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Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 3

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42 Kids Camps

29 Spring Fitting Out

Photo by C.D. Dollar

Diana and Tom Bulger get a 26-foot Bayliner called Princess ready for the spring spash a few years ago. Photo by Joe Evans/PropTalk

26 28 34 37 40 44 46 50 52

Spring Open Houses Bay Bridge Boat Show Indian Summer, Not Commissioned Yet by Charlie Iliff Weather by Kendall Osborne I Can’t Fish by Merf Moerschel Live Aboards by Merf Moerschel Trailer Trouble by Bob Cerullo Old Boat Bug by Charlie Iliff Center for Marine Biology by Tim Campbell

ON THE COVER: The Wm. B. Tennison sits up on McCready’s railway for winter repairs. She is the only surviving buyboat converted from sail. Photo by Bill Griffin.

Opening Day fun in the 2009 Boatyard Bar & Grill Tournament. Photo by Randy Mank,

Chesapeake Boatshop Reports 58 presented by 6 April 2010 PropTalk

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Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

Landing a black drum. Photo by C.D. Dollar

62 Chesapeake Bay Fishing 2010 -

Forecasts, Tournaments, Tools, News, and More by C.D. Dollar, Eric Burnley, and Ric Burnley

PropTalk April 2010 7

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Great News From PropTalk Dear Readers, Change in is the air. The last snow is melting, boatyards are starting to hum, and everywhere boat owners are EHJLQQLQJWRPDNHWKHLUOLVWV7KDWÂżUVW run of the season is close. The same can be said of the receding recession. New businesses are opening, boats are being delivered to their new owners, and tournaments are reporting increased registrations. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all good. ,WÂśVRQO\ÂżWWLQJWKDWZHKHUHDWPropTalk should have some good news of our own to share. As a PropTalk reader, you already know that weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve signed on as a sponsor of the new Maryland Boatbuilders and Dealers Expo, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sponsoring more tournaments and rendezvous than ever before, and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve increased the number of stories included in each issue. So, you may be wondering what more there can be. We are excited to anounce that Gary Reich has joined us as Editor of this ÂżQH SXEOLFDWLRQ 'RQÂśW ZRUU\ ZHÂśUH not letting Ruth go anywhere. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll still be here taking care of our Clubs, collecting news for Dock Talk, and regaling us with tales â&#x20AC;&#x153;out of her mind.â&#x20AC;? Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll just be sharing the stage with Gary, who has years of experience in the marine industry, starting with 10 years at Fawcett Boat Supplies and 11 years of live-aboard life. Recently he spent six years as managing editor of The Waterway Guide.

The deadline for placing an ad in the May issue is March 25. Call (410) 216-9309 for more information.

Gary has contributed to PropTalk and SpinSheet for years, and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re thrilled to have him at the helm of PropTalk. This month, he gathered the Boatshop Reports. Next month look for his byline in more features and editorials. He has a great vision for PropTalk. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to love it! Feel free to let Gary know what you want to see in these pages. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your maga-

zine, and heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ready to listen. Send him an e-mail at And, when you next see Ruth, thank her for pinch hitting while we waited for Gary to arrive. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been the â&#x20AC;&#x153;man behind the curtainâ&#x20AC;? for the past few months and ran this magazine full-throttle into the spring! Cheers, Mary Ewenson, Publisher

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Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 9

Senior Editor’s Notebook with Ruth Christie


A Temporary Assignment

That Sinking Feeling

n February 24, after multiple “When she was high enough out of the The goal is to get the boat up high enough blankets of snow had mostly water that my body weight wasn’t a probso the pumps can catch up with the water melted away, my brother-in-law’s lem, I boarded the boat, found a 2.5-gallon coming in. Each situation is different, 31-foot Stamas nearly sank in its slip on bucket onboard, and hand bailed to speed though.” Cadle Creek. When our next-door neighthings up. She came up nicely; it was one “I returned to the boat the next day, bors noticed that the boat looked low in of the easiest rises I’ve done. I made sure double-checked to make sure she was OK, the water, they immediately called my hus- her batteries and bilge pumps worked and and got both outboards to start. With 50band to say as much. Jim then called my returned to the marina.” knot winds expected the next day and the brother-in-law, who quickly creek cleared somewhat got on the horn with of ice, we decided to have Casa Rio Marina nearby, the owner arrange a tow BoatU.S., and others. to Rhode River Marina Luckily, Charles (Chuck) for a full checkup. My Holm III works at the mamarina was still iced in. I rina and was available to reuntied and stayed on the spond, saying, “When news boat while TowBoatU.S. of a boat sinking comes out of Annapolis towed in, it’s the 911 call of our her to the marina; I business. Over the course wanted to make sure of a year, we’ll respond to everything was secured. a half a dozen of these.” Richard met us at Rhode Chuck is certified to work River Marina, picked on outboards and marine me up, and got me back generators and has worked to my truck. Before I at the marina for two years left the boat, she had now. And, he used to be been backed up to the a marine diver. bulkhead and had already “I dropped everything been picked up by that I was doing, loaded up the facility’s big forklift. Safe truck with a generator and and sound.” pump, and grabbed all the When we last spoke, tools I could think of that Chuck reminded me I would need. When I got that while winterizing to the dock, the boat’s twin my own boat, he had 225 outboards were almost noticed that the port completely submerged, and engine didn’t take in the the boat was iced into its antifreeze well. He just slip. I assessed the situation wanted to make sure and brought some equipwe got that checked out ment down to the dock. I before the spring splash first quickly chipped away at at Casa Rio Marina. the ice and moved the boat This just goes to show near the dock. I then ripped you how important it is Going above and beyond... Chuck Holm says, “It’s my job.” up a plastic grocery bag into to develop a solid relabits and pieces and jammed them into all “The good news is the engines never tionship with a marina and its staff. We’ve the thorough-hulls I could reach to stop were completely submerged, and no water used the services of Casa Rio Marina for water from continuing to enter the boat. got inside the cabin. She didn’t go all the about 20 years now; we don’t nickle and Luckily, the dock had electricity. I stayed way down to the bottom. If we had left her time them, and they don’t nickel and dime on the dock and put a 110-volt water pump alone for two more hours, it would have us. The marina has always taken good care in the boat. It kicked into action, and the been a different story. We would probably of us and our boats. boat started to lift back up. Meanwhile, have had to call in a diver. Sometimes, We can’t thank you enough, Chuck. the neighbor came by and offered help if though, when a boat sinks, you can use needed as did our general manager, Richthe four surrounding pilings to jack her up ard Maldeis.” with air-filled lift bags and a diver.

10 April 2010 PropTalk

Letters Hi PropTalk:

What a surprise on page 11 of the March PropTalk. You have a letter from John and Sharon Sarle on Maharani from Marathon, FL. John and Sharon are long, long time members and supporters of the Silverton Owners Club. They own a Mainship, which is built on the same assembly line with the Silverton over at the factory in Millville. Their Mainship model was built back in the days between the trawler periods. Mainship started out in the late 1970s with all trawler-type boats, then they had a period in the early 1990s where they went contemporary and competed with Silverton. When the Luhrs Marine Group (they own Silverton and Mainship) realized they were their own competition, they took Mainship back to trawlers. But, owners of contemporary models have more in common with us than the trawler owners in the Mainship group. So we allow Mainships in our group, as well as those who don’t own a boat at all or those who are shopping for one. My boat is kept at Georgetown Yacht Basin on the Sassafras in Georgetown, MD. I don’t have anyone to go boating with, so I have to go by myself. (My husband died almost four years ago.) So, I need a marina with an excellent staff and plenty of them. In the summer, they hire lots of young high school and college kids to help out, and they are always available until 8 p.m. They help me tie up when I come in by myself, which is almost every time I go out. I have the marina on speed dial on my cell phone, and I give them a call when I am in front of the Granary Restaurant on my way in. They always have somebody down at my slip to catch the lines. They also arranged for me to have a T-head slip on the end of a floating dock up near the parking lot and near their office to help me out. Anyway, it’s a small world! Nyla Deputy New Castle, DE

Dear PropTalk:

Congratulations! I believe this March issue has the best content since PropTalk began publication, and I’ve read them all. Keep up the good work. Bruce Krause Annapolis Thanks, Bruce. We couldn’t put this magazine together each and every month without great readers and writers all over the Bay. Keep on reading us and don’t hesitate to give us a piece of your mind. -R.C.

Whoa, Boy!

Mother Nature: 1. The Bay: 0. Readers have been sharing their tall tales of damage from recent winter storms this year. Here are two photos that will give you pause. Send similar photos to

Carnage from the not-so-lucky roof collapse of J dock at Georgetown Yacht Basin. Photo courtesy of Dave van den Arend

Jack Deckelman’s crew pumping out a house boat, which sank at Bay View Marina in Fells Point, MD February 17. Photo by Thomas C. Scilipoti

Nyla Deputy’s Silverton

12 April 2010 PropTalk

We Want to Hear From You. Send your thoughts and letters to

PREMIUM SLIPS IN PREMIUM LOCATIONS TO LEASE, OWN OR VISIT Specialists in the Management and Sale of Marinas and Boatyards





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Yearly & Transient Floating Slips to 120’ ? Located on the Potomac River in MD at the Wilson Bridge ? Laundry ? Heads/Showers ? Restaurants ? Retail Shops ? Special Events ? Cable TV ? Gas/Diesel ? Pump-Out ? WI-FI

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York River in Historic Yorktown, VA ? New Floating Docks to Accommodate Boats from 20’ to 400’ feet? Restaurants ? Retail Shops ? Ice ? Pump-Out ? Heads/Showers ? Ample Parking



Middle River, MD

804.222.5011 Introducing Richmond’s only private marina ? 3 minutes from downtown on James River ? Floating docks to accommodate boats up to 45 ft ? Pump-Out ? 30/50 Amp Power ? Harbormaster Contact Each Individual Marina or Our Headquarters:

PHONE: 410-269-0933 EMAIL:

1819 Bay Ridge Avenue, Suite 400, Annapolis, MD 21403




Oxford, MD

Washington, DC


Fort Washington, MD National Harbor, MD




Yorktown, VA


DOCKTALK Maryland Boatbuilders and Dealers Expo


ant to see custom boats and the Marylanders who make ’em? Then, here’s another great reason to celebrate spring in Cambridge, MD. The brand-new Maryland Boatbuilders and Dealers Expo April 10-11 will celebrate the many boatbuilders, dealers, and other people who make boating and boats happen across the state. Organizer Kirsten Strohmer of MTS Broadcasting says, “Cambridge is my own town and boasts a fantastic venue called Sailwinds Park situated right on the Choptank River. When Martin Hardy of Composite Yacht asked us about using the park for a boatbuilders’ event, we jumped at the chance. He told me that Maryland is one of four states known for boatbuilding; the other three are Florida, Maine, and North Carolina. He also told me the history of boatbuilding in Cambridge. I was so interested in all of this that I thought, ‘Marylanders need a way to celebrate our

water,” Strohmer adds. “I’m very excited for this year’s show and can’t wait for next year!”

The Real Deals Fresh from the pages of PropTalk’s Boatshop Reports, here are some of the boatbuilders you’ll be able to meet and greet during the Expo: R5Reid Bandy of Bandy Boats in Annapolis (, R5Tom Campbell of Campbell Custom The Visitor’s Center at Sailwinds Park in Cambridge.

The Grand National Waterfowl Hunt Club’s Statue at Sailwinds Park.

rich history and give our boatbuilders the attention they deserve.’” “Martin gave me names and numbers of builders, I went through PropTalk Magazine for more names and numbers, and I made lots and LOTS of calls. The response from the boatbuilders has been full of excitement and positive energy! Nine builders are bringing their custom work for display inside Governors Hall. Outside, we’ll have boat dealers, custom fishing rods, custom lures, kayaks, canoes, jet skis, and anything else related to water recreation. Cambridge Main Street will even have a boat swap on a portion of the campus! Of course, we’ll have crab cakes, fried oysters, cream of crab soup, subs and sandwiches, beer, soda, and 14 April 2010 PropTalk

Yachts in Oxford (, R5Martin Hardy of Composite Yacht in Trappe (, R5George Hazzard of Wooden Boat Restoration in Millington (, R5Jerry LeCompte from Dockside Boat Works in Cordova (docksideboatworks. com), R5Pete Mathews of Mathews Brothers in Denton (, R5Joe Reid of Mast and Mallet in Edgewater (, R5John Swain of Schooner Sultana fame in Chestertown (, and last but not least: R5Tom Weaver of Eastport Yacht Company in Annapolis ( For years, these master shipwrights have been making boats that charm the socks off customers. Don’t be shy; click to their websites to learn more about the people

who make dreamboats happen. Then, meet them at the Expo; they’ll be waiting for you. And, Saturday at 1 p.m., don’t miss Swain’s 20- to 30-minute slide presentation on the Sultana’s construction.

More about the Expo All weekend long, you’ll see sportfishers, hydroplanes, trawlers, Jon boats, sailboats, and more. Check out fishing and recreational gear and an array of boating supplies. Be part of the public boat swap, which benefits Cambridge Main Street, the town’s goodwill ambassador, if you will. The action (in the form of indoor exhibits and exhibitors) will all happen at Sailwinds Park—rain or shine—April 10-11. With admission a mere $5, it’s the best deal in town. Doors open at 9 a.m. While you’re there, chat up PropTalk staffers; we are one of the proud sponsors of this new event. And, if you want to swap a boat, call Jim Duffy at (410) 228-0020 or e-mail him at office@

About Sailwinds Park This Visitors Center is much more than a place to appease the information needs of visitors. Sure, it’s got a wealth of helpful staff and colorful, printed materials to answer any question you might have about what’s going on all over Dorchester County throughout the year. What makes this place special is its meandering paths and waterfowl sculpture along the waterfront, its expansive views across the Route 50 Bridge over the Choptank River, and the many festivals and concerts by big-name talents that are hosted there. It’s also safe to say that the facility boasts the biggest tot lot (kids’ playground) on the Bay and probably the galaxy, for that matter. For more information, visit and tell them PropTalk sent you.


Build Your Own Wooden Boat!


his year, why add to the nationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s consumption of plastic? You can build your own wooden canoe, rowing skiff, or sailing skiff with help from experienced instructors. This familyfriendly opportunity is ongoing until December at the Calvert Marine Museum (CMM), located in Solomons. The program is run in conjunction with the Patuxent Small Craft Guild. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how it works: First, determine which type of boat you want to build and choose two consecutive Saturdays you can devote to the endeavor. The program runs from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day. No experience is necessary, but an appointment is required, so be sure to call for scheduling (see below). Then invite your hardworking and fun-loving friends and family to join you. Children

by Beth Crabtree

ages 10 years and older can participate with an adult. At the end of the second day, you will have created a 16-foot canoe, 12-foot

The costs for the program are as follows: a canoe plus two paddles run $600 for CMM members and $650 for nonmembers; a rowing skiff runs $950 for CMM members and $1000 for non-members; the sail version runs $1750. This includes all materials necessary. Financial assistance is available through the Melvin Conant Memorial Youth Fund, established to encourage young people, especially those in need, to participate in CMMâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Patuxent Small Craft Center. Youth groups are welcome with an adult. To schedule an appointPhoto Courtesy of Butch Garren ment, contact George rowing skiff, or a sailing version complete Surgent at (410) 586-2700 or e-mail him with sail, spars, daggerboard, and rudder. at For more information, click on

Three great full-service locations in Oxford, Maryland 0 0

â&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;&#x2122;0

Campbellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Town Creek Boatyard


109 Myrtle Avenue 410.226.0213

All the comforts of a full-sevice maina plus repairs, repowers and refits. Fuel dock @Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pt. open 7 days a week, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. for the summer season.

Campbellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bachelor Point Yacht Co. 26106A Bachelors Harbor Drive 410.226.5592

Campbellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Boatyard @ Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pt. 106 Richardson Street 410.226.5105 Transient Slips Available

Campbellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Custom Yachts



Locally owned and operated for 15 years ¡ Certified Cummins dealer with certified Cummins mechanics Chesapeake Bay Powerboating PropTalk April 2010 15


“Green-Minded” Fuel Accessory Helps Clear the Air


ombustive Control Systems (CCS) of Annapolis is touting the green benefits of its new inline fuel treatment solution called the Fuel Valencer, which is designed to destroy contaminants and particulate matter inherent in diesel fuel. Though the exact mechanism by which the diesel particulates are removed remains a trade secret, Fred Janson, National Director of Sales for the product, tells PropTalk that each CSS Valencer contains multiple, high-impact gaussfield chambers that obliterate (to less then two microns) the particulate matter inherent in diesel fuel. In turn, this reduces unhealthy and sooty exhaust smoke, carbon dioxide,

16 April 2010 PropTalk

and nitrogen oxide exhaust emissions. In can greatly reduce exhaust smoke, CCS’s own tests, engines fitted with the enhance engine oil life, increase the life Valencer showed up to a 33.3 percent and of fuel filters by up to eight replacement 19.9 percent reduction in carbon dioxide cycles, and greatly reduce the and nitrogen oxide emissions, need for expensive fuel respectively. additives. Annapolis skipper Rod Jabin has a Cabo 35 fitted with twin Caterpillar 3126s and two CCS Fuel Valencers. “The most amazing thing we’ve noticed is that the fuel filters look brand new even after being run for 100 hours. The The filter bowl and entire assembly look as company clean as when they came out of the box. manufactures models for It’s obvious that the Valencer is remov100-to 500-horsepower engines. ing the particulate matter from the fuel Janson says that in addition to reducbefore it reaches the filter,” Jabin says. ing toxic emissions, CSS Fuel Valencer

Martini Returns to the Helm at Shady Oaks Marina


ohn Martini first walked the docks at Shady Oaks Marina on the West River as a child when his dad rented a slip there. Today, he’s returned as its new owner. Through the years, his father purchased the marina, young John worked there, and then the marina was sold to Tom Frank, who owned and operated it for the last 25 years. John Martini built a 20-year career as a successful yacht broker, launched his own brokerage—Martini Yacht Sales—in 2006, and has now

purchased the 60-slip marina to complement his brokerage business. “I have a lot of plans to update the facilities and enhance amenities. We’re going to return the marina to what Frank had created in its heyday,” Martini says. The marina caters to 30- to 60-footers and offers covered and open slips, haulout, and full service support for boat owners. Martini’s new and pre-owned brokerage companies will add offices at Shady Oaks, while maintaining their location at

Don’t Miss Deltaville Dealer Days

Spring Checklist:


en new boat lines in one great town! Dealers throughout Deltaville, VA will again offer special sales on hundreds of new and used powerboats and sailboats, food, and family fun May 1-2 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Enter during each dealership’s Open House and Boat Show for a chance to win the Grand Prize Drawing: a Sunsail Charter in the British Virgin Islands (valued at $4000!). Visit these websites to prep for the main event. That way, you’ll make the most of your time in town. All of these dealers offer a range of brokerage boats, as well as their major lines: * Annapolis Yacht Sales South offers Sabre Yachts and Beneteaus— * Chesapeake Yacht Sales has Mainship Trawlers, Carolina Classic Boats, and Catalina Yachts— * Gratitude Yachting Center sells Eastern Boats and Island Packets— * Norton Yachts makes deals on Hunters and Jeanneau Yachts— PropTalk is a proud sponsor of this weekend event. For more information, call (804) 776-9898.

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

Bay Bridge Marina in Stevensville, MD. Martini’s SI Yachts of Maryland is the exclusive area Tiara dealer and will maintain an inventory of new Tiaras on display at Shady Oaks. “I plan to bring Goldie Groom back in the spring. Martini Yacht Sales staff brokers Jeff Martini, Todd Wittman, and office manager Allyson Forker will divide time between the West River and Stevensville locations,” he adds. For more information, call (410) 867-0778 or visit

Dig Out From Snowpocalypse Burn Socks Make project list for boat Go to Fawcett Boat Supplies Electrical System Mechanical System Plumbing System Rigging Safety Equipment Bottom Paint Cleaners and Waxes Outboard Engine Tune-up


The most knowledgeable staff, a great selection, and the best brands.

WE’VE MOVED 919 Bay Ridge RoadAnnapolis, MD 21403 410-267-8681 Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 8:30-5, Sun 10-4

PropTalk April 2010 17



A Poker Run on a Mission

he Biggest Little Poker Run April 17 at Salt Ponds Marina in Hampton, VA will benefit the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) at Gloucester Point. Bill Walsh, a dinghy captain, says, “If you are a club, company, or other organization, why not register your small boat or dinghy for some fun friendly competition? Better yet, sponsor an entry. You can paddle a canoe or kayak, run a jet ski, or sail or motor a dinghy. Healthy trash talk is good.” “The course will visit five marinas in Hampton and include seven stops. If you raise the most money, you get to claim the coveted Mermaid Trophy, painted by Katy Moyers. Awards will also be offered for the paddle division, jet ski, dinghy, and possibly others,” Walsh adds. VIMS has been hit hard by recent budget cuts. Many of its efforts directly affect the Bay’s future health. VIMS provides programs free to the public on oyster cultivation to help rebuild vital oyster populations and studies cow-nose rays, a scourge of oyster and clam populations. VIMS also works with state agencies to encourage all marinas to adopt clean practices and become designated “Clean Marinas” all around the Bay watershed. And, VIMS spearheads the Ghost Pot crab pot retrieval program, in which watermen patrol the Bay and pull up lost crab pots, helping to save zillions of crabs. To learn more, visit

18 April 2010 PropTalk


ric Schulkowski recently bought Shade Tree Canvas and Lighthouse Canvas and rolled them into one name, the Lighthouse Canvas Company. His company offers a full range of custom canvas, upholstery, and carpet work. Located at the Anchorage Marina in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Lighthouse Canvas Company is the Chesapeake Bay region’s licensed dealer for EZ2CY, the industry standard in rigid-glass, distortion-free canvas enclosures. Schulkowski has access via boat to all Inner Harbor marinas and beyond.


ongrats! Mike McKittrick— a technician at Deltaville Boatyard on Jackson Creek—recently became a National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) Certified Advance Marine Electronics Installer. McKittrick’s new knowledge about commissioning boats and troubleshooting marine electronic devices comes at a great time in prep for the spring splash. His accomplishments and certifications include NMEA 2000 Network Certified, American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) Marine Electrician, ABYC Marine Systems certified, and Raymarine Certified Installer, to name a few.


popular, long-time employee at Fawcett Boat Supplies, liveaboard Kathy Barth just returned in November after two years helping to open Tidewater Yacht Service’s new boat yard and retail at Port Covington in Baltimore. Part of Fawcett’s A-Team, Kathy says, “I first came to Fawcett in 2002 to help with the boat show and didn’t leave. What drew me back was the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and all the planets aligned into the perfect combination of people, customers, and boating equipment. Our new location at 919 Bay Ridge Road in Annapolis gives us a chance to redo things, start fresh, spread out, and stretch our legs. Although we miss being downtown, our new location is more convenient and has much easier access.”

Ɣ Selene Annapolis Charter and the Sea Sense Powerboating School have teamed up to offer Holiday, a 2010 Next-Generation Selene 47 owned by Bart and Beth Beckman, for five-day, four-night charters on the Chesapeake Bay May-July and September-October. She also can be reserved for instructional charters with Sea Sense captains and owners Carol Cuddyer and Patti Moore. This awardwinning trawler has design advancements, the latest in electronics, a fully equipped galley, air conditioning, bow and stern thrusters, and two staterooms and two heads. seleneannapolis. com

Holiday a Selene 47 owned by Sea Sense and Patti Moore and Carol Cuddyer Photo by Billy Black

Seeking Boat Repairs or Maintenance? Make Sure it Gets Done Right!

Ɣ Tartan C&C Yachts recently acquired Legacy Yachts of Middletown, RI and will build the Legacy line of powerboats in Ohio. New Legacy Yachts models are already in the works to be added to the existing Legacy 32, 42, and 52.

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) provides boat builders, dealers, yards and repair shops with the standards and education needed to increase the quality of workmanship and to get the job done right. ABYC is the source for marine safety standards and technical workforce certifications. The ABYC Certified technician logo is a recognized symbol of safety, quality and professionalism around the world. Next time you walk through the door at your builder, yard, repair shop or dealer, ask if they are an ABYC member, and if they have an ABYC Certified technician on hand.

Ɣ Tom Hale of Zimmerman Marine in Deltaville, VA wants you to know that the dredge work in the entrance to Broad Creek is complete. The entrance channel is a minimum of eight feet deep for a width of 100 feet.

To locate an ABYC Certified technician near you, use our online Certified Technician Directory at!

