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The Best Summer Of Your Life! Camp Counselors Canada is an exciting exchange program, giving you the opportunity to experience the best of Canadian culture while gaining valuable work experience. Summer camp placements last 8-10 weeks during the summer (JuneAugust). Camp Counselors Canada is a fantastic opportunity for an amazing summer experience. You will form close friendships and live in a beautiful setting in one of the most unspoiled parts of the world. You’ll be able to choose between two great program options, with the possibility to continue working before and/or after camp has finished.

Program Options 1. Camp Counselor As a Camp Counselor you are a role model, friend, instructor and hero to campers. Your responsibilities include overall supervision of campers, and ensuring their wellbeing and safety whilst they are enjoying the fun and rewarding experience summer camp is. You will be with your campers 24 hours a day, making sure they eat meals, attend day and evening activities and are getting to sleep at night. During the day you’ll fill the role of an Activity or All-Round/General Counselor, depending on your skill level, ability, experience and certification. In either role you’ll lead or assist campers of all ages in one or more activities. Most counselors will live in a cabin or platform tent with a co-counselor and 8 – 12 campers of similar age. You’ll be expected to work a minimum of eight weeks and during this time at least six full days off from work and a few hours of free time every evening will be given. Some of the activities we need counselors to teach/assist with include: • Arts & Crafts • Athletics/Sports • Circus • Digital Media • Fitness • Gymnastics • Horse Riding/Farm Animals

• Outdoor Adventure • Performing Arts • Ropes/Climbing • Target Sports • Water Sports

To find a full list of skills that we recruit for visit

2. Support Staff Support Staff generally share their own housing (cabins, dorms or platform tents) with co-workers and do not share a cabin with children. You’ll be expected to work a minimum of eight weeks and during this time at least six full days off from work and a few hours of free time every evening will be given. During time off Support Staff are allowed to use camp facilities if other activities permit this. This is a great program option for people who don’t quite have enough skills or experience to work with kids, but still want to be an integral part of the summer camp environment. Positions available include: • Maintenance: Grounds Work, Repairs, Handyman, Mowing, Painting, Stable Work • Kitchen: Chef/Assistant Chef, Dishwashing, Food Service, Kitchen Assistant, Food Prep, Waiter, Waitress • Cleaning: Housekeeping, Janitor, Laundry, Rubbish Removal • Office Work To find a full list of skills that we recruit for visit

What do you get? • A confirmed summer camp placement • Up to 10 weeks travel insurance coverage for your time at camp • Free food and accommodation during your placement • Access to special deals and discounts through our preferred travel agent STA Travel • Up to two nights accommodation in your arrival city • A competitive wage – up to CA$1,900 • A Canadian bank account and a Canadian Social Insurance Number • 24 hour emergency support from experienced and friendly staff

What is the cost of the program? The prgram costs a total of of €394 • €95 Interview Fee • €299 Acceptance Fee You need to factor in some other costs when considering the program including flights, work permit processing and spending money. Full details are on the website.

Types of Camps Life at camp varies from one to another but all participants can expect to work hard and try new responsibilities. Campers and staff experience a full schedule of activities during the day. On your application you’ll be able to choose a selection of camp types you’d be willing to work at including: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Traditional Camps Religious/YMCA Camps Girl Guide Camps Wilderness Camps Camps for Underprivileged Children Camps for People with Learning Disabilities and/or Developmental Delays Camps for People with Physical Disabilities

What will I earn? As a first time participant your Pocket Money varies according to your age, experience and qualifications, but you can expect to earn between: • CA$1,400 - CA$1,750 for your placement as a Camp Counselor. • CA$1,700 - CA$1,900 for your placement as Support Staff. If you have specific skills or experience and Camp Director may look at hiring you as supervisory staff - this may then include a higher salary. Anyone who works longer than 10 weeks, will be paid additional salary.

Apply at You will then need to submit the following (full details online): • • • • • • •

Completed online application form 3 references Smiling profile photo 60 second introduction video about yourself Signed program agreement Police Background Check (to be completed after your interview) Payment of program fee (fully refunded if you are not accepted to the program)

Once you start your application our CCUSA team of experts will call you with the purpose of answering any questions you may have, to help you through the process, and to advise you on how to best complete your application. This personal support is a big reason why CCUSA is so successful in placing everyone at camp! Once your online application is fully complete and program fees paid, we will arrange a personal interview to find out more about you, your skills and experience. If you have any questions regarding the application process or the program at any time, please just contact us – we are here to help you and make your application the best it can be!

Career Creators International Summer camp is just the beginning at CCUSA. We are here to assist you create your career through our global work programs. Participate on one or multiple programs to kick start your career. Camp Counselors USA • Work Experience USA Camp Counselors Russia • Practical Training USA

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