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Strawberries are beautiful and nice to eat. They are one of the best fruits during spring season. All you need is proper and detailed steps in growing strawberries in your garden. You should give ample time and effort to ensure your plants are growing in good condition. These plants are most people's favorite as fresh strawberries are sweet and juicy. First of all, before learning how to grow strawberries, you have to choose your type of strawberry plants. There are three types of plants. First would be June Bearing where the strawberries produce large crop in a year; early season, middle season and late season. Another type is Everbearing where it only produces one or two harvests in a year. There are also strawberries which will produce fruits during the growing period which is called Day Neutral. After you have identified the type of plants to be grown in your farm, you can now get the small plants from shops to be planted in near the beginning of spring season. Make sure you only get from reliable shops as some of the plants might have viruses that may be harmful to other plants in your garden. Then, select a strategic area with excellent sun shine in the morning, great drainage system, ideal slope to ensure the strawberries are grown in a good condition and environment. Make sure the planting bed in placed with a depth of at least 12 inches. Strawberries need fertile soil to grow healthily and the soil must be slightly acidic. Next, plant the root in a hole and fill the hole with soils. This is to ensure that the roots are buried. Keep a distance from one plant to another plant. Another tip to manage your plant is to remove the outer side plant in each row after harvesting process. Leaving the new fresh plants will ensure the strawberries will grow healthily and strong. Small and young strawberry plants need plenty of water to ensure the fruits are fresh and juicy. An average recommendation would be one to two inches of water in a week. In the growing stage, fertilizer is one of the important elements as well. Fertilizing should be carried out in the early stage of growing, before harvesting. The fertilizer quantity should be accurate to avoid over fertilizing as it will affect the growth of your strawberry plants. A good practice is to pick the fruits at each blossom so that it won't deteriorate the plant production. Pick the ripe strawberries and serve them immediately for a fresh taste. Preserve them if you are planning to keep for several days. Here are all the simple steps to help you in how to grow strawberries. So, plan properly to ensure good production of strawberries in your garden.

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==== ==== Click here to learn how to grow your own strawberries ==== ====

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