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Cheltenham Primary School

Prep 2013 Information Evening


Parents, Teachers and Friends Association Building community spirit  Family events  Fundraising  Welcome Afternoon Tea during the 1st Transition session 9th November from 2.15-3.15pm in the staffroom. Richelle Ryan, President 

Out Of School Hours Care Camp Australia Sarah Ryan – School Coordinator  Before and after school program  Activities  Hours  Enrolment details Jo Petraitis (Camp Australia Program Co-ordinator)

Uniform purchases Leonie Edmonds Prep 2013 Sales & orders Blue group: 9th November Red group: 16th November Green group: 23rd November The Uniform shop is also open Mon: 8.45-9.15am Fri: 3.15-3.45pm Orders may also be left at the office.

School Banking Commonwealth Bank Leanne Laverty will present an overview of the program on Friday 16th and Friday 23rd November at 2.15pm . School Banking Day is Tuesday.

The Transition Sessions Session 1- 9th November 2.15pm Arrive

2.10pm Go to the Junior wing, attach child’s name tag and sign your child in to their group Settle your child in their ‘colour line’ and proceed to the Staffroom for the PTFA afternoon tea Blue group Uniform orders Return at 3.15pm to collect and sign out your child

Session 2- 16th November Proceed

to the Junior wing, sign your child in, attach name tag, settle in to line. Enjoy tea and coffee: getting to know other parents in the staff room Red group uniform orders 3.15pm Sign out and collect your child

Session 3- 23rd November Proceed

to the Junior wing, sign your child in, attach name tag, settle in to line. Enjoy tea and coffee, getting to know other parents in the staff room Green group uniform orders 3.15pm Sign out and collect your child

Curriculum Literacy Reading




and Listening

Number Space

Measurement Chance/Data Working


2013 Curriculum Information sessions By having an understanding of the Literacy and Numeracy programs you are able to be involved in your child’s learning

Session 1) Understanding literacy Thursday 21st February 7.00 – 8.00pm Session 2) Understanding maths Thursday 28th February 7.00 – 8.00pm

Specialist subjects        

Music- weekly Art- weekly Physical Education-weekly Science Perceptual Motor Program- term 2&3 weekly Kitchen Classroom-fortnightly Gardening- fortnightly Swimming - Term 4 - 8 day intensive

Developmental Curriculum  

Based on investigative learning through children’s interests Learning centres -collage/craft, blocks, box construction, role play, reading, writing and maths areas, feature learning centres e.g. dinosaurs, plants, space. Smooth transition from pre-school programs to school

School Entry Assessment Student free Wednesdays 2013  February 6th, 13th, 20nd, 27th  March 6th    

Individual student assessment Parents encouraged to observe Feedback and discussion at conclusion Each child is different……….and special!

Prep newsletter and homework program

ď Ź

Home reading program 5 -10 minutes

ď Ź

Practising learning foci in literacy and maths

Communication pouch Please send this to school daily  All school notices will go home via email or in the pouch  Your child’s learning information book and take-home reading book will be in this pouch 

School Council Education Finance Buildings

and Grounds Community Partnerships

First school days…p.4 Friday 1st FEBUARY 2013

Prep half day – you will be advised of your child’s A or B group Group A - 9.00am-12.00pm Group B – 2.00pm – 3.30pm

Monday 4th FEBRUARY 2013

Prep alternate half day – Group B - 9.00am-12.00pm Group A – 2.00pm – 3.30pm

WEDNESDAYS February 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and March 6th 2013

PLEASE NOTE: SCHOOL ENTRY ASSESSMENT DAYS No school for Preps on these Wednesdays. Your child will only attend if it is their nominated assessment day. Prep students are required to attend on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during this period. School commences at 9am and concludes at 3.30pm.

From Tuesday 12th March (after Monday 11th March – Labour Day holiday) the Prep students will attend 5 days per week.

Information book      

               

Page 4 - First School Day Information Page 5 - Starting and Dismissal times for Preps School Calendar Page 6 - School Hours Page 7 - Preparation for the first day Page 8 - Assisting with learning at home General Information Page 12 - Bank Day Before & After School Care – Camp Australia Canteen Education Maintenance Allowance Lost Property Newsletter/notices Page 13 - Parent Participation Parent / Teacher Interviews/Prep Entry Assessment Perceptual Motor Program (P.M.P.) Page 14 - School Council Page 15 - School Uniform School Uniform Shop Swimming Page 16 - Health & Attendance Page 16- Fees: Yearly fees, Term payments.


We look forward to sharing your child’s educational journey………..

prep 2013 info eveing  

Information for new prep families

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