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“ CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 2010 BLACK XCELLENCE AWARDS! “ - Mr. T.Lynn Redmond, President/CEO FAITH CAPITAL FUNDING Official Corporate Sponsor

“ Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. “ WWW. FAITHCAPITALFUNDING. COM

What Is Excellence, Really? We know that IT is a state of mind. Refusing mediocrity and embracing magnificence. The 2nd wind that overcomes exhaustion, the evidence of our connection to God. There is a special burning inside, that pushes you no matter what the odds, even though it looks impossible. Even when historically there is no way, excellence creates the avenue for a way. A “you can do it” spirit that does not settle for just the finish or just the win. For excellence demands equality. In the great race of Life, excellence demands victory for the victor and all who observes. Excellence, creates a humbling spirit that creates a winning attitude for even the opponent of lesser ability. For, excellence creates the opportunity to know, that if not today, definitely tomorrow. IT’S NOT TAUGHT, IT’S NOT FORCED, IT’S NOT IN YOUR DNA, IT IS NOT A CULTURAL THING INDEED EXCELLENCE.... It is created from the subconscious psyche by an activated spark of supernatural energy … which some call the holy spirit. But, when all is SAID AND DONE it is the evidence of our connection to GOD. There are many people, that display the character traits of what my definition of excellence is. Oftentimes, this group of extraordinary people go unnoticed and unrewarded for their contributions to the world, thus in a sense creates an unknown element , the “X” factor. A wise man once told me, ” Do not complain about the problem, be a part of the solution “ It is with great pleasure that we present to you THE Official 2010/2011 BLACK XCELLENCE MAGAZINE. Always Remember, with God, all things are possible.


CONTENTS 2010/2011 Annual Magazine and Business Directory

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Cowtowns Daughter, Ronita Burrell Moore The Fruit Doesn’t fall far from the Tree.


Rectifying the Role of Texas District Attorney Craig Watkins, Dallas DA


Shirley Ephram-Neal


Attractive, Aggressive, Well Dressed and Distinguished Diva Sandra D. Clark


PGA Golf Enthusiast, Swings Into ACTION. Ira McGraw, Jr..


Queen ISIS BRANTLEY 30 Years of Excellence.


FROM THE KITCHEN TO THE OFFICE...Stephanie and Gerald Calloway, Owners of WRoss Steak House


DaJuana Miller-Bogan Savvy, Sophisticated, and Sharp

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Carole Davidson Transforming Lives from Head to Toe Living A LIFE OF xCELLENCE


TASTE OF xCELLENCE A Brief look at some DFW’s tastiest joints. Our Mother Mercy, Catholic School Father Jerome LeDeoux

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Pastor Richard Martinez Keystone Community Outreach Dr. Corey Toney

Premier Edition Volume 1 No.2

Mr. Cowtown Traffic Control Roosevelt Burrell  In the mind of a man who had his mission in life set on great measures of success and he had a burning for and natural still of planning and structure set out in 1974 to build and entire community known as Cowtown. Who would have known that the daughter of Cowtown was this little girl sultry in her wisdom watching her dad work hard and give instruction to his crew members as step by step and by brick by brick he never lost the vision to keep on building and revive that city known as were the west began. Cowtown Traffic Control under the management direction of Renita Moore Burell the daughter of Rosevelt Burell as a true pioneer of this the City of Ft. Worth. Cowtown Traffic Control continues to get its mark of how Black Xcellence is achieved when you see a clear side walk and clear signs as well as smooth following traffic.

Born April 18, 1927 in Palestine, Texas; Roosevelt Burrell, Jr. was the second oldest of the seven children born of Roosevelt Burrell, Sr. and Lillie Bell Brown. Growing up in Palestine, he attended Foster Elementary and left school in the ninth grade to assist his immediate family at home. Upon turning 18, Roosevelt became a Private Second-Class (PC-2) in the United States Navy, and served in active duty for 13 months. During his duty, he and the crew of the US Laran PA 153 traveled to both Germany and Japan. After completing his military term, the returned to Palestine and attended trade school on a GI bill for 2 years. Upon graduation Roosevelt received a certification in Auto Mechanics. Certification in hand, Roosevelt moved into the Lake Como community in Fort Worth and in 1948 married his hometown sweetheart, Pearlie Gardner. Both he and Pearlie resided in Lake Como along with their three children, Elouise Burrell, Earl L. Burrell and Ronita Burrell Moore where they attended Greater Strangers Rest Baptist Church. As an active member of his church, Roosevelt has served as a deacon, member of the Brotherhood, and Chairman of Finance. He still serves on the Finance committee to date

