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Editor’s Notebook


Molly Winans



he screw-ups were the fun part. As a target of shooting 12 minutes of footage We taught ourselves this live production I sat on the back of the yellow video per show, they must get enough short clips style without knowing better.” boat for the filming of Annapolis of compelling video to tell the story. For Bruce notes that he’s not sure whether YC (AYC) Wednesday Night Races, smil- any other type of show, a crew would film he thinks it’s a good or a bad thing that ing nervously into the camera and hoping every pretty shot for three hours, including everyone seems to be a videographer these I didn’t look as jittery as I felt, I already filler stuff and dock interviews, and then days. “It’s good in that others may see knew that this video gig was not as easy as spend the next day clipping and tidying it what’s hard about it,” he says. “Editing is a my host, Tucker Thompson of T2PTV, up to a neat 12 minutes. That’s not how form of art, but only if you’re good at it.” made it seem. T2P’s business model works. Sailors in Dick Franyo of the then fledgling He told the audience, well really, he told the party tent and at the Boatyard Bar & Boatyard Bar & Grill was T2P’s first client. the video camera and Ashley They promised him that if they Love who manned it that there moved on to higher profile rewere two ways to make the gattas, they would still continue show: “win the race or really to do Wednesday nights on his screw it up.” We laughed and yellow boat in Annapolis. And knew it was true. Then, we they have. buzzed over to the start line to Since its inception in 2000, get to work. T2P has completed 1300 shows What a gift, this windy, at more than 500 events, travblue-sky weeknight in Aneled to regattas in China, Mexnapolis, with flags flying, ico, Denmark, and all over the whitecaps, 100 boatloads of country and the Caribbean, and fired up racing sailors, and a won three production industry spinnaker finish at the Eastport awards for commentary, editBridge. I learned the drill early ing, and production. As T2P on. Ashley said, “Rolling!” I has branched out into producshut up, and Tucker launched ing advertisements for web and into race commentary. Then, television and corporate and they would stop and motor promotional videos, they have over to the next best shot. landed non-sailing clients such In a decade of watching the as the U.S. Naval Academy and Wednesday night video show Land Rover. ##T2PTV founders Tucker Thompson and Bruce Nairn. Photo by Al Schreitmueller phenomenon evolve, it never They still come home to occurred to me that Tucker do AYC Wednesday night drives the boat and does commentary at Grill in Eastport want to see their boats on shows. Yes, they do film your victories and the same time. I’ve seen him do it, yet it video. Now. The crew wisely chooses their screw-ups. From the video boat, you can didn’t register that it was “live.” No time 12 minutes as they shoot, spends a half an see the annoyance on racers’ faces upon to bleep anything out. I can talk as I drive hour cleaning it up and adding music, and recognition that their spinnaker snafu or my car, but not so well—and I don’t drive puts it up on the party screen. Done. shrimping expedition is being recorded for against traffic at intersections, aiming for The T2P production crew needs two key public consumption. But they know—you sterns and avoiding constant potential colskills: the ability to edit as they shoot and and I know—that we have all been there. lisions, as unpredictable vehicles and waves in-depth sailing knowledge to anticipate The race crew will laugh about it later. As zig zag at me, and as some guy fires a gun within seconds what will happen next on much as racing sailors hate their missteps every few minutes. “I tell people I drive a the race course. being on film, they love to ham it up, hike powerboat for a living,” says Tucker, who “Our biggest asset was what we did not a little harder, and flirt for the camera. started his career as a pro sailor. He’s not know,” says Tucker, who co-founded the Who doesn’t enjoy, just a little, feeling as kidding. He does it all while speaking in an business with Bruce, also a pro sailor, after if the paparazzi boat is chasing them down articulate, entertaining fashion about the feeling the void the defunct Marmaduke’s like rock stars? race. It’s impressive. Pub and its race video footage left. “We Check out T2P’s new website: t2p.tv Ashley, the editor in chief, and her had an idea that we could also do race footfellow production crew members, T2P coage but make a show out of it. We didn’t founder Bruce Nairn and freelancer Dave know how to shoot it… but we knew the Dunigan, have their own set of skills. With sport, the game, the tactics, and the people.

10 July 2012 SpinSheet


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Chesapeake Bay Sailing

SpinSheet July 2012  

Chesapeake Bay Sailing

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