Setting Standards for Safer Boating

613Third Street, Suite 10, Annapolis, MD 21403 P - 410.990.4460 F - 410.990.4466

These companies all employ ABYC Certified Master Technicians

Submit Dock Talk items to

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

Tidewater Yacht Service Center

Deltaville Boatyard

321 East Cromwell Street Baltimore, MD 21230

274 Buck’s View Lane Deltaville, VA 23043



Dependable Marine Service

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Hartge Yacht Yard

P.O. Box 1000 Edgewater, MD 21037

1000 Water Street Washington, DC 20024

P.O. Box 248 Galesville, MD 20765




PropTalk April 2010 19



02:38AM L 08:54AM H Mon 02:50PM L 09:09PM H

03:14AM 16 09:27AM Tue 03:22PM


L H L 09:42PM H

03:49AM L 09:59AM H Wed 03:55PM L 10:16PM H


04:26AM L 10:33AM H Thu 04:29PM L 10:51PM H

March 15 - April 14 Tides

05:05AM 19 11:09AM Fri 05:07PM


L H L 11:30PM H

05:48AM L 11:49AM H Sat 05:50PM L

12:14AM 21 06:36AM Sun 12:34PM


H L H 06:40PM L

01:06AM H 07:32AM L Mon 01:27PM H 07:39PM L

02:05AM 23 08:36AM Tue 02:30PM


H L H 08:46PM L

03:13AM H 09:43AM L Wed 03:42PM H 09:58PM L


04:25AM H 10:50AM L Thu 04:56PM H 11:08PM L

26 Fri

05:35AM H 11:50AM L 06:03PM H

12:13AM 27 06:37AM Sat 12:45PM


L H L 07:03PM H

01:12AM L 07:32AM H Sun 01:35PM L 07:56PM H

02:08AM 29 08:23AM Mon 02:23PM

L H L 08:46PM H

03:00AM 30 09:11AM Tue 03:09PM 09:34PM

03:50AM 09:57AM Wed 03:55PM 10:20PM


04:39AM 10:43AM Thu 04:41PM 11:06PM


04:18AM 16 10:23AM Tue 04:25PM




06:18AM 12:14PM Sat 06:16PM





01:34AM 08:05AM Mon 01:56PM 08:08PM




03:38AM 10:04AM Wed 04:02PM 10:18PM


04:42AM 10:57AM Thu 05:04PM 11:16PM


31 1

2 05:28AM 11:28AM Fri 05:27PM 3

12:41AM 4 07:09AM Sun 01:03PM


02:33AM 6 09:04AM Tue 02:57PM

7 8

Onancock Creek +3 :52 Stingray Point +2 :01 Hooper Strait Light +5 :52 Lynnhaven Inlet +0 :47

L H L 10:33PM H

04:54AM L 10:56AM H Wed 04:58PM L 11:08PM H 05:31AM L 11:30AM H Thu 05:33PM L 11:44PM H

06:10AM 19 12:06PM Fri 06:09PM 12:24AM 20 06:53AM Sat 12:46PM 01:09AM 21 07:41AM Sun 01:33PM


H L H 07:39PM L

02:02AM H 08:37AM L Mon 02:28PM H 08:37PM L

03:04AM 23 09:41AM Tue 03:33PM

H L H 09:44PM L







12:06AM 26 06:30AM Fri 12:50PM



01:11AM 27 07:30AM Sat 01:43PM



02:11AM 28 08:24AM Sun 02:33PM

02:48AM 08:56AM Wed 02:45PM 09:11PM


12:52AM 11 07:06AM Sun 12:59PM 01:32AM 12 07:44AM Mon 01:34PM 02:11AM 13 08:20AM Tue 02:10PM



H L H 06:51PM L




03:40AM L 09:49AM H Mon 03:52PM L 09:59PM H

05:38AM 9 11:43AM Fri 05:57PM

12:07AM 10 06:25AM Sat 12:23PM

03:57AM 30 10:03AM Tue 04:07PM



04:13AM H 10:47AM L Wed 04:44PM H 10:56PM L 05:24AM H 11:51AM L Thu 05:53PM H L H L 06:57PM H L H L 07:54PM H L H L 08:47PM H

03:06AM 29 09:15AM Mon 03:21PM

L H L 09:37PM H


L H L 10:26PM H

04:47AM L 10:50AM H Wed 04:53PM L 11:13PM H


05:35AM L 11:35AM H Thu 05:38PM L

2 12:00AM 06:23AM 12:21PM



12:07AM L 06:19AM H Tue 12:43PM L 06:42PM H

12:33AM 17 06:56AM Wed 01:27PM

H L H 07:13PM L

01:01AM 18 07:32AM Thu 02:13PM

H L H 08:04PM L

19 Fri

01:39AM 4 08:03AM Sun 01:57PM



05:42AM H 12:01PM L Mon 06:10PM H

H L H 06:25PM L

12:49AM 3 07:12AM Sat 01:07PM

L H L 07:15PM H L H L 07:51PM H 01:31AM L 08:10AM H 03:02PM L 08:31PM H

02:34AM H 08:56AM L Mon 02:51PM H 09:01PM L

02:06AM 20 08:52AM Sat 03:55PM

H L H 10:04PM L

02:47AM 21 09:40AM Sun 04:52PM

03:33AM 6 09:53AM Tue 03:50PM


L H L 09:17PM H L H L 10:07PM H

04:35AM H 10:50AM L Wed 04:52PM H 11:08PM L


05:34AM H 11:44AM L Thu 05:51PM H

04:41AM 23 11:36AM Tue 06:52PM


9 12:08AM 06:28AM 12:33PM


L H L 06:44PM H

01:01AM 10 07:15AM Sat 01:17PM

12:04AM 24 05:56AM Wed 12:44PM

L H L 08:11PM H

02:08AM 26 08:29AM Fri 02:56PM

L H L 08:50PM H

03:09AM 27 09:37AM Sat 03:53PM

L H L 09:27PM H

04:06AM 28 10:40AM Sun 04:45PM

03:13AM 13 09:16AM Tue 03:14PM

03:53AM L 09:53AM H Wed 03:51PM L 10:05PM H


H L H 07:48PM L

01:06AM 25 07:14AM Thu 01:52PM

02:33AM 12 08:38AM Mon 02:37PM


03:38AM L 10:34AM H Mon 05:52PM L 11:03PM H

L H L 07:30PM H

01:49AM 11 07:58AM Sun 01:58PM

05:54AM 30 12:38PM Tue 06:19PM


H L H 08:40PM L H L H 09:27PM L H L H 10:11PM L H L H 10:53PM L

05:01AM 29 11:40AM Mon 05:33PM

H L H 11:32PM L

Spring DIFFERENCES H. Ht L. Ht Range



Spring H. Ht L. Ht Range



+4 :15 +2 :29 +6 :04 +1 :08

*0.70 *0.48 *0.66 *0.77

+1:56 –0:07 37°39’ 36°51’

+2:13 +0:27 +3:04 +0:15

*0.50 *0.65 *0.58 *1.12

Mtn Pt, Magothy River +1:24 Chesapeake Beach–1:14 Cedar Point –3:16 Point Lookout –3:48

20 April 2010 PropTalk

*0.83 *0.83 *0.67 *0.83

2.2 1.4 2.0 2.4

Windmill Point Wolf Trap Light Urbanna Norfolk

*0.50 *0.65 *0.58 *1.17

1.5 1.9 1.7 3.4


12:11AM 31 06:44AM Wed 01:34PM


L H L 07:05PM H

12:50AM 1 07:34AM Thu 02:29PM

L H L 07:51PM H

2 01:31AM 08:23AM 03:25PM

L H L 08:39PM H


3 02:15AM 09:13AM Sat 04:20PM

L H L 09:29PM H

03:04AM 4 10:05AM Sun 05:14PM

L H L 10:22PM H


04:02AM L 11:02AM H Mon 06:08PM L 11:18PM H

6 05:08AM 12:03PM Tue 06:59PM

12:16AM 7 06:19AM Wed 01:06PM


H L H 07:47PM L

01:15AM 8 07:29AM Thu 02:05PM

H L H 08:29PM L

9 02:11AM 08:32AM 02:56PM

H L H 09:07PM L


03:04AM 10 09:28AM Sat 03:38PM

H L H 09:40PM L

03:52AM 11 10:19AM Sun 04:17PM

H L H 10:11PM L

04:35AM 12 11:07AM Mon 04:53PM

H L H 10:41PM L

05:14AM 13 11:54AM Tue 05:29PM


H L H 11:10PM L

05:51AM H 12:39PM L Wed 06:07PM H 11:41PM L



01:24AM L 07:12AM H Mon 01:45PM L 07:40PM H

01:51AM 16 07:49AM Tue 02:27PM

L H L 08:12PM H

02:17AM 17 08:26AM Wed 03:11PM


L H L 08:45PM H

02:45AM L 09:02AM H Thu 03:57PM L 09:21PM H

03:15AM 19 09:40AM Fri 04:46PM

L H L 10:01PM H

03:50AM 20 10:22AM Sat 05:39PM


L H L 10:47PM H

04:31AM L 11:10AM H Sun 06:36PM L 11:37PM H


05:22AM L 12:04PM H Mon 07:36PM L

12:33AM 23 06:25AM Tue 01:06PM

H L H 08:36PM L

01:34AM 24 07:40AM Wed 02:14PM


H L H 09:32PM L

02:36AM H 08:58AM L Thu 03:22PM H 10:24PM L

03:38AM 26 10:13AM Fri 04:26PM


H L H 11:11PM L

04:39AM H 11:21AM L Sat 05:23PM H 11:55PM L


05:36AM H 12:24PM L Sun 06:15PM H

12:37AM 29 06:31AM Mon 01:24PM

L H L 07:03PM H

Spring H. Ht L. Ht Range



+1:40 –1:15 –3:13 –3:47

*0.88 *1.12 *1.33 *1.37

Sharps Island Light –3:47 Havre de Grace +3:11 Sevenfoot Knoll Light –0:06 St Michaels, Miles River–2:14

*0.88 *1.14 *1.33 *1.33

1.0 1.1 1.4 1.4


01:16AM 30 07:24AM Tue 02:22PM 07:49PM




02:34AM 09:04AM Thu 04:13PM 09:21PM


01:55AM 31 08:14AM Wed 03:18PM


2 03:15AM 09:53AM 05:09PM 10:09PM




04:48AM 11:35AM Sun 06:58PM 11:52PM



03:59AM 3 10:43AM Sat 06:04PM


05:46AM 5 12:32PM Mon 07:52PM 12:48AM 6 06:52AM Tue 01:33PM






02:45AM 09:13AM Thu 03:35PM 10:13PM


01:46AM 7 08:03AM Wed 02:36PM


03:41AM 9 10:16AM Fri 04:26PM 10:51PM


04:34AM 11:12AM Sat 05:08PM 11:24PM





05:22AM 11 12:03PM Sun 05:47PM 06:05AM 12 12:51PM Mon 06:23PM 12:25AM 13 06:44AM Tue 01:38PM






12:54AM 14 07:21AM Wed 02:23PM


Spring H. Ht L. Ht Range

–3:50 +3:30 –0:10 –1:58

*1.18 *1.59 *0.82 *1.08

*1.17 *1.59 *0.83 *1.08

1.5 1.9 1.1 1.4

April 14

April 21

April 28

May 6

PropTalk’s Tide & Current Tables Provided by

March 15 - April 14 Currents

Current tables show location, day of the week, day of the month, event (Slack, max Flood, max Ebb), time, and current speed in knots.


15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

0619 1144 1829 0025 0657 1214 1858 0102 0736 1245 1929 0139 0818 1316 2003 0215 0901 1347 2041 0252 0950 1418 2124 0333 1044 1453 0427 1148 1541 0539 1251 1658 0026 0651 1351 1840 0137 0752 1445 2001 0243 0848 1532 2111 0346 0939 1618 0441 1026 1659 0533 1110 1741 0626 1154


0312 0852 1514 2115 0345 0928 1543 2145 0418 1003 1615 2215 0454 1037 1649 2246 0535 1113 1729 2321 0625 1155 1817

-1.2 +0.8 -1.3 +0.9 -1.2 +0.8 -1.4 +1.0 -1.2 +0.7 -1.4 +1.0 -1.2 +0.7 -1.3 +1.0 -1.1 +0.6 -1.2 +1.0 -1.1 +0.5 -1.1

0004 0721 1244 1912 0055 0819 1340 2011 0153 0920 1442 2114 0257 1030 1558 2227 0414 1132 1712 2338 0524 1224 1805

+0.9 -1.0 +0.4 -1.1 +0.8 -0.9 +0.3 -1.0 +0.8 -0.9 +0.3 -1.0 +0.7 -1.0 +0.4 -1.1 +0.8 -1.2 +0.6 -1.2 +0.9 -1.4 +0.9

0039 0618 1312 1852 0136 0708 1400 1939 0231 0759 1446 2028 0322 0851 1531

-1.4 +1.0 -1.5 +1.2 -1.6 +1.1 -1.7 +1.4 -1.7 +1.1 -1.7 +1.5 -1.8 +1.1 -1.7

31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

DIFFERENCES ON CHESAPEAKE BAY ENTRANCE: Wolf Trap Light, 0.5 mi west of Stingray Point, 12.5 mi east of Point Lookout, 5.9 nm ESE of ON BALTIMORE APPROACH: Poplar Island, 2.2 nm WSW of Thomas Point Shoal Lt, 0.5 nm SE of Chesapeake Bay Bridge, main chan

1826 0045 0719 1238 1911 0133 0812 1322 2000 0220 0908 1408 2050 0308 1004 1450 2144 0358 1107 1536 0457 1215 1631 0603 1324 1748 0106 0704 1428 1906 0213 0755 1518 2012 0313 0837 1554 0401 0915 1623 0442 0950 1650 0519 1025 1718 0556 1059 1747 0002 0633 1133 1818

2116 0409 0941 1613 2201 0456 1029 1656 2247 0547 1117 1743 2334 0645 1209 1839

+1.6 -1.8 +1.0 -1.7 +1.5 -1.7 +0.9 -1.5 +1.4 -1.5 +0.8 -1.3 +1.2 -1.3 +0.6 -1.1

0027 0746 1306 1939

+1.0 -1.2 +0.5 -1.0

0125 0845 1403 2038 0224 0950 1509 2146 0337 1058 1659 2302 0505 1150 1756

+0.8 -1.0 +0.3 -0.9 +0.6 -0.9 +0.3 -0.8 +0.5 -0.9 +0.3 -0.8 +0.5 -0.9 +0.4

0000 0553 1228 1831 0046 0628 1259 1901 0128 0702 1328 1932 0208 0737 1359 2004 0246 0816 1433 2037 0322 0856 1509 2110

-0.8 +0.5 -1.0 +0.6 -0.9 +0.6 -1.1 +0.7 -1.0 +0.6 -1.2 +0.8 -1.1 +0.7 -1.3 +0.9 -1.2 +0.7 -1.3 +1.0 -1.2 +0.7 -1.4 +1.1

slack before

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

floodmax flood

0253 0907 1515 2114 0322 0947 1603 0350 1027 1653 0418 1109 1745 0449 1154 1841 0523 1242 1940 0013 0603 1333 2041 0102 0653 1428 2139 0205 0753 1525 2230 0317 0904 1622 0429 1020 1717 0535 1134 1809 0031 0634 1243 1857 0109 0728 1347 1944 0147 0819 1446 2029 0226 0909 1543

C&D CANAL 0559 1209 1814

+0.8 -0.8 +0.8

0019 0634 1251 1855 0053 0709 1334 1936 0126 0746 1418 2018 0200 0824 1505 2103 0237 0906 1555 2152 0319 0953 1649 2247 0410 1047 1745 2348 0511 1147 1843

-0.8 +0.9 -0.8 +0.7 -0.8 +0.9 -0.8 +0.6 -0.7 +1.0 -0.8 +0.5 -0.6 +1.0 -0.8 +0.4 -0.6 +1.0 -0.8 +0.3 -0.5 +1.0 -0.8 +0.3 -0.5 +0.9 -0.8 +0.3 -0.5 +0.9 -0.8

0049 0621 1250 1939 0148 0732 1354 2030 0242 0838 1455 2118 0332 0939 1551 2204 0419 1036 1645 2248 0505 1129 1736 2332 0550 1220 1825

+0.3 -0.5 +0.9 -0.8 +0.4 -0.6 +0.9 -0.8 +0.6 -0.7 +0.9 -0.8 +0.8 -0.8 +0.9 -0.9 +0.9 -0.9 +0.8 -0.9 +1.1 -1.0 +0.8 -0.9 +1.2 -1.1 +0.8

slack before ebb

31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

max ebb

2113 0307 0959 1638 0349 1048 1732 0433 1138 1828 0520 1228 1924 0031 0611 1321 2020 0133 0707 1415 2116 0241 0810 1510 2208 0350 0919 1605 0453 1029 1658 0548 1135 1748 0017 0635 1235 1835 0052 0719 1330 1919 0124 0759 1423 2000 0155 0838 1513 2039 0225 0918 1603 2116

0015 0635 1310 1915 0100 0722 1400 2005 0146 0809 1451 2057 0234 0858 1544 2152 0328 0951 1638 2251 0426 1047 1735 2352 0531 1147 1832

-0.9 +1.2 -1.1 +0.7 -0.8 +1.2 -1.1 +0.6 -0.8 +1.2 -1.0 +0.6 -0.7 +1.1 -1.0 +0.5 -0.6 +1.0 -0.9 +0.5 -0.5 +0.9 -0.8 +0.5 -0.5 +0.8 -0.8

0053 0638 1249 1927 0149 0743 1349 2017 0239 0841 1445 2104 0324 0934 1536 2146 0405 1021 1624 2225 0443 1106 1709 2302 0519 1149 1753 2337 0555 1231 1835

+0.5 -0.5 +0.7 -0.8 +0.6 -0.5 +0.7 -0.8 +0.6 -0.6 +0.7 -0.8 +0.7 -0.7 +0.7 -0.8 +0.8 -0.7 +0.7 -0.7 +0.9 -0.8 +0.6 -0.7 +1.0 -0.9 +0.6 -0.7 +1.0 -1.0 +0.5

15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

flood speed ratio ebb speed ratio

0428 1035 1631 0510 1124 1709 0554 1215 1748 0640 1308 1829 0012 0727 1402 1912 0053 0816 1459 1958 0138 0908 1559 2048 0229 1006 1701 2147 0328 1112 1800 0439 1219 1852 0004 0558 1321 1939 0109 0714 1419 2023 0210 0825 1513 2106 0309 0931 1603 2147 0407 1031 1649 0503 1130

0057 0714 1318 1927 0137 0803 1407 2009 0218 0851 1455 2051 0259 0937 1542 2134 0340 1024 1629 2217 0423 1115 1721 2305 0510 1210 1818 2358 0606 1309 1915

-2.1 +2.0 -1.8 +2.1 -2.3 +2.2 -1.8 +2.2 -2.5 +2.3 -1.7 +2.3 -2.6 +2.3 -1.6 +2.3 -2.7 +2.3 -1.4 +2.2 -2.7 +2.2 -1.3 +2.1 -2.6 +2.1 -1.1 +1.9 -2.5 +2.0 -1.1

0056 0706 1407 2011 0156 0808 1508 2110 0258 0916 1610 2208 0405 1026 1705 2302 0509 1127 1754 2350 0608 1222 1840

+1.9 -2.4 +2.0 -1.1 +1.9 -2.3 +1.9 -1.3 +2.0 -2.3 +2.0 -1.5 +2.2 -2.3 +2.1 -1.8 +2.4 -2.4 +2.2 -2.1 +2.7 -2.4 +2.2

0037 0706 1317 1927 0125 0805 1412

-2.4 +2.8 -2.3 +2.3 -2.5 +2.9 -2.2

31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

1734 0558 1228 1818 0653 1325 1902 0035 0745 1420 1948 0117 0834 1514 2035 0200 0921 1607 2125 0244 1005 1658 2221 0331 1050 1746 0429 1134 1828 0015 0537 1217 1904 0104 0642 1258 1937 0150 0742 1340 2007 0235 0840 1422 2036 0320 0935 1504 2107 0404 1027 1547 0449 1119 1630

2012 0215 0901 1505 2056 0304 0953 1554 2139 0348 1043 1642 2221 0432 1134 1734 2305 0517 1227 1827 2353 0605 1315 1917

+2.2 -2.6 +2.8 -2.0 +2.2 -2.6 +2.7 -1.8 +2.1 -2.5 +2.5 -1.6 +1.9 -2.3 +2.2 -1.4 +1.6 -2.1 +2.0 -1.2 +1.4 -1.8 +1.8 -1.2

0044 0655 1357 2005 0135 0745 1437 2052 0228 0837 1518 2139 0324 0933 1601 2223 0421 1028 1643 2304 0514 1118 1724 2342 0603 1205 1805

+1.2 -1.6 +1.7 -1.2 +1.1 -1.5 +1.6 -1.3 +1.1 -1.4 +1.6 -1.4 +1.2 -1.4 +1.7 -1.7 +1.4 -1.4 +1.8 -1.9 +1.6 -1.5 +1.9 -2.2 +1.9 -1.5 +2.1

0020 0652 1252 1848 0100 0743 1343 1933

-2.4 +2.1 -1.5 +2.1 -2.6 +2.2 -1.4 +2.2

food dir.

ebb dir.

flood knots

ebb knots

+1:43 +2:18 +3:45

+2:00 +3:00 +4:53

+1:34 +2:09 +4:57

+1:36 +2:36 +4:15

1.2 1.2 0.5

1.0 0.6 0.3

015° 030° 340°

190° 175° 161°

1.0 1.0 0.4

1.2 0.8 0.4

–0:44 –0:25 +0:16

–1:26 –0:09 +0:08

–0:57 –0:43 –0:17

–0:49 –0:41 +0:13

0.6 1.0 0.9

0.8 1.3 1.1

359° 033° 025°

185° 191° 230°

0.5 0.8 0.7

0.6 1.0 0.9

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 21

Chesapeake Calendar presented by 9 TH ANNUAL

Fishing Tournament & Party Catch & Release

Full Moon Party

moon lights, band & dancing!

lunar chili dogs, full moon gumbo, jamaican wings, $1 oysters, drink specials

March For Open Houses, See Page 26 For Tournaments, See Page 65


Road Kill Season For de-”tails,” see

Thru Mar


Art by High School Students Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis.

Thru Mar

Thru Apr 4

Real Pirates at Nauticus Norfolk, VA. Hugh, interactive exhibit: “Real Pirates: The Untold Story of the Whydah from Slave Ship to Pirate Ship.” $18.95.


GPS for Mariners Course 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Wednesdays. Columbia, MD. Hosted by USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 22-2. $35.


St. Paddy’s Day Party! Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport. Live music, Irish food and beers, and free glass.

17 17-May 5

St. Patrick’s Day

Comprehensive “Weekend Navigator” Course 6 to 10 p.m. Eight Wednesdays. Delaware State Fire School, Dover. Hosted by USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 12-05. (302) 697-6188


Rudolf Diesel Is Born in Paris, France, 1858

oysters, clams, crawfish, shrimp, mussels, snow crabs and oyster shooters



Live Music: D’Vibe & Conga Catch & Release s Benefits the bay SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS

The Way a Raw Bar Should be... 1/2 PRICE RAW BAR SUNDAYS 3 TIL CLOSE

April 1 D’Vibe & Conga April 29 D’Vibe & Conga May 27 Live music

Fourth & Severn Eastport – Annapolis 410.216.6206



19 19 19-20


Basic Boating Certification Course 7 p.m. McKean High School, DE. Four nights. $25 in advance; $30 at the door. Sock Burning 6 p.m. Annapolis Maritime Museum. Winter Ends!

Chesapeake Power Boat Symposium St. John’s College, Annapolis.


Maryland Day Annapolis and southern Anne Arundel County.


Saltwater Fishing Expo Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset, NJ. Deals on tackle, trips, boats, motors, kayaks, gear, and equipment.


Green Week Expo 1 to 4 p.m. Davidsonville Elementary School, MD.


SK 101: Introduction to Sea Kayaking 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. West River Center, MD. Sponsored by Chesapeake Paddlers Association. $25; includes light breakfast and lunch.

20 20

Spring Begins 5:32 p.m.

Spring Commissioning Seminar 10 a.m. to Noon. West Marine, 113 Hillsmere Drive, Annapolis. Presented by Annapolis School of Seamanship. Free.

Fishing Flea Market Commodore Hall, Essex, MD. Hosted by MSSA’s Essex-Middle River Chapter. (410) 686-2348

Marine Electrical Systems Class Annapolis School of Seamanship. For all courses, visit


Rappahannock River Waterfowl Show White Stone Firehouse, VA. See works by nearly a hundred artists, carvers, photographers, and sculptors. $8 for two-day pass; kids under age 12 admitted for free. Benefits White Stone Volunteer Fire Department.

20-Dec 18

Go “Behind the Counter” at the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum 9 to 10:30 a.m. Every third Saturday. Alexandria, VA. Famous customers include Martha Washington, James Monroe, and Robert E. Lee. $25.


Talbot Restaurant Week Eat more than 20 restaurants in Easton, Oxford, St. Michaels, Tilghman, and Trappe, MD. Kickoff party at The Oaks, music competition, screening of the movie Big Night, and more. $20.10 two-course lunch; $30.10 three-course dinner.

21-Apr 8

AMM’s 2010 Maritime Seminar Series 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays. Annapolis Maritime Museum (AMM).


Maryland Game Bird Stamp Design Contest Deadline Stamp sales help DNR’s projects and research.

Calendar Section Editor: Ruth Christie, 22 April 2010 PropTalk


Anglers Night Out for Fishing Flick and Tales 6 p.m. cocktails; 7 p.m. dinner. Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport. Dine and enjoy Red Gold. PropTalk is a sponsor.


Learn How To Use a Chart 7 to 9 p.m. Oyster Cove Community Room, Grasonville, MD. Hosted by Kent Narrows Sail and Power Squadron. Free to USPS members; $15 for non-members. (410) 827-3376

24 24-29

Wine Invented by Accident, 6000 BC 5 p.m.

Maryland Safe Boating Course 6:30 p.m. March 24, 26, and 29. Taylor Avenue Fire Station, Annapolis. Hosted by USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 23-1.


Colonists from England First Set Foot in the New Colony of Maryland, 1634


Leonard Calvert and 220 First Settlers Land at Blakistone Island/St. Clementâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Island on the Potomac, 1634


Maryland Day at St. Clementâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Island Museum


Palm Beach International Boat Show West Palm Beach, FL.


Full Moon Party Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport. Moon lights, live music from Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Vibe & Conga, dancing, and local favorites.


Historic London Town and Gardens Spring Fling 6 to 9 p.m. Edgewater, MD. Tours, cocktails, appetizers, and desserts from 15 local caterers and live and silent auctions. $60.


Tidewater Boat Show Hampton Roads (VA) Convention Center. Runabouts, saltwater fishing boats, ski boats, pontoon boats, deck boats, jet boats, PWCs, motor yachts, and bass boats. Get pro advice on boat lifts, floating docks, marine electronics, watersports, and safety equipment.


Guided Canoe Trip 9 to 11:30 a.m. Reed Education Center, Edgewater, MD. Paddle Muddy Creek and Rhode River to learn about Bay wildlife. $14 per adult; $7 per kid ages six to 12.





Rum Punch Challenge 7 to 9:30 p.m. Gadsbyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tavern Museum, Alexandria, VA. Vote for your favorite rum punch from local purveyors of the art! Also enjoy food and a silent auction. $50.


