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The Career Development Group is a special interest group of CILIP, The Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals. Registered Charity Number 313014.

Editorial Welcome to latest issue of Central News. This Spring edition is packed with news about many of the events CDGWM have been running this year. We say a big congratulations to Carol Barker who received a CDG Honorary Fellowship. In addition there is news from National Council, and the CDG WM AGM. Our regular committee profile feature focuses on Abigail Williams the CDG WM secretary, and Beth Hall presents a new range of ‗Love Your Chartership‘ events taking place in Coventry. In addition we have a report from the a Chartership Workshop. Look out for many more events in our regular ‗Dates for your Diary‘ feature. Many thanks for all our contributors. We would love to hear from you if you have any comments, feedback or indeed if you want to write an article for us . You can contact me on: ( Jess Humphreys (Newsletter Editor)

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Central Issues

CDG Honorary Fellowship awarded to West Midlands CDG activist. Did you know that the Career Development Group is the only Special Interest Group of CILIP which awards its own Honorary Fellowship award to individuals who have rendered distinguished service to the group? Honorary Fellows receive a certificate and are entitled to use the post-nominals Hon FCDG. This year, we are very pleased to announce that Carol Barker, a long-standing CDG WM activist, is one of two recipients of a CDG Honorary Fellowship. Carol has been an active member of CDG for many years and has been key to the success of the group at divisional and national level. After acting as both Chair and Treasurer with only one other committee member for a period in the late 1990s, Carol kept the West Midlands division active and when committee membership increased, she moved into the role of Candidate Support Officer (or Registration Liaison Officer, as it was then!). Carol excelled in the role, which resulted in her becoming Honorary Learning Co-ordinator (HLC) for the National Council of CDG in 2006. She was an inspirational leader to the CSOs and her calm professionalism coupled with her strong organisational skills was a great reassurance to them in a period of rapid and unpredictable change. Despite this commitment at national level, however, Carol remained active on her divisional committee, providing particular support to her successor as Candidate Support Officer (CSO). Carol has always been very encouraging to others during their professional journeys, providing particular support to those joining the CDG divisional committee and taking on officer roles.

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In addition, Carol has delivered sessions at Umbrella 2007 and 2009 on Portfolio building and ―Continuing Professional Development: the difference between knowing the path and walking the path‖ to encourage others to make the most of their opportunities. During her time as HLC, Carol built on her considerable experience producing materials for Chartership and Portfolio courses, by working Issuesby CDG, towards the CILIP Seal of Recognition for coursesCentral delivered 3 The Page Newsletter of the Career Development Group West Midlands and encouraging divisions to deliver courses adhering to the requirements for the Seal. This has affirmed the quality and reputation of the professional courses and workshops that CDG deliver across the country. Carol also played an important role during the CILIP Review of the Framework of Qualifications with support from Martin Kidds from West Country Division, providing valuable information about the voluntary work carried out by the CSOs. This included formulating time equivalencies which established that the level of support provided by CSOs would require CILIP to employ another 1.5 FTE staff to provide the same service themselves! A member of the judging panel said: ―Carol embodies the spirit of the Group, serving faithfully at grass roots level as well as stepping up to leadership when required. She has played a critical and unique part in the life of West Midlands Division and in the development of the Group's qualifications support and events delivery‖. Carol will be receiving her Fellowship award, along with Kath Owen, during the CDG AGM at Bromley House, Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HL, at 6pm on Monday May 10th. Please notify your attendance by Monday 6th May to Honorary Secretary Stella Wisdom ( if you would like to support Carol at this event.

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Central Issues

Committee Profile: Abigail Williams, Secretary. I have been involved with the West Midlands Division of the Career Development Group since I first came to the Midlands in 2005. I initially got involved because I didn‘t know anyone in the area but I also thought it would be a useful thing to include as part of my Chartership submission. My first role was editing our webpages. I can‘t begin to tell you the problems I had! For ages every meeting I came to I had to record that I hadn‘t substantially added to our pages at all. It was pretty embarrassing but the rest of the committee (and the web team at CILIP) were really supportive so I never gave up. I had been in this role for about a year when the secretary had to leave. I was still getting no where with the webpages and so, in a bid to feel that I was contributing to the committee I offered to take on the role of secretary on top of the web editing role. Something I quickly discovered: write up the minutes as soon as possible after the meeting or you will find that you are no longer sure what your shorthand stands for! During my time with WMCDG I have organised a viewing of the Hollywood Librarian (raising money for the International Projects) and worked with two colleagues to produce and run a Health Information Study Day. I‘ve also taken part in pub quizzes, visited a cathedral library, done a sponsored walk and organised a literary tour of Birmingham. In the time since I joined CDG and became involved with WMCDG I have had 3 different jobs – I started in public libraries, switched to Health Libraries and, four and a half years later, moved back into public libraries. There is no doubt in my mind that CDG helped with my moving between sectors because, of all the special interest groups, it gives you the chance to work with people from libraries in every sector. In this way, along with reading the Gazette and Update, you are able to keep in touch with the issues across all sectors. And attending AGMs and National Council meetings you meet and befriend a whole range of people. Abigail Williams