Roosevelt’s first official job in Fort Worth was as a truck washer a Garrett Truck Center. Shortly after, he began his career in General Construction for E.E. Cloer Construction Company and found his niche. He worked several jobs in this industry; starting as a janitor (for 1 week), to a truck driver (for 5 years, then a foreman (for 6 years), and finally a superintendent (for 2 years). Roosevelt says,

“One of the most important things that my boss told me while I was working for him building houses and commercial properties was that man had to work for himself to make his way in this world.” So in 1967, Roosevelt became President and Owner of Roosevelt Burrell, Jr. & Son, a residential and commercial building construction company. Under his direction his company was certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and operated as

a General Contractor with some of the top contractors in the industry on projects such as: the renovation of Carswell Air Force Hospital; VA Hospital Bonham, Texas; Joe Pool Lake; Runways Levees at Grand Prairie Naval Station; Lillian High School in Lillian, Texas; the renovation of City Hall of Mansfield, TX; and many other residential and commercial projects. After 16 years in building construction, Roosevelt set his sights on a different path in the construction industry. In 1983; he created a new created a new company, Cowtown Traffic Control, Incorporated, with his son Earl and youngest daughter, Ronita. Under his direction and certified as both a DBE and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB ), Cowtown Traffic Control, Inc. became one of the first Black-owned Traffic Control and Barricade companies in the State of Texas. Roosevelt Burrell is an EXTRODIANRY MAN. A few of his current projects are to re– enter into the world of construction with a major hotel renovation of the new LEGENDS INTERNATIONAL HOTEL and BUSINESS COMPLEX. Mr. Burrell is also now Chairman of the Board at Faith Capital Funding. Congratulations Mr. Burrell.

G e n e r a t i o n s   o f   X c e l l e n c e

Black Xcellence Magazine  is an annual magazine of lifestyle,    leadership, and entrepreneurs. Contents of magazine is update online in the spring,  summer, fall, and winter. Black Xcellence is printed annually and   has a circulation of 100,000 and an online readership with millions of viewers.    The 2011 Black Xcellence Awards is an annual awards show designed to platform to the  talent, leadership, contributions and accomplishment of   outstanding individuals that represent the   BEST OF EVERYTHING FOR AND IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.   



Published by   DaRobi House 

CEO/ Executive Director 

GOD, The Creator 

JESUS CHRIST  MANY ANCESTORS  Executive V.P of                                                                                           My Parents NAPOLEON  AND TERESA DAVIS  Claudia DaRobi 

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T.Lynn Redmond 

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The perfect way to describe Denise Ford is “The Perfect Health GOD’s Way Ministry. For many entrepreneurs they start their businesses because of the potential profit. However, Denise Ford has a genuine passion for wholeness, health, and everything that contributes to a strong mind, strong body and vibrant spirit. Passion has filled the Denise’s path every since she graduated from Fort Worth’s, O.D. Wyatt High School. Ms. Ford, opened the very first African American Health Food Store and his since continued to educate. Living a holistic lifestyle is a way of life and not a choice. Specializing in Herbs and Vitamins is the forefront of her business. She is a mother, a business woman, community leader, and much more.

G l i m p s e   o f   X c e l l e n c e 

WxÇ|áx YÉÜw

An Exclusive Glimpse of last years 2010 Black Xcellence Awards

Dec. 16th... Save the Date!  2011 Black Xcellence Awards

An Exclusive Glimpse of last years 2010 Black Xcellence Awards


Dec. 16th... Save the Date! 2011 Black Xcellence Awards

M i n d  o f   X c e l l e n c e 

With a creed such as that, it is no wonder to see the City of Dallas, continue to support his efforts, year after year. Craig Watkins, we honor you as a public servant with a mind of excellence.


M i n d  o f   X c e l l e n c e  


Happy 20th Anniversary DALLAS URBAN LEAGUE Creating Jobs and Opportunities.

Flash or Fact ? If you have not had the opportunity to first talk with or meet Dr. Beverly Mitchell Brooks, then you are depriving yourself of an enlightening and pleasant experience. Our society affirms a free range of equality in regards to our pursuit of happiness, as well as, speech and dialect. It is often that you meet an abundance of African American professional women that could be classified as a “Diva”. The term in certain circles can be either credible or derogatory. However; with a glance of the credentials of Dr. Beverly Mitchell Brooks, in my opinion, it would not be inappropriate to compliment Brooks as a “Career Diva”. Though, from my judge of character, it would be in her nature to probably view this new given title (Career Diva) as words of Flash, lacking real Fact. This is the caliber of intellect that you are dealing with when talking to such a phenomenal and driven professional. The actual fact of the matter is that her Career covers an amazing journey of accomplishment, from being a remarkable scientist to leading many city and community organizations and providing note-