Spring Commissioning Seminar 10 a.m. to Noon. West Marine, 113 Hillsmere Drive, Annapolis. See George Benisek of Viking Marine Services.


Tilghmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Railroad to Oxford 2 p.m. Reverend Jay Bunting will describe how the railroad to Oxford was founded and funded with â&#x20AC;&#x153;Confederate gold.â&#x20AC;? Hosted by Oxford Museum. (410) 226-0191


Transiting the ICW 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Annapolis Elks Lodge, Edgewater, MD. $35 for CAPCA members; $50 for non-members.


USS Constellation Sails for Ireland with Potato Famine Relief Supplies, 1880


Winter Seminar: First Aid and CPR West River Sailing Club, Galesville, MD.






Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 23


Three Centuries Walking Tour 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Annapolis and USNA.


Safety at Sea USNA, Annapolis. Hosted by Marine Trades Association of Maryland and USNA Sailing.


27-Apr 8

MD/DNR Boating Safety and Certification Course 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. March 27 and April 3; 6 p.m. review and test April 8. Eastport/Annapolis Neck Branch Library. Hosted by Annapolis Sail and Power Squadron.

27-Apr 11

National Cherry Blossom Festival Tidal Potomac, Washington, DC. Dinner cruises, parties, ceremonies, photo ops, parades, and more. Fireworks April 3.


Jon Campbell’s Maritime Songs at AMM Annapolis Maritime Museum.


Maryland Day at Historic St. Mary’s City

First Shipment of Beer Arrives in the Virginia Colony from England, 1607


Spring Cleaning 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Presquile National Wildlife Refuge, Charles City, VA. Hosted by James River Association.


1 1

Dockside Express Cruises and Tours Tilghman Island, MD. Fishing, crabbing, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, nature tour boats, lighthouse tours, and water skiing.

4 6-May 18 Easter

America’s Boating Course 7 to 9 p.m. Seven sessions. Chantilly High School, VA. Hosted by Northern Virginia Sail and Power Squadron. $40.


April Fools’ Day

Full Moon Party Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport. Lunar chili dogs, gumbo, Jamaican-me-hungry Jumbo Wings, specials, and D’Vibe & Conga.

1-Oct 31

C&O Canal Boat Rides Great Falls or Georgetown, DC. $5.

Delmarva Charter Boat Operators Workshop 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Harrison’s Chesapeake House, Tilghman Island, MD.


Annual Privateer Day Fells Point. Parties, costumes, kids programs, music, specials, shopping, and Fearless rides.


Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival Timonium, MD. Live music, too!

. gs r tin ou lis et y ew n g rn a fo t c g in ! in Po old ok h t s lo ort oa e b ar w N e W e ho Se

North Point 38  58’16  N

1-Nov 6

76 28’64  W

yacht sales North Point brokerage listings are selling fast! The time to buy is now... Time to list your boat if your are ready to sell... Come see why North Point is making the difference!

MJM 40z   MJM  34z  -­‐‑  Chesapeake  Perfect Several  available    -­‐‑  Large  price reduction  

MJM 29z    -­‐‑  In  stock  demo ready  for  spring  delivery 2007  reduced  to  $259,900



24 April 2010 PropTalk

The MJM  40z  breaks  the  fuel  barrier  because  her   beauty  is  more  than  skin  deep....    The  secret? Discover  the  driest,  most  comfortable  and  best handling  sea-­‐‑boats  in  their  class.

MJM Yachts  -­‐‑  40z,  34z  and  29z 213  Eastern  Ave.,  Annapolis  MD  21403  




Bay Country Boat Show Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department, MD. See more than 60 exhibitors of boats, trailers, accessories, nautical crafts, fishing tackle, and free kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; fun. Hosted by Hollywood Optimist Club. $3; kids under age 15 get in for free.

Annual River Cleanup Hosted by Patuxent Riverkeeper.


Benefit Party Annapolis Maritime Museum. Benefits Box of Rain Foundation and Annapolis Community Boating.


Emergency Management at Sea 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Annapolis Elks Lodge #622, Edgewater, MD.


Maryland Boatbuilders and Dealers Expo Sailwinds Park, Cambridge, MD. See page 14 for details.PropTalk is a sponsor.


Green Life Festival 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Historic Savage Mill, MD. Music, food, green demos, shopping, and family fun.



Project Clean Stream 2010 9 a.m. to Noon. Hosted by Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.


What Boat Is Right for Me? 10 a.m. to Noon. West Marine on Hillsmere Drive in Annapolis. Free seminar by Annapolis School of Seamanship.

Safe Boating Course 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Bladensburg (MD) Waterfront Park. Taught by USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 24-3. $25. (410) 531-3313 or (301) 261-7735

13-May 25

Americaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Boating Course 7 to 9 p.m. Lake Accotink Park, Springfield, VA. Hosted by Northern Virginia Sail and Power Squadron. $40.


15 16

Tax Day

30 Years & Still Going Strong! Noon. Tiki Bar, Solomons. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mai taiâ&#x20AC;? suggest that you go?

16-Oct 1

Ghost Tours Annapolis. Colonials tell tales of the undead.


Opening Day Rockfish Tournament Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport. Catch-and-release fun with 150 boats. PropTalk is a sponsor.


The Biggest Little Poker Run Ever! 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Salt Ponds Marina, Hampton, VA. Benefits VIMS. Run by Colonial Sail and Power Squadron. $20.


Flares for Life Noon to 4 p.m. Tidewater Community College. Get rid of old flares and fire extinguishers and enjoy Vessel Safety Checks, raffle prizes, food, and drinks.



                                 !   "  #     $ $%&'         $   #(        '           )


Chesapeake Bay Powerboating





PropTalk April 2010 25


Safe Boating Course 6 to 10 p.m. Delaware State Fire School, Dover. Hosted by USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 12-05.

21-May 12

Boating Safety Class 7 to 9 p.m. Four Wednesdays. Jacobsville Elementary, Pasadena, MD. Hosted by USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 22-01.


Bay Bridge Boat Show Bay Bridge Marina, Stevensville, MD. PropTalk will be there. See page 28.


DelMarVa Birding Weekend


Children’s Day and Earth Day Celebration Havre de Grace Maritime Museum.

Open Houses and Other Must-Do Events


very year, fine establishments around the Bay open their doors to new and repeat customers. Each free event includes four main ingredients: sales or deals on boats, equipment, and/or services; hardto-beat pro advice; fun door prizes; and light refreshments. What’s not to love? PropTalk looked high and low to find out where the open houses are on the Bay this season. So, check this section out, visit the websites of your choosing, pre-register [to make sure there will be enough food and beverages to satisfy you and yours], and while you are there, tell your kindly proprietors that: “PropTalk sent me.”

26 April 2010 PropTalk

Rachel Blood and Jacob Dabal from Forked River, NJ took in the sights and sounds of the popular Geico Powersports display, which included the turbine jet powered, 40-foot, 10,000-pound Miss GEICO offshore racing boat. Rachel and Jacob also checked out the newest waterskiing and fishing gear at the Atlantic City International Powerboat Show February 3-7.

24 24 24

Nanticoke River Shad Festival Vienna, MD. Oxford Day

Treasure Our Waters Cruise 10 a.m. to Noon. Annapolis Maritime Museum.

26 28-May 4

After 32 Takes, the Beatles Record Octopus’s Garden, 1969

Maryland Safe Boating Course 6:30 p.m. April 28 and 30 and May 4. Taylor Avenue Fire Station, Annapolis. Hosted by USCG Auxiliary Flotilla 23-1.

Mar 19-21

Prince William Marina Woodbridge, VA. See 17- to 60-footers.

Mar 20

Jackson Marine Sales North East, MD.

Mar 20-21

Annapolis Sailyard Open house all weekend and torch some socks from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Mar 21-May 16

Camp Tockwogh Worton, MD. Take a tour March 21, April 18, and May 16 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.


Full Moon Party Boatyard Bar & Grill, Eastport. Moon lights, live music from D’Vibe & Conga, dancing, and local favorites.

30 30-May 2

National Hairball Awareness Day!?

Decoy and Wildlife Art Festival Havre de Grace, MD.

30-May 2

Strictly Jersey Boat show 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. South Jersey Marina, Cape May. 15.

Mar 27-28

Clarks Landing’s Shady Side Marine Center Drool all over all makes and models of more than 100 quality used and certified pre-owned boats from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mar 27-28

Solomons Firehouse Hook into deals on new and used tackle, food, drinks, and prizes all hosted by the Southern Maryland Chapter of the Maryland Saltwater Sportsfishermen’s Association from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Apr 3-Nov 6

Point Lookout Lighthouse Scotland, MD. See for yourself if the place is really haunted April 3, May 1, June 5, July 10, August 7, September 11, October 2, or November 6 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Apr 10-11

Crusader Yacht Sales Port Annapolis Marina. Score deals on new and used boats and see the exciting debut of the Bruckmann 34e Express Cruiser. Enjoy exhibits, life raft demos, expert advice, demos, food, and door prizes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Apr 18

North East River YC North East, MD from 2 to 4 p.m.

May 1-2

Clarks Landingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Demo Days Shady Side and Chester Marine Centers. New and pre-owned Sea Rays, Cruisers, Carvers, and Silvertons will be waiting for free test rides and joystick-based docking fun from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

May 1-2

Deltaville Dealer Days New and used boats, food, and family fun. Enjoy the Open House Boat Shows at participating dealerships and enter the Grand Prize drawing for a chance to win a Sunsail Charter in BVI from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more details, see page17.

May 8-9

Psstâ&#x20AC;Ś Thinking about a sailboat? Check out the Annapolis Spring Sails Event at Annapolis Sailyard, Annapolis Yacht Sales, Bay Yacht Agency, Crusader Yachts, North Point Yachts, Performance Cruising, Sail Annapolis, Tartan C&C Yacht Sales, and Tidewater Marina. Your secret is safe with us.

May 15

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Edgewater, MD. Take a boat ride or a hayride, climb the tall research tower, and learn a thing or two from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Free parking and shuttle service to and from Central Middle School. One Last Thing... Send your open house news and photos to all season long.

PIER MARINA 301 Fourth St. Eastport, Annapolis, MD (Across Spa Creek from AYC)

s 30 slips, 20' - 42' s 4 shower baths s laundry room

Don't delay--we only have a couple of slips left! Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

s on-site parking s deck with a grill s each slip with individual water and electric

Olivia McCleary

410-990-9515 PropTalk April 2010 27

Get Set for the Bay Bridge Boat Show


h, thank goodness! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s almost time for the Bay Bridge Boat Show April 22-25. The Bay Bridge Marina and Kent Island will rock with more than 400 new and brokerage boats, including trailerable fishing machines, ski boats, motor yachts, small boats, inflatables, and more. And, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even think of missing out on great deals on assorted equipment and accessories as well as cool seminars, the chance to talk with the pros, and an extensive array of food and drink options. Showtimes April 22-24, Thursday-Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. April 25, Sunday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Your Ticket, Please

Adult General One-Day Admission: $12

Kids Ages Seven-12 General One-Day Admission: $4

Kids Age Six & Younger Admission: Free Adult Combo Two-Day Ticket: $19

Dare To Dream At the show, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be able to crawl all over Albins, Bayliners, Campbells, Carvers, Edgewaters, Egg Harbors, Four Winns, Island Packets, Kawasakis, Mathews, MJMs, Sea Rays, Silvertons, Sportcraft, Tiaras, Trophys, and more. Inside the expanded Active Outdoor Living section, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll find the latest in car-top boating. See in-water demos of small boats, kayaks, canoes, rowing shells, stand-up paddle boards, inflatables, and small sailboats from C.D. Outdoors, Chester River Kayaks, Savage River Works, American Sail Company, Backyard Boats, Mercury, and Maritime Solutions. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s New? The day-long Take the Wheel Workshop offers beginners the chance to learn about and actually demo a displacement trawler, an offshore sportfisher, an express cruiser, or a Down East cruiser. Hosted by the Annapolis School of Seamanship, the

workshop costs $149 per person or $200 per couple. Fees include a two-day Boat Show pass, morning seminars, afternoon on-the-water boating, a continental brunch and lunch, a wine tasting social hour, as well as all educational materials. Preregister at How To Get There The Bay Bridge Marina at the eastern end of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Take Route 50 to Kent Island, take Exit 37, follow the signs and fluorescent flag wavers to parking near the marina, and give a mere $2 donation to the friendly staff. Before you go, do your homework by visiting, seeing which exhibitors will be there, and then clicking on their websites. And stay tuned with PropTalk; the May issue will have an invaluable guide to the Show. Finally, stop by our booth at Tent A3 at the main entrance to the Show and say, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hello.â&#x20AC;?

Christine Hartge Wilson 100 Ton License

The Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Premium Marine Anodes

Ready for your Spring Haul Out? Totch Hartge

;Streamlined Shaft Anodes

Worldwide Sailor

1(800) 999-5251

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;Engine Anodes

Continuing a family boating tradition that goes back over 150 years SSSD=NPCAEJOQN=J?A?KIÂ&#x160;$=HAOREHHA *!"=OPKJ *!

(available in packaged kits)

;Hull Anodes


For Salt Water ONLY


For Salt & Brackish Water


For Fresh Water ONLY

A Full Service Yacht Yard

On the Beautiful Sue Creek 850 Baltimore Yacht Club Road Baltimore, MD 21221


T: 1-604-940-2010 F: 1-604-952-2650 28 April 2010 PropTalk

Sue Island Marina

Wet Slips up to 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122; New Bathhouse Pumpout 30 Ton Lift 24-Hour Emergency Haul-out Marine Towing & Salvage Yacht Delivery

Early Bird Bottom Paint Special

2010 Spring Commissioning

Splash Day Strategy


he rockfish are swimming north as you read. The crabs will soon emerge from the mud, and one of PropTalkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s editors will win or lose her annual bet with her husband over who will spot the first osprey to return to the Chesapeake. Those of us who own boats are amazed at how our spring commissioning checklists seem to be getting longer, not shorter.

Photo courtesy of Old Bay Marina

We know the dirty truth about early spring: boaters in filthy jeans, face masks, knee pads, work gloves, and sometimes full-body space suits, working intenselyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; wielding sanders, hoses, scrub brushes, paint brushesâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;as if we are in a race. Forget the weather or the time. Bay boaters are on a mission. After the meanest winter weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve seen in a long time, we are singularly

focused on one task: getting that boat back in the water and running well. To help boaters strategize and stay focused on the tedious and back-straining tasks involved in preparing their boats for spring, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve combed through online resources and interviewed multiple marina managers over the years to hear what they recommend. Here are a few of the recurring themes: Ć&#x201D; Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be the guy who is sanding and scrubbing and panicking when all of his slipmates are heading out for a beautiful day on the water. Start early. Nothing is more frustrating to marina managers than boat owners who bring their boats in lateâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;in what is an insanely busy time of year for all marine service workersâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; who then make demands and are upset


ÂŁÂŁĂ&#x160; 9 Ă&#x160; iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;wĂ&#x160;i`Ă&#x160;/iVÂ&#x2026;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;VÂ&#x2C6;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192;Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;Ă&#x2C6;Ă&#x160; 9 Ă&#x160; iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x152;Â&#x2C6;wĂ&#x160;i`Ă&#x160;>Ă&#x192;Ă&#x152;iĂ&#x20AC;Ă&#x160;/iVÂ&#x2026;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;VÂ&#x2C6;>Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x192; Repowers Refits / Restorations Repairs Comprehensive system installation and maintenance

>VÂ&#x17D;Ă&#x192;Â&#x153;Â&#x2DC;Ă&#x160; Ă&#x20AC;iiÂ&#x17D;]Ă&#x160;6Â&#x2C6;Ă&#x20AC;}Â&#x2C6;Â&#x2DC;Â&#x2C6;>Ă&#x160;UĂ&#x160;nä{Â&#x2021;Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2021;Ă&#x2C6;Â&#x2021;nÂ&#x2122;ääĂ&#x160;UĂ&#x160;`iÂ?Ă&#x152;>Ă&#x203A;Â&#x2C6;Â?Â?iLÂ&#x153;>Ă&#x152;Ă&#x17E;>Ă&#x20AC;`°VÂ&#x153;Â&#x201C; Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 29

Commissioning continued...

Ɣ Good checklists are free and easy to find. In addition to BoatU.S. ( and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (, there are other free, comprehensive boat commissioning checklists online. Some full-service marinas, such as Deltaville Marina (, maintain downloadable checklists. Ɣ For those of us who do our own work on the boat, John Polek, co-owner of Sunset Harbor Marina in Essex, MD, says, “You need to think about the environment. If you’re sanding and painting the bottom, put down a tarp to collect the scrapings, even if your marina doesn’t require it.” Ɣ Because of the complexity of engine and generator systems, many boaters don’t have the time or knowledge to commission their own boats. Marc Kahan of Fairview Marina in Pasadena, MD says, “Find someone who knows what they’re doing who’s going to do the work really well.” Remember that marinas are businesses, so you should expect professional service when you call around or pop by to inspect facilities. Reputable boatyards

the marina is not working fast enough. Your procrastination is not your marina’s emergency. Start getting your boat ready as early as possible, and know that it will take longer than you think to complete your checklist.

Keith Cooper waxes Double Whammy, a 1993 Luhrs 29, at Bert Jabin’s Yacht Yard. Photo by Joe Evans/PropTalk


Vane Brothers Marine Safety & Services Liferaft Rental, Sales & Services Pick-up & delivery available Arrange to view your liferaft repack All safety equipment - EPIRB, harnesses, safety lighting, lift sling , etc. TM

Celebrating a century of service to the maritime community in Baltimore, Annapolis, DelMarVa, Norfolk, Philadelphia, the Jersey Shore, and Wilmington, NC

Full Service Liferaft Inspection Station 2100 Frankfurst Ave., Baltimore, Maryland 21226 Phone 410.631.5167 Fax 410.631.5118 Norfolk Phone 800.440.VANE 30 April 2010 PropTalk

will look good and treat you as the important customer you are. Ɣ There are a few things you can save for a rainy day… Paperwork for starters. Aside from registration and documentation, you must renew your dinghy sticker and your fishing license. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries lets you renew online (, and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has forms on the web to print and mail in ( We understand that the DNR makes surprise visits to marinas to check serial numbers and make sure boat papers are in order. Rainy days are good for gathering safety equipment as well: lifejackets, floatables, bailing devices, navigation lights, life rings, and working fire extinguishers. Ɣ Just because you haven’t been on your boat doesn’t mean that no living beings have been there to visit. Check for sleeping, furry critters, nests, and eggs in your boat (or cushions). Jim Ruscoe of Anchorage Marina tells the story of being attacked by an overprotective mama duck one spring, so be careful in your search.

High & Dry? Dreaming of Spring? At

Sarles Boatyard & Marina

we have it all on site!





Call today to schedule your worklist

410-263-3661 808 Boucher Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21403

Ɣ If you find yourself staring at your dirty boat, not sure where to start, why not begin with some hot water and a scrub brush? This tried-and-true method works quite well on stanchions, hand rails, live well covers, filleting stations, and canvas, too. We’ve heard good things about Simple Green cleanser. If you have an environmentally friendly cleanser you prefer, please share your ideas with PropTalk ( Ɣ Before you splash, wax your hull and vertical surfaces. It’s good practice for waxes throughout the season. Ɣ We’re not kidding when we say make sure your boat will float before you splash it, as many boaters have had real “sinking” feelings when only noticing the holes after the fact. Inspect all thru-hull fittings, check flexible hoses, and pamper your stuffing box and shaft. Consider a proactive replacement of overworked hoses and clamps. This is all much easier to do on the hard or in the slip than underway in a panic. Ɣ Don’t forget to give your trailer a little tender loving care. Inspect tire treads, and check the air pressure. Do you have a spare? Test your tail and back-up lights, make sure your winch is working properly, and look for rust on the trailer frame. It may be time to sand and give it a coat of paint to prevent corrosion. For more trailer tips, see page 46. Ɣ Last-minute stuff: check your anchor light, and ensure that your engines are tuned up for the season. Check and fill your propane tank. Go over the valves, and inspect the storage box to make sure it’s properly ventilated. Don’t forget to do your battery maintenance and ramp up your power source. You’re going to want to blast your favorite tunes, turn on the party lights, and fire up the blender to celebrate spring. Bring it on!

Get Your Kicks For Free You can tell by the price of this publication in your hand, that we here at PropTalk love free stuff. So does BoatU.S. On the association’s “Freebies” web page at, there are a number of resources, which serve as good reminders for boaters getting ready for spring. To name a few: Spring Commissioning Checklist (including one from West Marine) Safety Checklist Avoiding Dockside Sinking Fire Prevention Ideas The Consumer Protection Bureau’s Guide to Marine Services A Trailer Maintenance Brochure Free Vessel Safety Checks Free Nautical E-Cards and Screensavers (not necessary, but fun!) Visit to learn more.

t n i a P m Botto ! e r e H s i Season


A teak geek at work at Mast & Mallet. Photo by Joe Evans/PropTalk

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

w w w. f a w c e t t b o a t . c o m 919 Bay Ridge RoadAnnapolis, MD 21403 410-267-8681 Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 8:30-5, Sun 10-4

PropTalk April 2010 31

Commissioning continued...

Recycle Your Shrink Wrap Last year, Maryland marinas and boatyards saved 400,000 pounds of shrink wrap from clogging up landfills. Instead, the polyethylene wrap used to protect boats in winter was recycled to build plastic highway guard-rail blocks. The specialists at Mondo Polymers, who pick up and recycle the wrap, say this year they will not pick up the used wrap unless the nylon strap and doors are removed. Ron Wesel of Mondo Polymer Technologies says the nylon straps tied around the bottom of the boat get tangled in the rotors of their baling equipment. The door also melts at a different temperature than the rest of the plastic and gums up the works. Mondo Polymers will collect shrink wrap for free from about mid-April through mid-June. New pickups will be added to the list until March 31, or until their schedule is full. Marinas and boatyards that want their shrink wrap reused can contact Wesel at ron@ or (888) 607-4790. More questions about Marylandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Clean Marina Initiative may be addressed to Donna Morrow at

Photos by Joe Evans/PropTalk

Frank Papa rolls Interlux Bottomcote onto a 40-foot Sea Ray. Photo by Joe Evans/PropTalk

Slips Available for 2010 .ESTLED IN (ERRING "AY s &UN &RIENDLY !TMOSPHERE Schedule Spring Commissioning TODAY




410-867-7686 301-261-5632

A Complete Marine Service Company

10% Off All Spring Projects! 410.5 07.8732 w w w. a y r e f i n i s h i n g . c o m 32 April 2010 PropTalk


Book your Spring haul-out and bottom paint by March 31st and receive BOAT BUCKS equal to 30% of normal haul-out fee. Must be booked before March 31st, 2010. Work can be performed anytime during the 2010 season.

Refer a friend and earn an extra

$50.00 IN BOAT BUCKS SLIPS AVAILABLE FOR 2010 Call Jeff or Brett Today



First Run Traditions night someplace around Annapolis, party on one or two of the boats, and enjoy potluck Mexican food. Our favorite beverage is the Cosmopolitan made by Captain Julien Hofberg.” PropTalk’s Cory Deere operates a TowBoatU.S. boat most weekends near Annapolis. He spends his first day on the water, “Looking over the boat, cleaning, and making sure all of the gear is onboard and in proper order. I do these things every weekend, but more so on opening day of the season. When I’m not on call at home, I’m on the water for at least eight hours at a time, listening to the radio and responding to calls. I’ve towed boats as far north as the end of the Sassafras River and as far south as Cambridge, MD. The most common problem on opening day of boating season is engine trouble. The main culprits are old fuel, old filters, and dirty fuel tanks. When conditions on the water get rough, things move around and can gunk up fuel lines and filters. When

that happens, most engines go caput. Otherwise, I’m busy helping out boaters who have run aground during low tides, mostly, and handling any number of problems that can occur on the water. The list is almost infinite.” Charlotte O’Conor, another club’s member, says, “Our first cruise is usually the IRS Cruise right around April 15 to Galesville, MD for dinner at Pirates Cove Restaurant.” Contributing writer Tom Hale says, “Even though we live aboard, we look forward to the first run of the season as much as or more than when we lived on dirt. Our first cruise will have to wait until the first weekend that the temps reach the 60s and the nights are above 40. That is the beauty of living aboard: we are always ready to go. Depending on the wind, Cristina and I will cruise to Little Bay, Carter Creek, or the Corrotoman River. See you out there.” Send your opening day traditions and photos to photo: Billy Black


f you’re like us, usually by Christmastime, you will have begun looking forward to and planning for opening day of boating and fishing season. My kids are already looking forward to their annual chocolate donut. For our family’s fishing fun, the first few runs are for prospecting. On opening day weekend, my brother-in-law’s floating tackle box (aka a Stamas 31) gets locked and loaded on Friday, and family and crew stay over. Long before first light on Saturday and Sunday, I make coffee and send most of the donuts and lunches out on the boat. Dinner usually means rockfish stuffed with crab imperial. The one time no fish came home, we suffered with crab cakes. To get you into the mood for opening day of your boating season, PropTalk asked our friends what their first run traditions are. Here are a few of them. Club member Andrea Landis says, “Our first trip of the season is in May with a Cinco de Mayo theme. We over-

by Ruth Christie

Escape to...



ALEXSEAL® offers a superior marine coatings system that achieves the industry’s best gloss and seamless repair capabilities. Simply put, only ALEXSEAL® can deliver true innovation in every can.


EU: 49 (0) 40 75 10 30 > USA: 314 783 2110

FAIRVIEWMARINA.COM Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 33


Commissioning: Not Quite Yet by Charlie Iliff

The road - the road, I say - to the dock


o Mary and Ruth said: “In the February issue, you described the search for a boat, the selection of the 1982 Defever 44, and how Linda and Bob Burnett and you and Lucy debated her new name when you bought her. In the March article, you got her from Baltimore to the Severn and named her Indian Summer. So, for the April issue, how about writing up her spring commissioning?” “OK”, says I, cheerfully confident that I’d have at least half my “to do” list finished before deadline.

