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Snoring is a serious breathing disorder that has in the past seen many people break up. Poor sleeping positions, alcohol, sleeping pills and poor diet are all known to cause this irritating condition. This is because the above are known to block the air passages around the neck and this makes us produce that irritating and noisy vibrations. Using several pillows to raise the level of the throat also does the trick in stopping the breathing condition. Sleeping on a tennis ball has become a common way of preventing snoring for many people. Sleeping on the side as opposed to sleeping on the side is also an ideal way to stop snoring. Use of hard pillows and avoiding the soft ones will help a snorer to solve the problem of snoring. Observing ones diet is very vital if you are to stop snoring. Eating food or drinking of soft drinks shortly before sleep time causes snoring and to stop the problem, it is advisable not to eat at least four hours before sleep-time. Avoid heavy drinking and smoking as these tend to produce some gaseous substances in the mouth that block the air passages in the mouth therefore the snoring condition. To stop snoring several products have been made available to the general public. These products could be nasal sprays that lubricate the throat therefore unblocking the air passages. It is also recommended to use snoring products such as Noizelezz or somnaguard which are generally available in most drug shops you go to today. These are more suitable for those who snore when they sleep with their mouths open. Other ways to prevent snoring including elevate the position of your head by use of pillows or by raising the head of your bed.

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==== ==== The nation's #1 snoring solution that is proven to stop snoring the 1st night. ==== ====

The nation's #1 snoring solution