worthy solutions. Being raised in a South Dallas evokes the idea that addressing and strategically responding to the needs of the community is almost “Scientific” for Brooks. Dr. Brooks is exceptional in her leadership as the President and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Dallas and is definitely worthy of every award, accolade, honors, and praise received. For over 20 years, she has been persistent when addressing the concerns of the community and believes that when the citizens of Dallas are faced with unemployment, housing, educational and other barriers, the Urban League must step up for all people. As proof of the effectiveness of the Urban Leagues outreach programs, there are individuals who at one time were recipients of its programs. With much training, diligence, encouragement, dedication to education and faith some of those same individuals are now qualified leaders of Urban League programs. Currently, the Urban League of Greater Dallas plans to duplicate similar success stories with its new 50,000 square feet Training facility. It proposes to create up to 400 new jobs and community job readiness. The motive and the message is very clear. Therefore, Dr. Beverly Mitchell Brooks, DaRobi House is humbled to honor you and the stellar contributions of the Urban League of Dallas, for operating always in a Mind of Excellence. -Claudia DaRobi


Ms. Ephram-Neal started her real estate career in 1983 and has had an ongoing concern for educating buyers to all facets of real estate industry. Along with real estate sales and investments, ms Neal is a HUD approved housing counselor. Her Goal is to break the chains of poverty through behavior modification and home ownership. She is committed to educating home buyers to become debt free and spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually independent of the socioeconomic barriers that are placed on historically underutilized cultures and business. Ms. Ephram-Neal has a fluent background in finance, mortgages, real estate and counseling that makes it all possible. A list of services can be found on her website at Her counseling not only services pre and post homeownership, but also serves those who are displaced in county jails though her other company. Ascension Communications, Inc.

Her proactive counseling keeps the line of communication open between the inmate and their friends, loved ones and families. There are many costs associated with a family that looses a wage earner to out jails and prisons. Inmate families suffer their own prisons that must be addressed as part of the economic pie that need our services. Shirley Ephram Neal and her program has been helping the families, the counties, and the phone providers of the jails, by coming to the aid of those who are experiencing their own “prison without walls.�


So what do you do when you have a heart that  overflows with love for the children and that heart  is encased in the body of an ANGEL who loves to  cook? YOU FEED THE CHILDREN WHO CAN’T FEED  THEMSELVES.  Why am I saying this, because a  prominent community leader in Fort Worth ( who  leads by example) is doing JUST THAT.    In 1997, Stephanie Calloway created DATRAM’S  CONSULTING FIRM, INC, which operates a SUMMER  FOOD PROGRAM that delivers hot meals to low in‐ come areas in the DFW communities.  

“Mrs. Calloway has made a  commitment to provide the  children throughout the DFW  community with an opportu‐ nity…” to be served the hot meals that are  necessary to fuel the minds of today that will be  the leaders of tomorrow.  “ 

fàxÑ{tÇ|x VtÄÄÉãtç She keeps in mind at all times that it take a village to raise a  child and that is her FIRST PRIORITY. The raising   of a child.      Mrs. Calloway also, is the owner and operator of W. Ross  Steakhouse (which is open only on Sundays 11 a.m. ‐5 p.m. ) and W. Ross Event Center ( which is available Monday‐ Saturday for the rental of events and parties). W. Ross Steak‐ house & Event center is named in memory of her father Rev.  William  Ross in the continuous celebration of the beautiful   blessed life he lived. 