The progress on that list at this writing? Zip, zero, nada. We’ve bought some parts, and they’re still in their bags and boxes. We arranged for a professional tank cleaner and fuel polisher to clean up our fuel system, but on arrival, the technician found the steepness of the road and the length of the dock not to his liking. He recommended that we move the boat to a more accessible location, perhaps Port Annapolis. We applied super paint remover that doesn’t dissolve gelcoat to remove the old name from the transom. It turns out the remover needs temperatures above 60 degrees F to work, and we haven’t seen that in a while. So, the transom still says Alpha Wave. We started to remove a port frame to get a good measurement of the cutout in the hull. We broke a few pieces loose, but the frame is still “fifty-two-hundreded” in the cutout. (Note: new verb, recognizable by anyone who has worked with 3M 5200. Any time you see someone installing something with it, you are likely to hear something like: “I hope I’m not the poor SOB who has to take this back apart.”) No, wait, we did replace the lift pump on the starboard engine and were grati34 April 2010 PropTalk

fied that it now seems to start more easily. We’ll be carrying one of those pumps as a spare. But that’s it for progress on the machinery front. So, make that “zip, zero, almost nada.” We bought an inflatable dinghy at Annapolis Inflatables’ new facility on Chinquapin Round Road and a replacement toolbox and a few tools for the engine room. But, we added such things to the list as dual fuel polishing systems to make connection to the current manifolds feasible and some neat stuff I saw at the Baltimore Boat Show, such as LED cabin lighting and running lights. And I think we’ll need an inverter for quiet times at anchor when we don’t need quite as much current as the generator provides. The December 2009 Soundings has an article in which Tom Neale describes some work directly applicable to our project: “newing up” an older boat by removal and replacement of portlights and further brightening the interior by replacing dark teak veneer with light-colored Komatex panels. In preparation for the processes he describes, we are assembling various hammers, chisels, scrapers, Fein saws, heat guns, and swear words for removal of the

first of 12 portlights. (Actually, I don’t think Tom specifically recommends swear words, but over the years, we have found them to be singularly effective in facilitating difficult boat projects.) Some day soon, when ice and snow permit, we’ll get back on the portlight project, install new windlass step switches, rewire the alternator fields per the original design, and replace the starboard heat exchanger and the engine and transmission oil coolers. And we’ll make a new appointment to get the tanks cleaned, plan the trip to Campbell’s in the early spring to get her hauled, and line up Lerian Bradbury to move the slip pilings and, and... As Bob’s and my lists of mechanical repairs and upgrades have grown, Linda and Lucy have actually made some progress. They have tentatively selected a couple of comfortable reclining chairs that we hope we can snake in through a door. They have narrowed the choices of fabrics for salon and stateroom upholstery and curtains and are measuring for carpeting. Someone seeing my list might think that replacement of the lift pump on the starboard engine and restoring alternator wiring to the original

configuration are important, but consider for a moment. Neither the starboard engine nor its alternator is necessary to sit in a comfortable chair and read a book. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not to say weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re refitting Indian Summer as a dock queen, but sitting comfortably and reading are high on our list of yachting activities. We may even give the green light to our son who is itching to install a flat-screen TV and DVD system, in case we run out of paperbacks. Then we can test how many places there are on a DeFever 44 to lose a remote. Bobâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and my list of excuses for our lack of progress is almost as long as our â&#x20AC;&#x153;to doâ&#x20AC;? list. After all, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been boating for a lot of years. Primary on that list, however, has been the weather. When weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d hoped to move the boat to get her tanks done, a Norâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;easter came through, grinding Indian Summer against her dock, knocking down trees, and destroying the winter cover on Indian Summerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dockmate, Luce-Eel, Bob and Lindaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lippincott 31. The surge brought water over the dock by more than a foot, flooding some of the electrical boxes and blowing the ground-fault-interrupt breakers. A couple of planks were torn loose and made their way to the beach.

Indian Summer and poor, sad Luce-Eel

Not as high or long-lasting as Isabel, but the surge was impressive and damaging, as was the wind. Fortunately, Indian Summer suffered no major damage. Her substantial rub rails proved their worth. And, the newly installed 50A-240/120V dock service survived unscathed, so the systems on Indian Summer remained powered.

As it turns out, however, the loss of the cover on Luce-Eel was a lot more damaging than they could have known. Following the Norâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;easter by 10 days or so was the series of record snowstorms that, as of this writing, still have our area choked with snow. The weight of the snow on Luce-Eel pushed her down so that the self-bailing

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Indian Summer in Winter. New upholstery, new table needed.

cockpit scuppers went under, seawater got over the engine hatch coaming, and the pumps couldn’t keep up. It was a bad morning when Bob and Linda looked down the hill to find Luce-Eel on the bottom. Luce-Eel is a great river boat and fishing platform and will be raised and restored, but right now, no one can get to her by land or water with the gear to raise her. We can only look at her with sadness, and hope that not too many other good boats have been put down by the record snowfall. So, in addition to the

Indian Summer project, Bob and Linda are immersed in discussions with insurers, talks with potential salvors, and questions. They need to decide whether to restore and keep Luce-Eel, or pass her on to a new owner and concentrate their attention on Indian Summer. Maybe someone in their large extended family will step in and take her over to keep her in the family. If they let Luce-Eel go, they’ll miss her. Maybe she and Indian Summer will be parallel projects this spring. When the snow melts.



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Be Your Own Weatherperson by Kendall Osborne Before You Go


n days past, the best you could do was turn on the television the night before or check the morning paper. Those forecasts were horribly general. The typical summer prediction of southwest winds 10 to 15 knots was for a full day for the entire Chesapeake Bay! Winds typically build and die during a day and vary greatly by location. Storms come and go. Seas also vary greatly depending not only on the wind but on the current. Such general forecasts leave a lot to be desired. Modern boaters can do better. The Internet is loaded with marine weather sites, many of which provide data for specific locations and times of day. While they are still not always right, by checking several and reading between the lines, you can have a much greater chance of knowing what the weather will do. You can start with the National Weather Service forecasts. By going to, you’ll see a map of the Chesapeake Bay and the Mid-Atlantic coast. You can click on any portion of the map and get a forecast for that area.

These forecasts go out about five days in advance. The maps are color coded, so you’ll learn to recognize instantly if a small-craft advisory has been posted for your area. For more detail, try the Chesapeake Bay Operational Forecast System (CBOFS). CBOFS provides detailed wind forecasts for the next 12 to 24 hours. This Chesapeake Bay-area tool lets you see just what the predicted winds are for precise geographical areas hour by hour. It is animated, so you can watch as the winds are predicted to build, drop, or change direction. After using this for several years, I’ve found it to be much more accurate than the more general forecasts. You can access the site at tidesandcurrents. predicts the wind in three-hour increments, provides realtime conditions, and has a link to computer model forecasts. Unlike CBOFS, which only predicts the near future, FishWeather models predict winds for several days in advance. You can pick your date, then you’ll see a list of locations and the wind forecast for every three-hour period.

Another resource for winds is intellicast. com. It provides predictions about two days ahead in six-hour increments. has reams of weather information, but its marine forecasts are generally the same as those of NOAA. The National Data Buoy Center at ndbc. provides real-time and historical data from buoys located throughout the Chesapeake Bay and offshore. These are helpful, as they let you know if the current forecast is spot on or dead wrong. Many buoys also report wave height and period, allowing a savvy amateur weatherperson to get an idea if the waves are big, small, close together, or widely spaced. These are just a sample of what is available. Then there’s the million dollar question. How do you know if they are right? Which is the most accurate? You can get a much better picture of what the forecasts mean if you follow some simple advice. Never check or rely on just one site or forecast! Check several websites and see if the forecasts generally match. If they do, it is more likely the forecasts are correct. When they don’t agree, at least one is obviously incorrect. In that case, you’ll be safer relying on whatever forecast calls for the worst weather! Storm over Spa Creek Photo by Mark Talbott/PropTalk

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 37

Boating Weather continued:

Also, forecasts for the immediate future are usually much more accurate that advanced forecasts. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just check the night before; check in the morning before you go out, as well. Along those same lines, you should compare the forecast to current conditions. If the forecast is light southwest winds shifting to northwest late in the day and building, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s already blowing northwest 20 knots, the front has already come and it is already rough. By doing a little double-checking you can usually learn if the forecasts are right or wrong, or sometimes ahead or behind in their timing.

On the Water


odern weather tools are not just for planning. There is a variety of weather data you can access on the water from your cell phone. This data can help you decide where to go or if you need to run in when conditions change. Most modern cell phones contain web browsers. One of the most useful functions of a weather phone is being able to access your local weather radar. Many cell phone browsers come with a programmed weather link you can open for your local radar. You can also go to and follow the links to your local radar. Do this

ahead of time in the comfort of your home, then bookmark the local radar once you find it. This way, it will be easy to pull up the radar on the water by returning to the bookmarked site. It is a great safety tool when thunderstorms are predicted. When your peaceful fishing trip is interrupted by thunder, a quick check by phone may reveal that huge red and orange squall line that means head for home right now! The National Oceans Service provides real-time oceanographic data that can easily be accessed by cell phone. Its Physi-

cal Oceanographic Real-Time System

(PORTS) does just what the name implies

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38 April 2010 PropTalk

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and provides almost real-time data. There is a text page that loads easily in cell phone browsers. The Southern Bay page is at shtml?port=cs. Once again, type this long stream into your phoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s browser at home and bookmark it. Then you can pull it up on the water, no sweat. When fishing the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, for instance, and trying to decide if we should run to Kiptopeake, we can pull this up and get the Kiptopeake conditions! When striper fishing in the winter, we can pull this up and look for warmer water temperatures, if necessary. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to

squint at a small phone screen, you can call PORTS at (866) 247-6787 and follow the prompts. The final factor is experience. There is no substitute for time on the water and having a feel for what is going on. To some, a northeast wind of 10 knots might sound manageable, but in some areas, that much wind blowing against a strong current can create a steep chop that is uncomfortable for many vessels and dangerous for small craft. Pay attention to the conditions when you are out, so when you see the predictions or current conditions at a later date, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have a mental picture of what

Willing To Pay $600 for a Tow?

is actually happening on the water. Of course, it is always better to err on the side of caution. If the weather forecast is bad or conditions are worse than predicted, stay home. The wind wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t blow forever.

About the Author: Kendall Osborne, DZULWHUSKRWRJUDSKHUVDOWZDWHUĂ&#x20AC;\DQJOHU and lifelong boater, lives in Norfolk. His writing credits include )O\ÂżVKLQJLQ6DOWZDWHUV0DJD]LQH, 6SRUW)LVKLQJ0DJD]LQH, and PropTalk. He worked for the National Park Service, the U.S. Customs Service, and the Department of Homeland Security for more than 28 years before retiring in 2005. When QRWÂżVKLQJRUZULWLQJKHdoes contract work for the government.

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Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

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Not So Much by Merf Moerschel


hese pages are replete with stories and pictures of that big catch, tournament results, and the like. Whenever our cover shows “the big one” and the “hero,” I’m jealous in a nice way, because apparently I am not an angler. Bumper stickers boasting that “Fish Fear Me” don’t apply in my case. Truth told, my bumper sticker should read “Fish Laugh at Me”! The closest thing I have to a mounted trophy for my “I love me wall” is that Big Mouth Billy Bass. Even this gadget has proved a bother… not because it also seems to laugh at me, but when I punch the red button, it won’t work! My fish phobia wasn’t always so. Like most kids raised on and around the Bay, I would venture forth on an early summer morning and with a small mesh dip net, capture a few shrimp or “L Y’s”, head for the end of the community pier, snag a few sunnys or perch, and then home for a pan-fried breakfast. Easy! But that was a time when one could see the eel grass three feet down, and the fish were surely more plentiful. Those days may have been the height of my angling prowess, because it went down hill, or should I say downstream, from there. For many years, careers, family, and all that stuff virtually precluded holding the dumb end of the pole. But after I retired, I did find time to revisit the art of fishing. It has not been pretty. I have tried my luck several trips offshore and via the ICW to New England, Florida, and the Bahamas and untold time spent on our Bay. I even gathered a number of specialized lures, 40 April 2010 PropTalk

read up on the subject, and went so far as to test out a Cuban YoYo. Zip! Nothing! Nada! Who CAN’T snag something in Providence Sound?! Last year, I went surf fishing with a long-time friend in Carolina. Even with great coaching, I was able to lose part of my rig. My pal pulled in several nice ones. And oh, yeah, the beer got warm! There are other even more embarrassing events, but there was in the interim one uncharacteristic, almost absurd degree of success some years back. Perhaps it was because this effort required no poles, reels, hooks, lures, or bait. Spring brings spawning runs on the Bay like any other estuary. Another friend gained access to a 400-foot gill net… well now this was fishing! In just a few days and many trips in a Jon boat, we were able to fill our freezers. A prized derivative was the herring roe that was packed in small plastic tubs once holding cream cheese or such. When thawed, sautéed in butter, and spread on toast, it was transformed into one of our Bay’s many delicacies. Add a Nattie Boh and… well you get it. Our catch was offset by what we didn’t take… carp, catfish, trash fish, and the small boys. These we returned to the waters. Our success also produced a somewhat troublesome by-product. I recall tilling carcass remnants into my veggie garden as natural fertilizer in anticipation of the May plantings. What was deep enough added to the nutrients, but the stuff close to the surface entertained cats, coons, and other critters to a fair-thee-well! I still recall one

neighbor’s cat belly-up purring loudly with delight! One particular incident convinced me that I have been surely jinxed! I was coming back from a winter on the west coast of Florida via the ICW. While transiting Albemarle Sound, I noticed that I had attracted the attention of a brown pelican. For whatever reason, the pesky bird kept circling my boat and landing with a controlled splash close astern. Time after time, the silly bird would take off again, circle, and home in on my stern and “splash.” Then I got the picture. On my stern was my trusty albeit ineffective if not useless rod with an absolutely beautiful yellowgreen lure dangling from the pole. The pelican wanted the lure! Made sense to the pelican; made sense to me! Now I have to admit that the thought of deploying that lure DID occur to me. I could at least catch a fish…eating… bird! Perhaps, his bill had some morsel at the ready. But such a degree of redemption was not matched with clear, logical thought. What the bloody hell would I do with a very angry bird with a perhaps partially digested rubber and tasteless lure secured to the end of a 30-pound test filament! Fish seem to be nemesis enough for me. Don’t need birds as well! About the Author: D.C. “Merf” Moerschel has been “messing about in boats” longer than he cares to recall. Retired, living in Annapolis, he plies the Bay and other waters in his Albin trawler Salty Dog and only does stuff he likes to do.

0      *  


* *   .

                              ! "        #           

  $     ! %$  &     ' ! (             #       )*+,    ! ) $     -    


          !    $    .          $ -     !



  12 &  $        


/                          ! 

Kids Camps by Carrie Gentile


here are two events that seem to be a rite of passage for American kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;going to Disney



World and attending summer camp. In fact, the latter continues to grow in popularity, according to the American Camp Association. These camps have changed since my days at 4-H Camp Downer (excuse the name) where I gleefully canoed, made ornaments out of Popsicle sticks, and sang the campâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prideful theme song as loud as I could. Camps now have specialized, and you can send

irginia Beach is the location for a KDQGIXORIVXUÂżQJFDPSVLQFOXGLQJ the Wes Laine Surf Camp sponsored by Quiksilver. Laine, a former top $VVRFLDWLRQRI6XUÂżQJ3URIHVVLRQDOV (ASP) World Tour competitor, shares his knowledge with each camper. Besides EDVLFVXUÂżQJVNLOOVNLGVOHDUQZDWHUVDIHty and surf etiquette with some marine biology and coastal ecology sprinkled in.

staff. Kids will learn the normal camp stuff such as character building and self-confidence, with the bonus of getting out to play on the Bay. The following is a brief list that can get you started on your camp hunt.

The Billabong Surf School teaches the fundamentals such as board control, popping up, timing, and selecting waves. The FDPSVDUHORFDWHGDOORYHUWKHVXUÂżQJ worldâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;including California, Hawaii, and Virginia Beach.

your kids to debate camp, circus camp, SAT camp, and even film camp. Luckily, there are many camps in our region that specialize in water-based activities under the watchful eye of counselors and


Boating Safety

ndian Landing Boat Club in Millersville, MD is a private, family-oriented recreation club located on the Severn River. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve heard people call it one of the Bayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best-kept secrets. Each summer, they offer junior boating programs that teach the nuts and bolts on canoes, rowboats, and kayaks. The curriculum covers how to safely get in and out of boats, the parts of a boat, rowing, paddling, and general safety skills. The club also has a competitive swimming team that competes in the Chesapeake Division of the Greater Annapolis Swim League and offers Red Cross swimming lessons. 42 April 2010 PropTalk

Annapolis Community Boating (ACB), DQRQSURÂżWDLPHGDWJHWWLQJSHRSOH out on the water, teaches school-aged children boating safety at Mayo Beach Parkâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;for free! The U.S. Coast Guard sponsors the program, called Spirit of America. Kids swim, paddle, and turtle canoes during the six-day-long curriculum. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The kids are in the water all day, and in the end, they earn their Maryland Boaterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s License,â&#x20AC;? says ACB organizer Lorie Stout. Participants learn how to deal with varying weather conditions, how to properly don lifejackets, and how to sail, kayak, and more. The course is slated for mid-August. Sign up early to ensure a spot via




The Maryland Department of Natural 5HVRXUFHV '15 RIIHUVIUHHÂżVKLQJFOLQics throughout the summer to Maryland kids. (There is a $15 non-refundable deposit). The program is part of the national â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hooked on Fishing, Not Drugsâ&#x20AC;? program WKDWUXQVIRUÂżYHGD\V.LGVOHDUQWKH basicsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;including casting, knot tying, and marine ecology. The DNR supplies the gear, but register early. Check the website for various locations and dates.

the importance of the Bayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wetlands. Wet, Wild, and Muddy is weeklong, indepth, hands-on look at the wetlands of Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Campers will get down and dirty by walking, crawling, and swimming through swamps, bogs, and fresh and salt-water marshes. The point is that these campers will gain a better understanding of the Bay and why it needs environmental stewards.

Wakeboarding/ Waterskiing

Eco-Friendly Learning


he Howard County Conservancy is holding one-week nature lessons that focus on the natural history of Maryland. From July 12 to16, their Chesapeake H20 Adventures gathers the campers and explores streams and wetlands and teaches about the water cycle and ecosystem of the Bay. Gain knowledge of watersheds and how your kids can help protect them. Christchurch School is perched on a hill overlooking the Rappahannock River near Urbanna, VA. From here, kids venture out to learn among many things,


ocated on Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Eastern Shore, Camp Silver Beach is surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay and is the Mecca of water sports including wakeboarding, knee boarding, waterskiing, tubing, sailing, and banana boating. For a few extra bucks, enroll your child in their ski school for some one-on-one instruction; they will learn proper wakeboarding techniques from YMCA and Coast Guard-trained counselors. The camp also has a lap and splash pool and a 90-foot waterslide. Just outside Chestertown, MD, Camp Tockwogh allows older kids to specialize in waterskiing or sailing, and they also

What are going to do this weekend?


have biking and hiking trails, horse staEOHVDQGDĂ&#x20AC;HHWRIPRUHWKDQERDWV The water skiing program teaches the basics up to barefoot, trick, and slalom skiing. North Bay Adventure Camp in North East, MD teaches kids slaloming tricks, barrel rolls, hand signals, partner skiing, and wake jumping. Of course, they also have more traditional camp activities such as drama, arts and crafts, archery, and swimming.



ltimate Water Sports claims to have hooked thousands of kids on ZLQGVXUÂżQJVDLOLQJDQGND\DNLQJ Located at Gunpowder State Park in Baltimore County, the company is the oldest DQGODUJHVWRXWÂżWWHURIZLQGVXUIERDUGVRQ the Bay. They offer weeklong day clinics to instruct kids in these sports, and they even offer a pick-up and drop-off service.

About the Author: Freelance writer Carrie Gentile lives on a 42-foot Nautique in the Eastport section of Annapolis and sails on a Cal 25.




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sketches by



nyone who spends any time on the water is acquainted with Live Aboards. Herein termed LABs. The reasons for pitching the “landsmen’s” lifestyle vary widely. Simplicity, cheaper, no chores, or “honey dos”… except boat stuff, etc. Some LABs follow the seasonal migrations of their trades in their home afloat. Mix in the fact that docks are “social” and offer a waterfront view, and if your neighbor is a pain… just switch your slip! LABs—whether single, a couple, or a family—face some big decisions in their lifestyle makeover. Perhaps the most important decision in moving aboard is what size/type boat best suits one’s needs. The obvious corollaries apply such as layout, amenities (e.g., heat/ air), and functionality. Translated into more mundane terms: privacy, entertainment area(s), creature comforts, and most critically space…which as will be revealed means... dock space. Boat size and type vary greatly. There is the under 30 (LOA) crowd, but most are larger craft. Types vary: the classic woody, a houseboat, a trawler, and even a blow boat! The Bay has many LAB homeports, and the practice extends south all the way to Brownsville. The west coast boasts such havens as Sausilito and Vancouver, BC. Great Lakes? Brrr! 44 April 2010 PropTalk

A difficult part of the process can be finding marinas that accept LABs. Slip costs are higher than those for seasonal boaters as are the charges for electricity. Some areas have municipal rules and those hidden taxes that further complicate the process. And what about pumpout? Insurance and liability issues aside, it would seem an advantage to a marina to have a few LABs for security and boat watch purposes. Once the boat and location come together, the next challenge is what to bring aboard. Fitting in your three bedroom, two-and-a-half bath with garage never works! With limited onboard storage, one must decide what comes aboard, what goes to land storage, what goes to Goodwill, and what is pitched. I recall witnessing the discussion between a man and wife on the day they were “moving aboard.” Seems they both had glossed over the shoe issue. He restricted his stock to the usual boat shoes. She was in tears when she realized there was not enough room for her 146 (yep that’s right) pairs of shoes! Didn’t work. Urban professional LABs face special challenges of how to handle their power suits and accoutrements. A long-time LAB friend always dressed casually for his sales calls. He had a pragmatic solution to those occasional times when he needed a suit for a “dog and pony show.” Being average in size, he could find a wide selection of more formal attire at practically any Goodwill. The show done… he’d re-donate the suit! Climate is another factor. Bay LABs accept the changes, but it does grow old. The dog days of August without air … well, ‘nuf said. As the winter of 2010 recedes in memory with no fondness at all, I would bet that there are still no cures for cold feet and sweaty brows below or the emergence of a 12-volt snow blower that works off one’s 18-volt hand tool battery.

by Merf Moerschel

Cruising the docks, some LABs fade into the dock’s population, and one wouldn’t know they were permanent fixtures at all. Other LABs stand out. The potted plants, awnings, dock boxes, bikes, dripping water hoses, shore power cables, and all manner of stuff signal their presence. There might even be a van parked nearby with all sorts of support gear for the home afloat. And then there is that Sat TV dish. There is likely a “project in progress” close by on the dock involving a mess of parts, rags, and tools. Pets are another preference, ranging from the usual boat dog or cat to birds and even fish! I recall one LAB’s iguana would jump ship regularly and was usually found amongst the grass and reeds ashore sampling the vast shore-side dessert cart. Some boats never depart their slips giving rise to the probability that hull growth has in fact fused the hull to the bottom making a move a distinct impossibility. Others cut their shore leads and venture forth regularly. LABs also come in various forms: the guy who can fix anything, the dock philosopher, the “I have an extra of anything” guy, etc. Anyone who smells of diesel, has no tool bag, or a name embroidered on his shirt saying he’s Earl is surely a LAB. Although I’ve never heard of anyone asked to depart the premises for these or other “prim and proper” reasons, I’m sure there are examples. The key to understanding LABs is it is a lifestyle! Perhaps, even some travel the globe in their minds while still with their umbilical lines secured to a dock. No matter; it’s all good. In future Sketches, we will search out some of the Bay’s LABs to share their experiences. And who knows who might next join in the fun! Keep tuned! About the Author: D.C. “Merf” Moerschel has been “messing about in boats” longer than he cares to recall. Retired, living in Annapolis, he plies the Bay and other waters in his Albin trawler Salty Dog and only does stuff he likes to do.



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10 Tips to Safe Trailering by Bob Cerullo


f you trailer your boat, each trip generally becomes easier and easier. In fact, after a dozen trips, it becomes routine. Backing down the boat ramp ceases to become a trial and error situation. Getting the boat level on the rollers or bunks becomes second nature. You become an expert at trailering your boat. The risk is that you become so comfortable you may overlook trailer maintenance items that are truly an accident waiting to happen if you neglect them. Here then are 10 things you need to check when you trailer a boat.

Wheel Bearings

Most of the weight of your boat and trailer rests on the inner and outer wheel bearings. Even if you have spring-loaded bearing protectors and regularly pump in grease, you would be wise to remove, clean, check, and lubricate all the wheel bearings at the start of every season. Consider that every time you launch or haul your boat, the wheels go into the water. Eventually water will get into the bearing housing and cause the bearing to rust. Rust on a bearing will eventually cause it to self-destruct. Whenever you service the wheel bearings, replace the wheel bearing seals. 46 April 2010 PropTalk

Avoid plunging your trailer into cold water while the wheel bearings are hot, as the sudden cooling of the bearing contracts the metal and allows corrosive saltwater inside, where rust can form. With this in mind, allow some time for the wheel bearings to cool down when you get to the launch ramp. A wheel bearing may fail when you least expect it. To be safe, always take along a set of replacement wheel bearings, seals, wheel bearing grease, and the tools you will need whenever you trailer your boat.


A major weakness of steel trailers is that eventually the structural integrity of the actual trailer frame may be compromised. Older trailers may have hidden rust spots that are difficult to see. At the start of each season, it is wise to carefully go over the surface of the trailer to look for any rust blisters or telltale orange stains that could indicate rusting from the inside. Grind off rust blisters, and check to see if the steel frame has been weakened. The U bolts, which

hold the major components of the trailer together, need to be checked, as well, when you look over the frame. If a U bolt is rusty, loose, or damaged, replace it with a new one. Many distributors sell stainless steel U-bolts to help allieviate the corrosion issue.


