful of ice * 2 shot glasses of Creme deNoyaux (or Amaretto) * 1 shot glass of Myers Dark Rum * 1 shot glass of Banana Liqueur * 1 shot glass of Blackberry Brandy * 1 shot glass of Bacardi Light Rum * 1 shot glass of Southern Comfort * 2 1/2 shot glasses of Orange Juice * 2 1/2 shot glasses of Pineapple Juice * 1 shot glass of Pina Colada Mix * 1 shot glass Rose’s Lime Juice * 1/2 shot glass of Grenadine * 1/2 shot glass of Triple Sec * Just a splash of 151 Proof Rum to finish

LaSaunji Colston

So, this month I decided to share a drink I enjoyed on one of my mini get aways. The appropriately named, Crash & Burn, will cater more to the Long Island, Purple Rain and Blue Mother-F***** drinkers. The Crash & Burn incorporates the use of seven liquors, like the other classics, but adds a tropical twist with several fruit juices. The measurements for this drink are given in shot glass measurements to keep the liquor pours consistent. You wouldn’t want to over pour, now would you? Of course you can double up and make a punch or scale down for a tall glass version. Enjoy!

Assemble in the order provided above. Garnish with lime slices, orange slices and cherries. Add 2 straws, one for sharing, or not! CHEERS! Served in Copeland’s Restaurant & Bar, New Orleans. Please be sure to drink responsibly.


Markina Brown is “Living Coire D. Nichols Houston


oised, polished, and professional are just some of the many attributes that completes this CBS, Atlanta meteorologist, Markina Brown. Born and raised on Detroit’s East Side, Brown is the epitome of “Living her Life like its Golden!” In addition to doing the weather, as the primary evening meteorologist, Monday thru Friday on the 4, 5, 6, and 11pm newscasts; this jetsetter has paved her personal “Yellow Brick Road” straight to the “Big Apple (New York City) ,” as the sit-in, weekend anchor for CBS’s “Morning Show,” a position she acquired just recently. Brown, who still proudly calls Detroit her home, is a graduate of Regina High School, a College Prep-High school for girls, located in Warren, MI. She went on to further her education at Central Michigan University with dual degrees in Political Science and Cinematic Arts. Her humble beginnings in television started at WLNS in Lansing, Michigan. As with many professionals within the industry that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, Brown follows suit, with having no ambitions upon entering into her field; in weather. After working as a field reporter, writing, and editing, she later interviewed for a fulltime position, for what she thought was a reporter, and was shocked upon finding out that the position was for a weekday reporter/ weekend meteorologist. “I said wow, don’t think your gonna get this big time meteorologist ….and as they say, the rest is history!” Upon trailing the main weather person, she admitted being horribly unskilled in front of the green screen (the screen used to project the weather behind the anchor.) “For months I had to actually sit in front of the desk, as I read the forecasts rather than attempting to point it out!” says Brown. She later began to embrace and enjoy the science of weather, leading her to pursue a degree in Geosciences with a concentration in Meteorology from Mississippi State University. Throw out your Farmers Almanac’s folks, this sister does not use one (to predict weather trends) and never would, as she expressed with “A Big Fat NO! We have models that we use to evaluate the weather. Technology has gotten


her Life Like its Golden!” so much better with the internet and having the ability to utilize the many sites designated for forecasting the weather, however we rely a whole lot with our ‘Gut’ feelings from within. This is precisely why an accurate meteorologist is so important at every station. We’re not 100% but you know who the people are in the “D” who are going to be on point!” I personally added my favorite being Chuck Gadica, but perhaps I’m a bit biased!” When asked if she finds it difficult to make transitions from city to city, Markina quickly replied indicating that all of her moves have been made on her own accord. “You know a girl doesn’t get a call everyday from New York asking to sit-in as the weekend anchor for CBS (National). I’ve got to do what I have to do!” And she has done just that, resulting with positions in major market cities such as St. Louis, MO; Chicago, IL; Cincinnati, OH; Los Angeles, CA; and Atlanta, GA; not to add being a ‘rarity in her field;’ a female “African American Award Winning Weather Girl” to say the least!

