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“Because it’s a small space, we did every surface in one giant pattern so you don’t notice the walls,” says Clarke. The rest of the “500 square feet of bliss” is covered in grass cloth and art from Hawaii and California, the two places Luna and Clarke feel most connected to. They say the trailer reminds them of a storage cabana in Costa Brava, Spain. “I love that it’s a mix of both Tim and me; where I collect California pottery, he collects surfboards,” says Luna.

“We both think of them as art because that’s what they are.” Their vision of a beach community with a relaxed vibe extends to their entertaining, which happens on the beach. Weekends are spent meditating, hosting family picnics and back­ gammon matches, and throwing a Frisbee with their dogs (“Charlie really is the Frisbee champion of the world,” says Luna, referring to their mixed­ breed rescue.) “We make a lobster salad and head to the beach with friends and some rosé,” he says. “What else do you need?” •


bag for Intermix. “It sends you down a rabbit hole,” says Howell of the opportu­ nities afforded by these commissions. “I suddenly wanted to do all this glitch artwork. Once you try one thing, you find new ways to interact with your aesthetic and show it to people.” It’s their strategic synthesis of the roles of dealer and agent that seems to be the linchpin in Tappan’s equation. “Our passions lie with supporting the artists,” says Neman. “We really care about help­ ing people to understand how and why they are making what they are making, and sharing their stories.” •


of Sports Illustrated’s annual Swim­ suit Issue. Though her modeling career re­ quires Iman to be based in New York City, she regularly makes trips back home to Los Angeles. And if her fam­ ily, the beach and favorite haunts like Tito’s Tacos weren’t already reason enough to commute, she’s recently been romantically linked to Lakers player Jordan Clarkson. Ultimately, she sees herself settling down in her hometown. “I remember when I did my first fashion show for L.A. Fashion Week and everyone was clapping for me,” she says. “Then I flew out for my first show in New York and no one was clapping—I felt like I was doing something wrong,” she reveals with a laugh. “L.A. is good because the people here show a lot of love.” For now, though, Iman won’t be sitting still anywhere, with summer plans already in motion for vacation in the Caribbean and Italy’s Amalfi Coast, following her recent trip to Cannes for the screening of Dope. “Acting is just like being a fashion model,” she muses. “If you’re not trying too hard or overthinking it, the pictures come to life.” Spoken like a natural. •

THE WAY WE ARE, Surfboards at Art Luna and Tim Clarke’s Paradise Cove trailer, p.68.

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