The natural assumptions are that your boat trailer gets limited use, and the tires are safe as long as the treads are not worn. The fact of the matter is that sunlight causes serious damage to your trailer tires. It would be wise to cover or remove your boat trailer tires if the trailer is stored outside during the winter. Know the correct tire pressure for your trailer, and check tire air pressure and wear often. A tire with wear on one edge or cupping could be an early warning sign of a bent or rusting trailer component. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t neglect the spare, and make sure the lug wrench and jack you have for your car can service the trailer, as well.

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 47

10 Tips to Safe Trailering continued... Lights

Wires gone bad.

Lots of people who trailer boats never think to disconnect the trailer plug before putting the trailer into the water. They just pull up to the ramp and plunge the trailer with its hot tail lights into the cold water. This is a good way to burn out the these lamps. While we are talking about trailer lights, it is wise to keep a supply of replacement bulbs and fuses where you keep the same items for the boat. Routinely check to be sure the lights are working whenever you hook up the trailer. Lamp sockets and the connecter plug prongs should be cleaned and coated with dielectric grease.


Trailer brakes, just as with car brakes, eventually wear out. Every spring, check to be sure the brakes, if your trailer has them, are working properly. Hydraulic brakes are prone to fluid leaks and rusted brake lines. Low fluid in the trailer brake master cylinder indicates a fluid leak that will cause brake failure at some point. Electric brakes most often succumb to wiring defects and corrosion.


There is a lot of trailer weight on the trailer hitch ball; a dollop of grease will keep it moving freely. Be sure to lubricate the linkage and tongue inside the coupler. The jack needs lubrication, too. Every coupler has a place for a coupler lock to prevent the coupler from accidently opening and to keep it from being opened by someone with a warped sense of humor. If you have to leave your trailer where it could be stolen, a coupler lock is a smart investment. Simply hooking safety chains onto your trailer hitch using the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Sâ&#x20AC;? hooks provided is certainly better than no chains at all. It would be wiser to avoid the possibility of the chains bouncing off by attaching them with anchor shackles. Shackles are more trouble when hitching, but are far more secure than a hook that could possibly bend open if the trailer broke loose.

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48 April 2010 PropTalk


examination, check the wheels, too. Look for telltale orange rust spots on the wheels, especially at the weld points.

While doing your trailer lubrication, make sure to lube the winch mechanism. Take a close look at the winch belt or cable. When you are trailering If the belt is frayed or over long distances, make badly faded, replace it a habit to carefully it. The same goes touch the wheel hubs for the cable, parfor heat. A hotter ticularly the hook. than normal wheel Remember that hub is a sure sign of a the trailer winch bearing or two about is not intended to to self-destruct. secure the boat to Checking them the trailer. Always regularly at fuel stops use tie downs on the will give you a good idea bow and the stern to of how warm they should be secure the boat to the trailer. Time for new tiedowns. normally.

Road Check

easy to neglect the trailer. Actually, trailer maintenance takes very little time when you remember to do it, and it is a good way to prevent a breakdown. That said, trailer insurance is cheap and worth every penny should you have the misfortune to have a trailer break down. About the Author: Captain Bob Cerullo is a nationally known writer and radio/TV broadcaster. He holds a 100-ton masters license and has been boating all his life.

Wheels and Lug Nuts Rollers and Bunks Old and damaged rollers can damage your hull and should be replaced immediately.


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Over-tightening lugs may damage the When the boat is on the trailer, it is difwheel studs and the wheels. Use a torque ficult to check rollers and bunks. Take wrench to tighten lug nuts. A touch of a moment at the trailer parking area to anti-seize lube on the lug bolts will make check all of the rollers to be sure they roll removing them easier; Never-Seeze is a freely. The bunks or boards on which the popular brand. Use a star pattern when boat rests, should also be inspected. tightening lug nuts. Before you head out With so much of your attention on a long trip, make sure you can easily needed to safely operate your boat, it is remove the lug nuts. During your frame   #"##$$!$!$$!$#$$  #"$$#$$$! $#

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PropTalk April 2010 49

Old Boat BUG

In Remission? by Charlie Iliff

Stage V

Sure, she needs some work done, but… Stage I: The Dream.

On top of old Moonshine… Stage IV: Nearly Terminal.


here’s no precedent for it in medical literature. Paradoxically, at a time when Jerry West’s Stage IV Old Boat Bug might be expected to be at its most virulent, Jerry’s symptoms have suddenly reduced to an occasional hallucination. Even when he was confined for two weeks in Washington, DC by 30 inches of global warming, his Old Boat Bug caused him little discomfort. Rather than anxiety, he had the euphoric feeling that progress was ongoing at Dave Herbig’s shop, even when the rest of the mid-Atlantic area was paralyzed. For those who may have missed one of the prior articles in the journal of Jerry’s Old Boat Bug, here’s a short recap. In the December, January, and February issues of PropTalk, we described the four stages of Jerry West’s Old Boat Bug. First, during Stage I—The Dream, he sold his Lord Nelson Tug and started thinking about an antique wood boat. He had a boathouse, complete with a 10,000-pound lift, and recurrent visions of a varnished transom through his boathouse door. He dreamed of leisurely afternoons and evenings on the Severn River with the quiet rumble of the powerplant of a stately wooden antique, with his wife Gill and maybe friends or grandchildren or just the right wine to toast the occasion. 50 April 2010 PropTalk

After research on the Web and antique paper publications and brokerage listings, Jerry heard the name David Herbig, a wooden boat restoration expert. He found that Dave had restored a number of boats for the Jones and Bullen families, among others, and that he was a superb craftsman, but that he worked alone, and thus was always backlogged with work. Jerry’s Old Boat fixation was not to be deterred, however, so he contacted Dave with complete confidence that his as-yet-undefined project would soon be under way. To the amazement of onlookers, Dave not only had a gap in his schedule, but also knew of a boat: a 26-foot 1955 Chris-Craft. The boat had been pretty as recently as 1996, but had been sitting in a pasture for 12 years, complete with a Chevrolet V-8 that had never been run in the water. And so Stage II of the Disease— The Purchase. Jerry bought Moonshine for $200, somewhat less than the going price for the carburetor on the Chevrolet engine. As the price suggests, the boat needed a bit of work.

Nice new bottom built andof painted During Stage III—The Beginning Reconstruction, Jerry’s symptoms got worse. As the first few months went by, Dave didn’t reconstruct anything. In fact, he removed the cabin, all of the interior, and the bottom planking. Somehow, through the rosy glasses of his malady, Jerry considered that progress. But then a new plywood bottom replaced the deteriorated planking. Since the boat was to live on a lift, the plywood was essential. Reconstruction actually had begun. Stage IV—Nearly Terminal saw Jerry stopping by Dave’s to marvel at the progress, and progress there was. The new bottom was on and painted, the boat had been turned upright, and the engine had been reinstalled and test run. The cockpit seats, sole, and engine box were in and shiny. The top was being rebuilt and staged for reinstallation. So, maybe Jerry’s not in remission at all. Maybe his seeing the cabin top not yet on the boat, but with a headliner that would make Chris-Craft envious, was enough to carry Jerry’s euphoria through the period when he couldn’t even get to see the boat. Maybe it’s just the calm before Stage V— Terminal, when his old boat once again floats, runs, and delights onlookers on the Severn.

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30/.3/23 !3 /& -!2#( 

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Great prizes for: STnTH 0LACE LONGEST FISH s &IRST IN h*UNIORv UNDER AGE  s ##! DIVISION   IN CASH PRIZES 1st place winnerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fish outline & name painted on Boatyard ceiling beam!




The Center of Marine Biotechnology in Baltimore… Who Knew? I by Tim Campbell

magine a day when fish waste is turned into gas to power machinery, and the fish we put on our tables to eat tastes better than ever. The University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute Center of Marine Biotechnology (COMB) is making great strides in bio-fuel development as well as in advancing the next generation of seafood production. On October 8, 2009, while attending the Coastal Conservation Association Baltimore Chapter’s annual banquet, a group of us had the opportunity to go on a special guided tour of COMB located at 701 East Pratt Street in Baltimore City. I’ve lived in the Baltimore area most of my life and didn’t know the center existed. When I

focused on during my second guided tour. We talked about aquaculture research and development, re-circulating and filtering water, and transforming fish waste into fuel-grade methane gas, which when perfected, can run some of the center’s pumps and other machinery. If the center’s energy use can be offset by just 10 percent using methane gas, then total self-sustainability may not be too far away. Many researchers and scientists in the field of biotechnology consider this development very exciting and a real breakthrough in bio-fuel technology. About 160 people work in the building as part of COMB. Most of the staff are researchers and scientists, including a large

At COMB, fish waste is turned into sludge that creates methane gas, which helps make electricity for the facility. asked some of my friends, none of them knew the place was there either. During the tour, I asked our guide, John Stubblefield, laboratory manager and research scientist with a specialty in induced spawning, if I could interview him for an article sometime, and he graciously accepted. The center opened in 1995. Among the many unique studies COMB is known for are re-circulating aquaculture and biofiltration, which is what Stubblefield and I 52 April 2010 PropTalk

number of microbiologists working on such things as fish nutrition, reproduction, developmental biology, disease treatment and immunology, marine microbial ecology, marine microbiology technology, and molecular biology. Dr. Yonathan Zohar, the center’s director, specializes in fish endocrinology and aquaculture. On a COMB website video, he says that the oceans have reached “maximum sustainable yield” and that the

“global supply of seafood has been under greater pressure due to higher demand, over-fishing and environmental factors.” By the year 2020, aquaculture will need to produce one out of two fish to provide the world’s population with seafood, according to some estimates. The center is doing problem-solving research and is taking steps within the field of aquaculture to study how to better use the ocean’s resources. COMB studies recirculating aquaculture as a means of producing eggs to grow high-value food fish in captivity while re-using filtered tap water in a completely self-contained setting that has little or no impact on the environment. The ultimate goal of this type of aquaculture is to reduce pressure on natural fish stocks and to provide a nutritious food source for the world’s growing population in a manner that is environmentally friendly. At COMB there are large fish tanks connected to other big tanks that recycle water and filter fish waste that turns ammonia, which is toxic, into fuel-grade methane. In other words, fish waste turned to sludge creates methane gas, which helps make electricity. Some energy companies are very interested in the development of bio-fuel production. COMB wants to eventually become part of a consortium of other research institutes, federal and state agencies, and private industry groups to study bio-fuel production. The notion of transforming fish waste into fuelgrade methane gas for energy production is still in the early stages, and much more work needs to be done; but the process works, and the potential for environmentally friendly energy production is on the horizon. The center is home to cobia, gilt-head sea bream, and striped bass blissfully swimming around in pristine filtered re-circulating water tanks. There are tanks with brood stocks as well as younger fish swimming in

experimental grow-out trial tanks modeled to simulate the commercial fish farming process. The number of fish in each tank varies; but in general, for each half pound of fish at least one gallon of water is needed to keep the fish healthy and to grow them as fast as or better than the commercial aquaculture industry. One of the keys to successful aquaculture production is getting the fish to spawn in captivity. Stubblefield explained that when a fish is taken from the wild and put in captivity, its environment is disrupted, and it typically wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t spawn. Dr. Zohar has developed a process for injecting fish with a type of implant, which works similarly to time-release capsules that gradually supply the fish with missing hormones to induce spawning. COMB is not a commercial facility, but rather a research facility. However, as part of the aquaculture research, COMB sometimes sells batches of fish to local restaurants that in turn market the fish on their menus as organically grown. In blind taste tests, some chefs said the COMB fish tasted better than fish from the sea. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because the fish are fed a nutritious diet

and are grown in tanks of pure water free of toxins and other contaminants. In another ambitious study, COMB is pioneering a micro-bacterial process for turning ordinary city water into simulated seawater, constantly filtering the water and re-using it. The same water is used over and over and is totally free of toxins and other contaminants. COMB works collaboratively with the National Aquarium and others with regard to re-circulating tank research and bio-fuel production. These are just a few of the breakthroughs in technology being developed by the dedicated researchers and scientists at COMB. The impact of their work will one day surely benefit our sea life and our future way of life. Who knew? For more information about COMB, check out their website at About the Author: Tim Campbell is an avid angler, sits on the board of directors of the Coastal Conservation Association of Maryland, and is a member of the Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Association.

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Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

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PropTalk April 2010 53

Cruising Club Notes Talking about PropTalk…


hat’s what we hear is going on around the Bay, and we love it! Many thanks to all our Club Notes reporters. All year long, continue to keep us posted, and we will always thank you and share the wealth here in print and online. Send your Cruising Club Notes, Club Directory updates, and fun photos to We’re always here, and we’re always listening.

Hello, Everyone!


asadena Sportfishing Group (PSG) members met March 8 at the Earleigh Heights Fire Hall in Severna Park, MD and were entertained by Lenny Rudow, noted author of several books on fishing, fishing editor of Boating Magazine, and writer with Fisherman Magazine. This snag-a-bag event had everyone bring a bag of non-perishable food or make a cash donation to benefit Harvest for the Hungry, the Anne Arundel Food Bank. Participants each received a ticket for a chance to win a spinning rod and reel combo, and three lucky members each scored $20 gift certificates from Anne Arundel Seafood. PSG meetings are always free and open to the public, and dinner and refreshments are available for purchase. To chat with fellow fishermen, call (410) HEYFISH. For more details about our Lindsay and Nicole Burton sold pit beef, ham and club, visit turkey at the Pasadena Sportfishing Group's Flea —by Paul Coakley Market. Photo by Mary Ewenson/PropTalk

Monthly Vacation Dockage amid the Attractions in Baltimore Over 100 slips set aside for transient & monthly vacation boaters Dock in the heart of the Inner Harbor!


Ron and Ronnie Adams were on the scene gearing up for opening day.

Sighs Matter! Do you 'sigh' in exasperation that your marine electronics don’t work like they’re supposed to? Next time, look for the NMEA® quality symbol on your dealer’s door—it



matters to us that your job is done right.






North East River Yacht Club 80 Bayside Dr. North East, MD

54 April 2010 PropTalk

PH: 410 287 6333

For your nearest NMEA dealer, use our dealer locator at:

National Marine Electronics Association 800.808.6632 0 410.975.9425


Hear Ye, Hear Ye

hesapeake Bay Power Boat Association (CBPBA) members are looking for volunteer boaters and jet skiers to assist as â&#x20AC;&#x153;safety sweep boatsâ&#x20AC;? for the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim June 13. For more than 17 years, CBPBA has worked with USCG, Marylandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Department of Natural Resources, and other safety organizations to provide a safety net for swimmers who cross the Bay during the Bay Swim. This event has raised more than $1 million for charities such as the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, Chesapeake Trust, Maryland Chapter of the March of Dimes, and National Aquariumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bay Restoration Project. This is a great opportunity to help a worthwhile cause while meeting other fellow powerboaters. CBPBA has planned a full weekend of fun events leading up to the Bay Swim. If you would like to be a volunteer sweep boat for this charitable event, contact Jeff Whetzel at jeffk. For upcoming club events and news, visit â&#x20AC;&#x201D;by Jeff Whetzel

Cyber Connections


ilverton Owners Club (SOC) members can be found on Facebook now, which is open to the public. Below, Winnie the poodle is owned by Dave and Denise Drumm on Had To Hav, a 1997 351 Sedan. We also have an early start on our club dock parties on the Bay: we will rev up the fun at the Chesapeake Boat Basin in Kilmarnock, VA July 9-11. Stay tuned with PropTalk; next month, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have a story from a local owner about, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Why I Love My Silvertonâ&#x20AC;? ( â&#x20AC;&#x201D;by Nyla Deputy

Photo courtesy of SOCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Photo Gallery

For our Cruising Club Directory and to read issues online, visit By the 25th of the month, send Club Notes and photos, Directory updates, and cheesy grits to

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Â&#x160;0LNEJC KIIEOEKJEJC Â&#x160;0HELO=NAR=EH=>HA=P-NE?AO Â&#x160; Full Service & Do It Yourself Yard Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 55

Racing News 21465/176*9+..$'*16+0#24+.


ot!! Boy, are we ready for hot after this winter. And, mid-April, Portsmouth will be just that with the start of the Region 4 series. So, start planning your season now: Portsmouth in April, Raleigh in May, Elizabeth &LW\\RXJHWWKHSLFWXUH$QGLI\RXQHHGDUDFLQJÂż[EHWZHHQQRZDQGWKHQYLVLWWKHSKRWRJDOOHU\DW Hundreds of cool racing photos await you there. PropTalk will be in the scene for many of these races, so keep your eye out and smile for the camera. We want the scoop; if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got news to share about your boat and team, send it to our new editor, Gary Reich ( Photos are even better. We want to let PropTalk readers know whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in store for them this season!

April 17-18 May 8-9 June 5-6 July 22-25 Aug. 7-8 Aug. 13-15 Sept. 4-5 Oct. 2-3

Region 4 2010 Race Dates

Portsmouth, VA Raleigh, NC Elizabeth City, NC Cambridge, MD Summer & Worlds Kent Narrows, MD Hampton, VA Port Deposit, MD Clarksville, VA

Bildahlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Race Images Now Available Online PropTalk photographer-at-large John Bildahl has posted more than 1400 closeup racing photos for all the world to enjoy. Prints are available at a modest price. Heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be on the scene again this year. Check out the magic at

56 April 2010 PropTalk

by Captain Bob Cerullo

Celebrating 30 Years in 2010!


As a young boy, the grouchy old lady down the street accused me of being footloose, and I took offense even though I had no idea what she meant. I felt better when I learned it was a nautical expression referring to a situation where the lower part or foot of a sail becomes detached and flails back and forth in the wind. The sail is said to be footloose.

5990 Lawton Avenue Rock Hall, MD 21661

Son of a Gun

Then she called me a son of a gun. Right there and then I knew she was not terribly fond of me. When someone calls you that name, she isn’t being kind; in fact, she is implying you are of dubious paternity. Some sources claim the expression came from the name sailors called babies being born at sea where the usual place for birthing was behind a makeshift canvas shelter hung between two cannons on the gun deck. Other nautical experts dismiss the odds of women, other than the captain’s wife, being on ships giving birth while at sea as preposterous. I like one explanation from the Customs and Traditions of the Royal Navy (1835), which claims a ship’s surgeon requested the ship’s cannons to be fired to shock a woman into delivering a fine healthy male baby, from then on called a son of a gun.

New! Eastern 20 in Rock Hall, MD. Eastern Boats! Great for the Chesapeake and Coastal Cruising. 52' 50' 50' 41' 41' 38' 360 36' 35' 34' 33'

Menorquin 160 2004 Cherubini 2003 Cherubini Independence 1998 Menorquin 12 2004 PY Cruiser 2007 Marine Trader 1986 Packet Craft 2003 Nauset 2003 Nauset Sportfish 1985 Formula PC 1999 Decklemen 33 1998

$795,000 $949,000 $549,000 $398,000 $356,000 $99,000 $299,900 $249,000 $115,000 $110,000 $70,000

31' Eastern 31 2008 $237,700 25' Ranger Tug 2008 $117,000 24' Eastern CC w/trailer 2008 $55,975 24' Eastern 248 2010 $89,025 21' Ranger Tug 2009 SOLD 21' Ranger Tug 2007 $44,500 21' Sea Ray Sundeck 210 1999 $19,900 21' Ranger Tug 2008 $48,000 21' Steiger Block Island 21, 2003, $18,500 20' Eastern CC 2010 $38,500 18' Eastern CC 2010 $31,240

Destination Newport?? Looking for a regatta rental? Investment property? Summer home? Need professional property management?

A cool cat on a Footloose BVI charter. Photo by Cory Deere/PropTalk

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

Call Patsy Ewenson (401) 862-5512 49 Bellevue Ave., Newport, RI 02840 PropTalk April 2010 57

The Zimmerman Marine crew flips the hull of their new Haven 12.5 as yard dog Marley watches on. The boat's mold is visible to the left. Photo by Bill Griffin

with a 150-horsepower four-stroke outboard. Bandy also reports that the company has just finished the power and rigging for John Bildahl’s antique 1960 17-foot Owens runabout. The classic Owens is powered by a vintage Johnson Stinger high-performance outboard.


brought to you by:

will tell you that there are still some honest men who are not scared to use hand tools, who can sharpen a saw, Plane, or adze: there are still some who know that a little healthy exercise will not do them any lasting harm. To be sure, most of these honest Photos by Bill Griffin men live and work in rather out of the way places, but that is lucky, for in most cases they can acquire the provided boatbuilding materials for perhaps one-third the city prices. But, best of all, some of these honest gentlemen’s boatshops are in places where nothing but the occasional honk of a wild goose will distract them from their work. —L. F. Herreshoff


espite back-to-back doses of frozen misery from Mother Nature in February, area boatshops continue to push and are nearing completion on several exciting projects just in time for the spring boating and fishing kickoff. Several builders are reporting a lot of interest and activity in their designs; many having taken multiple orders for new construction. Recession? What recession? Good news for the spring season and boating in general. Remember to mark your calendar and make weekend plans to attend the Maryland Boatbuilders and Dealers Expo, which will be held at Governor’s Hall at Sailwinds Park in Cambridge, MD April 10-11. Conceived by Martin Hardy, owner of Composite Yacht in Trappe, MD, and sponsored by PropTalk, the show will feature Baybuilt craft of all sizes and shapes: sportfishing dreamboats, skiffs, Jon boats, trawlers, and maybe even a few sailboats. Admission is $5, and the event will be held rain or shine. Event hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and noon to 4 p.m. Sunday. For more details, see page 14.


eid Bandy of Bandy Boats in Annapolis (Riva), MD says his shop is alight with activity as interest in the company’s center console and custombuilt “Carolina flare” boats continues to grow. The builder is currently designing a 58 April 2010 PropTalk

27-foot express for an avid striper fisherman in Montauk, NY, while continuing to innovate and create new designs for center consoles in the 23- to 30-foot range. One such concept is an ultra-light, 25-footer that tops out at 40 knots when strapped

Mocassin, a Spanish-built 45-footer, sits up on Eastport Yacht Company's railway for a major refit. Photo by Bill Griffin


t Judge Yachts in Denton, MD Bill Judge’s crew is busy with new orders. While the construction of three new Judge 27s keeps the yard crew out of trouble, work is now complete on the modification of the interior and exterior of a Judge Chesapeake 32. She awaits application of fresh paint. Major refit work also continues on a Markley 46. A new cockpit sole has been fitted on the Markley, and fish boxes and bait wells have been fixed into place. Judge’s “indoor boat show” is still underway at the shop and features an Oxford 37, Chesapeake 36, Sportfish 34, Chesapeake 32, a 27 Chesapeake center console, and a 22 center console—all under one roof. Judge invites everyone to his shop to see this large collection of Judge Yachts. om Weaver of Eastport Yacht Company in Annapolis, MD reports that the first stage of a full restoration on Moccasin, a 45-foot classic wooden Phil Bolger design, is now complete. The vessel was originally built in Spain and has an uncanny resemblance to classic working craft of the 1900s. Stage one of the restoration included replacing


both above- and below-the-waterline planking, the main bulkhead, and a few odd frames and then re-caulking the entire hull. The final step of the initial work involved applying a fresh coat of paint to the entire boat. Weaver reports that the second stage of restoration will involve updating and refreshing the deck and interior of Mocassin. Stay tuned to next month’s PropTalk to track her progress. t McCready Railway in Lusby, MD the Wm. B. Tennison is on the rail for winter work. The


22—a design that the builder promotes as the perfect platform for relaxing summer gunkholing and exploring. Aside from the custom boatbuilding projects, Mathews Brothers has four boats prepped for paint and a long line of boats awaiting varnish work for the spring launch. ennis Elzey of Elzey Custom Boats in Cambridge, MD tells PropTalk that the winter onslaught hasn’t slowed them down a bit. Among the current projects,


The Wm. B. Tennison sits up on McCready's Railway for winter repairs. Photo by Bill Griffin

A new coat of paint freshens up a Grady White's cockpit at Elzey Custom Boats. Photo courtesy of Dennis Elzey

buyboat is normally berthed at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons. Maintenance work on the vessel has included removal of the mast for repair, replacement of the mast step, minor planking repairs, and the replacement of some of the frame fasteners. Richard J. S. Dodds, of the Calvert Marine Museum, told PropTalk that the Tennison was originally built in 1899 in Somerset County, MD as a two-masted bugeye for oyster dredging. Her hull was constructed from nine pine logs. The boat was converted to power in 1906-1907, when she became a buyboat for Virginia owners. In 1945, J. C. Lore & Sons of Solomons purchased her, and kept her in operation until 1978 when the Calvert Marine Museum acquired her. She is the only remaining buyboat converted from sail. Today, she serves as centerpiece for the museum and provides one-hour tours of the Solomons area for museum visitors. athews Brothers of Denton, MD has reported that their latest Mathews 40 is out of the mold, while progress continues on a brand new inboard/outboard Bay Cruiser

the builder is upgrading a 25-foot Grady White, which received a new rub rail, striping, logo, and new paint in the cockpit to give her a fresh new look. On the custom side, a Shore Built 24 Pilothouse is nearing completion, while work continues on the top deck mold for the company’s new Shore Built 21. he folks at Deltaville Boatyard in Deltaville, VA have been working on a variety of miscellaneous winter projects. One major project involved replacing four propellers and a rebuild of two lower shaft units on Aquabelle, a 2008 Formula 45. The crew also replaced her Volvo IPS D6-435 supercharger. Their current project is a 58-foot Hatteras, which is undergoing a rebuild of her engine room systems and components. ake Glover at Composite Yacht in Trappe, MD tells us that the 38-foot SW Boatworks Down Easter project is well underway. The boat’s 367-horsepower Caterpillar C9 powerplant, driveline, and Onan generator are in place. The crew will now set its sights on installing all of


Chesapeake Bay Powerboating


the associated mechanical systems. Once these systems are in place, the ultra-rigid, composite, vacuum-bagged soles (built and ready to go at time of publication) will be installed. Other projects underway at the yard include two different 40-foot Robbins, which will be ready and in the water well before folks are fishing for trophy stripers, and interior work on a 38-foot Evans. hesapeake Marine Railway’s (Deltaville, VA) Jon Farinholt spoke with us recently about an interesting maintenance/repair project the


An Elzey Shore Built 24 awaits windows and deck fittings. Photo courtesy of Dennis Elzey

yard recently undertook. Chesapeake Breeze is an aluminum-built 95-footer that runs summer cruises between Reedville, VA and Tangier Island. When the boat came in for her annual Coast Guard inspection, she was limping along with two of her three propellers (the center prop sheared off ). Chesapeake Marine Railway fitted her with three new three-inch diameter, 16-foot-long shafts (custom fabricated based on the ship’s existing couplings), new cutlass bearings, and new digitally tuned propellers, and then spruced up the bottom with new anti-fouling paint and a fresh boot stripe. hesapeake Boats of Crisfield, MD is currently in the process of finishing up the final stages of fiberglass layup for a 65-foot custom “pirate ship” for owner Frank Camarada of Beach Haven, NJ. The boat is destined for charter service on Little Egg Harbor waters. Slated for April completion, the crew had finished laying glass on the hull and top deck at press time, with the super structure soon to follow. She will ultimately be fitted with two 225-horsepower Volvo diesels mated to Volvo’s Duoprop stern drive system.


