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Strawberries are easy to grow and are a very a versatile plant. They can be grown in containers, greenhouses, on the rockery, or in nice neat trails along your garden. Strawberries are a wonderful plant to put into your garden beds as you can use everbearing strawberries which will provide crops of strawberries all through out the season. There are also June-bearing strawberries that spring with the summer season. Want to know the greatest secret with growing strawberries? Just before planting your seeds or pre-started sprouts, push rusty nails into the dug area where you are planting. The rusty nails will provide iron for the soil, which will make your strawberries more lush and plenty full. When growing strawberry seeds into growing sprouts you must protect them, especially when there is a chance of frost or your area is known to have hail storms. I find it most helpful placing a small and clear container like object over the young sprouts. The objects or containers can be made out of milk cartons and two-liter soda bottles that have been rinsed out and cleaned. They are simple to make yourself, simply cut the top of the milk carton off or cut the bottom quarter of the two-liter bottle. These containers will also help against heavy winds and storm, not to mention those pesky bugs. A downfall to strawberries is that they are so delicious that bugs love them, too. Leave the containers on until the plant has a few leaves and the leaves should be hardy and green. Also, when growing strawberries it is best to only pluck a few leaves dead foliage. Leave some attached as they will protect the newly sprouted strawberry leaves. With these tips and your efforts you can have delicious strawberries all season long and at a fraction of the price.

Perry Rosenbloom spent two summers working and exploring Glacier National Park and hopes to one day buy a cabin in Polebridge, Montana. If you're in need of gardening supplies, check out Atlas Gardening Gloves so that you can make a Basic Herb Garden

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==== ==== Strawberry Giant - Grow Strawberries All Year Long Garden Plants Gardening AsSeenOnTV ==== ====

How To Grow Strawberries At Home  

How To Grow Strawberries

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