While working in Los Angeles, Brown was bitten by the entertainment bug, with the development of her web site The idea was suggested by a friend, from which she took and ran with... She explains, “It’s a bit of entertainment with a weather feel, my personal interpretation of a forecast. What we use is our version of hot stories for example Charlie Sheen with a weather icon over his head. Why would Charlie have any more than a storm cloud over his head (especially after his debut performance here at the Fox Theater!) Then you go to my blog to read what I have to say about him. It’s a fun way of incorporating the weather with what’s going on in Hollywood.”

front of the camera and a genuine interest in science and math. “African Americans have a tendency to shy away from math and science so I would encourage anyone thinking about the two to really have a fondness for both.”

I recently visited the web site, and noticed sighting Evelyn Lozada from VH-1’s hit reality series “Basketball Wives,” whom by the way, received a sunshine, as Markina adds laughing, “ ‘Because she ‘Get’s Money!’ We gave her that icon because Evelyn is a hustler and knows how to make that money. Not only because of she said that she was leaving the show (just to get more money), but because of her choice in men (NFL Cincinnati Bengal Fiancée’ Chad Ochocinco) she obviously has expensive taste so that’s why we gave her a sunshine!”

“Happily enjoying their time “Together while enjoying the Ride!””

I asked if she plans to return to Detroit any time soon, ironically “Our native Detroiter,” turned “Southern Peach,” exclaimed that she was just here for New Years and “It was Soo Cold! You’ve got to check on the family. I love my city and my skin might be a little thin now, but I promise you that I will not be back until it’s warmer outside!” A couple of Key Things to know about Ms. Brown: · She would not encourage anyone to enter into broadcast journalism better yet the weather field unless you have a love for being in

· In her spare time she really enjoys shopping, and good food. As a former gymnast working out is essential to her daily routine. She especially loves roller skating, and did so as a child at Northland Rollerskating rink every Saturday afternoon… “Shooting that Duck!” · She is a newlywed since 2008 with no children she’ll see what the future brings yet is

· A loyal A.K.A. Member (ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA, Inc. Sorority ) for life, also holds memberships within the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ,) as well as, the National Council for Negro Women. Markina Brown is yet another protégé from our little town who’s sparkling personality offers glitter of ‘Gold’ to Detroit at ‘ALL’ times!” For our readers in the ATL, make sure to check out Detroit’s Own Markina Brown on the CBS affiliate WGCL, channel 46; nationally on CBS’ “Morning Show,” on the weekend’s and make sure to get her entertainment forecasts by visiting the web site Coire D. Nichols Houston is a local, national and international publicist and journalist with works that can be found in many newspapers and books nationally. To find out more about her personal journey, and how she can be of assistance to you and your personal endeavors visit or call 313-3917-7918.



By Dave Mitchell

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship featured a match-up between one nationally recognized program, and one over-achieving midmajor program. The nationally recognized Huskies of UConn did what they were supposed to do, they won the championship game. UConn won tournament games throughout the regular season, including the tough Big-East Conference Title. UConn is also led by Kemba Walker, the Nation’s top point guard. The tournament featured incredible upsets and Cinderella stories. Who would have thought Butler stood a chance at beating Pittsburgh? The last second drama and an official’s questionable call, allowed the Bulldogs to advance with a 71-70 win over the Panthers.

Wisconsin, Florida, and VCU in the Final Four. Credit Brad Stevens with doing an outstanding coaching job. If Butler had pulled off another upset and beaten UConn, it would have exposed a weakness in college basketball. Throughout the tournament, well known teams with big named players lost to unknown teams with unknown players. I believe that in sports and in life there are games that you’re supposed to win.

Butler performed miracles with victories over

     

Are you tired of waiting for a loan modification? Have you tried to get assistance from your lender, only to be denied? How many times have you sent the same paperwork to your mortgage company? Well, we have taken a different approach, a more aggressive approach. We are suing your mortgage company. We are no longer approaching the banks from a position of weakness. If they do not respond to our demand for modifications on your behalf, we WILL pursue them in COURT .

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UConn coach, Jim Calhoun, made sure his team did not suffer a mental lapse when facing Butler in the championship game. Each player realized who they were, and who they were competing against. With this mental adjustment, the Huskies overcame a one point, halftime deficit and destroyed the smaller and less athletic Butler


There are valuable life lessons that can be taken from sports and we should have learned one from UConn’s victory. In each of our lives, we compete against lesser opponents. On our jobs and in our relationships, we allow small and petty issues to upset us on our way to success. We must wake-up, examine ourselves, and realize who we are. We must face each day with the same mental toughness that allowed UConn to dominate Butler and win the third NCAA Championship in their program’s history. I encourage you to look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you are better than the small and petty issues that you’ve allowed to keep you from cutting down the nets and winning championships in your business and personal lives. Take a moment and adjust your thinking, and live like a champion today! Dave Mitchell host the Sports Connection Detroit sports talk radio program heard Saturday afternoon’s from 4-5 pm on WCHB 1200 AM. Email your comments to dmitch@, and follow Dave on Twitter at


