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• The flag of Jamaica is green , yellow and black.

• Jamaica is in the east of América.

• Kingston is the biggest town.

• Jamaica is a small country.

• In summer it´s very very hot and in winter it´s warm.

• Coffee ,tobacco and bananas are from Jamaica.

• Usain Bolt and Bob Marley are from Jamaica.

• The UK is a small country.

• The UK is in the west of Europe.

• The flag is white, red and blue.

• The capital is London.

• In summer it rains a lot and in winter it´s cold.

• Roast Beef and Yorksire Pudding are from the UK.

• David Beckham and the Beatles are from the UK.

• The flag is blue,white and red.

• It´s a very big country.

• It is in the north of America.

• The capital is Washington D.C.

路 The USA has a variety of climates.

• Hot dog and cocacola are from the USA.

• Barack Obama and Michael Jordan are from the USA.


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