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Love Your Chartership—Coventry Hannah Thomson (librarian at Oxford School in Coventry), Philip Jones (Senior Community Librarian and Library Manager at Finham Community Library in Coventry) and I met at the CILIP Introduction to Chartership Course organised by the West Midlands CDG on the 27th November 2009. As well as attending the CDG events including the monthly ―Love your Chartership‖ get-togethers in Birmingham, we decided that it would be nice to have local get-togethers for early-career librarians working in Coventry. We had our first get-together on the evening of the 25th March in the Tin Angel pub on Spon Street in Coventry. It was only the three of us at this first get-together but we are looking forward to welcoming more people to our next meet-up on May 4th at the Tin Angel cafe/bar on Spon Street in Coventry city centre at 7pm. At this first meet-up, we discussed our different roles as librarians and information specialists, we are all from different sectors: health, school and public libraries, and so have a lot share and discuss. We about how far we had got to with the chartership process including meetings with mentors and keeping records of evidence for the portfolio. We touched on issues such as finding regular time to put-aside towards professional development and different strategies to keep motivated. We discussed one of the chartership requirements of participating in the wider profession, and agreed that these local meet-ups would be a great way for us to hear about changes in other sectors. We highlighted to each other interesting new articles we had read in Update recently, and reminded each other of upcoming events that we were planning to attend. All of this happened over a few glasses of lemonade and some general chat about growing up in Coventry, the Universities we had attended, and our different career paths that led to our current jobs. We are interested in welcoming early career librarians from all sectors to our get-togethers, keeping the invitation open to anyone interested in chartership, and also those interested in qualification and all professional career development. We are also keen for professionals who have recently chartered to come along and share their experiences with us. As well as monthly meet-ups, we are interested in organising visits to each others‘ libraries and places of work; any such events that we organise we will advertise through the West Midlands CDG group channels. For more information and details of our next get-together please contact Beth Hall at:

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Central Issues

CDG National Council – London February 2010 Day 1—1st February 2010 My first time at the National Council, I wasn‘t really sure what to expect. I was a little bit apprehensive because my CDG activities had been limited to my local West Midland. I needn‘t have worried; it was all very informal, relaxed and welcoming. It was quite interesting to see how the council works and I got to meet Jon Scown, the new president. I was only able to attend just the first day, meaning I escaped reading all the documents for the entire meeting before attending but they made lovely reading afterwards!!! After introductions, I met a few new faces, the meeting started. The new website was demonstrated by Tameem Ali, the Honorary Fellowships 2010 were ratified and the International Bursary Recipients were also ratified. The CDG new logo was discussed but vetoed. It was agreed that the logo guidelines be made clearer, the structure be reviewed and searches for better options widened to encompass possibly contributions from art/design students in colleges. The highlight of the day was the presidential Reception held at the British Library. It was a good opportunity to meet colleagues from different establishments, firm old links and develop new ones. There is nothing like a glass of wine to move things along. It was an interesting event to attend and I think everyone should attend at least once, either as a representative or an observer. Angel Egbuji Day 2—2nd February 2010 I attended the second day of National Council as a first-timer. The second day focused on the treasurers report, arrangements for funding divisional representatives at the Activists Training day , marketing issues and news about Impact. The brainstorming sessions in the afternoon on marketing resources was really useful and interesting. These discussions related to what resources CDG could be using to communicate/ promote themselves including online resources (e.g. blogs, videos etc.) and marketing materials. The meeting also focused on the potential for digitisation of newsletters, CDGWM are one of the first to be using and the National Council is interested in how this is developing. Overall it was a very interesting and inspiring day. I would definitely recommend others take the opportunity to attend the National Committee Meetings. Jess Humphreys

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A CDGWM ―Christmas‖ Dinner On 20th January, nine of us met at Chez Jules in Birmingham for the CDG West Midlands "Christmas" meal. The mix of long-standing, returning and new members present made for lively conversation and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for catching up and making new connections. I have often been told about the "small world" nature of librarianship, but never really experienced it until this event, when not one, but two of my former fellow students at Loughborough turned up for the meal! The delicious food and hard-to-resist "3 courses for £15" offer at Chez Jules ensured no one went home with an empty stomach. Thanks to Georgina and the Committee for bringing some festive cheer into the otherwise frosty and frugal month of January! Anna Brown

CDG WM AGM The CDG WM AGM took place at Birmingham Central Library on Tuesday 23rd March in conjunction with the CILIP WM AGM. The keynote speaker was the new CILIP president, Biddy Fisher. She provided a really insightful talk on ―Defining the Future‖ the big project that is currently being undertaken by CILIP. Further information about this project can be found on Biddy‘s blog (, the CILIP Communities website ( or you can follow discussions on Twitter (#cilipfuture). The talk was followed by CILIP WM AGM and CDG WM AGM including reports from the treasurer and chair of the branch and group respectively. All minutes from the previous meeting and elections of new officers were passed successfully. The end of the event was dedicated to networking over a cup of tea. Overall it was an enjoyable and successful afternoon.

