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##Suky Cannon says that even though there might still be some stereotypes, the best advice for women looking to get their license or skipper their own boat is to ignore the comments and go for it.

your near coastal license. Just head south to Norfolk, and start jumping off.” Sailing is for everyone, and the stereotypes about women being dragged aboard, following their man’s dreams, or being the “admiral” are about as funny as a crab pot around your prop.

Suky explains that the love of captaining your own vessel is universal. “The quiet and the freedom. The sounds and interplay of the wind and waves make me feel I’m part of a brilliant symphony. I love being captain of my ship!”



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Both women agree that the Chesapeake Bay is the perfect learning ground for women who want to captain their own boat or sharpen their sailing skills. The Bay offers plenty of chances to test a range of skills from navigating to rules of the road to radio protocol to anchoring and docking. The Chesapeake has every weather condition imaginable (sometimes all in one day), giving sailors a chance to practice reefing, heave to, change sails, and ghost in just a breath of wind. The best part is, if you mess up, you’re still close enough to a port to limp in with your tail between your legs before cleaning up and trying again. “The Chesapeake is a great training ground because you get a lot of the challenges of open water in a protected setting,” Angie says. Suky agrees that even though she captains boats all over the world, nothing beats sailing on the Bay. “There’s a deep heritage of sailing here and one of the best sailing communities in the world, whether you cruise or race. Here, you can get your inland license and meet other sailors so you can begin to go offshore for

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Chesapeake Bay Sailing

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Chesapeake Bay Sailing

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