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The code below will support you in Writing to Succeed mastering the spelling of new words, structuring your writing correctly and using a wide and varied vocabulary. We want you to have the confidence to experiment with your writing and we will support you in doing this successfully.


What does this mean?

Well done for having a go at using this word. It is spelt incorrectly and is one of the words I would like you to learn to spell. Use your look, cover, check grid at the back of your book to practise spelling this word. I will look for this word to be spelt correctly in your next piece of work.

The part of the word spelt incorrectly is circled.Sp. is written in the margin and the correct spelling of word is written out clearly next to this.


Well done. This is a word you have spelt incorrectly in the past but are now spelling correctly. This is another brilliant word you now have in your vocabulary. OR Well done this is a sophisticated word that has an impact on the reader and it is spelt correctly. Brilliant!


You have forgotten to insert a new paragraph. This is done either by leaving a line or leaving a small gap from the margin. You need to begin a new paragraph because: You have started to write about a new topic You have shifted to a new time You have started to write about a new place You have introduced a new person who begins to speak  It will cause a dramatic effect You have used a lower case or capital letter incorrectly. Look closely at the correction. Remember capital letters are used for:    


M onths I (myself) N ames T itles

S tart of sentences


You have used a punctuation mark incorrectly. The correct punctuation mark has been added in. Punctuation marks not only aid the reading of your writing but can also be crafted to cause dramatic effect.

!?.,;‌ E

Your sentence is not clear. Look at the word/words your teacher has written against in this sentence to ensure the sentence makes sense to the reader.

Spelling to succeed students  

Spelling to succeed students

Spelling to succeed students  

Spelling to succeed students