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CDG Chartership Workshop at Birmingham Central Library As my daughter unpacked at University in September last year I downloaded and sent the Chartership form – no empty nest syndrome for me I thought! After which I promptly did nothing about it, save an occasional scan of the CILIP site with a suppressed but nagging feeling that I really should get a mentor. So when a kind colleague forwarded details of a Career Development Group workshop at the end of last year, it seemed a great opportunity to kick start the whole process and get to grips with it all. I was pleased to find the workshop had a local venue, which made it much easier to fit in with work, and Birmingham Central Library is always a treat for me, having spent many happy hours there and in the Art Gallery and Museum over the years with my children. I had not expected the added bonus of the German Christmas market outside though: the aroma of mulled wine, stolen and the opportunity for some stocking present shopping later put me in holiday mood. It was nice as well to see some familiar faces at the workshop, and particularly Preeti Puligari who was organising the event as Candidate Support Officer. Preeti had been really helpful when I started work as a heath librarian some years before, so I felt confident immediately that the day would be well structured. Opportunities then quickly emerged over coffee and lunch to catch up with another colleague from the health sector as well as meet new people from other library sectors, including some from as far afield as Jersey. A lunch time tour of the library was also on offer, which may not do justice to the treasures it holds but as one of the biggest public libraries in Europe it is interesting for any librarian to see. Most importantly though the title of the first presentation was justified: Chartership – a practical approach.

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It was delivered by Kath Owen who both assesses and mentors Chartership applications, so she was able to put ample flesh on the bones of the Chartership handbook and bring a clear perspective on the reflective approach it requires. She highlighted important criteria, adding a dash of tips and do‘s and don‘ts for collation and presentation of portfolios plus advice on how to simply just get it finished and submitted. Preeti also presented to explain how the Career Development Group supports candidates, particularly through the role of the Candidate Support Officer. The day included examples of portfolios and workshop activities as well, which helped us to identify our strengths and weaknesses in the context of Chartership; identify pieces of work and experience we could include in a portfolio; to start to think about areas for development in a personal development plan; and to focus on how we might move forward from the day. Did it help? Well, I am now writing an article for the first time; I found a mentor and I have developed and started acting on my Personal Development Plan. Also, it seems that doing something different can quickly become a habit. The course identified a need to show wider professional experience. So when a bursary was advertised by the Career Development Group to go as a volunteer to Uganda to work on the African Prisons project, it presented an opportunity I could not resist. I was delighted to get the bursary as it is a really interesting piece of work and an opportunity of a life time to work in my professional field on issues which I have long cared about. So, yes - the course worked well for me. I may not be chartered (yet), but it did the trick - no empty nest syndrome - and I got a few neat stocking presents as well! Susan Mahony, Site Librarian, Shelton Hospital.

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Central Issues

Dates for your Diary Your ―cut out and keep‖ guide to what‘s happening in the West Midlands with Career Development Group over the next few months. Love your Chartership—Coventry Date: Tuesday 4th May 2010 Time: From 19:00 Venue: Tin Angel cafe/bar on Spon Street in Coventry city centre. Cost: Free The CDG WM Love Your Chartership event is hitting Coventry. Struggling with Chartership? Need some moral support? Fancy a chat about what to do next? Come along to meet colleagues and share ideas, support and experiences. For further details contact Beth Hall ( …………………………………………………………………………………………………. CDG WM Committee Meeting Date: Wednesday 5th May Time: 6.00—8.00pm Venue: Birmingham Central Library Why not come along to a committee meeting to find out more about what we do. For further details contact the Georgina Hardy, the chair of CDG WM on email ( …………………………………………………………………………………………………. ‗’Librarians as Teachers’ - CDG WM / UC&R Group WM Joint Event Date: Wednesday 28th May Time: 9.30-4.00pm Venue: The Teaching Grid, Main Library, University of Warwick Cost: CDG/UC&R Group Members £58.75, CILIP Members £76.38, Non-Members £99.88. (All prices include VAT.) To book a place or for more information please contact Jess Humphreys— ( …………………………………………………………………………………………………. National CDG AGM Date: Monday 10th May Time: 6.00pm Venue: Bromley House, Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HL Please contact to Honorary Secretary Stella Wisdom ( by Monday 6th May if you would like to attend this event. ………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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Chartership Workshop Date: Friday 11th June Time: 9.45-3.30pm Venue: Birmingham Central Library Cost: Free (includes Tea/Coffee but lunch is not provided) For further information and to book a place contact Preeti Puligari, Candidate Support Officer for CDG WM. (

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