PropTalk April 2010 59


eltaville Yachting Center, in Deltaville, VA is busy getting winter projects finished and is setting its eyes on spring commissioning. Laura Martin reports to PropTalk that over the winter, the shop repowered a Contest 31, involving installation of new stringers, fuel tank, fuel supply system, and shaft log. Bow and stern thrusters continue to become more and more popular, as the yard has installed several over the winter months.

Aquabelle sits pretty with new props, lower shafts, and a new supercharger. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Holloway/Deltaville Boatyard


ick Doyle, of the Reedville Fisherman’s Museum in Reedville, VA tells us that the crew at the museum has kept themselves covered in sawdust, varnish, and paint through the cold snow-filled winter. While work continues on their 16-foot Chesapeake deadrise skiff, the shop crew completed a ground-up refit of a rowing skiff built 10 years ago by Tiffany Yachts on the Wicomico River. Doyle reports that the shop is in full swing and is looking forward to warmer weather when work on replac-

Chesapeake Breeze up on Chesapeake Marine Railway for shaft replacements, new prop, and fresh bottom paint. Photo by Jon Farinholt

Come See us,we’ll take good care of you! Custom New boat manufacturing

ing the cabin on a 40-foot Foggy River deadrise workboat can begin. oe Reid’s team at Mast & Mallet Boatworks in Edgewater, MD is currently working on a “new” model, a Chesapeake 22, which is a beauty modeled after the Smith Island soft-shell crab scrape boats. The original design is derived from sailing deadrise boats. Reid’s version is of all-wood construction, having a cold-molded bottom, single-plank glued sides on frames at two-foot spacing. She will carry a 35-horsepower Universal diesel. True to


Another custom pirate ship awaits fiberglass at Chesapeake Boats in Crisfield, MD. Photo by Bill Griffin

got fish?

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workboat form, her steering will be of the waterman’s “stick” variety. The boat has a seven-foot beam and draws only two feet. The boat will be at the Maryland Boatbuilder’s and Dealers Expo in Cambridge April 10-11. Stop by and see her. teve Zimmerman and the friendly folks at Zimmerman Marine have been busy with a variety of projects, snowpocalypses be damned. Some of the wind-powered vessel projects include installing a new 88-horsepower Yanmar diesel in a 56-foot sailboat and refinish-


Joe Reid's beautiful Chesapeake 22 nears completion. Photo by Bill Griffin

ing the topsides of a Peasron 37 with fresh Awlgrip and installing a new rudder on her. Major repairs also took place on a Mainship 31, where damaged bulkheads and cabinetry were replaced. Work continues on Zimmerman’s cold-molded Haven 12.5 sailboat, based on Nathanael Herreshoff ’s popular design. The decks are now in place, keel has been fitted, and her spar is almost complete and ready for installation. The hull for the company’s new Zimmerman 38 was being laminated in early March (with delivery of the hull to Zimmerman Marine

Inc. expected soon). Zimmerman Marine continues to care for Rosa II, a distinctive wooden sailing vessel from New York. Rosa II will celebrate her 50th birthday this year, and Zimmerman’s paint and varnish crew are keeping her in Bristol fashion.

Crew members from Zimmerman Marine make sure Rosa II is in Bristol fashion for the spring launch. Photo courtesy of Steve Zimmerman

A 1937 Port Carling 24 Seabird Triple-Cockpit slices through effortlessly. Photo courtesy of Bill Donahue

Starting Over, 1959 Chris Craft Sea Skiff Best in Show 2009 St. Michaels ACBS show Finally on the web

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PropTalk April 2010 61

Fishing Tools Anglers Must Have by Eric Burnley


f, like me, you started fishing as a kid, the only tool you had was your Boy or Girl Scout pocket knife. It could cut line, dig worms, and clean fish as well as create a pile of wood shavings to start a fire so you could cook your catch. That was a long time and many fish ago. Today’s angler needs a collection of tools, each with a specific job to perform.


In my opinion, a good pair of fishing pliers is the most essential tool in the angler’s arsenal. Pliers may be used to cut wire, mono, and braid; remove the hook from a fish or a person; tighten loose nuts; and straighten bent hooks.

In 1998, I replaced my Manleys with Donnmars. They do have an enclosed hinge, and their side cutter blades are replaceable. I have found that the side cutters are the first thing to wear out on the Manleys, and once they are gone, all you have is just another pair of pliers. In the 12 years I have had the Donnmars, the side cutters have not suffered any damage. This may be because I no longer do much offshore fishing, and cutting heavy wire is seldom required on the inshore grounds. My only problem with the Donnmars pliers is they do not have the strength of the Manleys. Extracting a hook from the mouth of an angry

The Leatherman Wave multi-tool is a fantastic product, and I never go fishing without one. However, as fishing pliers, they are a bit bulky. You have to open them up to use the pliers, and I prefer to have mine ready to use even if I can only operate with one hand.

Hook Extractor

With today’s size and bag limits, it is essential to have a quick and safe method for releasing fish. I have found the ARC Dehooker to be the perfect tool for the job.

The ARC Dehooker will make releasing fish easy and safe.

bluefish is not a job they do well. Donnmars on the left and the new Eagle Claw pliers on the right. Last year, I acquired Fishing pliers come in various sizes and a pair of Lazer Dark Night pliers made a wide price range. My first pliers were by Eagle Claw. They are strong, the side Manleys, and I still have a pair in my surf cutters will cut braid, and the blades are refishing tackle box. These are heavy-duty placeable. The hinge is sealed, and to date, pliers and can do the hard jobs with ease. they have preformed flawlessly. They come Their biggest problem is the hinge is not with a form-fitting plastic sheaf and a cord sealed and it must be maintained with that attaches the pliers to the sheaf. WD-40 or other water displacing oils. This As for price, the Manleys are the least sounds easy and it is, but fishermen being expensive and sell for under $50. The Donmen will often overlook the easy stuff. The nmars cost more than $100, and I do not side cutters on Manley pliers will not cut have a price for the Eagle Claw pliers as braid, but they will cut the heaviest fishing they were given to me to test. wire with ease. 62 April 2010 PropTalk

The ARC Dehooker has an open loop at the end of the heavy wire that runs from the handle of the tool. The loop is run down the leader until it reaches the hook. At this point, the leader is held at a 90-degree angle to the hook, and the angler gives a sharp pull on the tool. The result is a released fish untouched by human hands. Everyone who does even a little fishing should have an ARC Dehooker on their boat. The tool takes up very little room and will safely release even deeply hooked fish. To find out more, visit

Landing Net

Another tool that should be on every fishing boat is a landing net. These come in all sizes, and unless you target trophy rockfish, a medium size net will do the job. I have found the rubber-coated nets work very well. The old-style long-handled net was always in the way, but today’s new models have a handle that slides up into the net ring. These nets store easily and come back together quickly when needed.


This is a subject worthy of an entire article, but in the interest of space, we will provide abbreviated coverage. The most important thing to remember is no one knife can do every job. Also keep in mind that the wrong knife used in the wrong way usually results in a trip to the emergency room. A bait knife should be sturdy as well as sharp. It must cut through bone, scales, and meat without slipping or flexing. A filet knife must be flexible to work down the backbone of a fish. If the blade does not bend to the couture of the bone, much meat will be left behind. Trying to cut bait with a filet knife is asking for disaster. The thin and flexible blade will slip and in most cases

Leatherman tools should be in every tackle box.

Authorized Reseller

LED Search Light

Dome Lights

end up cutting the user. I think the labeling of a filet knife as a fishing knife gives the impression it is an all-in-one tool and it is not. All knives should be kept in a sheaf. You want to protect the blade from damage and the unsuspecting person rummaging around in your tackle box from receiving a serious cut. Knives must be kept sharp, because a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. I use Croc Sticks to keep the blade up after having it professionally sharpened at least once a year.

a n i r a M ay Selby B

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Underwater Lights

Recessed Lights

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Fishing Tools Anglers Must Have continued...

Hook Sharpener This is a small item, but very important. Even these new laser sharp hooks will suffer damage, and a hook sharpener can repair them quickly. I find bucktail hooks are especially susceptible to bent tips, and a few passes with the hook sharpener can save replacing the lure.

About the Author: Eric Burnley, a Delaware native, has been writing outdoor features since 1973 for such magazines as Outdoor life, Field & Stream, Saltwater Sportsman, Sports Fishing, Marlin Magazine, and regional publications, such as PropTalk.

Notice the hook sharpener on this pair of clippers.

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by Captain C.D. Dollar

Small Boat Tournament Jun 26-27â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Ocean City (MD) Marlin Club (OCMC)â&#x20AC;&#x201D;(410) 213-1613

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Flounder Pounder Jun 27â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Ake Marine, Ocean City, MD (AMOC) (410) 213-0421

/DERU'D\:KLWH0DUOLQ7RXUQDPHQW Sep 3-5â&#x20AC;&#x201D;OCMCâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;(410) 213-1613

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Mid-Atlantic $500,000 Aug 15-20â&#x20AC;&#x201D;SMOC and Cape May, NJ (410) 213-9600

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PropTalk’s 2010 Fishing Preview Virginia Salt Water Fishing Preview 2010

by Ric Burnley


ook into a crystal ball, read the tea leaves, or shake a Magic 8-ball, it’s anyone’s guess what 2010 will hold for Virginia anglers. But one thing is for sure—folks fishing in the Commonwealth are in for some hot action in the year ahead. We consulted three gurus of Virginia fishing for their predictions about the upcoming season. From offshore to near-shore to inshore—the good news is that news is good.


Last year was one of the best in recent memory for offshore anglers. Captain Mike Standing, a soothsayer who skippers Waterman out of the Virginia Beach Fishing Center, says that this year should be no different. The first species to arrive are bluefin tuna in early June. Mike will look for the fish on inshore lumps such as the Hot Dog, Fingers, and Southeast Lumps off Virginia Beach. At the same time, the fish will show up at the Parking Lot, Crotch, and 26 Mile Hill out of Wachapreague. In late spring, bluefin will visit the Norfolk Canyon and in the fall, cruise by the Triangles sometimes even swinging as close as the Chesapeake Light Tower. Yellowfin tuna and dolphin will follow the bluefin up the coast. Mike looks for a hard 68- to 72-degree water temperature change to carry yellowfin along the 100 fathom curve as early as April. “The last two years, some of the best fishing was in early June,” Mike says. Dolphin follow close behind the tuna. Mike has noticed that dolphin seem to like a 73to 74-degree edge that is carrying flotsam for the fish to hide under. Of all the great offshore fishing in store, Mike is most excited about the start of the billfish run. He’s counting the days until July when the first marlin ride in on warm water eddies that break off the Gulf Stream. By September, marlin fishing should be at its climax, but some of the best days will be reserved for October. Wahoo are another welcome visitor to the Virginia coast. Mike expects the fish to be thick on drops and humps in 35 to 50 fathoms in September and October. Mike calls Virginia’s wahoo fishing some of the best in the world, and to prove it, he’s planning a wahoo tournament for October. Looking into his crystal ball, Mike says that the future of offshore fishing is sunny, “As long as we can get some nice weather, that is.”

66 April 2010 PropTalk

Near-Shore Fishing

The future of near-shore fishing is always cloudy. A myriad of factors from weather to water temperature to water clarity to bait affect what species will show up, when, and where. No one knows the fickle whims of near-shore fishing like Captain Jake Hiles and his crew on Matador. Jake chases everything from king mackerel to cobia to bottom dwellers and striper. When we asked him for his outlook on the future of these fisheries, Jake laughed and said, “I wish I knew.” Jake’s best guess was that bottom fishing will be excellent in the year to come. “Since sea bass fishing has been closed for six months,” he says, “there should be plenty of fish when it reopens.” Currently, the season is set to start in April, and Jake expects a bonanza on these fish. Likewise, fishing for tilefish and grouper should also be good in the coming year. Bad weather and small bag limits—along with the sea bass closure—have kept the pressure off these deep-water bottom-dwellers through the winter. While it’s easy for anyone to predict the arrival of striped bass in the fall, Jake says it’s hard to figure out whether the best tactic will be drifting eels or trolling lures. This year’s eel season was made difficult by muddy water and cut short by a major snow storm. The trolling season was also truncated by extremely cold weather and cold water. “If the fall and winter are mild,” Jake predicts, “striper fishing will be good.” Jake reminds anglers that the spring striper season can be excellent. His crew specializes in dropping live baits to the tubes of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) and pulling in monster rockfish. Light-tackle anglers will have plenty of fun casting swimming shad and bucktails to bridge pilings for school-sized striper.

As for other inshore species such as cobia and king mackerel, Jake had a hard time making a prediction. While he’s sure that cobia fishing will be good in 2010, he couldn’t say whether the best tactic will be sight casting to fish cruising on the surface or anchoring up on the shoals and soaking baits. “If we get clear, calm water this summer, sight casters will be happy,” he says. Jake expects the fish to arrive in late May or early June off Hampton and then spread out to the shoals in the lower Bay before moving out into the ocean by late summer. “Due to the cold weather this winter,” Jake predicts, “the fish may be late arriving.” It’s tough to tell what’s in store for near-shore fishermen this year. Jake suggests anglers monitor weather conditions and fishing reports to be ready for what Mother Nature throws at them.

Inshore Fishing

In Virginia, great inshore fishing is usually a sure bet, but deciding what species to put your money on is always a gamble. Captain Steve Wray is a high roller in Virginia’s inshore fishing game. As captain of the Ocean Pearl, Steve is placing his bets on red drum, black drum, flounder, speckled trout, and puppy drum. “It’s been years since we had a really cold winter,” Steve points out, “This year, the fish should be on a more predictable schedule.” One thing Steve is sure of is that fishing for red drum and black drum should be spectacular this spring. Steve says that the blacks will arrive to the Cabbage Patch and shoals along the Eastern Shore by late April. “Last year’s black drum run was short and concentrated in a few places,” Steve says, “I hope this year the fish will hang around.” Big reds will follow, arriving at the ocean side islands of the Eastern Shore first and then filtering onto the lower Bay shoals by May.

No species invites more prognostication than the fickle flounder. Steve says flounder success has more to do with people than with the fish. “It all depends on the regulations,” Steve explains. At press time, flounder regulations were still up in the air, but a half inch could make the difference between catching a mess of keepers or having to release some really nice fish. The first flounder will enter the Bay in April along Thimble Shoal Channel. A month after that wave of fish moves up the Bay, another push of flatties will gather around the pilings of the CBBT and along the channel edges in the lower Bay, where they will lie around for the summer. Fall is one of the best times of year to intercept flounder as the fish move out of the Bay. After that, the fish will hang out around near-shore wrecks through the beginning of winter. Of all inshore species, Steve’s passion is stalking speckled trout and puppy drum in the skinny water. After the last few years of spectacular action on these fish, Steve expects skinny water action to get even better. He looks for a cold winter to bunch these fish up and send them into the Bay. The early action will be on the Eastern Shore. Then the fish will pop up in the marshes, creeks, and rivers of the Peninsula. By fall, hordes of trout and reds will pillage the backwaters of the Elizabeth River, Lynnhaven

Cobia fishing should be excellent in 2010. But will the fish be caught by sight casting or soaking baits? Matt Shepard with a nice brown-suit caught on a live bait.

After a six-month closure of sea bass fishing, anglers expect great action in the coming year. Chris Boyce and Ric Burnley (right) show off a pair of knotheads.

Everyone is looking forward to late summer and white marlin. Fishing has improved each year. 2010 should be the best yet. Chris Boyce releases a white one off Virginia Beach.

Bay, and Owl Creek on their way out of the Chesapeake. If weather conditions remain stable, Steve expects the fish to hang out as late as Thanksgiving. From the canyons to the backwaters, each of these gurus predicts that a cold winter will lead to hot fishing for the rest of the year. While no one can say what the future holds, one thing is for sure, some fantastic action is in store for Virginia anglers in 2010. About the Author: Ric Burnley is a writer, teacher, angler, and father based in Virginia Beach. Look for his book, The Complete Kayak Fisherman, online or at your local bookstore.

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 67

Maryland Fishing Preview 2010

by Captain C.D. Dollar


t’s an understatement to say 2009 was a tough year across the board, and it was an especially arduous one for people who make a living outdoors and in the maritime trades. So it’s with vigor that I offer a collective good riddance to last year’s fiscal briar patch and welcome in 2010. Historically, sportfishing has offered a respite from the daily grind, with spring signaling the start to the fishing year. Fishing is often cited as a metaphor for hope; after all, each cast brings the opportunity for something magical and exciting to happen, and ultimately those who hang up there the longest often reap the best rewards. On both the state and federal levels, there’s a fair bit of change on the political fisheries front, including the National Saltwater Angler Registry ( See page 73 for news of the new regulations.


Yellow Perch

he first fish Maryland sport anglers typically chase are yellow perch, colloquially called neds. In some river systems, there is an abundance of neds, thanks in part to a relatively new law that bans commercial nets in upper tributaries where yellow perch gather to spawn.

cling to life. Last year, the Susquehanna, North East, and Choptank Rivers held good numbers of neds. Typically, the run begins mid-February and lasts through early March, but it’s anyone’s guess how this wild winter might affect the fishing. Crappie and pickerel are often caught in these same creeks. A little later in the spring, peaking from mid-April to early May, should be the hickory and white shad runs. Look to the lower Susquehanna creeks to catch these oceanic fish.

Spring Striper Season


Photos by C.D. Dollar

The benefits of restricted netting were almost immediate. Last year, many sport fishermen hailed the yellow perch run as the best in decades, and for some, it marked the best season ever. These beautifully colored panfish are great sport on ultra-light tackle, preferring minnows fished on light jig heads. They will hit spinners and flies, with white, purple, and chartreuse the favored colors of this writer. Maryland has thousands of miles of tidal and freshwater creeks and streams; many teem with aquatic life, while others barely

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or many fishermen, the arrival of migrating striped bass heralds in the fishing year. And each season, more fishermen are “preseason trolling” for rockfish, usually beginning in March. Both recreational fishermen and charter boat captains take part in this fishery, deploying heavy boat rods, parachutes, and bucktails to troll during the official trophy season, which begins April 17. There isn’t any data to show if this type of trolling adversely affects Chesapeake spawners, which comprise most of the brood stock along the Atlantic coast. What also isn’t clear is how many fishermen actually take part in this trolling preseason. In response to concerns, last fall, Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) held public meetings and solicited input from sportfishing groups, the Sport Fish Advisory Commission, and Tidal Fish Advisory Commission. That feedback, combined with guidance from DNR biologists, formed the bedrock of new regulations, which covers March 1 through the third Friday in April. Specifically, the action prohibits the use of stinger hooks, requires barbless hooks to be used when

trolling, requires the use of circle hooks or J hooks with a gap of less than one-half inch when using bait, and restricts boats to use no more than six lines when trolling, regardless of the number of individuals onboard the vessel. The proposed regulations will take effect March 8. And as a side note, I would be surprised if there isn’t discussion about restricting planer boards. The 10-year old “catch-and-release” striped bass season on the Susquehanna Flats kicks off March 1 and runs through May 3. The last couple of seasons have been slightly off, but it can provide worldclass action, especially if the herring arrive in force and weather cooperates. It’s a light tackle and fly fishing game, and when the water is dirty or chilly, some fishermen drift live or dead herring, using a 4/0-8/0 circle hook, which is mandatory. Rig a three-way or fishfinder with one to three ounces of weight, and then allow the bait to drift back behind your anchored boat. When the rock takes the bait, reel slowly until the line comes tight with the fish, and once you set the hook, reel in steadily. I use a cradle net to land and safely release cow stripers. Always have pliers, dehookers, and a camera ready. For spincasters, use rods of medium to medium-heavy action matched with a reel loaded with 15-pound test line. Favorite soft plastics include Bass Assassins, BKDs, Storm’s Wildeye Shads, H&H’s Cocohoe Minnow, and Tony spoons. Crankbaits are favored by some fishermen. Nothing beats a topwater strike! I like the behemoth Amazon River popper, Smack-its, Creek Chub’s Knucklehead, and Chug Bugs. Switch out treble hooks for single hooks. For fly fishermen, a quality nine-weight fly outfit does the trick; though for tossing an oversized popper, a 10-weight is a better choice. Clousers, Deceivers, and Half-nHalfs are proven fish catchers when fished on an intermediate or sinking line. The highlight for many anglers is the Chesapeake’s spring trophy season, which opens April 17 and runs through May 15. In Maryland’s spring season, each sport fisherman can catch one striper at 28 inches per day. If last season is any guide, the season should see plenty of healthy rockfish entering our waters. For the most part, trolling is the preferred method to target the big rockfish heading to and returning from spawning grounds.

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 69

Troll east-west across the Bay’s main channel, working the contours from 45 to 90 feet. Migrant rock use the drowned ancient Susquehanna riverbed as an aquatic “highway” up the Bay and back down to the ocean. Don’t wet a line until you mark bait on the fishfinder. For lures, it’s fairly basic; they ought to mimic the herring that are also breeding in the Bay’s tributaries. So that means large tandem and single bucktails and parachutes (four to 16 ounces) rigged with big rubber shads (nine to 12 inches). Ruby-lipped bucktails in colors of white, chartreuse, and “alien” purple and big spoons are perennial favorites. Big bunker spoons and swimming plugs, like Mann’s Stretch 25s and 30s, can also score, and many skippers drag on from the “roof” rod. Fishing is restricted to the main stem, and year-afteryear hotspots vary depending on the rockfish’s movement. Favorite grounds include deep water off Bay bridges, Bloody Point, Solomons, Chesapeake Beach, and south to the Middle Grounds. Once the trophy season ends, Maryland has a two-week transitional period (May 16-31) when we can catch two stripers at 18 to 28 inches or one fish at 18 to 28 inches and one over 28 inches. The tributaries remain closed until June 1. By May, we begin to see the first wave of the summer migrants arrive. Speckled trout, spot, croakers, and black drum offer alternatives to fan favorite rock. Chumming and live bait fishing, using a circle hook on a fish finder rig with 25-pound fluorocarbon and small in-line weights, works well. To catch speckled trout, cast one-fourth- to

Photos by C.D. Dollar

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three-eighth-ounce jig heads tipped with plastic swimbaits such as Bass Assassins and Gulp! around grass beds and marshy points. Although most Maryland fishermen are still rockfish crazy well into May, you can have legitimate shots at big black drum, some of which top 70-plus pounds. Most are in the 30- to 50-pound range, however. Soft crabs work best, followed closely by peelers; though sea clams, if you can get them, will do in a pinch. The bait must be fresh. Black drum typically don’t make drag-burning runs; rather, it’s more of a tug of war. So you’ll need a 40or 50-pound class boat rod and reel teamed with 50- to 60-pound braid. To that tie on a 30-inch section of 50-pound test leader, and use a fishfinder rig with a 6/0-10/0 hook and enough weight (one to four ounces) to handle the current. Your bait should naturally bounce on the bottom. Hot spots include the Bomber near Buoy 80A, Stone Rock, and spots off the Choptank River. Each season, enough black are caught in Eastern Bay and the Chester River to make it worth trying those spots when June arrives. As is the case each year, you can always count on good ol’ white perch, perhaps the most ubiquitous gamefish in our part of the Bay. I don’t think we’ll see any sea trout in reliable numbers, a trend that has been working for almost a decade.



fter a brutal winter, many fishermen will rejoice once summer arrives and welcome the summer visitors that it brings. For the smaller drums—spot and croakers— the best method to score is bottom fishing with bloodworms. By July, we ought to see good numbers of flounder, bluefish, and Spanish mackerel. Last season, the flounder were in good numbers in both the Bay and coast, yet the season ended in September just as it was getting good. These waters held nice, legal flounder and ought to again this season: Point Lookout, Tangier Sound, Eastern Bay and Thomas Point. Drift live minnows, small live spot, or jig-scented artificial baits such as Gulp! In 2010,

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 71

the coastal and Bay regulations will be the same, unlike previous years when there were separate creel and season limits. June through October usually means live lining spot and jigging for resident rockfish. The last several years, those tasty drum have been the ticket for dinner-sized rock (18-26 inches). Unless Mother Nature culls the number of spot this year, expect this method to again put rockfish in the box. Casting jigheads and metals over breaking fish should produce as well as it did last year, which was a banner year. A few hot spots in 2009 for all these methods included Eastern Bay, Chesapeake Beach to Parker’s Creek, and the Bay bridges to Podickory Point, though this might change depending on the location of the bait. From late July through September, I anticipate a nice bluefish and Spanish mackerel run, busting bait from Solomons to Bloody Point. Working birds tips you off to the action. For the Spanish macs, troll (six mph or faster) or cast gold Clark spoons and retrieve them at a fast clip. They are a hoot to catch and taste great smoked.

