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Be it a hobby or a source of living, growing blueberries is a lot of fun. I remembered an application in one of the social networking sites wherein growing blueberries in that game is really fun for it is something that you can plant and harvest in a very short period of time. Besides being nutritious, blueberries really taste delicious and they are quite expensive in the grocery. I have a backyard and since I really love blueberries, I will share with you tips on growing them. First thing that you need to do in growing blueberries is to make sure that you grow two varieties at the same time. Some don't know that blueberries need cross pollination for it to grow and bear fruit. This is very important for you to have a good harvest. Second step in growing blueberries is to make sure to select the variety that would grow in your area. Blueberries grow on certain temperatures so you have to ask the vendor if it could possibly grow in your area. You might be living in a very cold environment wherein blueberries could not sustain especially during winter time. What is recommended for blueberries is at least 6 hours of sun a day and not too hot like in a desert. With these, blueberries can surely grow. With the soil, blueberries grow best in an acidic pH but if your soil does not have that, you may remedy it by purchasing peat moss and aluminum sulphate. It could be added to the soil to get the desired soil where blueberries would grow best. Remember to plant the bush with the soil evenly placed around it. You might need to mulch it with pine needles or peat moss to maintain acidic pH of the soil. It is very essential that blueberries are watered regularly especially for the first summer after planting. Water being essential to all plants so as with blueberries which really need at least an inch of water in a week during growing season. One of the most tedious parts in growing blueberries is to remove the blossoms during the first two Springs. This allows the plant to put energy into growing tall, and this will give you a large harvest of berries that first year. Just imagine getting rid of all the blossoms if you have a farm. This can be tedious and time consuming. Netting your blueberries is also a must if there are birds eating on the blueberries. Fences could also protect your blueberries from rabbits, deer, and wild hogs. Lastly, you will need to buy a fertilizer in order to grow healthy blueberries. Growing blueberries is indeed a lot of fun. Whether in a city high rise, a suburban home, or a home in the country, blueberries can be grown in a wide assortment of climates can containers. Growing blueberries is

easy, fun, and cost effective!

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==== ==== Click Here To Grow Your Own Delicious Blueberries ==== ====

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