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Bluewater Dreaming continued... The only time it was too rough to cook was in the Gulf Stream, but I still put together a platter of sausages, cheeses, and bread. Other than that, we had good hot meals every night. A good dinner is important to the morale of the crew, and ##Dinner offshore aboard the 47-foot ketch Tenacity.

even those cheese and sausage platters were welcomed. Breakfasts and lunches were more casual. On a few calm mornings, I splurged and made pancakes, muffins, or my favorite, beer bread! Beer bread is a delicious treat to enjoy with fresh hot coffee in those gorgeous sunny mornings offshore. What to cook is determined by what perishable foods are left. In the beginning of the crossings, we had green salads, fresh veggies, and fresh meats. As we continued on, we would have frozen veggies, frozen meats, no salads, and more pasta and rice. Close to the other side, I’d resort to canned meats and veggies, but still managed to pull off awesome meals with the help or garlic, onions, olives, and spices.

Our evening dinners were one of the highlights of every day. It was one time when everyone was outside at the same time. I tried to time our dinners to coincide with sunsets, so that we had entertainment! We would dine in the cockpit, eating out of plastic bowls with rubber bottoms (nicknamed “dog bowls”) and enjoy cold beer with our meals. We had dishes such as Moroccan chicken, shrimp scampi, pan seared salmon, and pasta carbonara, just to name a few. We came up with names like “Silver Moon Stroganoff,” or “Hove To Chicken Linguini.” We had a great variety! But two things we never ate offshore were fresh duck and Dinty Moore Beef Stew.

About the Author: Cindy Fletcher-Holden and her husband Robert returned last spring from a two-year-long adventure to Portugal and Spain on their 47-foot ketch Tenacity. They live aboard in Annapolis, where Cindy paints boat transoms, murals, and other commissioned artwork.

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