We can only be so lucky if we have a repeat of last autumn, when fishing in our part of the Chesapeake was flooded with lots of blues and rock—cooler weather moves in, and most summer visitors are still around in good numbers. My expectations are breaking fish and a fantastic shallow water bite. The November-December forecast gets hazy because weather plays a major factor in how long the fishing lasts. I’ll crawl on that limb to say we’ll again experience stellar striper fishing well into the holidays, as the larger ocean-run rockfish mix with our resident stripers to give us one last hurrah.



here are many variables, perhaps too many to make an accurate prediction about what the 2010 offshore season may hold. But that’s a huge part of the allure and excitement. We do know that by June, the Ocean City, MD fleet kicks off the bluewater season by targeting sharks. Big bluefish should be available a few weeks earlier, yet typically are viewed as a nuisance by many fishermen once enough sharks are around.

Catch the last Fishing Flick Night until next winter

Unless the warm-water eddies, those fishrich fingers that break off the Gulf Stream, remain too far east, expect the bluewater bite to be in full swing by Independence Day. During the heart of summer, seasoned OC pro skippers and sport anglers hook up tuna, billfish, mahi, and Wahoo, though 2009 wasn’t much better than 2008 overall. The saving grace was reliable mahi (aka dolphin) fishing and enough tilefish to keep rods bowed. After closing the sea bass season in the fall of 2009, threatening to cripple coastal tackle shops and party boat operations, it appears as if the mid-Atlantic fisheries council will double the original quota, and that should give fishermen a decent May season. The numerous natural and artificial reefs within an easy run of the Inlet offer flounder, tautog, bluefish, and cobia. Last year, Chris Toner, fishing with PropTalk contributor Captain Mark Sampson, busted the Maryland state record cobia by catching one that weighed 72 pounds. A spring run of bluefish and rock will be available for surf fishermen wading the shoreline at Assateague. Soak cut bunker or toss tins and plugs. Later in the year, it’s whiting, and the fall ought to see the rockfish, some bull red drum, and chopper bluefish cruising south along the beach.

To get any closer to the fish

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Fish News with Capt. C.D. Dollar


Rockfish Board Considers Upping Coastal Commercial Harvest

espite significant concerns about striped bass, the interstate Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s (ASMFC) Striped Bass Management Board is weighing whether or not to increase the coastal commercial striped bass harvest. The decision stunned fishing conservation groups such as the New Jersey-based Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) and Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), who cited several pressing concerns facing striper (aka rockfish). Reports presented to ASMFC members detailed the insidious and potentially crippling disease Mycobacteriosis (myco) in the Chesapeake Bay, a downward trend in the Juvenile Abundance Index, and “significant and unreported” poaching in the Atlantic’s three-mile “no-take” area called the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The Chesapeake is the main spawning ground for the striped bass stock, and at least two-thirds of the rockfish sampled in recent studies had myco-related lesions. Only a few weeks after ASMFC’s decision, USCG and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) law enforcement teams, responding to complaints of illegal recreational and commercial striper fishing within the EEZ off North Carolina’s Oregon Inlet, busted one commercial vessel with more than 2900 pounds of rockfish aboard. What’s even more disturbing was when the boat was originally boarded in the EEZ, it had 150 stripers onboard. Once docked, officers discovered only 100 fish. This wanton waste of fish and disregard of the law are of grave concern. “It’s unnerving that ASMFC would move to grant an increase in commercial landings of striped bass when this EEZ conflict has been going on for two seasons now off the coast of North Carolina,” says RFA’s managing director Jim Hutchinson. “Thankfully, USCG has finally intervened on this gross violation.” Two members of Maryland’s three-man ASMFC team—O’Connell and watermen Russell Dize (proxy for state legislator Richard Colburn)—voted to support the coastal measure. Bay Foundation scientist Bill Goldsborough was the lone dissenter and has warned the troubling signs are clear. He also suggested, as did O’Connell, that discussion of the disparity between the commercial and recreational coastal catch was needed. Virginia also supported the proposed increase.

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

Richen Brame, CCA’s Atlantic Fisheries director, adds, “This is not the stance anglers have come to expect from the same commission that helped save striped bass just over three decades ago.” Photo by C.D. Dollar

fishing with a professional charter captain in either Bay state need not register. Delaware and North Carolina sportfishing licenses comply with federal requirements; Maryland and Virginia expect to be in compliance by next year. Some fishermen feel the federal registry is more unnecessary government intrusion, especially those anglers used to fishing for free in the Atlantic. By 2011, NOAA will charge each angler of a state out of compliance a $30 fee to register. By revising its sportfishing license, Virginia and Maryland will prevent those monies from leaving their respective states.

New Federal Fisheries Chief Appointed



Fishermen Required To Register for National Registry

s of January 1, saltwater sport fishermen in Virginia and Maryland must register with the federal government to legally wet a line on their own boat and from the beach or a pier when fishing the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean. The National Saltwater Angler Registry ( is part of the reauthorized Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Act passed by Congress in 2006 and signed into law by President Bush in January 2007. NOAA touts this tiny section of the nation’s overarching fisheries law to become the “phonebook” of saltwater fishermen that will provide more accurate data on recreational angling. Maryland’s popular “boat license” doesn’t comply with federal requirements, so you must sign up. People

fter spending 23 years with Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Eric Schwaab took the helm of NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) in February. A career wildlife professional, Schwaab enters an agency besieged with criticism. The criticisms were supported to a degree in a January 2010 report by the federal Inspector General that stated “we found systemic, nationwide issues adversely affecting NOAA’s ability to effectively carry out its mission of regulating the fishing industry and contributed significantly to a highly-charged regulatory climate and dysfunctional relationship between NOAA and the fishing industry.” If fish stocks are to be rebuilt and fishing villages and the sportfishing businesses are to survive, common ground must be found, Schwaab says. NOAA administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco, who appointed Schwaab, adds, “Eric will lead NOAA’s efforts to rebuild our fisheries and the jobs and livelihoods that depend on them. His immediate priorities include improving outreach and relationships with recreational and commercial fishermen and better aligning federal and regional fisheries priorities.” “We are encouraged that, for the first time ever, NMFS will be led by a person with an understanding of recreational angling and the significant challenges anglers encounter these days,” says CCA’s Ted Venker. Assistant Attorney General Joe Gill, who replaced Schwaab as Deputy Secretary, has played a key role in the agency’s ramped up enforcement efforts on poaching and helped write the Conservation Enforcement Act now before Maryland’s General Assembly.

Flounder Regs Offered for Public Comment


ue to an improving flounder stock, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission voted unanimously to consider lowering the size limit for the 2010 season. To view Virginia’s options, visit mrc.state. To voice your preferences in Maryland, visit

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280 Sea Ray Sundancer ’04 Twin Mercruiser 4.3L MPI engines with CT alpha drives & low hours. A/C, generaT R Abelow tor, dark green hull.NPriced O current comps R C at $59,900. All E D reasonable offers encouraged. Photos UN @ John Kaiser (410) 923-1400 or (443) 223-7864 cell

29’ Robbins Chesapeake Bay boat ‘03 Built by the Mathews Bros. 310-hp Marine Power gas engine, cruises @ 20 knots and tops out @ 26 knots. Flag Blue hull make her stand out in a crowd. FBG canopy, dual helm stations, windlass, Furuno 1650 GPS, radar, depth, VHF, Am/Fm/CD stereo with 4 speakers, trolling valve and more. Asking $68,500 cost to build today would run around $120,000 OBYS (410) 226-0100.

29’ Talaria 29 R 2009 BOOMERANG is as close to a new boat as you will get for this year!! A mere 105 hours on her engine. She comes with a brand new boat warranty and the reminder of her warranty on her Volvo 435hp diesel. Cruises at 31kts. Offered by Hinckley Yachts, contact Peter Howard or 410.263.0095 29’ Back Cove ’06 S-315HP Yanmar w/low hrs, cruises @ 22 knots and tops out @ 29 knots. Raymarine chartplotter w/radar overlay, depth, GPS, AP, VHF, Am/Fm/CD stereo, anchor windlass, hardtop w/aft enclosure and much more. Here is a great weekender for friends and family at a great price. Asking $149,500 OBYS (410) 2260100

29’ Chaparral Signature ’05 Lots of custom features including a 10K custom hard top, salon upgrades. Twin Volvo 270-hp gas engines w/very low hrs. Extended warranty on boat and engines until 2010. Like New! Reduced $71,900. Motivated sellers, all reasonable offers encouraged. Photos @, (410) 923-1400 or (443) 223-7864 John Kaiser/cell anytime. 29’ Mathews Brothers Patriot ’02 JWB Fiberglass hull. Yanmar 315hp dsl engine. Kept in top cond. at MathewsBros IndoorBoatStorage facility. $150,000 Purchase today! Call Mathews Brothers at (410) 4799720. 29’ Mathews Brothers Patriot ’04 Summer Inn Fiberglass hull. Yanmar 315hp diesel engine. Kept in top cond. at MathewsBros IndoorBoatStorage facility. $189,000 Purchase today! Call Mathews Brothers at (410) 4799720.

29' MJM 29z ‘07 3 miles per gallon at 24 knots will ease the pain at the gas dock. Wrap around seating for more people than you probably want to take out. Price Reduction $259,900 Contact Paul Mikulski at or (410) 280-2038 29’ Robbins by MathewsBros ’03 Miss Claire Fiberglass hull, 310 Marine Power gas engine, Top cond. at IndoorBoatStorage. Available for immediate purchase. $68,500 Call Mathews Brothers at (410) 479-9720. 29’ Sea Ray Amberjack ’05 $89,000. One owner, our trade, beautiful boat w/all the options. BLUE HULL, LIGHTLY USED. Call Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group, (800) 8278089. 30’ Mainship Pilot ‘98 $64,500 – Priced to sell! Yanmar 230hp dsl, bow thruster, reverse cycle heat/Air, plotter, full cockpit canvas, excellent cond.! Call Tony Tumas: day or evening (443) 553-5046. email: tony@, Visit our web:

30’ Grady White ’06 Twin Yamahas and clean as can be. Lee outriggers & full electronics package. $137,000 or Call (410) 827-9090 31’ Bertram ‘78 Legendary rough water sea keeping ability. She was gutted, then refurbished in ’02 including fresh Awlgrip paint. Bring all offers. $55,900 Chesapeake Yacht Sales (804) 776-9898 or 31’ Mainship Pilot ’09 Yanmar 315 HP dsl. Fully enclosed pilothouse sedan. Bow thruster. Windlass. Generator. A/C with reverse cycle heat. $199,000 Chesapeake Yacht Sales (804) 776-9898 or 31’ Marlago Open CC ’02 $64,900, 157 one-owner hrs on 200 HPDI Yamahas, perfect shape and recently detailed. Owner moving up. Call Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group (800) 827-8089.

32â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Island Gypsy â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;83 Sedan Trawler Powered by single 135-hp Ford-Lehman. New 5KW Gen-set, Air, Propane Galley and fully enclosed FlyBridge $72,500 Crusader YS (410) 269-0939,

32â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Mabry â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;03 Yanmar 315HP, Electronics, Full Equipment, Beautifully Finished, $130,000. (410)476-4414

32â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Carman â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;98 Ready to fish, crab, or cruise? This 32' Carman is ready with a 230hp single Volvo Turbo Diesel I/O $69,995 Call (443) 650-0316 or 32â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Ches. Deadrise â&#x20AC;&#x2122;00 PRICE REDUCED TO $47,500!!! No engine or gear, Ready to drop in gas RUGVO)LQLVKHGWRÂżVK)XOOHOHFWURQLFV Fresh Awlgrip, (410) 476-4414, www.

32' Custom Downeast â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;82 Beautiful example of down east styling tempered with fly bridge cruiser. Many upgrades and very efficient powered with Volvo TAMD60B turbo diesel. Price Reduction $78,000 Contact David Malkin at (410) 280-2038 or

33â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cruisers 3372 Express â&#x20AC;&#x2122;03 Twin engines, AC/generator, low hrs, fully loaded. Motivated sellers, reasonable offers encouraged. Priced below current comps at $79,000. Photos @ John Kaiser (443) 223-7864 cell anytime. 33â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sea Ray 33 â&#x20AC;&#x2122;97 Express Cruiser Bank Repossession. Open Cockpit is ready for a large crowd or awesome ÂżVKLQJJURXSVZLWKLWVVSDFLRXVFRFNSLW and roomy interior. Balt prep station/wet EDULQGHFNÂżVKER[7ZLQ0HU&UXLVHUV Inboards. $59,000. Make an offer. In Chester, MD. See pictures at, (800) 442-7601.

2007 T 40 MAHARANI at $890,000

1987 B 40 MK III Yawl ALLEGRO at $260,000

2009 T 29 R BOOMERANG at $350,000

2001 Hinckley Picnic Boat Classic ENCORE at $310,000

1972 B 40 MK III Yawl ARETE at $150,000

2002 Hinckley Talaria 40 GENISTA at $650,000

330 Sea Ray Sundancer '96 T310 Mercruisers, Kohler gen., Garmin GPS, AC/Heat, micro., color TV/VHS, stereo, all factory extras, only 450 hrs., new tune-up $45,900. (443)3244938 2008 Eastport 32 The Jake Hull # 3, Loaded, like new. Twin Yanmar-BMW 260hp fully electronic turbo charged diesels with only 38 hours, Furuno Navnet electronics. Interior has extra cabinets and A/C. Set up for the serious fisherman but retains the comfort of a luxury weekender. Offered at $359,000 In Annapolis. Listed by the Eastport Yacht Company, call Tom Weaver (443)951-1380 ext 1101 32â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Grand Banks Trawler â&#x20AC;&#x2122;79 Economical, one gal. per hr. Classic ÂżEHUJODVV KXOO KHDW DLU JHQVHW :HOO maintained & seaworthy. Ready to set off to the Bahamas or Maine! $79,900, (410) 446-6210.

34â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Mainship Trawler I â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;79 $42,500 Perkins 160hp dsl, 3.5kw Gen set, AC., XSSHU  ORZHU KHOPV IXOO Ă&#x20AC;\ EULGJH canvas, inverter 7 much more. Clean! Recent survey Call Tony Tumas: day or evening (443) 553-5046.; email:

High end listings always welcome! Peter Howard TH E H I NC KL E YC OM PAN Y. CO M ANNAPOLIS, MD (410) 263-0095

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

PropTalk April 2010 77

Fast, Accurate Power & Sail

Marine Surveys

r1SF1VSDIBTF$POEJUJPOr%BNBHF$MBJNT r*OTVSBODF4VSWFZT r$PSSPTJPO4VSWFZT r:BDIUEFMJWFSJFT UPP Look to Latitude39 Marine Services for all your marine surveying requirements. Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a condition and valuation survey for the boat you are planning to purchase, or a report of condition and value required by your insurance carrier or bank, Latitude39 will handle it all for you with a thorough, professional evaluation tailored to your needs. Call 410-745-2454 today for more information or to get an estimate.


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PERFECT POCKET CRUISER /0%. (/53%  &2%% "/!4 SHOW



for more details and full listings

410-269-0939 78 April 2010 PropTalk

34' Formula PC '99 A well built boat with plenty of sex appeal! Sleeps 6, both staterooms have privacy curtains. Entire aft section of cockpit can be turned into a giant sunken sunpad. Good performer, cruises at 23 knots. $110,000 Gratitude Yachting Center (410)639-7111

34' Mirage Sportfish '04 Twin Merc 225HP 4 Strokes Very well maintained & LOADED, Great electronics package, Sleeps 4, A/C, Plenty of sportfishing options, $100,000., (410)476-4414

35 Albin TE SF '01 Cum370s 42 Legacy Sdn '06 Cummins 31 Pursuit '94 Mercru454s 28 Albin TE '98 Cum300 (410) 990-0404 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cruisers Yachts 330 Express Two Volvo 8.1 Penta gas, 375 hp. Well-equipped with creature comforts. Call for details and price on this great boat. In Shady Side, MD. More boats at, (800) 442-7601. 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Donzi 35ZF Daytona â&#x20AC;&#x2122;01 $64,900 This 35 Donzi rare w/ 2003 Mercury Racing 250XS Optimax outboards. Under 400 hrs, unmatched by either 225 Optis or 250 EFIs. Optional Daytona package w/higher level of equipment & appearance upgrades. Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group (800) 827-8089.

34â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sea Ray 340 Impeccably kept and truly turn key. Just 200 hrs on FWC 8.1 Mercs and generator. Not many boats this clean. $134,000 Call (410) 827-9090 or

342 Rinker Express 2006 - this beauty has low hours and and upgraded canvas enclosure. A must see. $89,900. John McDevitt Bluewater Yacht Sales - (610)-2205619.

35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Doral 350 Sport Cruiser â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 All the options! Bow Thruster, AC/Gen., TV/VCR, ice maker, fridge, full galley, GPS plotter, trim tabs, power bow spotlight, elect. windlass, two staterooms, Mercruiser 7.2l engines, 24k cruise/33.4k top speed. $39,900. Motivated sellers, all reasonable offers encouraged. 100s of photos @ John Kaiser (443) 223-7864 cell anytime 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Marlago Cuddy â&#x20AC;&#x2122;05 $119,000. Dark Green Awlgrip, 114 hrs on 275 Verados, Trailer, full covers & electronics. Owner moving up, looking for offers. Call Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group, (443) 995-0732, www. 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Marlago Cuddy â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 $68,500 Enormous electronics package, (sonar, EPIRB, etc.) Myco trailer, 2 sets of canvas. 351 hrs on 250 Mercs. Call Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group, (443) 995-0732,

35' Cruisers Espirit 1997 - Low hours - aft cabin sleeper upgrade and ready to cruise the bay - a comfortable weekend boat - $79,900. John McDevitt - Bluewater Yacht Sales 610-220-5619. 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Tiara Sovran â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;09 Nearly new boat with Volvo dsl IPS. Cockpit air and Full Electronics. WHY BUY NEW? $369,000 Call (410) 827-9090 or

35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Maxum â&#x20AC;&#x2122;04 Rare dsl powered model cruises at 27mph with a 16 gph fuel burn. Two staterooms and clean. $129,500 Call (410) 827-9090 or

Trojan 11 Meter â&#x20AC;&#x2122;88 Two 454s. Gen set, Air/Heat, new radar/Plotter, Sub Zero side by side refrig & freezer. radar. Call Tony Tumas: (443) 553-5046. email:, Visit our web: 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Tiara Open â&#x20AC;&#x2122;02 Twin dsl, hardtop, dark interior. Lift kept and ready for a serious buyer to step aboard. $199,000 Call (410) 827-9090 or

35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Tiara Open â&#x20AC;&#x2122;02 All the right options; low hrs on turbo Cummins; upgraded electronics & canvas; shed kept; meticulous care; best on the market today. Asking only $199,000 Contact Rick Casali 410-279-5309 or 35â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Tiara Open â&#x20AC;&#x2122;98 T-Cummins 370HP dsls. This is a lovely, well equipped, lightly used and meticulously maintained vessel. Excellent electronics package, comfortable interior, and preferred engines. Seriously for sale and looking for offers! Asking $139,500. OBYS (410) 226-0100.

36' Hinckley Picnic Boat Classic â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;99 HAIL MARY is a great boat that is ready to go. She is easily seen in Oxford, Maryland. Interior provides sleeping berths and stowage, head with shower, and a galley that offer comfortable accommodations for two. $ 260,000 Offered by Hinckley Yacht Brokerage, contact Peter (410) 263-0095 or 36â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Hinckley Picnic Boat EP â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;05 SHADOW LV D ÂżQH H[DPSOH RI D ODWH model EP. She boasts a wonderful entertaining platform with a built in BBQ and sink in the cockpit and plenty of seating in the pilothouse. $430,000 Offered by Hinckley Yachts, contact Peter Howard (410) 263-0095 or

36' Jarvis Newman Pettegrow '88 None nicer. Repowered in '05 w/ 370 Yanmar; 15 knot cruise; thruster; genset; A/C; Espar; A/P; radar; 3 GPS/plotters. Price down to $199,000 Contact Rick Casali 410-279-5309 or

36â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Nauset Sedan Cruiser â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;03 High quality DownEast Yacht, lightly used, completely equipped for cruising, outstanding condition! Electronics duplicated helm/flybridge, single Cummins, Generator, Bowthruster, A/C. $249,000 Gratitude Yachting Center (410) 639-7111 37â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sea Ray Sundancer â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;96 Professionally maintained, super clean w/private aft cabin, enclosed stall shower. T/340 Mercruisers, 7.0 Westerbeke generator. A/C, windlass. $79,900 Sassafras Harbor Marina Yacht Sales (888) 221-5022. 37â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Egg Harbor Convertible â&#x20AC;&#x2122;01 This is an exceptionally clean vessel that has been professionally maintained! Only 580hrs on her Twin 420HP Caterpillar dsls. She has an inviting interior with above-average workmanship. 2 stateroom layout w/ varnished teak woodwork, designer fabrics & top-shelf furnishings. She has been priced to sell & is looking for offers. Asking $194,500 OBYS (410) 226-0100.

37â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Formula â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;04 Silver Imron, Twin Mercs & Bravo III drives, Bow Thruster, the 37â&#x20AC;&#x2122; is the blend of speed and luxury $156,000 Call (443) 650-0316 or 37â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Formula PC â&#x20AC;&#x2122;06 $289,000. Volvo common rail DIESELS, low hrs, Bay usage. Beautiful one owner boat. Call Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group, (800) 827-8089.

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

38â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Carver Aft Cabin â&#x20AC;&#x2122;89 T-375 Volvo Diesel Powered with 7.6 Westerbeke Gen. Many recent upgrades. Shed kept in fresh water. Motivated seller $89,900 Sassafras Harbor Marina Yacht Sales (888)221-5022 also available: 38 Carver w/340 Mercruiser.

38â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Carver Supersport 2006, Fully equipped sedanbridge, T-8.1 FWC Crusaders, 7.3 Kohler, 2-A/C, windlass, Radar, GPS, Only 235 hours. $199K. Call Buzz, Sunset Harbor Marina 410-687-7290.

38' Marine Trader Tradewinds Sundeck â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;86 Good livability, little money! Twin Lehman 135's, 8.5kw Kohler Genset with low hours, new Norcold refrigerator, good instrumentation, knowledgeable owner. $99,000 Gratitude Yachting Center (410) 639-7111

38' Mast & Mallet/Wesmac Down East '02 $70,000 in upgrades; Bristol condition; 440 Yanmar; bowthruster; new genset; new A/C heat; new electronics; new Awlgrip. $299,500 Contact Rick Casali 410-279-5309 or 38â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Meridian 381 â&#x20AC;&#x2122;03 Sedan Bridge Lewmar windlass, full bridge enclosure, .RKOHUJHQHUDWRUDXWRÂżUHH[WV\VWHP converter, Raymarine electronics RL 70C GPS/Plotter closed, Array UDGDU 67 GHSWK ÂżQGHU 9&, Ă&#x20AC;DW panel computer w/tide and chart, equipped galley, salon & staterooms. $159,000. In Chester, MD. See pictures at,, (800) 442-7601.

38â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Egg Harbor â&#x20AC;&#x2122;96 Well maintained Golden Egg. Large cockpit, outriggers, fighting chair. Two staterooms, full galley, redecorated salon. Ready to go. $210,000 Sassafras Harbor Marina Yacht Sales (888)221-5022 38â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cruisers Yachts Express â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 With Cat dsl power & many extras. Cherry interior, 2 staterooms and 2 heads w/large salon & galley offer plenty of family space below. The 13â&#x20AC;&#x2122;6â&#x20AC;? beam provides stability, safety, & lots of entertainment area for after hrs entertaining. Currently stored under cover & meticulously maintained. It does not get any better than this. Kadey-Krogen Yachts (800) 247-1230.

396 Carver â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;04 Aft cabin motor yacht. Excellent cond.. Less than 200 hrs on twin Cummins. Contemporary design. Luxurious, spacious interior. $279,900. Call (202) 285-5317.

40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Kha Shing â&#x20AC;&#x2122;89 Great live-aboard Trawler. T/150 Cummins. Full galley plus washer-dryer. Two staterooms, A/C and full electronics. Large Flybridge, Onan generator. $112,500 Sassafras Harbor Marina Yacht Sales (888)221-5022.

PropTalk April 2010 79

40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Regal 4080 Fully loaded luxury sedanbridge, T-440 Yanmar, Gen, 2-A/C, bimini & enclosure, radar, GPS, thruster, only 220 hrs. $277K. Call Buzz, Sunset Harbor Marina (410) 6877290.

40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sabre 402 2002 A near perfect example of this wonderful model from Sabre. She is extraordinarily clean and the care and loving her owners give is evident. She is the cleanest boat of this model you will find. Offered by Hinckley Yachts, contact Peter Howard 410.263.0095 or 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Silverton Convertible â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;87 Shed kept well maintained, 2 strm boat. Re-powered with T/370 Cummins, Onan generator. Enclosed hardtop modernized bridge. Many upgrades. Re-conditioned and re-glassed bottom in â&#x20AC;&#x2122;09. Sassafras Harbor Marina Yacht Sales (888) 221-5022.

40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Formula 400SS â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Super clean performance boat with 502 Motors. Low hrs and turn key. $110,000 Call (410) 827-9090 or

40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Robbins â&#x20AC;&#x2122;94 Caterpillar diesel, Electronics, Full Galley $130,000 (410) 476-4414 40â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Robbins by MathewsBros â&#x20AC;&#x2122;07 Madeline, Fiberglass hull. 540 Cummins dsl eng. Delivered in May of â&#x20AC;&#x2122;08, this highly customized boat is practically new! Available for immediate purchase. Asking $485,000 call MathewsBros at (410) 479-9720.