A r t   o f   X c e l l e n c e

high leveled stilled African American executives. As a result of this growing African American population in the Dallas area, we can now see a major change in the way politics, education he North Dallas metropolitan area otherwise known as and African American living is catered to in the North Dallas/ North Texas or DFW area has a growing conglomerate of cities DFW area, which has caused a tremendous growth throughout with a population of over 6.4 million. African Americans have other areas around the Metroplex. Blacks in North Dallas are been moving to the area in very large numbers over the past developing a black Mecca of their own and are soon to change twenty to twenty-five years. According to the US Census it the African American community throughout the Dallas/DFW estimates the DFW African American population is an estima- area. Other cities that are attracting African American in and tion of 923,014 in 2010. What this means is it has gained more around the surrounding areas of Dallas includes, Addison, than 200,000 African Americans since the 2000 census count. which is a Mecca for the nightlife for African Americans that What North Dallas/DFW seems to offer is a variety of new op- enjoy fine dining and entertainment. Plano, which is considportunities for what African Americans have been looking for ered by many African Americans as the hoppin and happening and are unable to find elsewhere. place to live, home of many corporate headquarter and well noted for their schools. McKinney one of the fastest growing African American college graduates are ascending to the North areas in Collin Country for African Americans, alongside Dallas/DFW area in search of new careers and new lives. Dal- Frisco with both having a lot to offer to the middle-class Afrilas is a diverse economy that has been attracting young gradu- can American population. ates and professionals from all over the country. Arriving and taking residence in the plentiful luxury apartments and homes For individuals looking to have a Tarrant County address, the across the region in North Dallas/DFW, the northern suburbs, greater southwest area has the largest African American popumid-cities, and the suburbs south of the city. These African lation in Ft. Worth, attracting middle-class families across the American professionals are excited and poised to join the ranks DFW area. of Dallas expanding African American middle-class. Dallas has one of the largest and growing African American middleDallas Ranked #5 in the Black Enterprise 2009 list of 10 Best class populations across the country. With Dallas having one Cities For African Americans - Black Enterprise. of the highest number of young African American families now Dallas also ranked #2 for African-American migrations beenjoying home ownership in the area as well. tween 1995-2005- The Brookings Institution


What this new and evolving Dallas has to offer is an African American population that is highly educated and skilled. The Dallas/DFW area may have low numbers in regards to the AfriBy: DaJuana Miller‐Bogan  can American entrepreneurship compared to other cites, there are still thousands of Black owned businesses and hundreds of Email:

L  i v i n g   A   L I f e  o f   X c e l l e n c e  

_|ä|Çz t _|yx Éy kvxÄÄxÇvx

Taste of

Buttons Restaurants are the happening places to be now-a-days. If your the type that absolutely love a good time. Then, this is definitely the place for you. “Where the Music Cooks and the Food Sings”

Williams Chicken

Brooklyn’s Jaz

the crop. Though, there was a time in the Jim

Expect the best and

African Americans are absolutely the crème of Crow South, that we could not dine in certain eating facilities, that were considered “Whites

is the appropriate slogan for Buttons with its’

Only” restaurants. Since that time, we dine in

special gourmet style soul food and distinctively

some of the fanciest restaurants with the finest

cool sounds. Buttons has three locally owned and operated convenient locations in Fort worth, Addison, and Desoto . Chef Keith Hicks is rapidly rising to Celebrity status for his version of southern favorite, “Chicken & Waffles “ and don’t forget a savory side of greens.

gourmet cuisine. HOWEVER, as long as Black Folks are black, most of us still love fried chicken. You will especially love this golden fried chicken from Williams. You can find, Williams Chicken most places in DFW. Stop by, Let down your hair, take your suit coat off, roll up your sleeves. It is time to grease!

Expectation, Exper

Experience the sultr

Soul and a stimulatin

the Exclusive treatm

There’s an old cliché smooth taste fool yo environment that will

But, with one bite of

entrée`s you will be a

And in your mind, yo

Brooklyn’s a 2nd tim Dallas, Texas.



zz Café

rience, Exclusive.

d that’s just what you’ll get.

ry sounds of Jazz , Neo

ng ambience. Not to mention ent of a catering staff.

é that reads, “ Don’t let the

u.” Well, it will be the electric

catch you off guard.

f a Brooklyn’s appetizing


ou will see your self at

me. Brooklyn’s is located in

Tollies Barbecue Whether you sit down and eat, order your food to go, or have them cater , your taste buds will be in for a barbecue delight. At Tollie’s they believe barbecue connects generations of Americans from coast to coast, border to border. With each recipe having a distinct taste of cultural design to bring friends and families together. Tollies Barbecue serves great tasting barbecue with the goal of helping to build the relationships among friends and family. And, oh by the way, It’s GOOOD! Tollies is family owned and located in South Arlington, Texas

WRoss Steak House The steak that you see is the juicy, mouthwatering steak that “ I Ate “ See how it looks, it tastes just as great. Not to mention, the home made baked potato that you see. This scrumptious plate was made just for me. The first bite, melted in my mouth. Need I say more? WRoss Steak House is a quaint intimate environment located in the heart of Fort Worth, TX. Most Texas residents live to learn that everyone can’t cook a steak. Well, Stephanie Calloway of WRoss Steak House sure can!

