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Module: Resource Booking Scope of this document This new module is closely attached to the calendar module, since this is an extension giving the opportunity to book resources related to a calendar event. Important: Not all churches will have the resource module activated and the calendar should work perfectly without the resource module extension.1 To develop this extension, the current calendar module needs to be revised and some features should be added. Also, the new resource module will have some features that give the opportunity to control what resources the system should be able to book and an overview of when the resources are booked for what purpose. This document is divided into two modules: “Resources” and “Calendar”. The calendar module already exists and needs to be extended. The resource module needs to be created.

Resources (module) Under “Modules” a new module should be added called “Ressourcer” (Resources). Here, the end-user should be able to add, edit, and delete resources.

Overview of resources The end-user should be able to see when the resources are booked both with two viewings: 1. A visual version 2. A list version Visual version When clicking on the visual overview, the end-user will see the current week as in the Outlook calendar. It should be possible to click and unclick the different resources via AJAX functionality. The overview should update immediately with the preferences chosen by the end-user. The resources should appear as a “bubble” marking when the resource is doing what. The event attached to the resource should also appear in the “bubble”.2 List version It should be possible to get a list of a particular resource type and further select one or more of the resources within the type.

1 2

If this is a requirement that will give you trouble or require a lot of work let’s talk about a possible solution With “bubble” I mean the Outlook Calendar view

The list should by default be the current week, but also here it should be possible to choose previous or next week. Besides that the list version should have the possibility of getting a monthly list. This could e.g. be resource type “Personnel� and thereafter a selection of two employees. This list should be viewed as a standard list with dates and what the person is doing in relation to what event. There should be a print out button that sends the list to the printer in a nice print out format.

Administer resources The end-user should be able to define what resources he wants to control with this system. Each resource type will contain a number of resources that each has a status. Example of structure: Resource type Resource


Personnel John Smith Peter McCannon John Doe Mary Donaldson {available, occupied, vacation}

Calendar (module) Add/Edit Event The calendar events need to be extended to accommodate new requirements and integrate the resources. This is the first step for the user to actually reserve resources. Please use the existing form and compare with this new and extended form. Generelt (General) Titel (title): [input field] Gruppe (group): [group drop-down]3 Ansvarlig (responsible): [input field]

Tidspunkt4 Start: [popup ajax/jquery? calendar with today selected] kl. [time selection with hour and 5 minutes interval] Slut: [popup calendar with today selected] kl. [time selection with hour and 5 minutes interval]

Beskrivelse (Description) Til hjemmesiden: (To the homepage:) [text area]

Intern information: (Internal information:) [text area]

Direkte kommunikation: (direct communication)5 SMS



The group chosen defines where the event will appear in the calendar on the website It should be possible to define only starting date and time without either ending date or ending time. However, it should also be possible to define an ending time and/or date. Maybe this can be used for inspiration: 5 This should integrate the event with the sms-sender and e-mail sender to make their communication more efficient. 4

Vælg standardbesked6 (choose standardmessage): [drop-down with homepage/internal description choices)

Vælg standardbesked (choose standardmessage): [drop-down with homepage/internal description choices)

Eller indtast besked (or enter message): [text area similar to under sms-module]

Eller indtast e-mail (or enter e-mail): [text area similar to under email-module]

Vælg liste7 (choose list): [drop-down from smsgroups]

Vælg liste (choose list): [drop-down from smsgroups]

Send e-mail (send) [button]

Send e-mail (send) [button]

Resourcer: (resources) [The user should be able to choose what resources that are occupied by this event. The resources should be grouped as defined by the user] #Type1 -Post1----------[x] -Post2----------[]

#Type2 -Post1----------[x] -Post2----------[x]

Gem (save) [button]

Users and rights The user interface in the CMS should also be incorporated in the calendar and the resources. Not everyone should have the rights to book resources when adding an event. The administrator should be able to define some users that can only view the resources but not book them.


If the user chooses to use the description to the home page or the internal message, this will appear in the textarea as pre-defined content 7 This is the lists from the grouping of the sms, e-mails, respectively