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Metagenomics Sequencing, The Study Of Genetic Materials Recovers Directly From Environmental Samples

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Meta genomics sequencing applications The broad field of meta genomics sequencing may also be referred to as environmental genomics, eco genomics or community genomics. While traditional microbiology and microbial genome sequencing and genomics rely upon cultivated clone cultures, early environmental gene sequencing cloned specific genes to produce a profile of diversity in a natural sample. Such work revealed that the vast majority of microbial biodiversity had been missed by cultivationbased methods. Recent studies use either "shotgun" or PCR directed sequencing to get largely unbiased samples of all genes from all the members of the sampled communities. Its applications include: • Discovering new enzymes and ways to produce these • Adventitious Agents discovery • Interaction of microbial communities with the host • Viral quasi-species typing • Diversity of species • Discover non-culturable microbes

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Microbial metagenomics sequencing Metagenomics sequencing can be used to investigate genomics of relatively abundant microbes by sequencing sampled fragments of the whole genome or transcriptome. For a whole genome approach, the use of fosmid libraries is recommended to optimize assembly of large amounts of genomic content. Because of its ability to reveal the previously hidden diversity of microscopic life, metagenomics offers a powerful lens for viewing the microbial world that has the potential to revolutionize understanding of the entire living world. As the price of DNA sequencing continues to fall, metagenomics now allows microbial ecology to be investigated at a much greater scale and detail than before. How much metagenomics sequencing is enough to achieve a given goal? Metagenomics studies have dramatically expanded the knowledge of the microbial world. Furthermore, the amount of sample for sequencing has significantly increased with the development of high-throughput sequencing technologies. However, fully capturing all DNA sequences carried by every microorganism in the environment is still impossible.

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Therefore, estimating a reasonable and practical amount for sequencing to achieve the objectives is particularly necessary. Present study introduces a novel method for estimating the required minimum amount for metagenomics sequencing for a given goal. It also calculates the genomic proportion of each operational taxonomic unit and the detection efficiency of a specific gene based on a given amount for random metagenomics sequencing.

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Metagenomics sequencing, the study of genetic materials recovers directly from environmental samples  

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