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Draw a house and garden. Marks will be awarded to the ‘best’ one.

What does ‘best’ look e?


Give yourself one mark if you answer yes to any of the following questions: 1.Does you house have a chimney? 2.Does your house have a window that has been divided into four? 3.Does your house have any round windows? 4.Does your garden include a tree? 5.Does your house have an adjoining garage? 6.Does your house have a horizontally striped garage door? 7.Does your house have an American style post box in the garden? 8.Does your front door have two windows in it? 9.Does your house have a chimney with two chimney pots? 10.Does your house have detailed tiling on the roof?



1. Identify key points 2. Define them for students 3. Identify skills to be mastered in order to achieve assessment criteria. 4. Use criteria to shape introduction

1. Confident use of sophisticated language that enables the reader to visualise where you are and what you are experiencing. Tools needed: -

Use adverbs


Use adjectives


Use verbs

2. An ability to navigate reader fluently through writing. Tools needed: -

Write consistently in the present tense


Use connectives/discourse markers


Speak in first person

3. Organise your description into structured and sequenced sentences and paragraphs. Tools needed: -

Use single words for impact


Use simple, compound, complex sentences

4. Use punctuation for effect. Tools needed: -

Full stops


Commas- use in different capacities


Exclamation mark



Teach the skills

I lower myself gently down the last few feet of pink, granite rock, attempting to pick my way through the broken and smashed jungle. The body of the aircraft has torn through the palms and dense foliage forming a deep scar in the otherwise flawless landscape. I lose my footing in amongst the creepers and broken trunks falling heavily, I grasp at the splintered branches in an attempt to gain my balance. The heat, a visible haze, distorts the images of the fallen tree trunks and tangled creepers. A bird, a flash of blue and silver, disturbs the haze and silence with a single, witch like cry. Once disentangled I steal away through the branches clambering over a broken trunk and exit the distressed, jungle environment. Cautiously, I part the dense, dark curtain of palm leaves and step into a noiseless unknown... Wonderment. The shore is lined with palm saplings, a series of coarse trunks guard the water’s edge. The palm’s green feathers dance in the light breeze unaware of the destruction in the surrounding jungle. The white surf disturbs the tangled reflection of quivering palms in the polished water. As I approach the water’s edge I see a school of tiny, gold, glittering fish flicking amongst the tropical weed and efflorescent coral.

Look carefully at the model. Where you see examples of the writing tools listed below, number them accordingly in the model.


Tool Consistent use of first person Adverb

Definition Use of first person pronouns A description of the action.


Sophisticated Verbs




Use of commas

An action that gives the reader an idea of the intent. Use of words to describe objects. Punctuation mark used to cause a pause, separate clauses.



Words that join together two ideas


Use of present tense throughout


Use of single words

Words are written as though the action is currently taking place? Words used in isolation for effect


Question to check if unsure Can you spot I, me or my? Does the word tell you how the action is being performed? Can you ‘do’ the word? Do the word/words describe an object? Can you spot the comma after an adverbial start? Or around additional information within a sentence? Does the word link past/present? Does the word suggest time has passed? Can you spot any 'ing’ endings or verbs like ‘is’? Can you spot a single word with capital letter and full stop?

You can. I can’t. Ok lets try it a different way

Self-Assessment Once you have completed your description I would like you to check and see if you have used the following: -Consistent use of first person- I/My/Me -Adverbs- Are you describing the action? -Sophisticated Verbs- Do they give the reader an idea of the intent? -Adjectives- Is it describing an object? Have you used more than one for a particular object? -Use of commas- Have you used a comma around an embedded clause or after an adverbial start? -Connectives- Have you used words that join together two ideas? -Single words. Have you used words on their own for impact? Remember these are the tools that enable confident and sophisticated writing. If you find any of these in your writing double tick against where you see them. This is your opportunity to show that you not only know what these words mean BUT you are also able to use them in your writing to aid the reading and promote the pleasure of your descriptive piece. 1.Do you feel you have used of sophisticated language confidently enabling the reader to visualise where you are and what you are experiencing 2.Have you navigated the reader fluidly through the writing by using tense and personal pronouns consistently? 3.Have you organised your description into structured and sequenced sentences, paragraphs? 4.Have you used punctuation for effect? Have you achieved a Band 4? + Comment

Target- How could I improve?

