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SSC’s Racing is Fun Regatta


generation ago sailboat races were free events hosted by local yacht clubs for the enjoyment of their members and the members of reciprocating clubs. Sailors would compete using comfortable cruising boats with fitted bunks for

each crew member. In those days, race courses were composed of a sequence or government marks two to six miles apart. Longer distances between marks emphasized strategy over tactics and in-line speed over mark roundings.

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My favorite class is Functional Fitness. It suits those of us who need work on balance, flexibility and strengthening. Great for those just starting at the Club since it introduces so many principles of exercise and the use of various equipment. Mary is wonderful as a trainer and cheerleader!” E.H. AAC member since 2003

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Yacht design has changed greatly over the last 30 years, producing a substantial gap between comfortable cruising sailboats and high performance race boats. As racing has evolved, specialized boats sailing multiple, intense, crew-intensive windward-leeward courses has made it increasingly difficult for those who started sailing as a cruiser/day sailor to experience the racing side of sailing. This year the Shearwater Sailing Club (SSC) is hosting a throwback event specifically designed to provide a low-stress, fun venue for sailors who don’t normally race to experience the racing side of our sport. On June 21, the SSC will hold its annual Twilight Race. The Twilight Race will include an evening start for experienced racing boats and crews. In addition, SSC will be host a race earlier in the day for boats, skippers, and crews that do not normally race. This event, the “Racing is Fun Regatta,” is intended as a straight-forward, low-stress race that serves as a bridge between competitive drop-mark courses and day sailing, providing an introduction to sailboat racing for the uninitiated, or a low-key, alternative event for experienced racers. SSC hopes to attract sailors who originally purchased their boat to cruise and day sail and, having done so, are now looking for new ways to enjoy their boat. Features of this event include: Pre-race introduction to sailboat racing seminar. The evening before the race a free introduction to sailboat racing seminar will be offered. Held at J/World Annapolis, this seminar will provide sailors with an overview of racing and the racing rules including the start, finish, boat-to-boat interactions, and mark roundings. Afternoon start. SSC recognizes that the time pressures placed on modern families make it difficult

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