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director's note When I was a little girl, one of my favorite musicals of all times was The King and I. I remember liking it so much because of the dynamic teacher Ms. Anna, who goes into a country unlike her own and attempts to reach, and teach all the Siamese King's children. She is faced with "anglicizing" the beautiful family, who until her arrival, lived under the rule of a traditional King and years of rigid traditional cultural ways that Ms. Anna could not understand. In her attempt to teach, she begins with a sweet song, "Getting to Know You," with introductory lyrics: "Its a very ancient saying, but a true and honest thought, that if you become a teacher, by your pupils you'll be taught." I've always thought that one line said it be able to not only teach, but be taught back in return by all with whom you come into contact. This marks the 4th year of Buffalo Select Chorus: something that began with just a vision and a dream, and culminated four years later with over 30 students, representing over 8 Buffalo Public High Schools. With each passing year, we continue to grow as a family. We continue to strive for new heights and goals, new achievements, and new musicianship and love for not only music, but each other. We share our ups, and downs, our fears, dreams, our sorrows and losses, but also our accomplishments, accolades, and achievements. We continue to foster each other. We learn from each other's cultures, we learn from each other's religions, and we learn from each other's neighborhoods. In the end, we are better people because of it, especially me. These incredible children continue to teach me the real meaning of love, the real meaning of hardships, and the real meaning of struggle as they try to attain a dream, even in the face of sometimes extreme circumstances. These children have taught me such compassion, patience, and love for all,


and I am the one who is a better person because of it. I have become the student, and am grateful for the education that they have given me in the end. This year for me has been an emotional roller coaster in so many many ways. After teaching in the City of Buffalo for 35 years, I am retiring. I think of all the amazing children I have met along the way, and where their lives are now, and how music has helped to shape so many of them in such positive ways. I will continue to dedicate myself to the children of this city, because without them, we have no future. I thank so many for this 4th concert of Buffalo Select Chorus, but, I would be remiss if I didn't give a special acknowledgement to my own children, Venezia, and Zuri, whose unconditional love has kept my spirit alive always; to the people and dear friends and family in my life who keep me balanced and sane most of the time; especially the faculty at South Park High School, and faculty from the Olmsted and City Honors Schools; Mark Garcia, my supervisor; Sue Mann Dolce, co-founder of BSC; to all the parents of these fine children, whether here or departed; to musicians Odell, Walter, DeShawn, Andre, Tim, and Brian for their continued support and creativity; Michael Civisca, for seeing Buffalo Select Chorus and supporting it so whole-heartedly; and finally to the "Hands of Soul" Mr. Joseph Wooten, who believed in these children enough that he took time to be with us this evening to share some of his incredible gifts with us all. "Haven't you noticed, suddenly I'm bright and breezy? Because of all the beautiful and new, things I'm learning about you, day by day?" Thank You to all, for the lessons of sharing...and LEARNING!

Linda Appleby



5 Bonsa Aba (Traditional Zambian Song) arranged by Fischer Soon Ah Will Be Done


You’ll Never Walk Alone   Rogers, Hammerstein arranged by Mac Huff Salmo


Imagine John Lennon..arranged by Roger Emerson Majesty and Glory Dies Irae, Lacrimosa (from Requiem)




Autumn Leaves

sung by Julia Register Kosma, Mercer

Elijah Rock


What About Love? Sung by Jelissa Delgado, Olivia Merisola, and Jazmin Daniels Willis, Russell, Bray I Matter We are One



Blue Skies


Anthem of Praise



about joseph wooten Joseph Wooten was born December 15, 1961 and started playing keyboards at the age of 5 in a family band, later known as The Wooten Brothers. After moving to California in 1968, the band began taking paid jobs. During this time the Wooten Brothers opened for such popular bands and artists as Curtis Mayfield, The Temptations, and Stephanie Mills. A year later, the band was signed to Arista Records to record their first album. Joseph sang background vocals for a song on Whitney Houston's album, "Thinking About You," and co-wrote a Grammy-nominated instrumental piece on the album "Call Me Tonight" by well-known recording artist Kashif. From 1987 to 1990, Joseph played with a top 40 band in Virginia Beach called Hotcakes. Later, Wooten moved to Nashvilled with now-wife, Heidi. In 1991 the couple celebrated the birth of their first son, Jessie and in 1994 gave birth to their second son, Justice. In 1993 Wooten joined The Steve Miller Band and had the opportunity to perform with such artists as The Doobie Brothers, Cheryl Crow, George Thoroughgood, Pat Benatar, Slash, Bruce Willis, Buddy Guy, Joe Cocker, Carol King, comedian David Spade and many others. Most recently, Wooten recorded a solo CD entitled "Hands of Soul," 14 pieces of original music featured are produced, played and sung by Wooten.


about michael civisca Michael Civisca began working as a professional in 1995, inspired to take the arduous trip down the road to a jazz career when he took up trumpet as a youngster, listening and playing along with the records of Herb Alpert, Chuck Mangione and Louis Armstrong. When not involved in any of his many enterprises, Civisca likes to listen to a wide mix of singers running from Sinatra and Diana Krall to Aerosmithand and Sting. Civisca has released 4 recordings under his own label, Neptune Records. The most recent "Love is...Like a Breeze," was released in 2002. (Text provided by Dave Nathan, All Music Guide)