S p i r I t   o f   X c e l l e n c e

JOIN PASTOR SPEARS  in worship at our Berry St.  Campus or our   New WATAUGA Campus  OR VISIT 

Father Jerome LeDoux

2200 E. Park Row, Arlington, TX 76010 817-459-3901



Congratulations ! DR. COREY TONEY   

B u s i n e s  s   o f   X c e l l e n c e  

Winner of the   2010 Black Xcellence  ENTRPRENEUR   OF THE YEAR   Award

“For with God,  all things are  possible”     

Dr. Corey Toney  Excellence has NO LIMITS  If

memory serves me correctly the proper term to describe Corey Christopher Toney is RISK TAKER and MONEY MAKER. Though, others view Dr. Toney as a Strong Believer and Great Achiever. Never the less based on a huge population of voters in Dallas/ Fort Worth, Dr. Corey Christopher Toney is nothing less than absolutely eXcellence. On December 18, 1969 in Dallas, Texas a baby boy was born. Corey Christopher Toney attended public school in the Dallas Independent and Wilmer Hutchins School Districts and graduated from Justin F. Kimball High School in 1988. Like many very successful business men he detoured the tradition college educational route and followed his dream to satisfy the love he had for auto and diesel mechanic. Corey attended Universal Technical Institute in Houston, Texas. Upon graduation in 1989, he opened his first business in 1990, C & C paint and body auto shop. This business was very profitable and successful. It appeared that now CT had another love: the art of making a profit. In 1994 he opened his first construction company, which was called Established Investor, Inc., which dealt in real estate, com-

Dr. Toney was ordained as a deacon at the Rock Hill Baptist Church LaRue , Texas in August 2002 under the leadership of Pastor F. F. Toney where he served faithfully for 13 years. Dr. Toney has been a faithful tither for 20 years. Two years later he opened his first beauty salon in the West Cliff Mall called Essence Beauty Salon from 1992-1995. Not long following he was on a roll. To this day, this company still purchases and leases property throughout Dallas. In 2000 driven under the direction of the Holy Spirit to make life long decisions and believing in faith that God will sustain him. , he opened No Limit Bail Bond. Which he is known for “If You Want To Be Free, Call CT”. He is the first African American to write millions of dollars in bonds on his own money while partnering with Bankers Insurance Company, St. Pete FL. In 2002, Dr. Toney lost is eldest daughter, which caused him to detour from going into the funeral business. In 2002-2005 Mr. Toney purchased the Gold Rush, and is a manager partner for Unlimited Investigation. To this day, God has allowed him to be one of Dallas most prominent, well-respected

Dr. Toney has a true compassion for the people in his community. That is why he continues to spend his dollars in his community. In early 2008, Dr. Toney purchased a family business, which had been operated for over 50 years. As you can see, God has allowed him to oversee many businesses. In the summer of 2008, Dr. Toney opened C T’s Real Deal Bar-B-Que, a restaurant that serves over 150 plus people per day. Since the start of the business, C T’s Real Deal Bar-B-Que has been featured in the Dallas Observer who commended the restaurant on their sliced beef, ribs and C T’s world famous catfish. Dr Toney and his wife Clarette was featured in the Bar-B-Que issue for D magazine which was published in February 2010.

Since the start of his first business, he has received awards from numerous organizations. From Mayor Laura Miller he was given a proclamation to declare Giving Back To The Community, his annual event held in October and to receive a star and a key to the City from Councilwoman Maxine Thornton Reese. He also received the Mable Chandler award from the Elite News. Dr. Toney received Businessman of the year from the Dallas, chapter NAACP along with the Community Service award from the NAACP in 2004. In 2004 and 2010, Dr. Toney received the Businessman of the Year award from the Dallas Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance for exhibiting Godly Principals in the business world. Dr. Toney has also received numerous awards from high schools and elementary schools for his community service. On April 11, 2009 Dr. Toney received the Doctor of Humanity from the Dallas Ft. Worth Bible Institute & Seminary. He is a life member of the NAACP; He served as the president of the Pylon Salesmanship Club from 2001-2004. He was a faithful member of the Charter of David Masonic Lodge AF AM #381 Scottish Rite. He has also received numerous awards from his church, schools and community groups.

Dr. Toney is a family man. He is married to Clarette LaShawn Toney and they are the proud parents of Kiara, Cortaisa, Kaci and Corey Toney II. He currently worships with First Community Fellowship Bible Church where he serves as Deacon Chairman. Dr. Toney was ordained as a deacon at the Rock Hill Baptist Church LaRue , Texas in August 2002 under the leadership of Pastor F. F. Toney where he served faithfully for 13 years. Dr. Toney has been a faithful tither for 20 years.



Located on the corner of Arkansas and Collins Street in shopping center with Blue Signs. Address:2357 S. Collins Arlington Texas 76014 US

Phone:817-303-3788 Email address:

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦



Call Now 24 Hr. Emergency Response Lic.# TACL B00 9124C


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