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Solve Middle Layer on 4 sides (CAMEL)

Each side has a name. The first letter of each name is used in the algorithm to tell you which side to move. Each side can turn 2 ways. clockwise or counter clockwise. The counter direction is marked in the algorithm as an “i”

Rubik’s Cube Solution


Solve Up Side (LOGO)

1. Flip over cube so the solved side (up) is down. 2. Look for side tile without the Find all 4 side tiles. The key is to up color. solve the color on each side. 3. Line up tile to match color of 1. Solve the up cross. the front center tile. A. Match side tiles to up and the A. If the tile goes to the left. middle on each side Ui Li U L U F Ui Fi i. If tile is in position, but B. If the tile goes to the right. flipped wrong way. U R Ui Ri Ui Fi U F Fi U Li Ui i. If the tile is flipped. 2. Solve 4 corner tiles of up side. a. Put side with flipped A. Put matching corner tile tile in front side, on the left. directly under the correct corner. Li Ui L Ri Di R D b. Put down color above * Repeat this algorithm until tile where it goes. alignment is correct. R U Ri





U Solve Up Side (CROSS)

3. Solve 4 corner tiles A. Put tile that is correct in the front side. Repeat until all corner tiles are correct. U R Ui Li U Ri Ui L B. Put one that is not solved in the front. i. Do this algorithm until solved, rotate the up side to solve another corner. Ri Di R D

1. Solve the up cross. The tips will most likely not match all the sides. A. Align your cube correctly. i. If you have only the middle tile, pick any side as the front. ii. If you have a backward L, align in up corner. iii. If you have a straight line, align it from left to right. B. Do this algorithm, repeat until cross is solved. F R U Ri Ui Fi 2. Match tile color to the sides. A. Align cube correctly. i. Match tile color to front and back. ii. Match tile color to right and back sides. B. Do this algorithm until all the middle tiles match. R U Ri U R U U Ri


Rubikscube solution 14

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