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Mix tape Cover Printing – Made Easy and Simple •

Printing Mixtape covers offer enormous fun. You jumble up colors to form a new one and add your own creativity to an existing design and give it a totally new and magnificent look. The job of mixtape cover printing can be made even more interesting and perfect if you consider a few basic rules while designing one. The CD insert printers may fail to give you exact size print outs, if it has incorrect format, bleed or size. Because of this you may have to face certain hurdles or you may have to delay your project and suffer loss. If you are getting the design designed for someone else, make sure that he calls you and show you the format and only after your edits and confirmation do the final printing work. It is possible if you have any local designer, but if you have appointed the work to the person living somewhere else, you may have to bear the loss caused due to improper size, texture and format of the mixtape cover. To avoid all this mess, design your own cover. For making your mixtape cover layout and design right don’t ignore what is written in this write up. Determine the size of the mixtape cover. The standard size of a mixtape cover is 5”x5” and has a bleed of .125”. Fit the images and text within that bleed range, so that not a single part of your design gets cutoff. Avoid placing text at the extreme end of the design. Better to make use of bleed & keep the text within the area. What should be the resolution of mixtape cover? Generally, 300DPI is recommended. If you increase it to 400DPI, then the picture may get blurred. Which color mode should be chosen for mixtape color? Whether CMYK or RGB? You get a wide color selection if you choose RGB. Even the colors are brighter in RGB when compared with CMYK. When you want to get multiple print outs (say more than 1000 copies) of the cover image, then convert it to CMYK. Once your design is prepared, you can take a print out of it. The market is fully saturated with printing companies and you can compare the prices charged by each. Select a few and contact them. It is better to contact those who have mentioned their full details along with the phone number, because if any company is offering some job, then it should not hide anything about it from its potential customers.

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Have you been planning to launch you own mix tape? Do you want to market them too? Well, you need to go for mix tape insert printing for the...