Amber Black Alexandria Curry Jazmin Daniels Jelissa Delgado Samantha Evans Mia Gardner Emily Mason Marion McCarthy Shanise McPhatter Olivia Merisola Julia Reister Alexis Reynolds Aja Ruff Kayla Witherspoon

Ariel Alexander Emani Burgos Ruth Castro Erica Christian Courtney Hatten Destiny Johnson Shanise McPhatter Julia Register Tia Rouse Melissa Swinnich Bria Thompson



Erica Christian Jacobbi McCant Hodari Pryce Bria Thompson Demetrius Williams

Augustus Donaldson Jacobbi McCant Robert Morrow James Neely Derek Stafford

director Linda Appleby A teacher since graduating from Rosary Hill College, then Buffalo State College, Linda Appleby has been directing choral groups and teaching music for over 30 years. Currently a teacher at South Park High School, Linda has taught at Olmstead School 56 and City Honors School, where she founded the school's Gospel Choir and was the youngest receiver of the noted Keeping the Dream Alive Award. Linda also has been among the "Who's Who of American Teachers" a distinction she has won 5 times. She is also recipient of The National Federation for Just Communities of Western New York's Community Leadership Award in 2009, among other numerous honors and awards.



R. Odell Northington

Odell is a current member of International Society of Bassists and endorses "DR BLACK BEAUTIES STRINGS." He is a member of the AFM Local 148-462 as well as author of Odell’s Book of Bass Volume 1 which is being used in many of the Buffalo Public Schools for private lessons. Odell has played with Buffalo Select Chorus since its founding.


Walter Kemp

A graduate of Virginia Union Universty, Kemp returned home to Buffalo at age 23. He is currently one of Buffalo's leading sidemen, working with various musicians such as Sabu Adeyola and Van Taylor. Kemp enjoys performing with and playing for the Buffalo Select Chorus, which he joined in the 2006-2007 season.


Andre Killian

After attending The New School for Jazz in New York City, Killian toured with Ladonna Mole, formerly of John PKee. He has played with the Sabu Adeyola Sextet and worked with such performers as Ahmad Jamal and the late Charles Mingus. Killian has played with Buffalo Select Chorus since the 2007-2008 season.


Brian Freeman

Brian has been playing the trumpet and flugal horn for 25 years in a variety of musical groups. He gained esteem in the R&B band Topaz, performing the lead horn arrangement in Billboard Magazine's Achievent Award winning "A Nice Day." Brian began playing with Buffalo Select Chorus this season.


Tim Webb

Tim Webb has been playing percussions since he was very young. With a degree in Music Business from Villa Maria College, Webb has toured the country and played with such groups as Ella Robinson & The New Beginnings Choral Ensemble and Chapter II. This is Webb's first year playing with Buffalo Select Chorus.


about bsc In the spring of 2005, Linda Appleby, along with Susan Mann Dolce and other interested community members set out to create a citywide Buffalo Public High School Choral group. The group would require an audition, have a final concert, and produce a professional recording for use in the college application process. First to pick up the proposal was the Foundation for Arts and Athletics in Buffalo. The Foundation sent out flyers and brochures calling for interested singers to join. What resulted was a group of eight talented individuals from three Buffalo Public High Schools who gathered to rehearse once a week for six months. The Righteous Babe Foundation also offered to support the Chorus by providing the beautifully restored Asbury Hall at The Church (now Babeville) for rehearsal and performance space. Every Monday, Buffalo Select Chorus gathers to rehearse and learn on stage, in what has become very much the chorus' home. Buffalo Select Chorus gives Buffalo Public High School students an opportunity to develop their vocal skills and gain actual performance experience under the instruction of certified music teachers and professional musicians. It produces a CD for use in college applications, and encourages unity in schools by participating in several intra-system events.


highlights FROM THE 2008-2009 SEASON


10th Presidential Inauguration of Jack Quinn at Erie Community College november

The Voices of God Gospel Concert at Our Savior Lutheran Church december

60th Anniversary of the Signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights january

Antoine M. Thompson's Birthday Celebration for Dr. Martin Luther King february

Memorial Talent Hunt Competition april

First Annual Conference for Women on Darfur at Rich's Atrium may

First Annual City of Buffalo Dropout Prevention Leadership Summit Annual Collage Concert at Shea's Buffalo Theater


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Proceeds from tonight’s concert and CD sales will be donated to the Foundation for Arts and Athletics in Buffalo Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo. All donated monies will be used to maintain Buffalo Select Chorus as a program of excellence and to help us realize our mission. If you would like to donate directly to this fund, please make your check payable to the Community Foundation and in the memo portion of your check, write FAAB Fund. The Foundation's Mailing Address is 712 Main Street. Buffalo New York 14202 Contacting Buffalo Select Chorus is as easy as writing an e-mail. In you're interested in becoming involved, we would love to hear from you! Sue Dolce, at or Linda Appleby, at


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Buffalo Select Chorus live at asbury hall 2009 Program  
Buffalo Select Chorus live at asbury hall 2009 Program  

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