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Career Training in the United States Practical Training USA is ideal for those interested in pursuing up to an 18-month career-training placement in the United States. You may work in any state, in a CCUSA approved training program, in the categories of Business, Management, Finance, or Commerce. The J1 Trainee Visa allows you to obtain practical experience and instruction in a field which is related to your University / College degree or your present field of employment. There are no fixed starting dates for the program and the training position can start at any time of the year. The maximum length for the program is 18 months but it is also acceptable for a position to be less than 18 months. Through participation in this structured training program, you will enhance your skills in your chosen career field, improve your knowledge of American techniques, methodologies or expertise, as well as network and make friends with professionals in the United States.


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CCUSA Offers Great Value:

The Program You are responsible for finding an employer to offer a training program in one of the approved categories. Once a company is located and the information given to your local CCUSA office, CCUSA will contact the company to verify the suitability of the employer. We will review their obligations and determine if the training program meets the appropriate requirements. Trainees are responsible for making all arrangements with the company who wishes to offer the training program, including negotiating compensation, if applicable. Your employer will be required to submit a training plan to our office in the USA for review before we can accept you to the program. Trainees are responsible for accommodation and living expenses. Practical Training USA participants have worked for the some of the following types of employers: •• Resorts •• Hotels •• Office management •• Government departments •• General business •• Film companies •• Investment companies

✔✔ A detailed application process and one on one question and answer interview. ✔✔ A straightforward and affordable program ✔✔ A 1800 free call number for assistance and advice once in the USA. ✔✔ Access to great flight prices through our preferred travel agent STA Travel. ✔✔ Experience and Reputation with many US employers. We have been assisting them with their staffing needs for over 15 years. You have the CCUSA reputation, support and seal of approval behind you! ✔✔ CCUSA International Staff Handbook – full of practical information and tips to ease you into your new country lifestyle. ✔✔ CCUSA will guide your employer in drafting a quality training program that meets US State Department regulations. ✔✔ Four offices in Australia and over 100 local area representatives, give you the local service you need. ✔✔ Free Information Meetings held in cities and universities near you. Through discussions with our staff and past participants you will discover what working and travelling around the USA is really like and have all your questions answered about the program. ✔✔ Multiple Program Options and lengths. We offer 12 - 18 month programs. ✔✔ One company from start to Finish – you are with CCUSA at home and abroad! ✔✔ Pre-Departure and arrival information packet and handbook including details on how to complete the required Social Security Paperwork and information about taxes. ✔✔ Support and advice every step of the way for trainees and host companies. We have all experienced working and travelling overseas and assisting international students finding work in the USA. ✔✔ Tax Service to assist you with applying for tax refunds. ✔✔ Time to travel in the USA after your training program. Your visa includes a thirtyday grace period allowing you to see all the US has to offer! ✔✔ US mobile phones and SIM cards at exclusive CCUSA discounted prices. ✔✔ Valuable life-long skills, independence, confidence and maturity that will broaden your horizons and help with your future career. ✔✔ Visa Sponsorship and DS2019 Visa Documentation to apply for the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa plus assistance with visa processing and interviewing in your home country. CCUSA has an excellent reputation with the US Consulate to help you process your visa. ✔✔ Work and Travel insurance that exceeds US government regulations (includes accident, sickness, baggage and medical evacuation coverage). If you plan to travel after your program ends, you can extend your insurance through your local CCUSA office. ✔✔ Working for up to 18 months on a quality training program, will provide you with skills and training that you will take back home to help further your career. ✔✔ The opportunity to meet people from different countries and make friends to last a lifetime. Do it now, while you still can!

Apply today if: ✔✔ You are proficient in English. ✔✔ You ave a degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary Academic Institution outside the US with courses in the same field as the training program plus one year of experience outside the US in that field. OR ✔✔ Have 5 years work experience, outside the US, in the same field as the training program (must reflect business, management, finance or commerce). ✔✔ You have sufficient funds to cover miscellaneous expenses until you receive your first stipend (US$1500 - US$2000). ✔✔ You intend to pursue, as a career, the field in which the training will be held. ✔✔ Yo have a training position already arranged. If you meet the above requirements and are ready for a once in a lifetime experience then CCUSA’s Practical Training Program is for you!

•• Banks

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•• Advertising

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•• Summer camps


Australian Headquarters Level 7, Suite 6 428 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 T: (02) 9223 3366 F: (02) 9223 3388 E:

Victorian Office Level 1, 366 Lygon Street Carlton VIC 3053 T: (03) 9347 5800 F: (03) 9347 2600 E:

Queensland Office Shop 6B 12 Park Rd Milton QLD 4064 T: (07) 3367 2603 F: (07) 3369 8187 E:

West Australian Office PO Box 608 Mt Lawley WA 6929 T: 1300 859 040 E:


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