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• There's a War Going On And

Do you have an opinion on the death penalty? Do you feel strongly one way or another about abortion or homosexuality? What are your views on the separation of church and state? Creation and evolution in the public schools? Euthanasia? Chances are you have strong feelings about some of these subjects. In this thought- provoking study, Adam Hamilton explores some of the most controversial and divisive issues of our time by showing you how to look at them from a biblical perspective, in order to arrive at a faithful Christian response. By offering clear, concise information on what is at stake in these issues, and by seeking to understand the positions different sides hold and to present them in a fair way, he also provides you with a model for how to dialogue about moral issues while maintaining respect for persons on both sides of the debate.

Your Mind Is The Battlefield...The good news is God is fighting on your side! God desires the best for your life, and Satan knows it. Satan wants to defeat God's people with a deliberate and cleverly devised plan of deceit and lies. His attack of doubting thoughts, fear and paranoia can erode your resistance, because he is willing to invest any amount of time it takes to defeat us.

Confronting the Controversies is a 7-session group study of “tough issues” based on Adam Hamilton’s sermons on these topics. The seven sessions are: 1. The Separation of Church and State 2. Creation and Evolution in the Public Schools 3. The Death Penalty 4. Euthanasia 5. Prayer in Public Schools 6. Abortion 7. Homosexuality Facilitated by Julie Valeski and Linda Prell. First Tuesday every month starting November 5th. 6:30-8:30pm. Childcare provided. See Julie or Linda to order a book.

But the book you now hold is a declaration of victory! God's people will win! They can use His Word to defeat the treachery and lies of Satan. In this book, author Joyce Meyer uncovers the tactics of the enemy and gives you a clear-cut plan to triumph in the fight for your mind. Joyce will teach you how to renew your mind through the Word and stand victoriously in the battlefield of the mind. Shelly Peters is leading this book study at 10:00 am at Carousel Mall. She will be meeting at the tables inside of the mall in front of H & M on the second floor. Please see Shelly for details.

• NOOMA Series with Rob Bell A different short film and discussion every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. Facilitated by Julie Valeski. Jesus lived with the awareness that God is doing something, right here, right now, and anybody can be a part of it. He encouraged his listeners to search, to question, to wrestle with the implications of what he was saying and doing. He inspired, challenged, provoked, comforted, and invited people to be


open to God’s work in this world. Wherever he went, whatever he did, Jesus started discussions about what matters most, because for Jesus, God is always inviting us to open our eyes and join in. NOOMA is a series of short films that explore our world from a perspective of Jesus. NOOMA is an invitation to search, question, and join the discussion. On Weds, Oct. 14 we’ll watch FLAME. I love those shoes. Really? The same way I love my wife? What's up with the word "love"? It doesn't have much meaning when we use it so loosely. Maybe we don't really get it. Maybe we don't understand what real love is. What it involves to really love somebody. What it means to give yourself to someone else. We mistake things like friendship, commitment, or lust for love. But God wired us a certain way to experience all that love was really meant to be. Not to hold us back or to make us miss out on the best life has to offer. God created love, and wants us to feel it all in the way it's meant to be felt. On Weds., Oct. 21 we’ll watch Kickball. We always think we know what's missing from our lives in order to really make us happy, don't we? If only I had that car, or that job, or if only I could lose those 15 pounds, then I'd be happy. Really? How often do we want something only to find out that it wasn't that great after all? Sometimes we ask God for things and if he doesn't deliver right away, we start questioning whether God really understands or even cares. Do we really trust God? Do we trust that God is good and sees a bigger picture than we ever could? It's easy to want what's right in front of us, but maybe God knows what's better for us, and sometimes we just can't see it. Watch for each week’s discussion topic in your bulletin insert.

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CCUMC Close-up Oct. 2009  

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