I scramble through the ravaged, tough, thorn bushes. In the background I can  hear the sparkling, blue, untouched sea crashing on the heated sand. Deep in the jungle an unforgiving scar cuts deeply into the beauty of the forest. Rain shatters on top of the plane. An abundance of flourishing foliage  surrounds me. Creepers dangle in front of my face mingling with the beads of sweat trickling down my forehead. The penetrating  heat blazes on my face and a dark bird cries echoes in my ear. The heat. The sounds.  It is agonizing…

Luke Jones

“Juicy beans! I can write.” “Ave a look at this Miss. I reckon a Band 4 Mark 10. What do you think?”

Long Term •

How do you enable the Year 7 student to ‘evolve’ into a highly successful and confident Year 11 Learner?

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Band 5 assessment  criteria

AO2: Explore and refine their ideas through experimenting and selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes.

Use of pencil and  Charcoal and  chalks to develop  tonal images. Colour theory and  mixing. Creating  secondary,  tertiary colours  from primary  colours.  This will also  include  complementary  colours and  analogous  colours as well as  colours linked  with emotion   -Watercolour  painting?   Mixed media /  card relief work. 

Developing use  of tone and  texture using  pencil  Mixed media –  combining  newspaper, card  and inks /  watercolours Using tertiary  and analogis  colours. Using words and  images together.   Print making –  mono print,  block print. Representing  feelings through  imagery, tone  and textures. Using colour  pastels. Using  complementary  colours to create  impact.  Exploring  meaning and  symbolism of  colours.    

Enlarging portrait images  using a projector.  Creating images  from coloured  card.  Photocopy  transfers.  Sequential  developments. Photoshop –  simplification of  an image, colour  alteration and  repeats. Screen printing?   Using unnatural  colours. Colour mixing  and blending of  acrylic paint.  Distorting and  image using scale  and proportion  in composition.  Use of  photography. Using Photoshop  to distort an  image.          

Use of biro, pen  and inks. Use of  photography and  distortion of  images using  photo shop. Mixing flesh tones  with acrylic paint.  Creating texture  in acrylic paint. Use of saturated  and desaturated  colours to create  form.        -3D constructions  in card,  newspaper,  sellotape, chicken  wire, Mudroc Photomontage        

Students are able  to make well  informed and  creative decisions  about what  materials are  appropriate to  their intentions  and artists.  Students  demonstrate  ability in a wide  range of different  materials.  Students are able  to experiment  creatively with a  wide range of  materials and  review and refine  their use of  materials,  techniques and  processes. There is  obvious  development in  their use of  materials in their  work.   

Shows decisive, focused and wellconsidered refinement of ideas Demonstrates a very strong and sustained ability to experiment with a wide range of media, materials, techniques and processes

Selects resources perceptively and imaginatively; choice of resources is clearly appropriate

KS3 SoW/Theme Autumn Term 1 Project Learning ThemeBeginnings SoW- The creation of a children’s story book

Year 7 Assessments

The parallel skills required at KS4


Formative 1- Comparative analysis of presentational features/children's’ book illustrations using PEE structure to explain the effect on the reader and how the intended message is communicated. Formative 2- Analysis of effective children’s story book identifying language devices and using PEE structure to explain how the devices engage the target audience. Summative- Completion of final draft of children's book.

Formative 1English Unit 1 Section A Reading Q4- Comparing presentational features effectively explaining how the images communicate the intended message and how these vary.

Formative 2English Unit 1 Section A Reading Q3- Comparing language techniques effectively explaining how the techniques communicate the intended message. Summative-Common Assessment English Unit 1 Section B Writing to describe Prepares for selecting app. vocab and structuring information for target audience. English Unit 3 b Producing creative texts A03 I ii iii Communicating clearly/organising information and ideas/using sentence structures writing accurately


Teaching And


Medal Board Gold



Achievement Support


Science Maths PE






2 2 2

1 3 2 2





Olympic tableBronze Gold Silver Science English Achievement Support

Maths PE Foundation Art ICT MFL

1 1 1

2 1 2 2 1 1


1 1


4 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 1

Decoding assessment criteria  

Decoding assessment criteria

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