The Hook Up Lounge

Exercise Your Right To

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When we left off last time Henry was about to lose his cool because Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome….his rival, who was trying to push up on Sandra, was saying all the right things to Sandra, remember Sandra is Henry’s woman to be….Meanwhile Sandra was close by batting her eyes while being impressed that this man could scare the daylights out of Precious AKA the evil one lol and yet be so Denzel Washington at the same time! That was a lot to catch up on whew!

Sandra stood speechless because Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome while not telling her his name, on purpose, and just to be intriguing, told her he could do everything and be everything she ever needed. Sandra said coyly to him, “Well if you are planning to be my everything I think I still need to have a name for you, a name that I can call you and one that you’ll answer to. He said to her “You can call me whatever you like and I will answer to it beautiful.” Sandra blushed and smiled at him, she seemed to love everything he said. Henry was purple looking at the exchange but just couldn’t get a word in because precious was pulling and tugging at his arm frantically, saying Henry, Henry our song! Please let’s dance now? And then Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome in one smooth move reached for Sandra’s hand without a word and took her to the middle of the dance floor to dance. Henry was so infuriated; he just yanked poor Precious like cattle and took her to the dance floor too. You would think that would bother her wouldn’t you? But, she didn’t mind as long as Henry was involved it was okay by her. It was a slow song playing. Henry had to watch as Sandra was being swept off her feet by this handsome man. He gently placed Sandra’s head on his chest and said relax baby girl you are in good hands. Henry’s heart was sinking. Precious was cuddling up in his arms just about to purr when Henry realized that she was clinging so tight to him that some of her hair went up his nose. He sneezed and she looked up started and briefly interrupted her dream like state to say “are you okay baby?” He responded, “Not trying to be rude Precious but excuse me I need to use the men’s room.” She was disappointed but he moved to quickly for her to avoid his exit. Stay Tuned for Precious secret revealed!


elcome to our Single Looking for Love column that blends controversial topics with question and answers for your entertainment purposes. The goal of this column is to address questions that you may have regarding relationships or just enjoy reading what the locals have to say about their pressures in the new single scene. We decided to write this column in dedication to all the people who are struggling finding a mate in the age of “friends with benefits”, “booty call” and “buddy.” Never has there been a time when defining a relationship has to be classified into many categories. In the past, you never had to ask, “Are we dating?” There was a time that you could have euphoria about your relationship. Now, you have to define the relationship and make sure that both of you are actually on the same page. The rules of the game have now changed. So we ask you… What is it like to be single in 2011? What is it to be single in 2011? In our many conversations over the years about relationships, one always stands out. Have the relationships of the past changed to what they are today. Was dating easier 20 years ago? We thought we would hit the streets and hear what you had to say. Trudy - Absolutely! As a 45yr old woman I have noticed a marked lack of respect from men towards women - they don’t respect your values and seem to only want a short-term ‘relationship’ if you know what I mean. They generally don’t care about responsibility anymore either. Dana – Men use to court you, now they just want a “quick fix”. Kertina – Yes, they have changed. Everything is instant, fast paced. No patience in developing friendships into love interest. Straight from “Hello” to sex. Devon - Yes, women have too much mouth. They won’t listen which causes us guys to shut down. They need to give their mate a chance to be heard. Close The Lips!! Paul - Yes, women want too many things. I’m just a working man trying to make it in this hard economic time. I want a woman who is not so much into material things and more into liking me for me.

Upcoming Topics Include – What do you think are the main relationship roadblocks? Could cohabitation lead to a good healthy marriage? If you would like to send us your comments or for story ideas and questions, please email: Crystal Hart at or Monica Hickson at Visit Crystal Hart at Until next time…

Monica Hickson is a freelance writer who also doubles as an IT instructor at the University of Michigan and an adjunct professor for other colleges. She has been divorced for almost 3 years and has been adjusting to the” single-hood”. She graduated from Wayne State and Central Michigan University. She is currently working on her first book.

Crystal Hart is an avid photographer and enjoys sketching in her spare time. She is an entrepreneur who is single. She has created a relationship blog displaying her journey. She graduated from Michigan State University. She is currently working on an Internet Marketing company.





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