80 April 2010 PropTalk

Phil Jones on Hooperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Island. Asking $329,000. Contact marc Thomas Luke Brown Yachts - (410) 991- 0939 or

41â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Meridian 411 Flybridge Sedan Sake Maru lift kept, beautiful cond., only 411 hrs on Cummins 370 hp dsls, 600 on generator. Spacious layout for cruising or living aboard. Inventory includes Onan 11kw generator, docking on command system, full canvas, bridge AP, radar and color GPS plotter & more. Motivated sellers, reasonable offers encouraged. $199k. 100s of photos (443) 223-7864 John Kaiser cell anytime. 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Chris Craft â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;67 Spacious â&#x20AC;&#x153;classicâ&#x20AC;? double cabin motor yacht, 2 heads, full galley, T-350-hp Crusaders, generator, radar, windlass. Great Value! $29,900 Chesapeake Yacht Sales (804) 776-9898 or info@cysboat. com. 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sea Ray â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;05 Sundancer T-417 Cummins, bow & stern thrusters, 9.0 genset, radar, GPS, only 156 hrs. $325K. Call Buzz, Sunset Harbor Marina (410) 687-7290. 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cruisers Yachts 4050 Express Motor Yacht â&#x20AC;&#x2122;03 w/ Yanmar dsl power, less than 200 hrs, full hard top w/cockpit air/ heat and many extras. Cherry interior with 2 staterooms and 2 heads along w/full galley & wide open salon w/plenty of natural lighting provide the new owner w/lots of living space. This boat has cockpit space galore & cruises at 20 knots while sipping fuel. Kadey-Krogen Yachts (800) 247-1230. 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cruisers Yachts Express â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 one owner, lift kept, Cat dsl power, low hrs w/many extras & options. Lightly used in the Chesapeake Bay this proven winner has cherry interior, 2 staterooms, and 2 heads for the cruising couple w/friends or family. 14â&#x20AC;&#x2122; beam, raised spacious helm, and large cockpit space provide more than enough entertainment area. Ready to go. Kadey-Krogen Yachts (800) 2471230. 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Custom Bay Built â&#x20AC;&#x2122;03 KIWI 6ROLGÂżEHUJODVVDQGVKDOORZGUDIW Twin 420 Caterpillar dsls w/Hamilton Jet drives! Draws 20â&#x20AC;? at rest and 10â&#x20AC;? when running. 20 knot plus cruise speed and 30 knots @WOT. This is a very unique boat with all the best equipment. Onan 9 KW generator, AC & Heat, Furuno electronics, dual helm stations, windlass, outriggers, etc. Perfect for the Chesapeake, ICW or Bahamas. Built by the well respected

42' Grand Banks '92 Comfortable live aboard - economic cruising boat bow thruster - new Northstar 6000i and new Avon 10â&#x20AC;&#x2122; RIB - brightwork covers - $310,000 - John McDevitt Bluewater Yacht Sales - (610) 220-5619.

42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Jones â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;00 575 HP Diesel, Gen-set, A/C & Heat, Full Electronics, 6 Pack, Ready to Fish or Cruise. $239,000 (410) 476-4414

42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Jones â&#x20AC;&#x2122;97 Cummins 635HP, Full Electronics, 6 Pack, Easy Conversion to Passenger Vessel, Built & Ready to Fish $179,900 (410) 476-4414 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Krogen Pilothouse Trawler â&#x20AC;&#x2122;87 Very rare mid-ship master stateroom, stabilized, epoxy bottom, washer/dryer, dinghy, water maker and complete electronics. Excellent value. Located Annapolis. Kadey-Krogen Yachts (800) 247-1230. 42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Krogen Pilothouse Trawler â&#x20AC;&#x2122;95 Widebody model. This is a real watermanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s boat. Original owner. Maintained to high standards. 0HWLFXORXVUHFRUGV ORJV%HQHÂżWIURP the ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s extensive knowledge & experience. Located Solomons. KadeyKrogen Yachts (800) 247-1230

43â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Eastbay â&#x20AC;&#x2122;02 Extremely well equipped comes w/extended warranties on engines. Ready for a new adventure. Call for pricing. Contact Ken Comerford at or (410)280-2038.

43â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Eastbay EX â&#x20AC;&#x2122;00 Kellyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Catch Beautiful soft top express cruiser w/low hr CAT dsls, 25 knot cruise speed, 8kw Onan, dripless shaft seals, extensive electronics, flat screen TVs, DVD, Bose, CD, Stidd seats, windlass , 6 person life raft, covers for everything, A/C in helm area. Two staterooms, teak & holly sole, opening ports & overhead hatches for great ventilation. Recent Flag Blue hull paint & new non skid as well. Aggressively priced to sell at $359,000 Contact Marc Thomas (410) 991-0939 or

43â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Eastbay HX43 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;02 Mint! Loaded with standard factory/custom options. See what inside storage is about! Prepped for 2010 season! $535,000 Crusader YS (410) 269-0939 43â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Viking â&#x20AC;&#x2122;90 Convertible., 671 TIs. &UXLVH HQWHUWDLQ RU ÂżVK LQ WKLV ZHOO maintained yacht. PRICED TO SELL $224,900. Crusader YS (410) 2690939 43â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Wellcraft â&#x20AC;&#x2122;87 3RUWRÂżQR([SUHVV twin 454 Chevys w/360 hrs, new radar w/GPS & depth, new canvas, 7.5-Kw genset, many other upgrades, call for more details, Sea Scouts, $60K obo, James Klimek, (240) 271-4631,

42â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Riviera Flybridge â&#x20AC;&#x2122;05 $499,000. 635hp Cummins QSM11s make it the fastest ever. 6WLGGV 6DW 79 FXVWRP SURSV ÂżVK rigged but cruised only. Very custom, very nice. Call Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group, (800) 827-8089. 43â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Egg Harbor Sport Yacht â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;07 Lightly used 2 stateroom, 2 heads. Excellent electronics, outriggers, enclosed hardtop. T/C-12 Caterpillars & generator. Fully equipped ready to go. $495,000 Sassafras Harbor Marina Yacht Sales (888) 221-5022 Also available 43-05.

mint cond. w/extremely low hrs (300), on the durable 3208 Cats. She is in the water and located in Seaford Delaware. 2QH KRXU IURP RXU RIÂżFH 7KH <DFKW Group (800) 827-8089.

44' TIARA Sovran 2005 Fully equipped enclosed hardtop cruiser with QSM11 Cummins, two staterooms, two heads, 10 kW Genset, 3 A/C, Bow Thruster. Priced to sell at $379,900. Sunset Harbor Marina 410-687-7290 45â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Californian Aft Cabin â&#x20AC;&#x2122;90 $185,900 This well-maintained, highly updated Californian is now on the market. Featuring the upgraded 3208TA Caterpillars, Satellite TV, a RIB tender, updated electronics and interior, she is ready to go cruising now. Do not miss this boat! Call Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group (800) 827-8089.

45â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cherubini â&#x20AC;&#x2122;01 Trawler Unique custom interior. Beautiful blue awlgrip hull. AC, genset, Espar furnace, cruising comfort, electronics galore! $395,000 Crusader Yacht Sales (410) 269-0939 46â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Markley â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;98 Custom built Chesapeake Bay workboat design. Lift NHSWORZKUV$OODPHQLWLHVRIÂżQH\DFKW S/450 Cummins plus Onan Generator. Full electronics & cockpit controls. $245,000 Sassafras Harbor Marina Yacht Sales (888) 221-5022

46' Carman '01 TWIN John Deere 375HP, USCG Cert. 36 Passenger + 2 Crew, Fully Equipped Inside & Out, No Expense Spared, Incredibly Priced @ $269,900 (410) 476-4414

46â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cruisers â&#x20AC;&#x2122;06 Hardtop Volvo 480 dsls, washer/dryer, thruster, two staterooms, $415,000. Call (410) 827-9090 or

Chesapeake Bay Powerboating

46â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Custom Bay Built â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;04 Solid fiberglass hull built to Coast Guard specs with the best equipment. Twin 370 HP Cummins, Aqua Drive, Dripless shaft seals, 6 KW Northern Lights, 30,000 BTU AC/Heat, Furuno NavNet Radar & GPS, Simrad Autopilot, Windlass, and much more. A great family boat, or ICW cruiser, with high end yacht quality finish inside and out! Offered at $495,000 by Luke Brown Yachts - Contact Marc Thomas (410) 991-0939 or

46' Grand Banks Europa '01 "Geronimo" has been maintained to the highest standards since new. Optional 435 HP 3208TA CAT diesels provide a fast cruise speed as well as a very economical displacement cruise speed. Naiad stabilizers, extensive electronics, watermaker, Aqua Drive, 24 volt Side-Power bow thruster, Novurania RIB with 25 HP Yamaha, and much more. This fresh water Europa is turn key! Trades considered. Asking $597,500 Offered by Luke Brown Yachts - Contact Marc Thomas (410) 991-0939 or 46â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Grand Banks Europa â&#x20AC;&#x2122;02 $629,000. Twin 3208 Cats with only 350 hrs. Beautiful boat, teak just done. At our docks. Call Paul Lippincott, The Yacht Group, (800) 827-8089.

46â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Markley â&#x20AC;&#x2122;05 Built to fish and charter ready, Full electronics, John Deere diesel, Fishing gear goes with sale, $229K, (410) 476-4414

47â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Riviera M470 Excalibur, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;02, â&#x20AC;&#x2122;05, 496 Mercs, both lift kept, both in amazing condition. 50 MPH speed in utmost luxury. The perfect move into cruising for the fast boat enthusiast. Call Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group. (800) 827-8089 48â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Chris Craft Catalina â&#x20AC;&#x2122;87 $169,900, Heavily updated in past three years. Kept under cover. 3208 Cats. Beautiful boat. Call Ned Dozier, The Yacht Group, (800) 827-8089 . 48â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Krogen Whaleback â&#x20AC;&#x2122;00 The Whaleback is the biggest 48â&#x20AC;&#x2122; boat on the water â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 staterooms, 2 heads, saloon & galley all on one level. Shiplike pilothouse with 360° visibility. AC and separate dsl heat. Fully found & ready-to-go. Located Solomons KadeyKrogen Yachts (800) 247-1230.

2004 Selene 48 A turnkey vessel. Lovingly maintained. Fully equipped for long range cruising and a comfortable live-aboard lifestyle. This is a must see vessel. Selene Annapolis (410) 280-0006

49 Eastbay 2006 SX hard aft bulkhead saloon model. New to the market. One owner with optional side door, extended warranties, KVH TV and internet, TNT lift, white hull. Trades of smaller Eastbay or similar downeast style boats encouraged, $895,000. or nearest offer, Very seriously for sale. Call Chris 443926-1278

49â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Selene â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;07 As a Next Generation Selene, she features extra height in the engine room, the Cruiser Stern, and other features that distinguish her as a Selene for serious cruisers. Immaculately kept and well equipped. Contact John Dennison (410) 280-0006 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Bestway â&#x20AC;&#x2122;87 Volvo dsls, shed kept, stabilizers, and an EZ2CY enclosure. Great layout to cruise or live on. $224,000 Call (410) 827-9090 or 50â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Carver 504 â&#x20AC;&#x2122;99 Only 214 hrs on Cummins dsls, best priced one on the market. Easy to see at our docks. Call Jim Lascaris at The Yacht Group, (800) 827-8089.

50' Cherubini Independence '03 Thoughtfully equipped with the best! Extremely comfortable cruising yacht. Twin Yanmar diesel engines, Northern Lights Generator, washer/dryer, hydronic heat, A/C, full size refig/freezer, and a Jacuzzi Tub just to highlight a few features. $949,000 Gratitude Yachting Center (410) 639-7111

50' Navigator '96 Three stateroom, 2 head layout - economical Volvo Diesels - 2 helm positions - great boat for entertaining - $225,000 - John McDevitt - Bluewater Yacht Sales (610) 220-5619.

46â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Pacemaker Flush Deck MY â&#x20AC;&#x2122;78 $99,900 Twin Detroits, Gen, 3 zone air/heat, new canvas for upper & lower helms. Perfect live-aboard! Call Tony Tumas: day or evening (443) 553-5046. email:, Visit our web:, 46â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Sea Ray Express â&#x20AC;&#x2122;89 Must sell, Make offer! Extra clean, ever popular Sea Ray express. This boat is

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52' Menorquin 160 '04 Looking for luxurious, live aboard or weekend trips with accommodations to sleep 8? This yacht has semi-displacement hull with a full keel, twin diesel engines for a top end of 18 knots. Beautifully maintained throughout and well equipped. $795,000 Gratitude Yachting Center (410) 639-7111

53’ Selene ‘03 The only twin engine, three stateroom layout available. In excellent condition and ready to cruise. New Awlgrip paint! Contact John Dennison (410) 280-0006 53’ Hatteras ’79 Great live aboard, loaded. New bottom & barrier coat. Top end rebuilds, Stabilizers, Genset, washer/dryer, AC, diesel heater, more $269,000 Crusader YS (410) 2690939,

53 Selene ’03 A “Great Loop” veteran, immaculately maintained. Two cabin, two head layout. Twin John Deere engines, complete electronics. Contact John Dennison 410-2800006,

54’ Vicem Classic ’06 Is a prime example of a beautiful “Down East” Yacht. Original owner, custom built for family cruising, and powered by low hour MAN 800 hp diesels providing 30 knot speeds. With her beautiful woodwork and very high end fit and finish, she commands attention in any harbor. This New England boat is stored out of water and under cover and she is in “as new” condition. Price upon request. Offered by Luke Brown Yachts - Contact Marc Thomas (410) 991-0939 or

54’ Vicem Down East FBMY ’06 Absolutely perfect in every way; 2 staterooms; 2 heads; price reduction of $100,000 to $899,000. Bring offers. Rick Casali 410-279-5309 or

56' Alden Grand Saloon Express '97 Twilight was built for Royalty! With Alden’s renowned C. Raymond Hunt deep-V high performance hull fitted, with the upgraded & preferred 660 HP CAT 3196E dsls, & 5 bladed props, produce a fast 20 knot plus cruise speed in most any sea conditions. Two staterooms with 2 heads, exquisite teak woodwork w/elegant raised panels hand-built by Alden craftsmen! New Awlgrip Carinthia blue paint job. Trades considered $650,000 Offered by Luke Brown Yachts Contact Marc Thomas (410) 991-0939 or

56’ Jefferson Rivanna ’00 $789,000 To describe this boat as in excellent condition is an understatement, she is better than new! She has had an easy Chesapeake Bay life. New Atlantic Towers hardtop with enclosure, bridge is air conditioned. The anchor has never been down. The Yacht Group (800) 827-8089.


55' Fairline '00 Three stateroom, 2 heads - 2 helm stations - new electronics, shaft seals, exhausts - 25 knot cruise - owners have spared no expense - $525,000 - John McDevitt Bluewater Yacht Sales - (610) 220-5619.

65' Marlow Explorer '01 "Never Better" Caterpillar 3406E diesels just overhauled January 2010, Northern Lights 12 & 20 Kw generators - both recently overhauled, Naiad stabilizers, KVH phone and TV, watermaker and much more. Master stateroom, with private access from the salon, has adjoining office and split head arrangement. Two guest staterooms, with ensuite heads, are forward. Crew quarters for two, with a full head, are aft. Asking $1,495,000. - Trades considered. Offered by Luke Brown Yachts - Contact Marc Thomas (410) 991-0939 or

Every day that you’re outside, you’re exposed to dangerous, but invisible, ultraviolet (UV) sunlight. Left unprotected, prolonged exposure to UV radiation can seriously damage the eye, leading to cataracts, skin cancer around the eyelid and other eye disorders. Protecting your eyes is important to maintaining eye health now and in the future. Shield your eyes (and your family’s eyes) from harmful UV rays. Wear sunglasses with maximum UV protection. For more information, visit A public service message from The Vision Council.

70’ Hatteras CPMY ‘91 Features an enlarged fully air conditioned aft deck, 4 staterooms including 2 VIP guest cabins. Updated interior. Low hours on recently overhauled engines. All offers considered. Contact John Dennison (410) 280-0006

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Accon Marine, LLC ........................ 61 Alexseal .......................................... 33 allTACKLE ...................................... 88 $PHULFDQ%RDW <DFKW&RXQFLO... 19 Anglers Sport Center .................... 69 Annapolis Harbor Boat Yard .......... 9 $QQDSROLV<DFKW5HÂżQLVKLQJ ........ 32 D\UHÂżQLVKLQJFRP Baltimore Marine Center ................. 4 %D\%ULGJH%RDW6KRZ .................. 45 %D\6KRUH0DULQH ............................ 5 BoatU.S........................................... 39 Boatyard Bar & Grill Tournament 51 Boatyard Bar & Grill ...................... 22 Boatyard Film Series ..................... 72 Campbells Boatyard ...................... 15 Canada Metal ................................. 28 CCS Valencer ................................. 11 &KHVDSHDNH5DQJHU7XJV............... 7 Clarks Landing............................... 16

Clean Fuels .................................... 55 Coastal Climate Control .................. 8 Coastal Properties ......................... 13 &RPSRVLWH<DFKW ........................... 65 Coppercoat USA ............................ 35 &UXVDGHU<DFKW6DOHV.................... 78 'HODZDUH&LW\0DULQD .................... 64 Deltaville Boatyard ........................ 29 Dr. LED ........................................... 63 (DVWSRUW<DFKW&RPSDQ\ .............. 43 )DLUYLHZ0DULQD.............................. 33 )DZFHWW%RDW6XSSOLHV ............ 17, 31 *UDWLWXGH<DFKWLQJ&HQWHU ............ 57 Hartge Insurance ........................... 28 +DUWJH<DFKW+DUERU...................... 48 +DUWJH<DFKW<DUG ......................... 38 Henry Murray Insurance ............... 48 +LQFNOH\<DFKWV$QQDSROLV........... 77 Inner Harbor East Marina .............. 54


-RKQ%LOGDKO3KRWRJUDSK\ ............ 70 Kadey-Krogen ................................ 23 Kent Island Kayaks........................ 72 .QRW<DFKW6DOHV,QF ............... 87 Latitude 39 Marine Services ......... 78 0DUWLQL<DFKW6DOHV........................ 49 MAS Epoxies .................................. 60 Maryland Boatbuilders Expo ........ 47 0DWKHZV%URWKHUV ......................... 60 Mears Point Marina.......................... 3 1DWLRQDO0DULQH8QGHUZULWHUV....... 38 NMEA .............................................. 54 1RUWK(DVW5LYHU<DFKW&OXE......... 54 1RUWK3RLQW<DFKW6DOHV ................ 24 1R\FH<DFKWV ................................. 65 2[IRUG%RDW\DUG<DFKW6DOHV ....... 36 Pettit Paint ...................................... 58 Pier 4 Marina .................................. 27 Sarles Boatyard & Marina ............. 30

6DVVDIUDV+DUERU0DULQD<DFKW Sales ............................................... 27 Selby Bay Marina ........................... 63 6KLSZULJKW+DUERU ......................... 32 6PLWKÂśV0DULQD ............................... 55 6W0LFKDHOV+DUERXU,QQ 0DULQD .53 Stur-Dee Boat Company ............... 60 Sue Island Marina .......................... 28 (410) 574-7373 Sunset Harbor Marina ................... 35 Tackle Cove.................................... 69 7HOHĂ&#x20AC;H[ ............................................. 2 WHOHĂ&#x20AC;H[FRP 7LGHZDWHU<DFKW6HUYLFH&HQWHU ... 32 9DQH%URWKHUV ................................ 30 West Marine ................................... 41 :KLWH5RFNV0DULQD %RDW\DUG .. 64 Wooden Boat Restoration Co....... 61 <DFKW*URXS7KH........................... 75 <DFKW9LHZ%URNHUDJH ................... 43 Zimmerman Marine........................ 25


"/!4 3(!2).' "/!4 7!.4%$ $).'()%3 $/.!4)/.3 0/7%2

CLASSIFIED CATEGORIES: O "53).%33 /00/245.)4)%3 O $%,)6%2)%3 O %,%#42/.)#3

O (%,0 7!.4%$ O 2%!, %34!4% O 3,)03


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Chesapeake Classic The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal by Beth Crabtree

Photo courtesy of the Philadelphia District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


t the northern end of the Chesapeake Bay is a 14-mile piece of living maritime history, the Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal. It cuts a water pathway that connects the northernmost part of the Bay with the Delaware River. Without the canal, a boat traveling from Philadelphia to Baltimore would have to go to the Bayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s southern entry and ride the Bay up, adding 340 miles to the journey. The Philadelphia District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineersâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;which has its SURMHFWRIÂżFHDQGDPXVHXPLQ&KHVDSHDNH City, MDâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;owns and operates the canal. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the canal is a National Historic Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Landmark and makes up one portion of the Intracoastal Waterway along the eastern seaboard. The canal has been in continuous use for nearly 200 years. When it opened in 1829, four locks were needed, because the Chesapeake Bayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s water level was seven feet higher than that of the Delaware River. Teams of mules and horses towed barges, schooners, and sloops. Passenger barges could comfortably move people from Balti-

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more to Philadelphia in less time than travel by land. At that time, the canal was 14 miles long, but only 10 feet deep. The width at the waterline was 66 feet, but only 36 feet along the bottom. The federal government purchased the canal in 1919 and has conWLQXRXVO\ PDGH LPSURYHPHQWV DQG H[SDQsions. Today, the C&D Canal is still 14 miles long, but 450 feet wide at the bottom, with varying widths at the waterline, which PHDQVLWLVZLGHHQRXJKIRUWZRZD\WUDIÂżF And of course, it is now fully sea level; the locks have been removed. Forty percent of DOOVKLSWUDIÂżFLQDQGRXWRIWKH3RUWRI%DOtimore passes through the canal. Many ships will use both Delaware and Maryland pilots to guide them through, each pilot taking the ship through his or her respective end of the canal. Generally, the pilots switch places at Chesapeake City. Amazingly, this can be done while the large ships keep moving. Last year, Johnny Deppâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s boat was one of many vessels to use a Bay pilot to transit the canal. Although there is heavy use of the canal E\ LQGXVWULDO PDULQH WUDIÂżF UHFUHDWLRQDO boaters also pass through. If you go, plan to

JRZLWKWKHĂ&#x20AC;RZWKHUHÂśVDWZRWRIRXUNQRW current in the canal. Also, always remember WKDWFRPPHUFLDOVKLSWUDIÂżFKDVWKHULJKWRI way, and recreational boaters must yield. Recreational boaters also need to keep well away from these deep-draft vessels for obvious safety reasons. No water skiing or anchoring is allowed in the canal itself. You can anchor about half-way through at the Chesapeake City anchorage basin, just off the canal. Chesapeake City hosts an annual Canal Day festival the last weekend of June. Boaters raft up in the harbor to enjoy bands and admire arts and crafts displays and other treats in town. While in the area, amateur archeologists may also want to search for fossils at a spoil pile. These are mounds of dirt that were dumped after dredging. Many shark teeth can be found with a careful eye. If you are interested in learning more about the C&D Canal and its important roll in the Bayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history, the C&D Canal Museum in Chesapeake City is housed in the original pump house. Admission is free, and the museum is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Or, click on nap.usace.


In Your Wake


Broker Co-op

2007 Sea Ray 52 Warranty til 2013, spotless! ***$ SPECIAL $***

2005 Cruisers 520 Loaded, Volvo D12’s! $469,000

2000 Carver 506 3 Stateroom, Volvo Diesel $341,900

2006 Cruisers 460 480 Volvo’s, hyd. lift! $415,000

2004 Cruisers 455 Volvo 480’s, 3 staterooms! $339,000

2006 Regal 4460 Yanmar diesel, loaded! $349,000

1996 Silverton 41 Conv Surveyed, Best Price in US $87,500

1997 Viking 43 Mint, 125 hrs SMOH $319,000

1999 Post 42 Convertible Impeccable, custom interior! $299,000

2001 Silverton 42C Thruster, Cummins! $199,500

2007 Regal 4060 Every option, IPS diesels! $329,000

1999 Formula 400SS Impeccable, great price! $110,000

2007 Fountain 38 Exp Diesels, Includes Lift $275,000

2003 Silverton 39 MY Priced right, clean boat! $165,000

2004 Formula 37PC Thruster, silver Imron, loaded! $157,000

SELLING YOUR BOAT? Knot 10 is your best choice...

1999 Sea Ray 370 AC Diesels, Washer/Dryer $159,000

2004 Maxum 3500SY At our office, diesels! $129,900

2009 Tiara 3500 Sovran IPS, save big vs. a new one! $369,000

53’ Hatteras ’73 ................. $125,000 50’ Bestway CPMY ’87 ....... $224,000 50’ Sea Ray SD ’95 ............. $189,000 50’ Sea Ray SD ’94 ............. $149,900 48’ Californian ’89.............. $198,000 45’ Chris Craft CM ’72 ........ $ 58,500 45’ Sea Ray SD ’98 ............. $169,000 44’ Cruisers 4450 ’01 ......... $239,000 41’ Maxum SCA ’00............ $172,500 41’ Marinette Conv............. $122,000 41’ Miami Conv ’61 ............ $ 85,000 41’ Regal 4160 ’00 ............. $180,000

40’ Rinker ’08 .................... $299,000 40’ Sea Ray SD ’98 ............. $164,000 40’ Sea Ray SB ’96 ............. $159,500 39’ Carver 396 ’00 .............. $189,000 39’ Donzi ZSC ’02 ............... $187,500 38’ Regal 3880 ’05 ............. $197,000 38’ Regal 3880 ’05 ............. $218,000 38’ Regal 3880 ’03 ............. $174,900 37’ Pro Kat 3660 ’07 .......... $199,900 37’ Cruisers 375 ’04 ........... $195,000 37’ Cruisers 370 ’05 ........... $179,900 37’ Formula PC ’02 ............. $164,700

37’ Maxum SCR ’98 ............ $ 98,000 37’ Egg Harbor ’89 ............. $ 99,500 37’ Four Winns 378 ’04 ...... $149,000 37’ Sea Ray AC ’99 ............. $139,000 37’ Sea Ray SB ’94 ............. $ 74,900 36’ Sea Ray ’02 ............... $ 124,500 35’ Mariner Seville ’06 ....... $215,000 35’ Silverton 35MY ’03 ...... $164,900 35’ Silverton 351 ’00.......... $ 98,500 35’ Tiara 3500 ’02 .............. $199,000 34’ Sea Ray ’01 .................. $ 75,000 33’ Silverton 330 ’00.......... $ 79,000

(410) 827-9090

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PropTalk April 2010  

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